Memory of Morning

✓ Memory of Morning Ô Susan Sizemore ✓ Memory of Morning Ô Susan Sizemore - Memory of Morning, Memory of Morning For the fans of George R R Martin From the pen of New York Times bestseller Susan Size an all new full length novel that sweeps you into a strange new world of fantasy romance and adventure On the i

  • Title: Memory of Morning
  • Author: Susan Sizemore
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 209
  • Format: Kindle Edition

✓ Memory of Morning Ô Susan Sizemore - Memory of Morning, Memory of Morning For the fans of George R R Martin From the pen of New York Times bestseller Susan Size an all new full length novel that sweeps you into a strange new world of fantasy romance and adventure On the i

Memory of Morning, ✓ Memory of Morning Ô Susan Sizemore, Memory of Morning, Susan Sizemore, Memory of Morning For the fans of George R R Martin From the pen of New York Times bestseller Susan Size an all new full length novel that sweeps you into a strange new world of fantasy romance and adventure On the island world of three moons after years of war Naval Surgeon Megere Cliff returns home to find herself caught between her obligation to her family and her need toFor the fans of Geo. ✓ Memory of Morning Ô Susan Sizemore - Memory of Morning, Memory of Morning For the fans of George R R Martin From the pen of New York Times bestseller Susan Size an all new full length novel that sweeps you into a strange new world of fantasy romance and adventure On the i

  • ✓ Memory of Morning Ô Susan Sizemore
    209Susan Sizemore
Memory of Morning

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  1. If you don t read this as a romance but as historically based alternate world fantasy it works quite well I give it four stars then.But the conceit that Lord North wanted Megere Cliff from the very first kiss they shared and just expected her to interpret everything he did in that manner well, the interaction at the Seeker s Ball really did make it clear she wasn t looking at him that way and then Megere at the end simply declaring her love for him when until then it had been I desire you, but y [...]

  2. I want a sequel like, now.This was a grandly entertaining altern universe story that reads like a cross between a regency romance and a Horatio Hornblower novel It was equal parts fantasy, romance and alternate history.Megere Cliff, a young daughter of a high tiered gentry family, has just come back home from a two year stint as a ship s doctor in the empire s navy She has a big, sprawling happy family who are rich and quite ambitious They live in a version of England known as the Ang Empire whe [...]

  3. I wrote this book and it was the most fun I ve ever had with worldbuilding and characters I ve written many short stories in first person, but this was my first first person novel MEMORY OF MORNING is available exclusively as an ebook It can be found for Kindle on , and all other ebook formats on smashwords

  4. This was surprisingly good for a free kindle read I liked the world the author built It s evocative, with enough detail to make it easy to picture The heroine is interesting and I m interested in learning where her story leads.

  5. Reviewers found this book to categorize Is it romance It is historical Is it fantasy Is it gulp YA Maybe yes to all of the above, but I would add one category What s that category of biographical fiction in which the female protagonist takes you through her day, much in the same vein as Lady Julia Grey or Lady Emily Whichever that is, this runs in much the same way, but in a captivating and interesting fashion.The life of Dr Megere Cliff is probably the most interesting of most of these fictio [...]

  6. This came to my attention when Estara recommended it, and I bought it having liked the sample Kindle chapters What I got was a rather unexpected but enjoyable alternate world historical fantasy, with a subtle thread of romance.A few things did bother me some slightly jarring too modern thoughts from the heroine, a few e formatting issues, and the names Ah, the names I could deal with the place names Loudon instead of London, Ang for England etc , but did not care for Adrew instead of Andrew or a [...]

  7. I was skeptical of this book from the beginning First person Historical, but not really It s not Earth I don t think , but it s not some advanced planet species of people So Was I going to like it YES This is a well developed world with great characters While I was cheering for the hero from nearly the first page, I truly didn t know how things would turn out at so many points It s not a traditional romance in any sense The heroine dates, even sleeps with, other men You can t even be sure she s [...]

  8. 4.5 stars Sentient octopi and a heroine who s a young naval surgeon, now undertaking an alternate universe London season with a plethora of potential suitors, political maneuverings, and witty banteris book was just an awful lot of fun.The only two subjective reasons it s getting 4.5 stars instead of 5 from me are that a I wasn t personally convinced by the military ploy in Chapter 1 although who knows my military experience knowledge is certainly not vast, so I could be completely wrong when I [...]

