The Pirate Devlin

[PDF] The Pirate Devlin | by ✓ Mark Keating [PDF] The Pirate Devlin | by ✓ Mark Keating - The Pirate Devlin, The Pirate Devlin An injured French officer struggles along a desolate stretch of West African coastline desperate to hold on to his secret Alas for him his tale is soon ended and violently but a young pirate recru

  • Title: The Pirate Devlin
  • Author: Mark Keating
  • ISBN: 9780340992678
  • Page: 271
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] The Pirate Devlin | by ✓ Mark Keating - The Pirate Devlin, The Pirate Devlin An injured French officer struggles along a desolate stretch of West African coastline desperate to hold on to his secret Alas for him his tale is soon ended and violently but a young pirate recru

The Pirate Devlin, [PDF] The Pirate Devlin | by ✓ Mark Keating, The Pirate Devlin, Mark Keating, The Pirate Devlin An injured French officer struggles along a desolate stretch of West African coastline desperate to hold on to his secret Alas for him his tale is soon ended and violently but a young pirate recruit Patrick Devlin who happens to speak fluent French comes away from their encounter with a new pair of boots and a treasure map From there the adventures of the pirate DAn injure. [PDF] The Pirate Devlin | by ✓ Mark Keating - The Pirate Devlin, The Pirate Devlin An injured French officer struggles along a desolate stretch of West African coastline desperate to hold on to his secret Alas for him his tale is soon ended and violently but a young pirate recru

  • [PDF] The Pirate Devlin | by ✓ Mark Keating
    271Mark Keating
The Pirate Devlin

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  1. What happened twixt you and Lewis, by and by, mate As if in answer, a crack rang out below deck, and Toombs s eyes shot down to the empty belt where Devlin s left locked pistol used to be I told him it was best not to be fed to the sharks alive Devlin tapped his forehead and stepped down to retrieve his pistol.That s Devlin for youways thinking of others.The Dread Pirate Devlin is a right tricky bastard with clever schemes aplenty when it comes to parting the undeserved wealthy from their treasu [...]

  2. This is currentlyON HOLD.I will continue reading this at a later time.Original start date September 13, 2016Put On Hold January 6, 2018

  3. If you are looking for some light escapist fiction this summer, Keating s THE PIRATE DEVLIN may fit the bill Keating tells a take that is reportedly based mainly on actual events, but it s not quite historical fiction least as far as I could tell The rise of Devlin from essentially an indentured servant on a British ship to the position of pirate captain makes for a fun story The plot moves right along, there are twists and turns, and toward the climax of the tale I found myself wondering if Dev [...]

  4. I did not really think I would enjoy this quite so much, but it was really good.An action packed adventure about Pirates and skullduggery on the High Seas that just got better and better.Devlin is a wonderful character who manages to just scrape through at every turn.I will definitely read from The Pirate Devlin.

  5. An action packed adventure on the high seas Full of unsavoury characters, double crosses and plenty of swash and buckle, with a great end twist This is crying out to be made into a movie Highly recommended

  6. The author has done his research that is, on the Golden Age of Piracy This was the period of the first quarter of the 18th Century and Keating brings that turbulent time period to life in this book, published in 2010 The hero of the story is an Irishman named Patrick Devlin who, as a new pirate recruit, gains a treasure map from a dead Frenchman After he rises to command of a pirate ship, he sets off to find the treasure A stirring adventure to be sure, but we also gain some insights into the li [...]

  7. My actual enjoyment of this book was very casual, and I thought it was just an ok read but then, I have not read very many casual pirate books As a piece of fun comparatively light reading, I would give it a 4 very detailed, simple yet elegantly piratical plot, and a solid story all around The story is of the rise of the titular Pirate Devlin, a bit of where he came from in memories, and the lucky circumstances which gave him the opportunity to rise from lowly manservant on an English ship to th [...]

  8. I finally finished this novel, which I started back in August, but had to put on hold while I completed a graduate class on Victorian literature I only had about 100 pages to go, and I m very pleased that I continued the journey The Pirate Devlin holds its own in the pirate genre, alongside Rafael Sabatini and a couple of others The story is interesting, engaging, and picks up quickly right from the beginning Patrick Devlin is an enterprising young man who quickly leaps from a lowly pirate to th [...]

