Rush of Darkness

[PDF] Unlimited ☆ Rush of Darkness : by Rhyannon Byrd [PDF] Unlimited ☆ Rush of Darkness : by Rhyannon Byrd - Rush of Darkness, Rush of Darkness He s her fated enemy and her only hope Held prisoner because of her abilities Raine a powerful vampire psychic desperately needed a saviour But the last one she expected was the green eyed soldier wh

  • Title: Rush of Darkness
  • Author: Rhyannon Byrd
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 441
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Unlimited ☆ Rush of Darkness : by Rhyannon Byrd - Rush of Darkness, Rush of Darkness He s her fated enemy and her only hope Held prisoner because of her abilities Raine a powerful vampire psychic desperately needed a saviour But the last one she expected was the green eyed soldier wh

Rush of Darkness, [PDF] Unlimited ☆ Rush of Darkness : by Rhyannon Byrd, Rush of Darkness, Rhyannon Byrd, Rush of Darkness He s her fated enemy and her only hope Held prisoner because of her abilities Raine a powerful vampire psychic desperately needed a saviour But the last one she expected was the green eyed soldier who d once hunted her kind She s tried to forget Seth unable to cope with the strange simmering attraction that draws her to the compelling human But their goals fiHe s her fated enem. [PDF] Unlimited ☆ Rush of Darkness : by Rhyannon Byrd - Rush of Darkness, Rush of Darkness He s her fated enemy and her only hope Held prisoner because of her abilities Raine a powerful vampire psychic desperately needed a saviour But the last one she expected was the green eyed soldier wh

  • [PDF] Unlimited ☆ Rush of Darkness : by Rhyannon Byrd
    441Rhyannon Byrd
Rush of Darkness

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  1. 2.5 I ve read and enjoyed most of this series, but this one was just pretty annoyingI was looking forward to Seth s story sucks to be me.So Raine is out to kill those she feels are responsible for her sister s death It s the only way she feels she ll ever assuage her own guilt, and she doesn t really care if it costs her life So, off she goes leaving the safety of the watchman s base in her pursuit of vengeance Even though everyone knows Westland is actively hunting her he s already killed other [...]

  2. 5 Star Explosive Goodness I can t exactly pinpoint the reason why, but there is something seriously sexy about paranormal romances that involve a human on one side and a paranormal being on the other end Book 7 in the Primal Instinct Series takes this one step further where the ultra sexy and uber alpha hero is the human whilst the strong and yet endearingly vulnerable heroine turns out to be the paranormal being.Rush of Darkness is the story of Raine Spenser and Seth McConnell Their story began [...]

  3. Review provided by Black Lagoon Reviews Rush of Darkness, the seventh novel in Rhyannon Byrd s popular paranormal romance series Primal Instinct, is an ensnaring and scalding read full of great emotional appeal, endearing and tortured characters and a thrilling plot that leads the pair on a wonderfully written adventure culminating in an epic battle that leaves you craving This installment of the series follows Raine Spenser and Seth McConnell, characters who were brought together in the previo [...]

  4. Mostly arguments and internal struggles in a relationship The plot outside the relationship wasn t developed enoughVIEWER S OPINION The overall plot wasn t fleshed out not enough events to make it interesting Everyone is on a quest to get twelve markers, but we are never shown anything about finding them which could have been interesting We are just told that certain characters finally have them It seemed like most of the book was arguing between Seth and Raine and pondering by Seth and Raine He [...]

  5. Rush of Darkness by Rhyannon Byrd is the seventh book in the Primal Instinct Series This story picks up from the ending of Touch of Temptation The heroine, Raine Spenser, is a dhampire whose father was a vampire and her mom s human lineage gives her strong psychic powers Because of her powerful psychic powers inherited from her mother and her vampire heritage, Raine was held prisoner by an evil brute During the time she was held, Raine suffered unspeakable emotional and physical horrors Now that [...]

  6. Rush of Darkness was a great addition to the Primal Instinct series, and a title I have been waiting for the past stories Raine and Seth are both dark, broken characters who see something worth fearing in each other and that s a companion worthy of love Raine has been brutally used by the Kraven for her talents, and Seth has only recently switched to her team and has fought his whole life against beings like herself vampires Raine must battle not only her own fears of a sexual relationship, but [...]

  7. I really love this series Yes it is dark , but there is just something about it that draws me in This is the story of Raine and Seth In the last book it was really heart breaking to see what happened to Raine I was dying to find out Raine is out for revenge She is fueled for the need to makes those who hurt her sister pay Funny how it wasn t for what was done to her She never cared about that Guilt has a funny way of doing that to a person But Raine runs on the hate that she has Seth is there [...]

