The Counterfeit Guest

The Counterfeit Guest Best Read || [Rose Melikan] The Counterfeit Guest Best Read || [Rose Melikan] - The Counterfeit Guest, The Counterfeit Guest There s something about Mary Rose Melikan s spirited adventuress returns in a brilliant new historical mystery

  • Title: The Counterfeit Guest
  • Author: Rose Melikan
  • ISBN: 9780751539950
  • Page: 327
  • Format: Paperback

The Counterfeit Guest Best Read || [Rose Melikan] - The Counterfeit Guest, The Counterfeit Guest There s something about Mary Rose Melikan s spirited adventuress returns in a brilliant new historical mystery

The Counterfeit Guest, The Counterfeit Guest Best Read || [Rose Melikan], The Counterfeit Guest, Rose Melikan, The Counterfeit Guest There s something about Mary Rose Melikan s spirited adventuress returns in a brilliant new historical mystery. The Counterfeit Guest Best Read || [Rose Melikan] - The Counterfeit Guest, The Counterfeit Guest There s something about Mary Rose Melikan s spirited adventuress returns in a brilliant new historical mystery

  • The Counterfeit Guest Best Read || [Rose Melikan]
    327Rose Melikan
The Counterfeit Guest

Comments The Counterfeit Guest

  1. I found this to be an utterly charming book about some utterly charming characters With its sweet blend of Pride and Prejudice meets Trixie Belden, I really quite enjoyed it for what it was A quiet little mystery, without too many bells and whistles which sometimes did not work in its favour and without the corny kissy, kissy.I wanted to give the book 5 stars for half of it, but then there were long sections surrounding Captain Holland and his military world that I felt did not have to be there [...]

  2. I love Silent in the Grave by Deanna Raybourn , And Only To Deceive by Tasha Alexander, and What Angels Fear by C.S Harris Publishers Weekly s review states, quirky characters and sparkling period detail should keep fans of light historical thrillers turning the pages.Therefore, I was ready to fall in love with The Counterfeit Guest , butMaybe my expectation was too high, neither did I fall in love with it nor did I keep turning the pages I became bored The pace of the story is too slow and char [...]

  3. This is the second book in Rose Melikan s series about Mary Finch, but was actually the first one I read, as I originally took it out of the library to read As with her first book, there is lots of historical detail, especially about the Woolwich Warren and the naval mutinies of 1797 I really enjoyed reading about Mary s adventures as a spy, but found the slow progress of her romance a bit exasperating.

  4. really a 3.5 That said, I will not be looking for this author s first or upcoming novels in the series Kept my interest, but not great.

  5. After reading 100 pages and there still was no discernible plot, I gave up Even Mary Finch had such a bland personality that I had no interest in her She was just suspecting that her friend was unhappily married to an uber rich man at page 100 It takes than that for me to invest my time and effort in a mediocre book.

  6. I really like the characters Rose Melikan has created in this trilogy This is the second book, the first is The Blackstone Key and the third is The Mistaken Wife which is due to be released this year There may be spoilers in this review for those of you who haven t read The Blackstone Key yet So, if you are taking a peek at reviews to see if you d like to read this trilogy don t read any further Some of what happens in the first book may be spoiled by what I have to say about the second book But [...]

  7. Suspense, no romanace, no excellent prose, yes,It is very hard to review a book like this Based purely on the storyline I would probably rate it a high 2 or a 3 Based purely on the style of writing, the grammar and syntax, the ability to put together solid sentences, not to mention the vivid descriptions of person, thing and place, and I would have to say that this is one of the most excellently written novels that I have ever read certainly deserving 4 stars I will add that I think the one thin [...]

  8. Rose Melikan s heroine, Mary Finch, stands on the gold embossed cover of The Counterfeit Guest , looking stoic, hand clutching bosom, dragging a voluminous cloak, like a cross between Scarlett O Hara of Gone with the Wind and Jo of Little Women The illustration is a foretaste of the writing slickly executed but not quite convincing and occasionally too formulaic At times it does not know what it wants to be parody, romance or thriller, and the lead character dithers between being an early Suffra [...]

