Darling Jim: O Lado Negro da Sedução

Darling Jim: O Lado Negro da Sedução Best Download || [Christian Mørk] Darling Jim: O Lado Negro da Sedução Best Download || [Christian Mørk] - Darling Jim: O Lado Negro da Sedução, Darling Jim O Lado Negro da Sedu o Darling Jim re ne thriller psicol gico suspense rom ntico terror lendas e contos de fadas num enredo coeso e fascinante Tudo come a com o aparecimento dos cad veres de duas irm s e da tia de ambas

  • Title: Darling Jim: O Lado Negro da Sedução
  • Author: Christian Mørk
  • ISBN: 9789722346283
  • Page: 357
  • Format: Paperback

Darling Jim: O Lado Negro da Sedução Best Download || [Christian Mørk] - Darling Jim: O Lado Negro da Sedução, Darling Jim O Lado Negro da Sedu o Darling Jim re ne thriller psicol gico suspense rom ntico terror lendas e contos de fadas num enredo coeso e fascinante Tudo come a com o aparecimento dos cad veres de duas irm s e da tia de ambas

Darling Jim: O Lado Negro da Sedução, Darling Jim: O Lado Negro da Sedução Best Download || [Christian Mørk], Darling Jim: O Lado Negro da Sedução, Christian Mørk, Darling Jim O Lado Negro da Sedu o Darling Jim re ne thriller psicol gico suspense rom ntico terror lendas e contos de fadas num enredo coeso e fascinante Tudo come a com o aparecimento dos cad veres de duas irm s e da tia de ambas assassinadas numa casa de Malahide O mist rio que envolve a sinistra descoberta parece insol vel mas quando Niall um jovem carteiro descobre o di rio de uma. Darling Jim: O Lado Negro da Sedução Best Download || [Christian Mørk] - Darling Jim: O Lado Negro da Sedução, Darling Jim O Lado Negro da Sedu o Darling Jim re ne thriller psicol gico suspense rom ntico terror lendas e contos de fadas num enredo coeso e fascinante Tudo come a com o aparecimento dos cad veres de duas irm s e da tia de ambas

  • Darling Jim: O Lado Negro da Sedução Best Download || [Christian Mørk]
    357Christian Mørk
Darling Jim: O Lado Negro da Sedução

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  1. Warning this book is super violent Especially against animals yuck and including sexual violence toward women I had a lot of problems with this book they re detailed below because I felt the need to vent , but they all amount to 1 The women in this book even though it s their story have no agency their story is collected and concluded by a man 2 This book requires some HUGE suspensions of disbelief, especially about the police and criminal investigations.So why 3 stars I liked the book Despite t [...]

  2. I picked up Darling Jim at the library this afternoon and just finished it, which in this case means I stopped really reading it early on and just skimmed through the rest to see if it could be that bad all the way through It was Now I feel like my brain needs a breath mint.A handsome, sexy drifter rides his bright red antique motorcycle into a sleepy Irish town Think Paul Newman in Long Hot Summer but on a bike although in this case instead of being a blue eyed blond, the drifter has black Kean [...]

  3. I am torn on this review Darling Jim was an enjoyable read with interesting characters, a fast faced plot, and rich description However, some parts were very unrealistic and this distracted me When a story is related through something such as a character s letter, the story should not shift between present and past tense or go into lengthy detail about events that happened years ago No one can recall every detail of an incident that played out over a few weeks years ago, no matter how significan [...]

  4. Genijalan triler Ubojstvo sestara u dublinskom predgra u ispreple e se sa drevnim, irskim legendama pa to daje romanu specifi nu, pomalo bajkovitu atmosferu Jedna od onih knjiga kada brzinski okre ete stranice i letite po tekstu samo da im prije vidite to se dalje doga a Vau Ljubiteljima anra must read

  5. This modern Gothic novel will grab you and whisk you away on a reading adventure you will not soon forget The author of DARLING JIM presents his readers with an elaborate and sumptuous tale, some finely tuned dialogue, a tightly crafted plot plus some memorable and engaging characters.The story begins with a bang as an inquisitive Dublin mailman discovers the bodies of three females at a home along his route.Who are these women and how did the meet their untimely end Author, Christian Moerk has [...]

  6. Like his con artist storyteller, Jim Quick, Christian Moerk weaves a Gothic tale of suspense that draws its audience in, compelling us to find out how it all ends The structure is intricate, but adds to the mood The book opens with mail carrier Desmond finding the body of an old woman on his route When the police investigate, they find not only the body of Moira, but the bodies of two young women who were apparently her prisoners Further investigation reveals that the girls were Moira s nieces, [...]