  8. This series is one wordINCREDIBLE, but I think this was my favorite yet I can see the way the series or it s offshoot is about to change, can t wait for what s to come Awesome

  9. You can see this review and others like it on ufreviews My first book with vamps in quite some time, and I must say I m excited To be fair I have to mention this is book 7 in this series, and I have not read any of the other books I normally do not like jumping into a series or in the case towards the end of a series , but I decided to give it a go If this book is captivating and I enjoy it, I ll go back and buy the six books preceding it, and it will be a tribute to the authors ability to bring [...]

  10. This is Rhyannon Byrd s latest book in her Primal Instincts book, and the best so far It brings to a close the search for the Markers, and solves the mystery of how to use them.Raine Spenser is on a mission to destroy the Casus monsters who raped and murdered her younger sister while trying to make Raine talk She believes she is alone in this mission, until Seth McConnel shows up, determined to save her from herself She doesn t have time for the feelings Seth arouses in her, not while vengeance [...]

  11. I had, overall, been enjoying this series And I am happy to say that this book is one of the higher points in the series While there have been installments that I enjoyed much less then others, here I was relieved when I finished this one Because, I admit, I was worried at first.We have here the story of Raine, the psychic half vampire we met in the last book, and Seth McConnell, the human ex Collective soldier They both have their issues with themselves and each other That s nothing unique in t [...]

  12. Posted At Riverina RomanticsRating 4 out of 5 Romance Rating 4 out of 5 3 You re hurting, and I want to be the man to let get close enough to make it better Dammit, Raine I just want to get close to you I loved this book It was just amazing how deeply to incredibly scarred and I mean incredibly scarred people could come to love each other The only thing that stopped this book from being a full five stars was how repetitive Raine got around the halfway point I completely understand the horrifying [...]

  13. obsessionwithbooks Rush of Darkness is the seventh book in the Primal Instinct Series by Rhyannon Byrd This story picks up from the ending of Touch of Temptation and would have to be my favourite in the series so far.Seth McConnell is a former Vampire Hunter, and now a human member of the Watchmen, a highly skilled organisation of shifters whose job it is to keep watch over ancient non human races.Seth was only a teen when a rogue nest of vampires brutally murdered his family, hellbent on seekin [...]

  14. It s good if you like female vampiresDespite my best efforts and the decent writing and plot, it took me a while to get into Rhyannon Byrd s Rush of Darkness I mostly fault my own personal tastes I m sure now than ever before that I just simply prefer it when the male love interest is the vampire The female can be a vamp as well, but the male definitely has to be a vamp, too Might there be something a little psychologically off with that Probably But that s my story and I m sticking to it The C [...]

  15. This is a Quickie Review For the full review, please visit The Romanceaholic.Expected Release Date Available Now Publisher HarlequinImprint HQNAuthor s Website rhyannonbyrd My Source for This Book NetgalleyPart of a Series Yes Book 7, Primal Instincts seriesSeries Best Read In Order Yes but works well as a standaloneSteam Level HotFor some reason, Ms Byrd s name sounded familiar to me, but since I read so much which is an understatement I assure you , I couldn t immediately place it It turns out [...]

  16. Raine is half vampire, half psychic recovering from a kidnapping marked by torture and rape Her body is back in shape, but her powers have weakened, and she holds on to the anger and need for revenge inside her, to go on Her plan is to kill the demon like Cassus who murdered her sister But every time she goes after one, she risks her own life.Seth is the human who rescued Raine from her captivity He works along with the Watchmen warriors who fight evil though he was once a rouge vampire killer h [...]

  17. After reading Touch of Temptation I wasn t sure what was going to happen to Raine, whether she was going to become a helpless damsel in distress or she was going to change completely and be a tough kick ass heroine Happily Raine became a happy medium of the two and I think it worked perfectly.After Raine leaves the Watchmen compound and visits her parents she decides to carry out her own justice on find the ones responsible for killing her sister only she doesn t expect Seth to track her down an [...]

  18. This was the first book that I read from Rhyannon Byrd and her Primal Instinct series and I have to say that I enjoyed the story Faced with a past abduction that changed her life forever, Raine Spencer finds herself facing her past hang on Instead of trying to forget her past and what was done to her, Raine decides to face it and find and destroy all of her abductors Things really start to heat up when Seth, one of the warriors who were on the rescue team that broke her out, decides to join her [...]

