Undead and Unforgiven

✓ Undead and Unforgiven ↠ MaryJanice Davidson ✓ Undead and Unforgiven ↠ MaryJanice Davidson - Undead and Unforgiven, Undead and Unforgiven MaryJanice Davidson s Undead series is laugh out loud funny Heroes and HeartbreakersNew York Times bestselling author MaryJanice Davidson is back So is Betsy Taylor everyone s favorite vampire queen

  • Title: Undead and Unforgiven
  • Author: MaryJanice Davidson
  • ISBN: 9780425282939
  • Page: 234
  • Format: Hardcover

✓ Undead and Unforgiven ↠ MaryJanice Davidson - Undead and Unforgiven, Undead and Unforgiven MaryJanice Davidson s Undead series is laugh out loud funny Heroes and HeartbreakersNew York Times bestselling author MaryJanice Davidson is back So is Betsy Taylor everyone s favorite vampire queen

Undead and Unforgiven, ✓ Undead and Unforgiven ↠ MaryJanice Davidson, Undead and Unforgiven, MaryJanice Davidson, Undead and Unforgiven MaryJanice Davidson s Undead series is laugh out loud funny Heroes and HeartbreakersNew York Times bestselling author MaryJanice Davidson is back So is Betsy Taylor everyone s favorite vampire queen Bitten by Books and this time Betsy s going viral If Betsy Taylor has learned anything about ruling Hell it s she can t do it alone and she doesn t have to S MaryJanice Davi. ✓ Undead and Unforgiven ↠ MaryJanice Davidson - Undead and Unforgiven, Undead and Unforgiven MaryJanice Davidson s Undead series is laugh out loud funny Heroes and HeartbreakersNew York Times bestselling author MaryJanice Davidson is back So is Betsy Taylor everyone s favorite vampire queen

  • ✓ Undead and Unforgiven ↠ MaryJanice Davidson
    234MaryJanice Davidson
Undead and Unforgiven

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  1. Not sure what happened to this series, but itusedto be one of my favorites Now, not so much or even close Even though there is one book after this one the series ends at book 15 I don t think i ll be reading it After all, this one was a huge disappointment for me.

  2. Book 14, the next to the last book in the Undead series Where has all the time gone I did a COMPLETE reread, novels and all novellas, in preparation for this one And I have to say, I can t think of a series that needed it Because Betsy and the gang s lives have been crazy It has been a wild ride, but I have to say that I appreciate when an author at least makes the attempt to leave in good time and with a plan We may even find all that flailing had a purpose, and come to think of it, when it co [...]

  3. English ReviewWhen Betsy goes to hell, she takes Tina and Marc with her They find Cathie, the father of Marcus and the Ant for a meeting where the one Betsy presents the 10 new commandments to them When she returns to the mansion after receiving a text from Sinclair, she realizes that she was gone for two weeks and that her sister wants to prove her existence and therefore that of all vampires in the world Moreover, Sinclair is annoyed that she does not want him to rule Hell with her.In short, t [...]

  4. Review courtesy of All Things Urban FantasyUNDEAD AND UNFORGIVEN is yet another wild and crazy entry in the hilarious and busy Undead series This being the second last book in the series means there is really no slowing down for a breath in the story I loved every crazy page of this book and I really want to know just where this story is going and how it s going to end because I haven t a clue With some books I may count that as a negative but there s just so much gosh darn charm and silliness t [...]

  5. Not as bad as I expected, not bad for a free library book I still wouldn t be buying these books any, but this one wasn t too annoying, not like a couple a few books back There was an extremely tasteless comment about Joan Rivers death that I didn t appreciate And the back and forth with Betsy s grammar makes me nuts, is she smart or dumb Sometimes she knows things like dichotomies and that she s an uncouth extrovert And other times her mother hectored her instead of heckled and, either way ther [...]

