"B" Is for Betsy

Unlimited "B" Is for Betsy - by Carolyn Haywood Unlimited "B" Is for Betsy - by Carolyn Haywood - "B" Is for Betsy, B Is for Betsy Betsy experiences an interesting first year in school and looks forward to summer vacation at her grandfather s farm

  • Title: "B" Is for Betsy
  • Author: Carolyn Haywood
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 224
  • Format: Hardcover

Unlimited "B" Is for Betsy - by Carolyn Haywood - "B" Is for Betsy, B Is for Betsy Betsy experiences an interesting first year in school and looks forward to summer vacation at her grandfather s farm

"B" Is for Betsy, Unlimited "B" Is for Betsy - by Carolyn Haywood, "B" Is for Betsy, Carolyn Haywood, B Is for Betsy Betsy experiences an interesting first year in school and looks forward to summer vacation at her grandfather s farm. Unlimited "B" Is for Betsy - by Carolyn Haywood - "B" Is for Betsy, B Is for Betsy Betsy experiences an interesting first year in school and looks forward to summer vacation at her grandfather s farm

  • Unlimited "B" Is for Betsy - by Carolyn Haywood
    224Carolyn Haywood
'B' Is for Betsy

Comments "B" Is for Betsy

  1. From the cover, I was expecting a modern story, but inside was a sweet old fashioned story from when childhood was still innocent I wish the cover illustrations were less modern looking and closely matched the illustrations in the story, but otherwise a charming read.

  2. This is an adorable little book about a girl named Betsy and her experience beginning first grade This book is a level 4.3 on the AR reading scale It s surprising that a book about a little girl beginning first grade has a fourth grade reading level I think my daughter would like it, but I am not too keen on the idea of her reading it for a few reasons This book is set in a different era when kids could walk to school alone, ask strangers for help,accept rides in cars from other adults without p [...]

  3. This was a very quick read Written in 1939 it has a nice old fashioned feeling to it It reminded me of my growing up in the late 50s I remember reading it as a child, but don t really remember my reactions to it I would have read it in my first years at school I think I would have liked the small town feel and the fact that Betsy was always looked after Fun things happen, but nothing too scary or dangerous Sweet.

  4. This book was one of my childhood favorites I ve read it off and on over the years during my career as a children s librarian, and I m looking forward to reading it once again for my Vintage Book Circle discussion group s June meeting

  5. B IS FOR BETSY is the first in a series of children s chapter books with stories of Betsy s adventures with attending school First published in 1939, it is about the times of my mother as opposed to my granddaughter But actually, it seems to be a potentially educational and fun experience for use with my granddaughter as an example of how school used to be for her elderly relatives.Betsy first fears the start of first grade, but soon enjoys all the many experiences and friends that starting sch [...]

  6. Another delightful children s book Written in 1939, it captures the essence of the times, through a first grader s perspective Fears of the first day of school, puppies, best friends, getting lost, and hints of the troubled times during Depression years Sensitively told, definitely dated, and heartwarming espisodes.

  7. This book is absolutely adorable Written in 1939 it is a classic little girl book and for big girls, too

  8. I enjoyed reading B is for Betsy by Carolyn Haywood It s one I ve read before, though I don t remember reading the sequels, or all the sequels in this children s series Other books include Betsy and Billy, Back to School With Betsy, and Betsy and the Boys In the first book, readers meet a young girl, Betsy, who is nervous about starting school Though her anxiety is relieved after a successful day or two at school The focus throughout the book is on Betsy s life at school and home Each chapter ha [...]

  9. There are a lot of classic books about Betsies, aren t there Betsy Tacy, Understood Betsy, B is for Betsy, on and on I can t blame writers of bygone times it s an absolutely adorable name, and I love it But I m afraid this particular entry in the Betsies Of Children s Literature annals isn t particularly special.It s not bad, but unless you already like everyday adventure stories about girls named Betsy living in America circa Somewhere In The Early 20th Century, you can probably skip it It was [...]

  10. The second chapter book I read aloud with my daughter was B Is for Betsy I read so many of Carolyn Haywood s Betsy stories when I was a child, and was very excited to read them to my daughter She loved this book When we d finish one chapter, she would want to peek ahead and learn what the title would be to the next chapter I also enjoyed it for the nostalgia In this first book of the series, Betsy goes off to first grade The novel follows her through the course of the school year There were some [...]

  11. Gosh, I loved these books as a kid I had an imaginary Betsy friend I was still reading the Betsy books into middle school where they were way below my reading level and completely uncool However, reading the first in the Betsy series now years later to my daughter, I thought they were just okay I didn t feel the excitement I knew I once had about Betsy My first grader, on the other hand loved it It s the first successful chapter book we ve read where she was demanding just one chapter She even [...]

  12. The original Betsy Books were written in 1939 They are timeless, all sweetness stories, that capture the innocence of 6 year olds with perfection I loved these stories when my mother read them to me, and now my own little girls can t wait to sit down and read another chapter The stories are about the everyday happenings of curious, friendly, kind little children in grade school Ms Haywood writes about how the first day of school can be scary, watching tadpoles grow is exciting, and best friends [...]