  7. N o consigo dar mais que tr s estrelasEstava espera de melhor, diferente, n o seiL se bem mas fiquei um pouco desiludida.

  8. Darling Jim, the intense new thriller from Christian Moerk, opens with a mystery On his daily rounds, a mailman discovers the body of a woman, dead in her home When the police arrive, they discover much There are 2 dead bodies hidden in rooms behind locked doors The bodies come to be identified as those of Moira Hegarty and her two young nieces, Fiona and Roisin Walsh As the story behind these brutal murders deepens, Fiona s diary is discovered by cartoonist and postal sorter Niall Niall, entr [...]

  9. Starting to think I might have been too generous with my two stars Oh well.Where to startis book wasn t too compelling, at least in my opinion, I had no trouble putting it down for a while This storyteller Jim is supposed to be so unbelievably charismatic and sexy on his motorcycle that every single girl is inexplicably drawn to him, even against her will Except one girl, and that s because she s a lesbian.I m going to state it once It annoys me that this was written by a male author, about a ma [...]

  10. In this story within a story, postman Niall finds the diary of a young woman at the center of a murder mystery, and begins to reconstruct the torrid tale behind the murder house and a series of missing women in the west of Ireland As we learn about the three Walsh sisters, their Aunt Moira, and the diabolical itinerant storyteller Darling Jim, a brooding sense of foreboding develops that sets the tone for the entire novel.Between the story within a story within a story format, the mystical elem [...]

  11. Depois de todo o alarido volta deste livro bvio que fiquei com a curiosidade afiada e com as expectativas baixas, pois quando o alarido muito, geralmente isso n o coincide com a qualidade do livro Mas enganei me, neste caso O livro absolutamente fant stico A hist ria completamente macabra e os pormenores s o de meter medo Pelo menos a mim arrepiou me em algumas partes O facto de se passar na Irlanda, o facto de o Jim ser um forasteiro que aparece do nada j percebi o porqu do titulo e de repente [...]

  12. What a very strange book I did not care for it I can not believe that any group of young women could be lured into virtual slavery meet certain death in the manor described I found it to be rubish The language was offensive also Perhaps some will like the horror of it I did not find it compelling to read only finished it because it was a book club selection.

  13. Iniciei este livro com grandes expectativas, tal foi o alarido mesmo antes do seu lan amento Infelizmente ficou um pouco aqu m do que esperava, mas n o por falta de qualidade, antes pelo facto de n o me sentir muito atra da por este tipo de hist ria Contudo, n o deixo de o recomendar, pois para os apreciadores ser certamente fascinante

  14. labirinto livros 2 Tr s cad veres s o encontrados dentro de uma casa em Malahide, na Irlanda A investiga o que a pol cia leva a cabo decifra parte do mist rio percebe se que dois dos cad veres s o de mulheres jovens, na flor da idade e os seus corpos eram testemunhas de alguns maus tratos e a evid ncia que ambas viveram por um per odo consider vel encarceradas naquela casa Como prisioneiras Sabe se tamb m que o terceiro cad ver, uma mulher mais velha que as outras duas a sua tia, nica familiar d [...]

  15. I was very interested to read this book written by a Danish born and raised author who has spent the last 20 years living in the U.S I was pleasantly surprised to find that the book had what I thought was an authentically Irish feel traveling story tellers, a sense of the mysterious and very mystical, and fairytales Not just any fairytales, but scary fairytales that evolve from real life, as well as real life unknowingly mimicking fairytales The sense that there is something sacred about the sto [...]

  16. Darling Jim uma narrativa que conta com v rios g neros, s o eles, o policial, o hist rico e o fant stico No seu in cio, a linguagem simples e cheia de suspense, logo nas primeiras p ginas prende o leitor pela curiosidade em volta das ac es cheias de mist rio.Christian M rk, descreve com mestria todo um cen rio onde foi cometido um horr vel crime em contraste com uma sociedade aparentemente pac fica e pacata Tendo estes acontecimentos como pano de fundo, o leitor prossegue para as linhas seguinte [...]

  17. Debut novelist Christian Moerk has written a fascinating tale of three sisters, their deranged aunt, and the lethal charmer who ensnares them all Darling Jim will hold you in its grip until the satisfying conclusion Suspense, love, and murder this story offers you all three on a plate along with a pint of Guinness The Irish setting adds to the mystique when the narrative jumps between sisters and to the postman who finds their diaries after their tragic deaths How did they die Why did their aunt [...]

  18. 5 2015 I just have to write a quick update to say that this book has continued to linger on in my imagination and that I literally crave the imaginative, escapist, dark fairytale like space it took me to when I read it two years ago Few stories grow in my mind as times goes on, but Darling Jim is one of them.A quick review before I forget some of my initial impressions This suspense novel was unique in that it incorporated a sort of fairytale feel along with the horror and mystery It takes place [...]

