Fire Catcher

Unlimited Fire Catcher - by C.S. Quinn Unlimited Fire Catcher - by C.S. Quinn - Fire Catcher, Fire Catcher London burns And a killer tracking a dangerous secret fuels his own deadly blazes Charlie Tuesday is the city s best thief taker And as fire ravages London he s on the hunt for a killer fanning t

  • Title: Fire Catcher
  • Author: C.S. Quinn
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  • Page: 273
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Unlimited Fire Catcher - by C.S. Quinn - Fire Catcher, Fire Catcher London burns And a killer tracking a dangerous secret fuels his own deadly blazes Charlie Tuesday is the city s best thief taker And as fire ravages London he s on the hunt for a killer fanning t

Fire Catcher, Unlimited Fire Catcher - by C.S. Quinn, Fire Catcher, C.S. Quinn, Fire Catcher London burns And a killer tracking a dangerous secret fuels his own deadly blazes Charlie Tuesday is the city s best thief taker And as fire ravages London he s on the hunt for a killer fanning the flames But time is running out Each death brings the murderer closer to the ultimate prize a fabled chest with the power to destroy London As flames ravage the city London burns A. Unlimited Fire Catcher - by C.S. Quinn - Fire Catcher, Fire Catcher London burns And a killer tracking a dangerous secret fuels his own deadly blazes Charlie Tuesday is the city s best thief taker And as fire ravages London he s on the hunt for a killer fanning t

  • Unlimited Fire Catcher - by C.S. Quinn
    273C.S. Quinn
Fire Catcher

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  1. Description Hidden in London is a legendary power A fabled chest guards secrets precious than gold But in 1666 secrets are deadly, and London is burning Charlie Tuesday is the city s best thief taker But one case still eludes him, a mysterious key entrusted by the mother he barely knew The key opens a chest of priceless papers papers said to hold the dark alchemy of a lost Brotherhood.As flames ravage the city, the thief taker must track the chest into London s blackest heart, where smugglers t [...]

  2. this was given to me by net galley for a honest review.easy going read but the character seemed progressed than the first novel but this sequel was better than the first book as we continue the saga of charlie tuesday in search of his heritage with the great fire of london as the backdrop, liked the new character of lily as charlie s sidekick.

  3. After my harrowing experience reading The Thief Taker as detailed in my review of it , I promised myself I d never spend money on another novel by C S Quinn However, this popped up free on Kindle Unlimited so I thought I d see whether she had improved at all And the answer is a big fat no, another ludicrous insult to anyone with the remotest interest in or knowledge of 17thC history, let alone London.The characters are again cartoonish and devoid of any depth or subtlety, the plot is convoluted [...]

  4. My Review This was a well researched historical mystery set within an interesting era the great London fire in the 17th century It also focuses on London s underbelly of alchemy, treacherous and lecherous government officials and Charlie Tuesday, a Thief Taker, who is trying to find out the mysteries surrounding his family While there is a lot of political intrigue not my cuppa tea it was the storyline surrounding Charlie trying to figure out his own past that kept me reading this book He s a fu [...]

  5. The story bounces along and carries the reader with it.This is the second in the Thief Catcher series of the adventures of Charlie Tuesday but can be read and enjoyed by those who haven t read the first book I hadn t and didn t feel I had missed anything.The story focuses on Charlie and his exploits His past is central to the plot which revolves around the fire of London in 1666 and who might benefit from the destruction of the city The villain of the piece is Master Blackstone who knew Charlie [...]

  6. Amazing book Loved it from start to finish Must admit to being biased when I chose to read this as I ve read the first in this series awhile back, and fell in love with the narrative The characters are so witty and tug at your heartstrings even the villain of the story Thomas Blackstone.In this book, I loved the introduction of the royal family namely Charles and James Stuart, King of England and Duke of York, their escapades with women and how they came to be back in London after living in Holl [...]

