Purgatory: A Novel of the Civil War

[PDF] Purgatory: A Novel of the Civil War | by ↠ Jeff Mann [PDF] Purgatory: A Novel of the Civil War | by ↠ Jeff Mann - Purgatory: A Novel of the Civil War, Purgatory A Novel of the Civil War During the Civil War two young soldiers on opposite sides find themselves drawn together One is a war weary but scholarly Southerner who has seen too much bloodshed especially the tortures inflicted

  • Title: Purgatory: A Novel of the Civil War
  • Author: Jeff Mann
  • ISBN: 9781590213759
  • Page: 124
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Purgatory: A Novel of the Civil War | by ↠ Jeff Mann - Purgatory: A Novel of the Civil War, Purgatory A Novel of the Civil War During the Civil War two young soldiers on opposite sides find themselves drawn together One is a war weary but scholarly Southerner who has seen too much bloodshed especially the tortures inflicted

Purgatory: A Novel of the Civil War, [PDF] Purgatory: A Novel of the Civil War | by ↠ Jeff Mann, Purgatory: A Novel of the Civil War, Jeff Mann, Purgatory A Novel of the Civil War During the Civil War two young soldiers on opposite sides find themselves drawn together One is a war weary but scholarly Southerner who has seen too much bloodshed especially the tortures inflicted upon the enemy by his vicious commanding officer his uncle The other is a Herculean Yankee captured by the rag tag Confederate band and forced to become a martyr. [PDF] Purgatory: A Novel of the Civil War | by ↠ Jeff Mann - Purgatory: A Novel of the Civil War, Purgatory A Novel of the Civil War During the Civil War two young soldiers on opposite sides find themselves drawn together One is a war weary but scholarly Southerner who has seen too much bloodshed especially the tortures inflicted

  • [PDF] Purgatory: A Novel of the Civil War | by ↠ Jeff Mann
    124Jeff Mann
Purgatory: A Novel of the Civil War

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  1. AudibleONE OF THE BEST HISTORICAL ROMANCE I VE EVER READ I don t want to write a long review No, not because this book didn t deserve it Totally the opposite.I LOVE EVERY SINGLE MINUTE OF IT.Jeff Mann is an amazing writer His writing and I are compatible Even than this His writing makes my body react His writing makes my soul and damn what ever REACT.I LOVE EVERY SINGLE LINE IN THIS BOOK.A heartbreaking, emotional moving LOVE STORY, enemies to lovers.But it is so much that just this I cried I [...]

  2. I ll give you a fair warning before you start reading this review I went all emo on this book Purgatory is a heavy, slow paced read, invested by an allegory yeah, I m showing off where Christian martyrdom is shoved back in bigots faces and where nature and eroticism only bring poetry It s about coming out of anonymity and becoming a human being again, about growing up, about finding balance and harmony and companionship in one s desires It s about being a soldier, being a man, being gay, being i [...]

  3. Hermoso, desgarrador, triste, muy emotivo Mucho amor Muy bueno.Es dif cil escribir una review del libro y es muy dif cil recomend rselo a alguien Desde luego, es rom ntico, pero el marco en el que se desarrolla la historia es tan duro, la guerra, que resulta a veces complicado seguir leyendo sobre la violencia y la deshumanizaci n del ser humano bajo determinadas circunstancias Aunque, ni estas circunstancias son excusa porque tal y como refleja el autor, por mucho que a veces nos deshumanicen, [...]

  4. 4,5 Aviso a navegantes, este no es un libro para todo el mundo, lo que nos encontramos en las p ginas de Purgatory har las tipas de m s de uno retorcerse, pero tambi n el coraz n, luego no dig is que no os advert Una historia ambientada en una guerra, si est bien hecha, nunca es f cil de leer Hace ya mucho que vi este libro por GR y no me decid a a empezarlo precisamente por eso, no sab a si ten a ganas de sufrir, as que cuando vi que Elsa hola, y gracias, guapa lo marc como TBR me dije que era [...]

