How Football Explains The World

à How Football Explains The World ☆ Franklin Foer à How Football Explains The World ☆ Franklin Foer - How Football Explains The World, How Football Explains The World Soccer is much than a game or even a way of life In fact it s a perfect window into the cross currents of today s world with all of its joys and sorrows Soccer clubs don t represent geographic area

  • Title: How Football Explains The World
  • Author: Franklin Foer
  • ISBN: 9780099492269
  • Page: 142
  • Format: Paperback

à How Football Explains The World ☆ Franklin Foer - How Football Explains The World, How Football Explains The World Soccer is much than a game or even a way of life In fact it s a perfect window into the cross currents of today s world with all of its joys and sorrows Soccer clubs don t represent geographic area

How Football Explains The World, Ã How Football Explains The World ☆ Franklin Foer, How Football Explains The World, Franklin Foer, How Football Explains The World Soccer is much than a game or even a way of life In fact it s a perfect window into the cross currents of today s world with all of its joys and sorrows Soccer clubs don t represent geographic areas they stand for social classes and political ideologies And unlike baseball or tennis soccer is freighted with the weight of ancient hatreds and history It s a spoSoc. Ã How Football Explains The World ☆ Franklin Foer - How Football Explains The World, How Football Explains The World Soccer is much than a game or even a way of life In fact it s a perfect window into the cross currents of today s world with all of its joys and sorrows Soccer clubs don t represent geographic area

  • Ã How Football Explains The World ☆ Franklin Foer
    142Franklin Foer
How Football Explains The World

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  1. Warning next writing is written under the state of cracking emotion Any confusions and flaws it affects should not be taken for granted.And it s not a review What is so special about football, that it pains so much when you lost and taking you so high when matches are won And it kills you to see your beloved club is brought down by ignorant fools who know nothing about the game of passion.Right now, when I m writing this, I was torn in two out of madness The real me is always a Blue and that s w [...]

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  3. It s ectasy, anguish, joy and despair.It s part of our history.It s part of our country.And it will be part of our future.It s theatre, art, war and love.It should be predictable but NEVER is.It s a feeling that can t be explained but we spend our lives explaining it.It s OUR religion.We DO NOT apologise for it.We DO NOT deny it.They re OUR team, OUR family and OUR life.Football.We know how you feel about it.Because we feel the sameWell, few years ago, I caught myself lost in thought after I saw [...]

  4. First of all, it s played with the feet, but I ll call it soccer even though it pains me to do so Like the author, I too am a soccer geek and a mediocre player I was a much better coach The title promises than the book delivers, but titles are often the work of publishers promotion departments It s a minor quibble The book does a good job of showing how soccer is intertwined with issues of ethnic and sectarian identity, class conflict, politics and culture It does this in a light, entertaining [...]

  5. The title is completely misleading There is no theory about globalization and soccer is not explaining the world at all That out of the way, what Foer does is provide a series of vignettes or showing examples of how globalization has impacted the game in a few specific examples ranging from the Glasgow Rangers and FC Barcelona to the Iranian and American national teams focusing on changes in the culture of those teams over that last 60ish years He provides anecdotes in each chapter that show how [...]

  6. Foer brother of Jonathan Safran Foer, for those of you keeping track at home puts his pen to the paper to explain world affairs to his american audience through the one lens they might identify with sports.Unfortunately, the sport he chooses is soccer Which American s don t give a shit about But guess what They don t give a shit about world affairs either, so it s a brilliant marriage For you curious folk out there, he takes on major questions racism, gender discrimination, fundamentalist Islam, [...]

  7. Reprinted from my website Secure Immaturity Hello mates I gave this book a quick read The cover s title and the gravitas the book gives off makes you feel like you really are reading something amazing here Think about the oppurtunities in a book that examines the world s greatest game in such a massive way But the dubious length a paltry 250 ish pages and the rather broad approach quickly shot down my joy Foer s greatest strength here will be an ignorant audience Those who don t know football, a [...]

  8. Alright, so anybody that knows me knows what a freak I am about the beautiful game Having said that I have to admit that I was than a bit disappointed by this book Now, the reviews that it had received weren t entirely terrific, nonetheless, it was a quick and interesting read at work I can t say I didn t learn anything, but the author s thesis was tenuous at best and he never really proved for lack of a better term right now how, exactly, soccer explains the world There was a good bit of histo [...]

  9. Aside from the misleading title, this is an excellent book It s important to point out, I think, that this book does not explain globalization by means of soccer Instead, it shows the ways in which many of the various facets of globalization can be seen in microcosm within the world of professional soccer For people who are soccer fanatics and who know very little about the world around them, the title may therefore be true but I think for the average person, there s to be learned about soccer [...]

  10. I wouldn t say it s about the theory of globalization However, it s really great book about the impact that football has on cultures around the globe In each chapter, the author follows different football clubs from different countries and cultures The soccer is linked with religion, mafia, politics, power and corruption, hooliganism, nationalism, race, class and so on So somehow it s really logical that football can explain cultural differences and why some people in Liverpool support Everton a [...]

  11. I m hardly the first person to point out that the book s title is overblown a better one might have been How soccer reflects the world However, that s not nearly so snappy, and wouldn t have sold as many copies, so I won t quibble While this 2004 vintage book could use some updating, for the most part many of the aspects of soccer as a global sport that Foer identifies haven t much changed soccer is still beset by hooligans, trapped by ancient rivalries, riddled with corruption, and burdened wit [...]