  9. Alos published as The Pirate Devlin Set in 1717, this is a pirate book, hence I was drawn to it on the shelves in Tesco, not my usual bookstore The blurb on the front cover tells me that this is, Set to be the Sharpe of the high seas, but sadly Patrick Devlin is no Richard Sharpe He lacks the gritty panache and rough hewn romanticism that characterises Richard Sharpe and despite rising surprisingly but not entirely credibly to lead a pirate gang in very short order, he s just not a scrapper like [...]

  10. Ordunque Questo libro mi molto piaciuto, e la cosa un po mi stupisce perch un po diverso dai miei canoni.Mi spiego a me piacciono molto i libri che approfondiscono le psicologie dei personaggi, che parlano dei sentimenti, anche senza essere necessariamente romantici Questo libro, invece, pura azione E un avvenimento dietro l altro C approfondimento psicologico S , ma non viene mostrato l autore ha chiaro in testa che genere di personaggi sta muovendo, ma invece di raccontarci tutto quello che pe [...]

  11. I love a good adventure novel, especially concerning pirates Unfortunately, while this one had it s moments I can t rank it among the better ones I ve read I won t sumarize the plot of this one, as others have done a good job at that In this novel, Mark Keating has attempted to break into the pirate fiction market by focusing on adventure as well as accuracy That s a noble undertaking and I appreciate that approach Unfortunately, he ll need to work a little harder on storytelling in future novel [...]

  12. Patrick Devlin was a lowly manservant until the day his boss ship was attacked by pirates and he joined their ranks Not long after, when his band of new pirate friends attack a French ship, he finds himself in possession of a map that leads to a huge stash of gold That much gold doesn t stay secret for long, though, and Devlin and his pirates aren t the only ones after it Rumors about Devlin himself also make the rounds, and his head soon seems worth almost as much as the gold to some.This is a [...]

  13. So I have been on a bit of a tear of modern fiction set in the 18th century, and I have learned something valuable now pirate stories are not my cup of tea.That is, pirate stories are not my cup of tea when the only women in the story are whores and only a few are even given names, so you re left with the impression of a gaggle of leering, conniving women waddling about , and the menfolk are pretty flat as well, despite having the advantage of names and dialogue and agency.The pace is brisk enou [...]

  14. The telling gets off to a stiff and at times oddly phrased start, but eventually begins to pick up the pace The use of marine terminology is at times slightly askew enough to jar, but this book certainly makes no attempt to be as nautically detailed as an O Brien The pirates live an oddly utopian existence aside from the pillaging and such, and it s hard to get past the protagonist s seeming detachment even in moments of considerable peril While the plot heated up in mid book to the point where [...]

  15. Can t really big this novel up enough When I first started reading I wasn t all that interested I felt like this was something I d read before almost, in the same vein as something like Stranger Tides from Tim Powers But while Stranger Tides left me cold I found myself caught up in the momentum of Pirate Devlin Fight for Freedom as I know it English title and while I was never a great fan of the main character I found the richness of the side characters and settings and an admirable plot, someth [...]

  16. Ye want intrigue among nations Ya got it here, Matey.Ye want pirate chicanery, dialect, and customs Ya got it here, Matey.This one is chocked full of pirate flavor, pirate fun, pirate swashbuckling, pirate con games, and is just plain pirate fun Keating does a great job of showing us the lives of the pirate, the response of the nations who were dealing with them, but mostly, we learn about pirate customs, pirate torture, pirate intrigue, and fighting like pirates There s even a cameo by one of t [...]

  17. The Pirate DevlinBy mark KeatingThis swashbuckling story that falls somewhere between Treasure Island and the Pirates of the Caribbean It is a tale of the early years of the 18th century when Blackbeard and other infamous pirates ruled the roost The story is one of greed and corruption and of how Patrick Devlin rises above this to become a pirate captain with the rare qualities of loyalty and humanity The plot is invariably the search for stolen gold and immense wealth, one where Devlin managed [...]