  5. I can t shout loud enough about how good this book is Not an easy read, it captures the cruelty of people in war, though people are cruel bastards any time It explores the contradictions and conflicts of love , and attraction Sodomites What awful word that is, makes me shudder from the tip of my toe nail to the angry curl on my head But I know, it s a word still used to belittle and turn us into animals even now Hah, now I m thinking of stalagmites and stalagtites And caves Anyway.I think there [...]

  6. I don t feel like writing a huge review for this one, but as a reader, every once in a while, I come across a book which shocks me completely, shatters my world, makes me wonder the variations of human nature and may even change me in a way To me, Purgatory is one such book This is a kind of book which not only did I feel completely taken from the very first page with the war related intensive plot, but also with Ian s, the narrator, fundamental sense of compassion, who may have existed but neve [...]

  7. I finished Purgatory A Novel of the Civil War by Jeff Mann Yes, I read this book yesterday the Kindle edition I m still waiting for the print edition to arrive so I can pet the gorgeous cover, but couldn t wait to read it , and it was worth it The other novellas that I read during the week were also by Jeff Mann I re read some the short stories from his Lambda Award winning collection A History of Barbed Wire, and read his novella Camp Allegheny from the anthology History s Passions edited by Ri [...]

  8. I would sacrifice the South for him I would sacrifice the worldI don t know much about Jeff Mann I do know that I have read two novels by him in the past week, and they have both left me wanting His writing is gritty, downright disgusting at times, yet so beautiful it makes me cry It is real That s what it is It all feels so real.Purgatory is the story of two young men who are so deep into the Civil War they wouldn t recognize the men they started out as if they saw them in a mirror They are st [...]

  9. Sorry Lena, this was just ok for me The author a good job of capturing the hardship of the setting and it seemed historically accurate The characters were reasonably well formed My issue was with the story arc, it didn t seem to arc as much as waffle between an endless hurt comfort cycle.

  10. Fascinating The sense of time and place is immaculate and the level of research gone into this novel is obviously extensive Light readers should be forewarned that this book contains plenty of torture scenes as one of the MC s is a prisoner of war, but it still builds into a wonderful love story with an HEA that is begging for a sequel, even if the love itself seems a bit quick to happen.

  11. 3.5 This is the second book by this author I ve read, and again, the descriptions were great The descriptions of the scenery, the food, the everyday life, the weather and the people are so well done What especially got me crawling all over while reading where the descriptions of lice and fleas, something that was probably was common under those dire circumstances, and how the soldiers handled it well, of course they had lice races, making bets and so on I love a book where I can totally immerse [...]

  12. Uh huh Do you know that moment when, innocently searching for something on YouTube, you find yourself in freaky territory Home surgery No You re lucky I felt a bit like that last night when I settled down for what I thought was going to be a Brokeback Mountain of the Civil War Even the cover makes it looks like a proper novel, doesn t it No It s freaky territory WTF This book is seriously weird and disturbing At first I thought it reminded me of bad fan fiction There s no real plot, just a contr [...]

  13. DNF at 45%This book was not for me AT ALL First, I would like to say that I really did not care for the obsession the MC author had for hair.Let me tell you something I m reading m m books for about 3 years, and I learned that some of the amazing characters I read about, are, how should I put it Love things, and or smells, that I don t find highly hum Tempting I definitely learned to appreciate smells musky soapy with undertone of sweaty etc I m not gaping in shock when the MCs are into rimming [...]

  14. AudibleI don t need to add to my review, except that I REALLY ENJOYED the narrating voice of Mikael Nara It s how I imagine a southerner would sound I started this book as an audio book, and was immediately attracted to his voice I switched later to an e book version only because I wanted to read every free minute during the lunch pauses at work, while watching TV or while pretending to take part in a conversation.Good that I have my workout hours and could listen to this book to the end IN PIE [...]

  15. This book was an interesting blend of history, romance and ugliness that left me feeling quite conflicted I really enjoyed the premise, and Jeff Mann is gifted in telling tense, atmospheric stories I but was left feeling a bit cheated by the unfinishedness of the ending Another detracting factor for me was the clunky, old timey dialogue which, to my modern sensibilities felt awkward and I have no idea how accurate this was or wasn t since my only reference point for the American civil war is Col [...]