  13. What I love about Betsy is the pace of her life She is in first grade but not expected yet to read It is okay if she is not in an accelerated class or enrolled in five after school classes Betsy s biggest accomplishment is that she can walk to school by herself, even if she does get lost The policeman is always there to set her straight These stories, beginning with Betsy s first day of school, when she enters first grade, and going through the school year, until June, are delightfully written, [...]

  14. I have been looking for these books everywhere and I am so glad to have finally found them While my friends in elementary school were always checking out the popular books in the library, I found myself coming back to this series again and again I m pretty sure I read every book in the series at least twice I m a little perturbed to discover that they ve been re released with a modern cover, because I actually prefer the vintage look Brings back so many memories and should I stumble across the [...]

  15. The fiction book B is for Betsy is the first series and chapter book that i ever read I was in the 5th grade I loved and read all the Carolyn Haywood books when i was a child This book is a little girl named Betsy that had many adventures including going to school for the first time, have a sibling, and have a dog She loves school and is so good and innocent that you just can t wait to turn the pages I hope that every mother encourages their children to read this line of books.

  16. I read all of Carolyn Haywood s book as a kid, than once, and so did my brother The time finally came my daughter and I just finished this together, with me reading her a chapter a time She loved it, but the most fun was talking about how things were different when the book was written 1939 and yet how things were the same, especially about going to school and making friends with other children A real treat, and we look forward to reading books about Betsy together.

  17. so excited to be re reading this series part of my local libraries ARKS summer reading program Adults Reading Kids Stuff a great excuse for me to read some of my favs from when I was little love that it s told from a child s perspective how they process newness and unsettling first adventures first day of school in the first grade , the excitement of the specialness when that day arrives, and meeting so many new friends.

  18. A great little book for 1st and 2nd graders, maybe even Kindergarteners who can readI remember reading The Mixed up Twins by Carolyn Haywood over and over when I was 5 8 years old Too bad I didn t know about her other books I would definitely put the Betsy series of books on a must read list for the very young.

  19. Reading this book to my gd Betsy who is five years old She seems to enjoy it.t book without lots of pictures Simple tales of childhood, school, friends, it was written in 1939.Finished today We averaged one chapter a reading Betsy had a big smile on her face when we read the last few words It s a sweet book

  20. I remember loving the Betsy series when I was young one of the first series of chapter books I read all by myself I was curious to read her books again, as an adult This book is sweet, and contains funny parts that my children laughed at, as we read it together We also talked a lot about how different the world is, compared to Betsy s era.

  21. This was a nice, easy read.The style is similar to the Ramona Quimby books each chapter has its own little adventure rescuing dogs, putting on a circus to fill up one school year Betsy is definitely much better behaved than Ramona, but still has interesting adventures.This is an easy book to read, however I would suggest adult assistance if a child were to read it The story was originally written in 1939, therefore there are some references that children might not understand word choice or might [...]

  22. This is a perfectly simple and easy book for young children Nothing special, but a solid school and everyday life story.I just have one problem with it, and that s chapter four, where they learn about How The Indians Lived.Now, before I go further, I think I ll address some of the usual complaints here No, I don t believe the author intended to be inaccurate or offensive No, I don t believe you re a bad person if this is a beloved book from your childhood and you read it with your kids in the sa [...]

  23. I enjoyed reading this classic with the kids It is a very simple, very lovely homage to a structured childhood I find it remarkable how hard the kids laughed as we read the book, especially the chapter about Halloween costumes gone awry I m telling you they grabbed their sides, tilted their heads to the heavens and laughed laughed with somewhat maniacal joy I have to admit, I was amused, too Haywood has a suspenseful and fascinating way of writing about the simple joys of childhood, too The kids [...]

  24. I have to give the Betsy books 4 and a half stars because my first grade daughter loves them so much and reads and rereads them They are at her reading level, and very comprehensible to her Many books at her comprehension level are too simple in terms of vocabulary and reading level Those at her fluency level are often too complex in terms of plat, problems, etc Betsy is a welcome change from Junie B Jones I recommend it for a young child first or second grade who is ready for this reading level [...]

  25. This may have been the first book I read all to myself.I adored it, had a koala, plaid bag, the whole deal.Reading it aloud captivated my preschooler, who was going to a new school.Fears abated Listened very seriously Chapter by chapter, night by night We talk about being a good friend, playing on the playground, eating lunch away from home, the tea set.This is now The time is 3 years old.

  26. I started out completely charmed by this old timey tale of Betsy going to first grade, bringing her lunch in her satchel, buying pretzels from the old widow who frequents the schoolyard, growing tadpoles into frogs But eventually Betsy s shiny goodness and her parents snooty wealth wore on me I guess I don t have much tolerance for heroines who aren t a little bit wicked.

  27. Eh It s got all the olde time throwback stuff written in 1939 with a nice shiny new cover but it s so far back as to be out of touch for today s youth I liked it, but I cannot imagine a child today who would and I know plenty of kids who like the Little House series It s just so sanitized and stereotyped rose colored And there is an organ grinder Really

  28. This book is about a girl named Betsy who went to school At school Betsy made frends and one became her best friend, and her name is Ellen My favorite part is when Betsy got a new dog because she saved the dog when the dog got stuck in a pit and could not get out Then the dog had babies and Betsy got to keep one I liked this book a lot and would recommend this to other kids.