  7. A quest for identity within the history of the Great Fire of London in 1666 Charlie races against time and the fire to find the papers that will explain who he is and what is the key that his mother left him.He finds adventures and romance along the way.King Charles throne is threatened, and will he become a King or remain a puppet of his desires This book brings the era to life.

  8. thebookloversboudoir.wordpresI didn t enjoy this as much as the first book in the series I don t think I ll read any .I felt The Thief Taker was well written, well researched Historical Fiction Not so much with the Fire Catcher I just felt like there were certain historical facts that didn t ring true A quick bit of my own research confirmed a lot of major historical inaccuracies If Fire Catcher was alternative history, fine, but the book is supposed to be, at least partly accurate It seems a lo [...]

  9. I did not love this book as much as the first installment I found the fiction in historical fiction to be truer There are events, places, people that are referred to in this book that are not accurate Having said this, I thought the story was entertaining if you can let go of fake history and just enjoy the story The realism of the characters is also over the top for me in this book In the first book Charlie does make some leaps in knowledge that would not have been afforded to someone of his br [...]

  10. This was an okay book I have kindle unlimited free for three months, and thought I would give this a go, as the audiobook version was free The narrator is fantastic, his voices were all distinct and his female voices were great.The plot follows the first book, which I vaguely remember reading a few years ago I think you could read this one okay without reading the first book The first book is set in London during the plague, and then this follows during the great fire of London Charlie Tuesday i [...]

  11. Fire Catcher is the second book in the Thief Taker series This time Charlie meets up with Lily, a gypsy girl with an agenda of her own Charlie is determined to find out what Blackstone is up to, and to stop him, as well as to find out the secrets in his own past Fire Catcher is similar to The Thief Taker, but instead of plague, Charlie is dealing with the London fire, which Fire Catcher postulates was deliberately set by someone with their own agenda It s suspenseful, moves quickly, and Charlie [...]

  12. Pretty goodThis is a good book, but a bit long as the author takes you through the devastation of the London fire in the latter 17th century The characters are well described, but I found some of the mechanics of the action hard to visualize I was a little frustrated by that given the numerous action sequences The plot is good, but a bit convoluted I would recommend to readers of historical fiction.

  13. This could have been greatly improved with about 100 less pages In its current state it has too many different view points an awful lot of dialogue, and a lot of the action is repetitive and drawn out.I lost concentration far too often an nearer the end I started to lose sight of the point of it.If focus was kept on the main character the book would have flowed better He is the character that draws my interest and the reason I kept reading.

  14. Though this second installment was a little long, the story was interesting than the first, and the mystery was truly puzzling The historical references had me researching the Great London Fire and even the lifestyles of middle lower class medieval women Kudos to Ms Quinn for a job well done.

  15. This will be a cliff notes review This is a YA book in my opinion It s a fabulous way to read about the Great Fire of London in 1666 There are a lot of people to keep track of which can be a deterrent.I do like learning history this way being in the middle of the event with all the sights and smells, and crazy though modern at the time beliefs.

  16. This was quite an enjoyable read It seemed better structured than the first, and focused on Charlie s story There s a lot of action and a nice mystery at the heart of it all I didn t like that Maria was basically swept under the rug, but it was still nice enough to read.

  17. Loved this book Fast paced, twisting turning Historical time travel of a book straight back to the fire of london Compelling story and love Charlie Tuesday as a character

  18. Good fast storylineThis was the second in the series and was a very good read already have the next one down to read

  19. Ripped along like a great fireA fast and furious pace that means I will have to read again to get all the detail Loved it

  20. Loved it I choose the five star because I hooked from the first book in the seriesIts well written looking forward to the next book

  21. I am totally enjoying the Thief Taker series Fire Catcher, is no exception C S QUINN paints the picture of the Great Fire of London exceptionally well This provides the perfect backdrop for the second instalment of this series Charlie Tuesday needs all his deductive abilities and quick wit to solve this mystery, before the information is destroyed by the fire Information that holds the key to the survival of the British Monarchy.