  9. I found this book quite slow to start with, I felt as though I d got a third of the way through the book before it actually started to get interesting I m glad I stuck with it though because it was a good story I enjoyed the sense of mystery and it was interesting to read about a period of history that I don t know too much about I was a bit disappointed to find after I started reading that this was the second book in a series, as there were several points in the book that referred back to previ [...]

  10. A rather dry book with splotches of humour The prose was well written, and while certainly informative, there was just not enough suspense and action or any form of plot movement to keep me riveted Dick and or Charlotte should be given scenes for they do brighten up the conversation and Dick is a complex man than his outwardly flamboyant character As usual, there were times I wanted to throttle Mary for her slowness She worries but she keeps putting them to rest, never acting cautiously A goo [...]

  11. Let s say 3 1 2 stars.I now understand why the one I was reading made no sense it assumed I d read this one Ooops 1797, Napoleonic Wars again , spy mystery The writing is a little cumbersome, but maybe it was because I read it over too long a period of time One flaw the relationship thing here is going too slowly, it s just not working for me In any case, I enjoyed it and can now move onto the next one

  12. L ho letto parecchi anni fa Non mi era dispiaciuto ma dopo pochi mesi l avevo gi dimenticato Se non avessi visto la copertina su una bancarella non l avrei mai inserito tra i miei read.Mi ricordo solamente che fosse una lettura leggera con qualche riferimento storico.Consigliata solo agli amanti del genere storico sentimentale spionaggio.Potrebbe forse piacere a chi ha apprezzato La notte ha cambiato ru.

  13. A fun continuation of the characters from the first book.Started out a little slow, but quickly gained speed Switching between the two main characters kept the action going and helped to increase the narrative tension Again, a delightful return to the post French Revolution Great Britain Some of the text features actual notes from French driven Agent Provocateurs, which is very cool.

  14. The counterfeit guest by Rose Melikan I gave this book a 4.75 out of 5 I really enjoyed this book combining two genres crime and history I found a need to read to the end and I could not put the book down which is great I have a new author to read, the heroine is brave and resourceful and lead you through the book from adventure to adventure A really great read

  15. Heyer fans among others will enjoy Melikan s second book Entertaining, if predictable, The Counterfeit Guest furthers the adventures of new heiress Mary Finch, introduced so sprightly in The Blackstone Key A neat interlude to enjoy while awaiting from Tasha Alexander, Charles Finch, or even Deanna Raybourn.

  16. I could not finish this story as I lost interest Just as it started to get interesting there was always some silly chatter about clothes and how to decorate a house To me it was a bit here and there and confused as to genre I prefer my thrillers to be a little exciting and about chasing the villains and less to do with shopping trips.

  17. Very dry English historical fiction set in the 1700s with a feisty protagonist Although the author is an American expatriate living in England the book in style is pure English and could easily lose the reader by its dryness The ingredients for a great historical are there it just takes a bit too long to put them all together A fan of historical fiction but not this book.

  18. I was so looking forward to this oneeven bought it on the basis of how much I enjoyed the first in the seriesbut I found it slow going.I m not sure if it was the book or just my mood while reading it but I am hoping the third will grab me.

  19. Another adventure presents itself to Mary Finch and she must decide whether or not to spy on Susannah s new husband Captain Holland makes many appearances as his work also runs parallel to Mary s adventure This was an easy mystery to read set in the late 1700s.

  20. It was good It had it s lengths It is in British English spelling but it contains some clearly US English words phrases that threw me a few times I will certainly read the third Mary Finch novel as well, just not right away.

  21. If a mystery novel can be described simultaneously as a tranquil and suspenseful read, then that s what I ve got to say about this one It was pleasant and generally satisfying, and that s the best I can do.

  22. Very good book, loved Mary s spirit and love of mystery Kept me on the edge of my seat I can t wait to read the first book and I hope Mary and Holland have Adventures