  19. After being held captive on a remote compound, being raped, beaten, and witnessing unimaginable things, Raine is now on a personal mission for vengeance With her ruthlessness guiding her to hunt down and kill every single man who had a hand in her sister s death, Raine can only see red But with her psychic abilities drained, tracking down her enemy is only becoming harder, so when Seth McConnell tries to jump and help her, she s nothing but pissed Fighting this overwhelming urge to mold her body [...]

  20. I know Rush of Darkness was a suspense story and one filled with intense action and the complex paranormal elements, but what stuck out to me most was the amazing love story created by Rhyannon Byrd The author created suspense right from the opening pages with setting and the back story not only of the novel, but of her hero and heroine, Seth and Raine I felt the storm brewing immediately between many types of paranormal characters, echoed in Seth and Raine Speaking of storms, the author s descr [...]

  21. Here s one of the reasons I like preternatural creatures in my romance They use their dysfunction to their advantage In traditional romance, when both the hero and heroine are tortured souls, their dysfunctionality often leads me to question how they can manage to walk and chew gum at the same time By the time they end up healing each other, they ve managed to depress the hell out of me In an urban fantasy romance, though, those dysfunctions are channelled into action Rhyannon Byrd s Rush of Dar [...]

  22. Ok, this series was slow starting off for me The Edge books were only ok, I liked the premise but somehow they fell a bit flat It wasn t until the Touch books that I felt Byrd was getting into her groove I enjoyed these editions in a 4 star kid of way, but this latest book which I assume starts off the Rush portion of the Primal Instinct series was seriously 5 star great I loved Seth and Raine in this book A tortured alpha hero my favorite and a strong yet vulnerable heroine, they had to overcom [...]

  23. We met Raine in the previous novel She is half vampire, half mage She was kidnapped, raped and witness to her sister s murder at the hands of the Kraven In this novel she is free but battling her rage and badly wanting revenge for what happened Human soldier, Seth McConnell, helped save her and can t seem to stay away He also has had his own experience with abuse, murder and revenge For him the victimization occurred at the hands of vampires Despite his prejudiced he can t seem to stop himself f [...]

  24. Seth and Raine meet in the last book where Seth was part of the team that rescued people For some reason he felt an instant pull to Raine, odd as she is a vampire and he used to be a vampire killer Both of them have reason to hate the other, but there is still that pull Once recovered Raine sets out on her own, determined to kill the ones that killed her sister and hurt her, the big prize to kill Westland and to get the rest of the markers for the Watchmen While hunting these men Raine puts hers [...]

  25. The hero saved the heroine from imprisonment but couldn t protect her from the rape or the abuse that she received The heroine thinks of herself as broken and though the hero tries to get closer to her she keeps pushing him away Honestly, I wouldn t trust him either to start with An ex vampire slayer would make a vampire a little jumpy But out of fear of how he makes her feel, she keeps thinking of every excuse she can to show him they are meant to be and it got a little old They kept having the [...]

  26. I love this world, and the characters that Rhyannon has created I am always so eager to get my hands on the next Primal Instict book and it was no different with Rush of Darkness This series always seems to leave me wanting I can t get enough, and man did I enjoy this book.I wasn t exactly ecstatic to read Seth s book Even though I was interested in his and Raine s relationship after the last book, he was never one of my favorites After reading Rush of Darkness he is right up there with Aiden. [...]

  27. This book pissed me off completely This book is about Raine s completely pointless and nonsensical inner struggle that is supposed to be reasoned away by that fact that she was assaulted As if women who are assaulted run off every chance they get headlong into situations that might get them captured again by the SAME EFFING PEOPLE the author uses that to make the reader feel sympathetic when she does something abnormally and extremely stupid as if because she was raped that means that she has to [...]

  28. Seth McConnell s was brutally tortured and left for dead by rogue vampires His family wiped out, Seth lived for revenge Over the years Seth has learned that just like humans, vamps are both good and bad After rescuing Raine, a Deschanel vampire, from being held captive by a Kraven determined to unleash the Cassus from Meridian, Seth becomes increasingly drawn to Raine She is damaged and set on avenging her little sisters death Seth knows the folly of a life wasted on revenge and is determined to [...]

  29. Omg I so loved this book, I waited waited for Seth s book and I was not disappointed one liitte bit because it was so awesome I just love Seth , he holds a special place in my heart , I loved every single second of his story , Raine is so stubborn but Seth is just the man to break down her defenses and make her see that there is still a chance for her to be happy , I loved thier scenes together , they are both hard headed in the end they fight for each other, Seth s Raines past was holding both [...]