  22. I made it about halfway through this book, and though I m normally loathe to quit reading a book after I ve already made it past 200 pages, I just don t think I can go another 200 pages of this one.As with the first installment of the Thief Taker series, this one features Charlie Tuesday trying to solve a mystery against the backdrop 17th century London and its environs The primary historical event featured in Book 1 was the Great Plague 1665 to 1666 and here it s the Great Fire 1666 Quinn once [...]

  23. A rousing tale of fire, intrigue, survival, and suspense, this book definitely doesn t let the reader get bored I found myself swept along for the adventure right along with Charlie and Lily Yet, I felt that this book suffered if you haven t read book 1 Another reviewer mentioned that it could stand alone, but I found myself getting lost in certain chapters without that background knowledge Still, a fast paced book that entertains and keeps the heart pumping.The reader gets a real sense for the [...]

  24. Charlie Tuesday Charlie Tuesday is at it again in Fire Catcher, C.S Quinn s latest book follow up to her first book, The Thief Taker Charlie is London s best thief taker and he knows a little bit about everything and everybody He was an orphan, left at the Foundling hospital when he was just a baby so he s learned to survive on London s streets and back allies and he does this all in bare feet Yep that s right, he runs all around town hunting down criminals, recovering stolen property and stoppi [...]

  25. Do you ever read a book when you are so caught up in the drama of the action that you almost feel like you re watching a film This is one of those books It s the second in a series and to really enjoy it you need to have read the first, The Thief Taker, which not only introduces you to the hero and the political setting of the story, but the arc continues through into the sequel I have read Thief Taker but it was a long time ago, so there were definitely a few moments where I felt a little lost, [...]

  26. Charlie Tuesday, thief taker, is on a mission to find a chest of papers that can be opened by a key his mother entrusted to him before she was murdered The papers are said to contain dark alchemical secrets But it will be a race against time, because Master Blackstone, the man who murdered his mother, is never far away and the city is about to be engulfed in an infamous inferno that will never be forgotten.C S Quinn knows how to tell a thrilling tale and one in which time is rapidly running out [...]

  27. Fire Catcher by C.S Quinn Set in London in 1666, this tale of adventure and intrigue captures the sights, sounds and people of this medieval city as it approaches modern times Jack is a Thief Taker, one who rights wrongs and recovers possessions for the lower class citizens He has a strange key, given to him by his mother before she is murdered, that opens a chest holding a powerful secret He joins forces with the gypsy spy, Lily, to hunt down this mysterious chest, but can he really trust her o [...]

  28. A sequel set in London in 1666 set against the backdrop of the great fire Charlie, the hero, seems impervious to everything and is a mine of information from the obvious to the arcane His ability to read the effects of fire are also supernatural The heroine is a beautiful gypsy girl, not to be trusted The villain is a larger than life psychotic ex general with some serious hang ups.The other characters, based around the royal court, are either thinly drawn or caricatures.As with the first story, [...]

  29. Great bookAnother homerun by Ms Quinn Not only does she write exciting adventure scenes, her character development makes you care about Charlie the thief taker and other people who populate her stories Lily, the gypsy, is a fine partner for Charlie I like her better than Marie in the last story.I don t know a lot about English history of this time and found myself looking up to find out I particularly liked the Kong s portrayal.While this is the second book in the series, it can be a read alone [...]

  30. I enjoyed this book, but I hated the multiple PoV.Charlie is clearly the Hero in this book Having the PoV of the villain is weird because we know what is going to happen ahead of time and not in a he is just around the corner way, Charlie knows that He knows he is racing against timeAnd the PoV of the King and his general is mostly world building, it doesn t add a thing to the story well maybe to Thomas story, but who cares about him.On the other hand there s all the women in this story Charlie [...]