Hell Baby

Unlimited Hell Baby - by Hideshi Hino Unlimited Hell Baby - by Hideshi Hino - Hell Baby, Hell Baby From one of Japan s most accomplished artists comes this new graphic novel the unsettling saga of twin sisters born one dark and stormy night in Tokyo one normal and one a demon baby with a taste fo

  • Title: Hell Baby
  • Author: Hideshi Hino
  • ISBN: 9780922233120
  • Page: 433
  • Format: Paperback

Unlimited Hell Baby - by Hideshi Hino - Hell Baby, Hell Baby From one of Japan s most accomplished artists comes this new graphic novel the unsettling saga of twin sisters born one dark and stormy night in Tokyo one normal and one a demon baby with a taste fo

Hell Baby, Unlimited Hell Baby - by Hideshi Hino, Hell Baby, Hideshi Hino, Hell Baby From one of Japan s most accomplished artists comes this new graphic novel the unsettling saga of twin sisters born one dark and stormy night in Tokyo one normal and one a demon baby with a taste for blood a Hell Baby Tossed into a garbage dump Hell Baby dies in the plastic bag but is brought back to life by an unworldly bolt of lightening Hell Baby develops hard eFrom one of Japan s. Unlimited Hell Baby - by Hideshi Hino - Hell Baby, Hell Baby From one of Japan s most accomplished artists comes this new graphic novel the unsettling saga of twin sisters born one dark and stormy night in Tokyo one normal and one a demon baby with a taste fo

  • Unlimited Hell Baby - by Hideshi Hino
    433Hideshi Hino
Hell Baby

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  1. Japanilainen kauhu manga rujona syntyneest kaksostyt st , jonka is heitt j tepussissa kaatopaikalle Tytt kuolee, mutta erin isten yhteensattumien kautta tytt her j lleen henkiin ja kasvaa kaatopaikalla sy den raatoja ja mets st en kaatopaikan el imi Kun tytt t ytt seitsem n, ilmestyy valon keskelt vanha nainen, joka ohjeistaa tyt n menem n l heiseen kaupunkiin, jotta h n kostaisi heitteillej tt ns ja kohtaisi lopullisen kohtalonsa siell Tytt l htee kaupunkiin ja aiheuttaa kauhua koko rahalla, ku [...]

  2. This book is very popular in horror manga circles but its a disappointing read for serious horror fans who are already familiar with the likes of junji itou, nakayama masaaki etc Hino s Horror series has better storylines and art to offer.

  3. Ihanan vastenmielist ja kamalaa Raatojen imeskely , matojen putoilua, el v lt paloittelua.Lopulta kaunis tarina uhrautumisesta, katumuksesta ja ehk v h n liiankin kiltist murhaajavauvasta.

  4. Hell Girl is the start to my Halloween Horror reading fest It s quick, sweet, easy, and to the point All while being grotesquely drawn by horror manga mastermind Hideshi Hino who I have previously read the excellent Panorama of Hell from This horror one shot is a simple tale of a the life of a demonic female baby, hopelessly abandoned by her father at birth and forced to grow up in a junkyard struggling against other vermin She grows up into a deformed scavenger who eventually makes her way back [...]

  5. I guess if you re looking for something emotional that scary, which I wasn t at the time But it had a ending that could make your heart heavy or something like that Not much of a horror as it is a drama but I still liked it The art work is sort of meh but the story gets its point across.

  6. Una de esas historias que no s qu pensar Oscilas entre el horror y la tristeza al ver el destino de esa criatura Dos hermanas mellizas, una sana y hermosa, la otra deforme, que son separadas al nacer, ya que el nacimiento de la segunda es tomado como una maldici n, como algo demon aco Esta beb deforme consigue sobrevivir sola y de forma inexplicable, abandonada entre la basura, y pasados los a os, intenta encontrar su lugar en un mundo que ni la quiere ni la entiende No es un manga apto para tod [...]

  7. i ve never read a Nicholas Sparks novel and i ve only seen part of one of his movies i couldn t tell you which one, aren t they all pretty interchangeable though but i imagine if he wrote a horror manga it would be something like this there s no romance but it is completely manipulative with no intention of anything other than trying to make you sad it succeeded i was totally bummed out after reading it i m also bummed about talking about Nicholas Sparks is he still a thing whatever anyway, not [...]

  8. On a stormy night, twin sisters are born One of the girls is healthy and normal in every regard the other one is hideously deformed and craves blood rather than milk The father of the girls is unwilling to accept the deformed twin into his family and so he places her in a plastic sack and disposes of her at a rubbish dump The baby subsists first on carrion and earthworms and then, later, by hunting the dogs, rats, crows and other animals that inhabit the dump After seven years, she leaves the du [...]