  9. What fun Couldn t put it down Want the sequel now please Enjoyed the world building, alt history, and texture of life Loved the heroine Could have used a bit differentiation of the characters in the large family Some aspects of this invented world overlapped uneasily, plague and bullying clerics and free love still not sure how it is OK for women to be sexually active in such a patrilineal world and sentient octopi, but just went with it, it was like zooming from ride to ride in a genre theme p [...]

  10. Brilliant I love the story, how it has romance, but it is very minor compared to the world building and characterization.

  11. Really enjoyed this book, Megere is a great imperfect heroin however, I would have liked to see a little of Lord North throughout Although I immediately liked him as a romantic lead, I didn t feel that the pair new each other well enough to have such strong feelings But otherwise, good characters, great story and world basically Georgian England and compelling romance.

  12. I didn t care much about the romance but the world building was fascinating I wish there was stories about this world, and the octopus

  13. This was a re read from 2013 for me and I ended up knocking it down a star, which was sad since I has such good memories of this book.The PlotMegere is a doctor She comes off ship duty in the Navy and agrees to go along with her family s schemes to launch the younger generation of into society during the season to find spouses She was just a part of some big sea battles and would enjoy the frivolity and seeing her family.And then things get scattered there are some many little story lines that n [...]

  14. 3 1 2This is a nice but weird or a nicely weird fantasy It s set in an alien world that is reminiscent of past Earth But it has a mix of Victorian society women are not allowed to work, there s gentry and nobility and a strong cast system and absolutely modern sexual s There s no sexuality or steam in it though It has a fascinating world building that twists what we know in a interesting way.It s a slow paced read, but it does hook you in even when your are wondering why The plot revolves around [...]

  15. It is so refreshing to read a novel that takes such a wonderfully empowering look at the female heroine Dr Cliff is an aspiring surgeon, fighting for a place in a male dominated profession Not only did I relate to her struggles as a female fighting for respect, but I loved that she was allowed to be interested in multiple men, she was allowed to have female friends not just catty competitors that feign friendship , she was allowed to be feminine while still being smart and strong, and she was al [...]

  16. This is a difficult book to categorize there are romantic elements, though Memory is not a romance in the sense that the H H relationship is at the center of the action Although the ending adheres to romance genre standards The setting is an alternate universe Regency London, and the heroine serves as a ship s doctor in the navy Strong characterization throughout, with well rounded secondary characters and good pacing.I suspect that this book was intended to be the beginning of a series, but for [...]

  17. This was recommended to me by a friend, and I was wary at first because I have read before a novella by this author and it was, well, fluff Fun fluff, but just that.MoM turned out to be a very nicely told story about a woman and her right to choose, among a society struggling with this very issue I had a hard time with the setting a kind of alternative history Napoleonic War on another planet , and there are loose threads that are a pity they are not explored or resolved the octopi and end up mu [...]

  18. I was pleasantly surprised by this book and the main characters The woman was a strong personality with a quiet dignity and the set of circumstances around her and her family were interesting.I loved the fact this was set in an alternate universe, mainly somewhere with green moons, red moons and things not normal for us Even with that being said, the human experience still thrived and moved on I liked that the main characters were subject to discipline and had to deal with hidden agendas and pol [...]

  19. This novel takes place BEFORE My Dearest.Dr Cliff and Lord North meet Sparks fly.The romance is very nicely done as the two fall in love amid the Emperor s desire to have a baby Fram pirates and Dr Cliff s work to save her uncle s leg.Takes place in a future or, past on another planet Very well done novel.

  20. Excellent blend of adventure and fantasy in a slightly Austen esque world with a unique blend of rules, s, religion and Just when I thought the plot would veer right it would delightfully juke left.I adore, own, and often reread this author s Prime series, and it pales next to this book.

  21. Lucky I have read her work before or I would have put this down in the first chapter.Very slow at the beginning but it picked up and became a very enjoyable read I don t normallylike the historical books but the story was good enough to over come the talk of dresses.

  22. I really liked this one It was as if Jane Austen wrote fantasy with some steampunk elements mixed in The characters and setting were well thought out I got the impression that this may have been the start of a series and look forward to seeing what s next for these characters.

  23. I enjoyed this I ve really liked some of Susan Size s Vampire books, so I was happy to see this on I assume it is an earlier work Since it is an alternate reality based on England in the 1800s, i think , the book didn t seem dated or out of touch.

  24. Another freebe Good story.Takes place on an unknown planet where it looks a lot like the 1800 s but have modern medicine and knowledge.

  25. Very good Something completely different for Susan Size I would love to see books set in this alternate universe