  16. The writing is beautiful The lyrical narrative makes the reading slower than usually the reader just have to stop the proces and admire the simple beauty of language.It s a great story, and it seemed off to me in the one single moment, so I gave it 4 stars.

  17. This review appears at the GLBT Bookshelf glbtbookshelf A five star review should be hard earned, in order for it to carry weight A really brilliant piece of literature displays the writer s ability to perform a few acrobatic feats this requires a real understanding of the technical aspects of writing If a writer can do this, and do it in a unique fashion, the book will be inspiring, not merely a good read With Purgatory , Jeff Mann has offered up a gourmet feast of a book for the discerning rea [...]

  18. 3.75ish A bit slower than Fog A Novel of Desire and Reprisal, but just as heartwrenching and gritty The inclusion of so much poetry made me skim a few lines here and there Jeff does love his Whitman, doesn t he and, at times, it seemed like the torture just wouldn t end, but in between those are such beautiful, poignant moments that it just makes your heart melt.I LOVE that Drew was big and muscular when he pulled the wagon out the mud I damn near swooned and that even though, Ian was physically [...]

  19. 2012 That s what amazed me the most when I read this novel The moment you start reading it, tripping over phrases and paras which highlight the gruesome shrubbery of war or the mustering hateship of both the sides, I couldn t help but be and amazed withe poetic touch to it all It seemed so full of sensations and the narrator all too ready to hold me in his grasp of everything around him I know this narrator part sounds cliched, but the narrator was never crisp like modern novels narrators are [...]

  20. I have a confession to make.I was so worried that there wouldn t be a HEA that I read the end first.Then, once I knew the answer, I flipped to halfway through and read to the end, and then once that was done, I flipped back to the beginning.I know, I know I shouldna done that, but I actually found it intriguing, seeing how Jeff Mann manipulated the writing to make each subsequent action plausible.I noted one review condemned the story because of the POV s cowardice.To understand that, it helps t [...]

  21. REVIEW WAS ORIGINALLY POSTED AT REVIEWS BY JESSEWAVE WHERE I RECEIVED THE BOOK AS FREE REVIEWING COPY I ALSO PURCHASED MY OWN COPY LATER ON.Big warning up front this book contains scenes of violence and torture, so if this bothers you, you should stay away from it.Me I cannot stay away from from enemies to lovers themes, and this book certainly did not disappoint As you could see from the blurb, the action takes place during the US Civil War, and Drew gets captured by a unit of Southern soldiers [...]

  22. I m not rating this one, because even after reflecting I m too mixed up about it First, before I go any further, know this I don t have a problem with BDSM I don t have a problem with writers creating characters and situations that are murky grey I do believe that for many Southerners at the time, the Civil War had very little to do with the specific right to own slaves I also believe that the Southern economy they were defending was paid for with the murder and rape of African Americans And I d [...]

  23. Very well written book that s tough to read at times, especially for a before bed reader like me Although it held my attention, I did find myself impatient for the story to move on Obviously he researched the novel very well for historical accuracy I m looking forward to reading the followup.

  24. Darkly compelling, steeped in rich details, harrowing and sad, I felt as if I d stepped into the very daguerreotype on the cover I ve longed for such a story about a male affair between Civil War soldiers I look forward to reading the sequel, Salvation, and from Jeff

  25. Really enjoyed this, it s gritty and has some seriously hot moments I guess what makes it a 4 read and not a 5 is the unrelenting tension the author builds There were no peaks troughs, just one massive build and made me feel a little uncomfortable Like I needed some down time Not for the squeamish, but definitely worth a nosey.

  26. Jeff Mann is a superb writer This historial novel blends war,romance, BDSM and food yes food into a beautiful work of art I was there every moment, as Mann s book is written in the moment, so rich in detail, emotion, fear and optimism This a major work of fiction.

  27. This book really fried my brain In a good way I love feeling speechless and emotionally messed up after reading a book And this one made a very strong impression on me There were so many terrible, entirely wrong things happening in this book on 87% I felt like I was about to break, there was just too much abuse, it was unbearable And at the same time the love between two main characters, Ian and Drew, is so bright, pure and strong The book really makes you think about the extremes of a human nat [...]