  9. Creepy and sad at the same time It s my first time to read a book by this author and hoping to read of his her mangas If you want something creepy but wanted all the feels as well, then this book is a must read for you.

  10. A classic horror manga Potentially hokey in places, but that s a bit part of its charm I wish of Hideshi Hino s work was still in print in English.

  11. I don t know how to rate this I don t even know how to review it The manga was disturbing, odd, and disgusting I don t know if that s good or bad All I know is that I have never read anything like it, and I still don t quite know what to make of it.

  12. Hideshi Hinon kauhuharrastajat muistanevat parhaiten kyseenalaista mainetta aikanaan niitt neest Guinea Pig elokuvasarjasta, mutta onpa h nen kyn st n l htenyt my s sarjakuvia tai itse asiassa pari elokuvista pohjautuu n ihin mangoihin, tiesi vanha kunnon Wiki set kertoa Hell Baby on suoraviivaisesti etenev kauhutarina perheest , johon syntyy er n ja myrskyisen y n kaksi tyt rt Toinen n ist on tavallinen vauva, toinen taas lapsi suoraan helvetist Is kauhistuu, tappaa tytt rens ja dumppaa t m n v [...]

  13. Man, I feel like this book and Hino in general are ripe for a rediscovery what with the successes popularity of Junji Ito, Suehiro Maruo, and the like on tumblr or other similar art sharing sites This is a weird comedy that actually reminds me of a 2000 AD strip in that it s a bunch of short 12 page chapters that nudge the story along until it gets going at which point it kind of rips through it The story is about uh redemption through selflessness and it s told by a resurrected zombie girl who [...]

  14. When I purchased this manga, I didn t know what to expect I m a fan of Hino s other work, but I will admit that at times the sheer gruesomeness will be a bit overpowering This manga was no exception What I liked was that even though the average reader will find themselves repulsed by the acts of Hell Baby, you can t help but feel a bit sorry for what it s had to go through In this manga you have two babies born as twins, however one is beautiful perfect and the other is born a hideous freak Hopi [...]

  15. El estilo de Hideshi hino es uno muy particular y que a medida que lees m s de sus obras, te puedes acostumbrar a este con m s facilidad El manga en general me gust , aunque creo que le falt ser m s detallado en cuanto al paisaje y los lugares donde tomaban parte los suesos Considero pertinente dar mi opini n respecto a que si hay personas que lo desean leer por el mero hecho de pasar un rato de terror, ese no va a ser el caso, ya que la forma en que se dan los sucesos, llevan a un final diferen [...]

  16. I loved it I used to read manga when I was a teen, then, I stopped because it appeared to be all the same After some time, I acquired some collection of horror manga, this book was in there Every book that I read so far from the collection is amazing, not your typical, stereotypical big eyes manga, and this book is no exception.The story is very lovely, a deformed baby is abandoned in a junk graveyard, only to grew and take revenge over humanity The story is very touching, dramatic, and Hell Bab [...]

  17. While it has its silly moments, this graphic novel is both effective and heartening A deformed baby disregarded at birth, learns to live off the blood of animals in the trash dump, before it sets out to search for its family In the meantime sure, the baby attacks people and tears arms off, feeding off the flesh of anyone it encounters, but for being a cheesy horror comic, I thought it evoked far emotions than it should have My daughter really liked it, though she was tearing up the whole time N [...]

  18. Well I m not a big fan of Hideshi s art The story was fine it was kinda cliche for me I guess the only thing that I liked is when the hell baby died But who the hell is the Hag is she some kind of sorcerer I mean everything was fine from the start until she came up and messed the story up So I guess it s kinda okay.

  19. I m surprised because I really liked this bookIt touched me The story is so pure and so sad Of course, people complain about the artwork but what else do you expect from the 1980 s The storyline was important to me I don t want to say any spoilers, but I recommend others to read this It s such a short manga and you can finish it in maybe half an hour

  20. The story and art here are nothing particularly special They re functional in that it s well put together and competently executed The real charm, what endears itself to me in this book is Hino s bluntly disturbing almost fairy tale like aesthetic It s amusing in just how unsettling and unflinchingly vicious it s execution is Loved it 3

  21. A discarded deformed twin lives in a junkyard and lives off of dead animals Guided by a mysterious voice in her head, she goes to the city and wrecks bloody havoc Over the top macabre manga action.

  22. Grimey black and white drawings of a freakish monster child left to die in a garbage dump Bleak and poignant with some over the top violence thrown in for good measure Makes think of Suehiro Maruo and his Ultragash Inferno.

  23. Very sad and movin horror manga about deformed child girl who is rejected by it s parents and try survive by killing animals and later people At the end, she can t to kill her healthy sister and she died shot by police because it Very bitter But amazing.

  24. _____________ I was so not ready for this book.We re all hell baby trying to make it for those city lights