  6. Social media has become unsocial, Summit Avenue is swarming with reporters, would be vampire zombie killers and desperate emos begging to be turned and all Betsy knows is she has to stay true to who she is while looking good in this delightful undead story Once again, Betsy and friends made my day with their usual hilarious offbeat humor that turns rough situations into fun MaryJanice Davidson has such a gift for keeping me on my toes with lovable, original characters that add lots of surprises [...]

  7. Ms Davidson has announced that there is only one Betsy book left in this series Before I read this book, I was a bit relieved, as I thought that the series was dragging on with no particular plan Well now I ve changed my mind After the events of Undead and Unforgiven, I want than one book I need to see how these new choices effect the gang long term.In the meantime, I m looking forward to an audio re read of the entire series, Nancy Wu does such a great job.

  8. Hi, my name is Betsy Taylor, and I m the queen of the vampires Yes, vampires are real Any questions Ahh, Undead series, you truly are one of those guilty pleasure book series out there Considering all the ups and downs each book in this series is for me, I m so glad that the latter parts are all up This has got to be the most responsible Betsy has ever been Future Ancient Crone Betsy excluded I guess the dialogue spirals to nonsense every now and then when they re bitchin about something but tha [...]

  9. Once again, I was mostly bored I like how Betsy has matured, finally, and however reluctantly, she has accepted her fate But there isn t a lot of story left Snarky Betsy is always funny but it is definitely past time for other characters to come out to play I also like how she has interwoven several series together It has made me want to read in those worlds But at this point, Betsy deserves some vacation time drinking smoothies and sucking the life blood from miscreants and so do we.

  10. Undead and Unforgiven Undead 14 by MaryJanice DavidsonIf Betsy Taylor has learned anything about ruling Hell it s 1 she can t do it alone, and 2 she doesn t have to She s got the help of a devoted vampire king, a dateless zombie, an exhausted new mom, an unshowered cop, a bitchy ghost, a kindly dead priest, and her late stepmother Go Team Satan But the latest major hurdle in her post dead life is so big she can t even see it until it s on CNN.Betsy s father and half sister Laura a former Anti C [...]

  11. Nov What a great surprise For anyone whose been reading this series from the beginning, I think we can all agree it took a weird turn about 7 or 8 books ago and a lot of the humor and charm disappeared What we were left with was formerly great characters who were now caricatures of their former selves dumber than usual, whinier than usual, annoying than usual Add to that weird time travel plots and even weirder evil plots and it just looked like MJD was giving us a big mess from which we d neve [...]

  12. Queen Betsy s back I love this series it s kind of a guilty pleasure Betsy is quirky and ditsy and funny as all get out but she is also capable and powerful She s now Queen of the vampires and queen of Hell, but her biggest problem in this book is her sister, Laura the AntiChrist who tries to be overly good Laura is threatening to expose the existence of vampires, what will Betsy do to save her people There were some hints in this book that the next may include some werewolves and mermaids I m l [...]

  13. Still enjoy this series I love Betsy and I love how much smarter and sneakier and self assured she is in this book Laura drives me crazy and really hope Betsy shuts her down at every turn going forward That girl does not deserve sympathy or a break Ugh One of my favorite parts was the scene with Will Mason and the gang Loved him and I so wished there was of him included Can t wait to see him in the future books and see where things go D

  14. Considered quitting a couple times, but the 2nd half improved a bit After 14 books, Betsy should have learned something I realize her age is frozen, but she is still a moron Too much Hell This one was a bit better than the last couple, but I certainly miss the fun of the first few I read that the next one is the final one I certainly hope that is true.

  15. A ma grande surprise, je me r concilie avec la s rie J ai bien aim ce tome avec une Betsy moins aga ante et qui fait son job nyx shadow 2016 06 que

  16. MaryJanice Davidson Undead and Unforgiven286 pagesThis book felt so much better to me There was still a lot of things I didn t like The babies being a huge part of it I mean no matter how you look at it, it makes no sense I just can t be ok with it Being close to Betsy doesn t have any impact on her pregnancy Even in a made up world, with made up rules, that doesn t make any sense I absolutely hate that ark There is nothing about it I can be ok with, and honestly that is going to be a huge reaso [...]