  19. Uma not cia num jornal j amarelado dava conta de quatro cad veres, tr s irm s e uma tia, que se teriam deixado suicidado, morrendo a fome Esta not cia perseguiu Christian M rk durante anos, at que ele decidiu que era da que viria a primeira hist ria da sua autoria Darling Jim, nascido de factos reais, um thriller psicol gico que n o esquece as lendas e o sobrenatural, que vendeu mais de 38 000 exemplares na Dinamarca e foi traduzido para mais de trinta pa ses Christian nasceu em Copenhaga mas ao [...]

  20. 3,5 estrelasDarling Jim O Lado Negro da Sedu o a minha estreia com o autor Christian M rk.O livro come a de forma magistral, com a descoberta de um crime macabro ocorrido no n mero 1 de Strand Street A hist ria, apesar de chocante, poderia ter ficado por a n o fosse Niall Cleary ter descoberto o di rio de uma das v timas mas isso voc s j sabem pela sinopse Gostei da maneira como a hist ria se desenvolve, alternando entre a demanda de Niall pela verdade, com os di rios de Fiona e R is n e as hist [...]

  21. Moerk spins a deliciously dark, modern fairy tale about three sisters and a mysterious stranger who simultaneously entices and repels them In a small Irish town, the Walsh sisters, Fiona, Aoife, and R is n, rue the day that a s anachai Irish storyteller named Jim Quick rode in on his red motorcycle luring them with tales of wolves, murder, and true love The rich, mythic words Jim recites in packed local pubs haunt each sister s reality by having surprising parallels to their interactions with hi [...]

  22. Danish author Christian Moerk has done something that I, honestly, would have wagered against created a brilliant modern gothic novel that combines the best of suspense and the ancient Irish art of the seanchai, or storyteller.With his semi epistolary novel Darling Jim, Moerk introduces us to Jim Quick, a charismatic storyteller, and three of the women whom he seduces two sisters and their aunt The sisters two posthumous diaries are found by a local postman, and it is he who ultimately uncovers [...]

  23. I d probably give this 5 stars if I didn t personally reserve that rating for books that move me on some deeper level This was an absolutely riveting storyline, and it was very hard to put down There are really three storylines interwoven the story of a set of murders and how they came about, the story of the man who sort of solves them, and the folktale story told by Darling Jim, one of the main characters can t say too much about him without revealing too much SO we move between modern but mun [...]

  24. The most difficult thing I had with reading this book was my inability to suspend disbelief that the story was written by someone kept captive and chained in a bedroom and giving herself only three days to live The tone of the narrative just didn t jive with the circumstance of the character it was supposedly coming from, and I couldn t help rolling my eyes at the recollection of so many details dialogs, descriptions that to me would have been completely unnecessary in getting the point of the [...]

  25. Wow I really enjoyed this book The unique structure who doesn t love the inclusion of secret diaries , Irish setting and wonderfully fascinating characters all came together to create a spectacular novel, rich in atmosphere and suspense I especially liked the twin aspect that always spices a book up especially for me, long time Wakefield twins fan Though the plot was not terribly unpredictable, it was marvelously entertaining and I read it in one sitting I will definitely be on the look out for [...]

  26. Okay, this book was completely silly It started off on a very promising note two young women found dead in their aunt s house, having apparently been kept captive handcuffed, locked up, chained for an extended period, yet having managed to kill their aunt at the same time as they broke their bonds, and were killed themselves Pure carnage what s not to like, right But then it just got completely silly the postal worker finding the diary of one of the dead sisters that got mailed how, exactly And [...]

  27. Darling Jim sem d vida um livro diferente misturando mortes com lendas Enleando a realidade com o m stico Intercalando a vida pacata de um carteiro ou dois com as vidas efervescentes de tr s irm s e uma tia.Ao longo do livro vamos acompanhando a busca de um homem pelas revela es que simples di rios lhe deram, vamos descobrindo com ele as coisas que se passaram h bem pouco tempo e que, sem ele querer, lhe foi parar s m os um mist rio quase imposs vel de resolver Vai ter que passar por v rias situ [...]

  28. This book bothered me in little ways The overall story was great I was compulsed to keep reading, wanting to see the reveal.But spoilers ahoy the entire conceit of it required some serious suspension of disbelief You have two women locked in a room, poisioned, half starved, bent on murder, borderline insaned they are going to write to non overlapping accounts that hand off at just the right spot, write in a fairly flowerly manner describing small details, long sentence structure including a deta [...]