  12. Warning Depsite the fact that I am a Yank, I might refer to soccer as football in this review The term football makes sense.In 2000, I was making my way back from Copenhagen Ah Wonderful Copenhagen, Beautiful Copenhagen, where I lived down the street from a waffle factory I would get hungery just stepping outside the building , I had a lay over in Paris The only time I have ever been to Paris Do you have any idea how long it took to me find something affordable to eat And this was before the Eu [...]

  13. How Soccer Explains the World An Unlikely Theory of Globalization has been on my shelf for years and it was the mention of soccer that kept me from reading it Despite being from Eastern Europe, I am completely ambivalent toward soccer.And yet Franklin Foer uses soccer as a brilliant example to discuss hooliganism within soccer, nationalism and corruption He writes about specific soccer teams mostly in Europe but also Brazil and how team rivalries show themselves to be much complex than what the [...]

  14. Football is a game played by nations on this planet, than probably many other games put together That FIFA has affiliated members than the United Nations is proof enough of the global reach and impact of the beautiful game While these figures almost feel cliched, Franklin Foer goes on to analyse how is it that a sport passionately followed by billions goes on to change the thread of life on earth Because something so widely accepted cannot just be a mere footnote in the larger scheme of things [...]

  15. As a recent college graduate, unemployed, and slightly depressed during the summer of 2006, the World Cup in Germany was my saving grace Hours upon hours of soccer games helped pass the idle days spent in bed fretting about the future Thus, by no means am I an expert of soccer I ve come to really enjoy the build up and release of tension that punctuates the games course of action Not any less important is my fervent appreciation of very fit foreign men in shorts When I picked up How Soccer Expla [...]

  16. There are no theories, only stories The title is misleading It doesn t support its thesis, but is still a good read.I really like the segment that talks about the rivalry between Real Madrid and Barcelona, especially since the author is a Cul Not everyone who supports Real Madrid are fascist And the popular belief that they are Franco s mascot is not true, when they are a puppet Imagine if Real Madrid went against Franco, what would have happened We probably wouldn t have a Real Madrid now.Maybe [...]

  17. An educational look at several cultures viewed through the lens of the soccer teams business fans of those areas A little simplified, but what sweeping survey style book is not

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  21. This book was very interesting from a soccer perspective, a political perspective and also from a globalization perspective I enjoyed the personal stories that put a face and story to illustrate the principle being discussed Being that it was published in 2006, it leaves me with questions about the possible update from current perspective For instance, USA domestic soccer looked different at that time then it does know Although the point about the place of soccer and globalization is probably st [...]

  22. One of my favorite parts of traveling is the chance to read some of the books that are stacking up on the floor in my bedroom The pace of life doesn t always leave time for these simple pleasures, but there is really no excuse when you re crossing time zones in the air.Speaking about my work abroad, a close friend of mine recommended the book I just finished How Soccer Explains the World which takes an unusual look at globalization through an analysis of the impact of soccer football to most of [...]

  23. If you believe Franklin Foer, then soccer is one of the few true cosmopolitan, multicultural sports, whose fans and players come from all corners of the world Given such liberal associations, one would assume that the forty fifth president, a vociferous proponent of ethnic nationalism and red blooded American populism, would despise the sport, not unlike former Buffalo Bills quarterback Jack Kemp, who once said that a distinction should be made that American football is democratic, capitalism, w [...]

  24. I still hate it when calling football soccer but what would you do if this book is written by an American I m a football fan myself and when I saw the book, not only the title of the book took my attention but also the cover page was really touching Marketing I guess.You might wonder what is the relation between football and globalization, but Foer explains it well when talking about politics, history, racism my God there is a list of chants you won t believe you are hearing them outside the sta [...]

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  26. In honor of this year s World Cup, I committed to reading a book about soccer before the end of the year I had read strong reviews about Foer s work which is essentially a documentary about different social political historical events movements and soccer s relationship to them For example, in one of the chapters, Foer walks the reader through Iran s history and struggle between the strict religious rule of a clerical government and a desire for modernization and improved freedoms Foer ties how [...]

  27. The title is an abomination I do not understand what Mr Foer or his publisher were thinking This book is long on anecdotes and short on explanations In fact, there are almost no explanations as to how soccer explains the world, which is a shame because it would not have been that hard Where the author refuses to expound is exactly where this book could have been great Instead, Mr Foer seems to have chosen a title that forces him to come off as an incredibly lazy writer Instead, it is a mere smat [...]

  28. Incredibly great relation from the world we live in to soccer that holds up very well even though it s over ten years old Still very relevant.

  29. This book was very intriguing to me This book taught me how soccer explains the effects of globalization in todays society The book is split into three major parts The first parttalks about how globalization has failed to get rid of ancient hatred between rival clubs The next two sections of the book talk about how globalization has expanded to all different parts of the world since the early beginning of it I like how Franklin Foer organizes the book into three parts because it emphasizes how f [...]

  30. Maybe it was my expectations, but I had a hard time getting into this book I love learning about global affairs and I have played soccer all my life Should be a perfect fit right But instead of the book being about soccer with explanations of how it shaped cultures, it was about extremely specific towns movements with some soccer intermingled in to explain certain changes Basically I thought it was kind of boring when it had so much potential I was excited to start reading but quickly decided th [...]