  17. Oh, Betsy How I m going to miss you There s at least one moment in each of these books that cracks me up I liked the shout outs to Stephen King and The Silence of the Lambs Frederika Bimm had to be a reference to that, no I love how MJD is such a grammar Nazi and includes lessons in each of her books Usually in these books Betsy just kind of stumbles onto the correct solution to the Big Problem She gets lucky often than not I like how in this one she was actually smarter than everyone else and [...]

  18. As the penultimate book in this long running Queen Betsy series, it s beginning to hint at tying up the various loose ends I m less annoyed now by the fairly constant footnote directions to the earlier books Having already started the final book, I m still wondering how the various threads are going to come together Still, I m glad Marc may have found someone and just wish Betsy would begin to show just a tad maturity given her various, incredibly important roles Still enjoyed the escapism as I [...]

  19. After many, many duds in a row, this was FINALLY a pretty good entry to the series I still hate what the author did to Laura s character, but Betsy was much less annoying here and the plot was pretty fun On to the final book

  20. Wish it hadn t come to this A whole new can of worms for her to deal with Hope it works out especially since only one book

  21. This was pretty good These books are funny although I still don t love Betsy Sinclair s relationship I m happy Marc finally found someone.

  22. Undead and Unforgiven picks up right where Undead and Unwary left off, with the Hell committee Mark, Tina, Kathy, the Ant, and Father Marcus helping Betsy whip Hell right into shape The new buddy system is working just fine, and Betsy is on a crash course to learn the job from the bottom up Starting with welcoming the newly dead to their eternity.I was super proud of Queen Betsy in this installment She has taken taken over the responsibilities of the ever irksome Anti Christ a k a her half siste [...]

  23. Original review post MJD s UNDEAD UNFORGIVEN The Queen Is Super Savvyfangswandsandfairydust 201Sometimes I think MJD is brilliant, other times I think she is just wacky This book is silly, funny and advances the story line while allowing the characters to grow and change Betsy, who comes off like the dumbest, the flakiest monarch ever, is actually hiding some smarts under her designer clothing She has learned from her experiences.Saying that, it is also one of the most stream of consciousness, c [...]

  24. Although this is a silly, crazy and thoroughly entertaining book there is real no story line.Other than some minor problems Betsy has in hell and with her sister the Antichrist But they are so mixed in with Betsy s crazy internal monologue that it takes forever for anything to get to the point And there was a lot of back referencing to previous situations which didn t have anything to with the story other than that Betsy brought them up in her monologues I think some problems got solved toward t [...]

  25. Once upon a time, I used to devour the Undead books They were the perfect mixture of the supernatural, hilarity, and mystery, and I loved the cast and most of the plotlines Then, for some reason MaryJanice Davidson announced the series would take a darker turn, and for me the quality of the series went into a downward spiral as a result Betsy got dumber, to the point where I gave up on the previous two books before Undead and Unforgiven Evidently a break was what I needed, because I thoroughly e [...]

  26. At least one other reviewer called Betsy a vain, vapid, snarky, and reluctant ruler Nope, can t disagree with that at all And she s still as lovable as ever, and maybe finally growing up a bit at 35 Betsy is the reluctant Queen of the Vampires, and the reluctant new ruler of Hell long story With the help of her vampire king husband, her late stepmother, a former ghost with an attitude, a zombie, and a beautiful vampire who remembers the Civil War, she s trying to run Hell and perhaps make a few [...]

  27. So this series is not the next Great American Novel by any stretch of the imagination They are very fun and full of laughs.This series is all about Betsy who ends up Queen of the Vampires even though she is maybe the most shallow, ADD afflicted, show lover ever in the history of the world This book focuses on Betsy dealing with the evil plan of her half sister to ruin her and finally taking control of her new job in Hell This book is back to the fun and light that first drew me into the series T [...]