  18. This is my first foray into a pirate novel, and have to say i really enjoyed it, in similar fashion to Julian Stockwin it took me a few chapters to get into the flow of the book but i think that this is due to trying to get your head into the zone of a pirate, to start thinking like a pirate, to become part of their world, i dont think i ever really managed it, but i got closer.The Pirates are a strange mix of contradictions, honour when it meets their code, yet blood thirsty back stabbing gits [...]

  19. 340 pages never seemed so long I actually really liked the story even thought the character development and exposition were really rough I just barely finished reading Pirate Latitudes by Michael Crichton and it was much easier to read It seemed to flow and the pages turned much quicker than the pages in The Pirate Devlin But the story in the Pirate Devlin was much unique Once again, I really did like the story and looking back on it now, I m really pretty pleased with the overall read But in t [...]

  20. The second pirate y book I ve read this year the first being Michael Crichton s Pirate Latitudes and, I m afraid to say, neither of those two books have really impressed me that much.Despite being sold with the quote Set the be the Sharpe of the High Seas , I found Fight For Freedom previously sold as The Pirate Devlin not a good sign that they changed the title to be harder to get into, and nowhere near as enjoyable, as any of the Sharpe novels I just couldn t get into this one at all.

  21. Exempt of mythological leviathans and supernatural elements, here we have a straight forward but historically accurate pirate adventure of one Patrick Devlin Although at times, due to the huge number of characters in this book, I was getting confused, in the end, all was tied together and left me wanting It is pretty much Devlin vs his former master in this book, with Devlin trying to find treasure unscathed and the former master having to hunt down Devlin Now onto the next book in the series, [...]

  22. A ripping good pirate yarn to be sure It had plausible attacks and tactics, no mystical voodoo hooey like recent movies just good old fashioned cutlass wielding scallywags I might have given it five stars if the book had resolved all issues before the end, but it is clear that the author plans on continuing his sea saga I don t mind sequels, I ve read several ongoing stories, but each story should have a satisfactory ending When the inevitablity of a sequel is shoved in your face, it s annoying [...]

  23. A great romp, reminded me of the books that I used to read through the night in my teenage years A very realistic setting for some bombastic action Truly enjoyed it A little fanciful in areas, but arrogance has gotten than one person in trouble and there is nothing worse than underestimating your enemy Plenty of self justification by Pirates and Navy men both Both really following a horrific path Great stuff to read about, but a very crappy time to be alive.

  24. Though there is treasure hunting, sea battling, and enemies to outwit aplenty, the action in this book wasn t as gripping as some others I ve read The dangers are too easily evaded, and the motivations that drive the initially reluctant protagonist are somewhat murky It s hard to ever really get a bead on him, because it s never really certain just what precisely he wants to accomplish or why he chooses to stay in a life of piracy that in the beginning seems so distasteful to him.

  25. If you take it on face value as an adventure pirate story, then it was great It was an entertaining read and the characters were likable However, I found the plot and coincidences to be a bit too far fetched to be completely believable and many of the characters weren t fleshed out enough to make them interesting In the beginning of the book I found his descriptive actions to be distracting and over the top Overall, a decent quick read But not a book that I would pick up again.

  26. A rousing pirate tale, with seemingly accurate detail Full of twists and intrigue.Truthfully, since I m not well versed in nautical volcabulary and terminology, I did find myself getting a bit lost in the descriptive narrative, but pushed on because of all the action and well written verbal sparring Good stuff, matey Arrrgh.

  27. This was my book club book for march It was not available on audible UK, so I bought kindle version Gave up after 2 weeks and 100 pages Not a good for a person who is dyslexic due to a few factors number of pages, nautical terminology and poor grammar of pirates

  28. I think the author was hoping Jerry Bruckheimer would read this book, or maybe Mr Keating was inspired by the original Pirates of the Carribean movie since to me if felt rather like a back story to Captain Jack Sparrowill, an interesting read.

  29. Overall a fun pirate romp, despite some issues with the writing at times You can certainly tell it s his first novel but overall it was a pretty solid yarn A few slow spots and his comma key must be worn out, but no really big complaints.