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☆ استخدم عقلك Ò Tony Buzan توني بوزان ☆ استخدم عقلك Ò Tony Buzan توني بوزان - استخدم عقلك,

  • Title: استخدم عقلك
  • Author: Tony Buzan توني بوزان
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 362
  • Format: Kindle

☆ استخدم عقلك Ò Tony Buzan توني بوزان - استخدم عقلك,

استخدم عقلك, ☆ استخدم عقلك Ò Tony Buzan توني بوزان, استخدم عقلك, Tony Buzan توني بوزان, . ☆ استخدم عقلك Ò Tony Buzan توني بوزان - استخدم عقلك,

  • ☆ استخدم عقلك Ò Tony Buzan توني بوزان
    362Tony Buzan توني بوزان
استخدم عقلك

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  1. I did really like this book, I really liked all of his books To be honest, and this is quite amusing now that I think about it, I can t remember what was in this book but I m going to guess In a way this is my review of all of Buzan s books at one time or another I ve read them all and they are fun.Positives The main thing to learn from Buzan is mind mapping Look, I don t care if this doesn t really work or does really work or whatever else it may or may not do I find that as soon as I turn a pa [...]

  2. USE Your HEAD yes the book exactly describe this title.Very good practical easy Book TONY BUZAN try to tell You in this book that your barin much better than you think and he prove that ings that would learn Here 1 perfect Reading occur following 7 steps recognition assimilation intra integration extra integration retention recall communication 2 Eye aid movement amaziinnnnnng exercise 3 Recall brain has highest capacity for recall from 10 min to half hour after learning time then it slow down a [...]

  3. This indeed is an owners manual on how to operate our own Super Bio computer I devoured this book in record time, and can not wait to read everything else Tony has written Improve you brain processing, cognition, memory, focus, recall using simple, yet effective techniques like mind mapping, described in this book Every student should incorporate these methods in their learning process Utilize both of your brain hemispheres, let your mind work as a whole for a change

  4. I can say this is the best book of Buzanit is like a summary of all what he wrote about Studying skills MindMaps

  5. I read the Arabic ediion of this book because it is the only edition available in my university library KFUPM Main Library This book is one of a series of books on mind, memory and related stuff It covers the subject of brain and howit works in 11 chapters It doesn t give intensive guidance on how to improve the use of brain It just puts you on the rghit track If you want , read the rest of the book series.

  6. I wouldn t normally have chosen this type of book to read, but it was recommended to me by a work colleague, who thought it might help me with my studies I found this book really interesting giving advice on better ways to use your memory and recall skills.

  7. Really enjoyed the perspective Tony gives you on the workings of the mind I rate a book like this by the way it makes me pause and think differently, which Use Your Head does Even further how it will make me change my practices With a couple of strategy papers that I need to read I intend to apply these principles and see what difference it makes.

  8. I m just disappointed the way he says now i ll show you how to do it or we will learn but at the end i realize he created huge expectations on it, but gave less Btw i knew all the memory tricks that book included.

  9. En av de tidigare Buzan b ckerna skriven 1974 och inte lika slipad som de som kommer senare Men sj lvklart finns det m nga bra knep i den h r boken och den l r dig bland annat hur du kan l sa texter snabbare s tiden du investerar i att l sa boken f r du s kert igen.

  10. This was a book lent to me by my study mentor at university to help me with certain issues I ve had with learning, hence I ve read it even though Tony Buzan is male I m trying to read exclusively books by women this year I ve just increased my year reading goal to compensate and will do the same with similar books if necessary.I came to this book as a person who struggles most with memory, hoping to gain some techniques to help my studies I didn t quite get what I was after, but did find some us [...]

  11. How much of your brain do you use And, do you use it creatively and effectively And, what about being able to boost your brain to take advantage of the greatest computer we will all ever own It is a fact of life that we all under use our brains, and as a result of life have the creativity that it can offer stamped out over a lifetime This is not a good thing as we are all being told that in order to survive economically we need to be thinking smarter, not just harder.Use Your Head, by Tony Buzan [...]

  12. Este um daqueles livros que voc certamente tem que ler um dia De prefer ncia logo O autor primeiro explica que, quando crian a, foi em busca de alguma literatura que o ensinasse a usar melhor o seu c rebro, mas ele descobriu que n o existia Isso mesmo, ele queria o manual de usu rio do pr prio c rebro N o tendo ainda, ele estudou muito e acabou criando um que esse livro O autor faz uma cr tica sobre o m todo de ensino atual, dizendo que n o faz com que usemos toda a grande capacidade do nosso c [...]

  13. This is probably an overview or summaries of his other books use your memory, speed reading, mind mapping Most of the content is duplicated from the other books.I m giving four for the fact that after reading this book that I finally understood that I need to do periodic reviews of the things I ve learnt Otherwise I am forgetting them and basically wasting my time This means I need to take notes I already take notes in Evernote, but was not doing it systematically For this fact alone, this book [...]

  14. I read this book mostly as an aid to the other Buzan book called The Mind mapping Book that I am currenlty reading I ended up realizing that this book is an independent entity in itself and worth every minute spent reading it When it comes to Mind mapping, Tony Buzan is an authority on it In this book, he delves into the realm of proper note taking and using an organic Buzan mind rechnique perfectly in rhythm with the natural functioning of the brain Though application of the above remains to be [...]

  15. Everyone must learn how to use their mind, effectively Even if they are not willing to follow these techniques, they must go through and appreciate their presence as we all have the power to organize our thoughts within our minds, and store countless rows and columns with data and information, available to you in a bolt of lightning speed as you know exactly where you stored it With a little practice, I used to be able to remember than a hundred random digits straight and write them down for yo [...]

  16. Tony Buzan first popularized the idea of Mind maps, I can t live without mind maps thanks to this book, when I read it 5 years back, I searched for this author s name then started using Mind maps I played chess professionally in past I know the importance of branched thinking When you plan or device a strategy in your head you often get lost or drift away from topic, with mind maps you can practically see your thought process get through the plan systemically Now on touch phone mind mapping is a [...]

  17. The important output I earned when finishing the book is most of the misunderstandings and instinct traits It gives an apparent way toward bulding up stable memory, otherwise may I lose the ability to learn new things However, the book was written in not a very attractive style Something to jot down in review Non linear style of the brain, review to avoid leveling off of knowledge and weakening valuable connections, mindmap, some build up habbits that is not neccessary to follow

  18. Innovative Learning and thinking techniques to fulfill your mental potential.A useful book, explains some better ways of thinking, organising, and planning Mostly through the use of Mind Maps While I am convinced of their value, they never seem to be just right for my purposes Don t know why I tend to use a hierarchical approach to organisation Perhaps it is just that I am used to the old ways I will try again with another of his books.

  19. Tony Buzan is a master of helping people think and grow their capacity to deal with large amounts of information in structures that make it easy at all levels It isn t all about IQ, I know many people with average IQ achieving extraordinary things and people with very high IQ s achieving not very much I ve always maintained its about working smarter rather than harder, as I wrote in my book Tony shows you how.