The Darling Strumpet

↠ The Darling Strumpet ↠ Gillian Bagwell ↠ The Darling Strumpet ↠ Gillian Bagwell - The Darling Strumpet, The Darling Strumpet A thrilling debut novel starring one of history s most famous and beloved courtesans From London s slums to its bawdy playhouses The Darling Strumpet transports the reader to the tumultuous world of

  • Title: The Darling Strumpet
  • Author: Gillian Bagwell
  • ISBN: 9781847562500
  • Page: 312
  • Format: Paperback

↠ The Darling Strumpet ↠ Gillian Bagwell - The Darling Strumpet, The Darling Strumpet A thrilling debut novel starring one of history s most famous and beloved courtesans From London s slums to its bawdy playhouses The Darling Strumpet transports the reader to the tumultuous world of

The Darling Strumpet, ↠ The Darling Strumpet ↠ Gillian Bagwell, The Darling Strumpet, Gillian Bagwell, The Darling Strumpet A thrilling debut novel starring one of history s most famous and beloved courtesans From London s slums to its bawdy playhouses The Darling Strumpet transports the reader to the tumultuous world of seventeenth century England charting the meteoric rise of the dazzling Nell Gwynn who captivates the heart of King Charles II and becomes one of the century s most famouA thrill. ↠ The Darling Strumpet ↠ Gillian Bagwell - The Darling Strumpet, The Darling Strumpet A thrilling debut novel starring one of history s most famous and beloved courtesans From London s slums to its bawdy playhouses The Darling Strumpet transports the reader to the tumultuous world of

  • ↠ The Darling Strumpet ↠ Gillian Bagwell
    312Gillian Bagwell
The Darling Strumpet

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  1. This is one of the very few books I had to leave unfinished The detailed descriptions of TEN year old Nell selling herself so she could buy herself some ribbons for her hair and something to eat just squicked me out And then, she basically suffers a gang rape at the hands of a group of boys who offered her money and then refused to pay.Nell losing her virginity at such a young age may well be historically accurate I know that girls were married young and that life was tough But surely the author [...]

  2. I should warn you that Nell is my favorite historical figure and therefore I judge works on her quite harshly With that being said, I still gave Gillian Bagwell s The Darling Strumpet a fair shot and didn t stop reading even when my eyes started rolling The harsh onslaught of graphic sexual encounters within the immediate first few pages is a bit hard to digest, even being aware of Nell s lifestyle This sort of introduction to those readers who may not familiar with Nell can cause distance which [...]

  3. Gillain Bagwell s debut effort The Darling Strumpet was first published in trade paperback format back in 2011 Hilariously enough or maybe not, depending on how much you value your 7.99 the mass market paperback that I have in my hands declares this story as historical romance on the spine There is even a tagline on the gorgeous cover A novel of Nell Gwynn, who captured the heart of England and King Charles II to make it sound like this is the literary upgrade of an average romance novel, where [...]

  4. How have I not heard of Nell Gwynn before this I recognized the names of most of her contemporaries, but somehow she has skated under my radar until now Luckily I was able to snag the copy offered to Fiction Vixen and immerse myself in Nell s life during the era of King Charles II.The book opens in 1660 and a young Nell has finally tired of her life as an oyster girl She s decided to follow in her sister Rose s footsteps and go to work at Madam Ross s I m not clear on how old she is exactly, but [...]

  5. Since I wrote it, I must give it a good review But in all fairness, others who have read it agree with me

  6. The Darling Strumpet opens in May 1660 As the restored King Charles II makes his official entry into London, the young Nell Gwynn is taking the first steps in a career which will take her from oyster seller, to prostitute, orange girl, actress, courtesan and finally to royal mistress At this stage in her life, sex is a means to an end for Nell, but Gillian Bagwell conveys her sensual nature by describing her pleasure in eating a hot pie she buys after selling her virginity for sixpence.Nell s li [...]

  7. I cannot praise this book enough Bagwell took on quite a challenge It is very difficult, in my estimation, to write a novel that covers an entire lifetime, albeit a short one like Nell Gwynn s It s strange because I didn t perceive that I was becoming attached to the characters within the story until something happened to them and there I was, blubbering hysterically as if I knew them myself I highly recommend this novel to not only lovers of historical novels but to anyone and everyone who will [...]

  8. From the lovely cover to the vibrant characters inside, this book was delightful I ve read other books about Nell Gwynn, but this one was personal and charming in every way Bagwell creates or recreates a girl of enormous spirit who isn t sentimental about using her assets to get ahead in a world where the deck is stacked against her I appreciated Nell s matter of factness about many of the deeds she performs and, really, about who she was Well written, imaginative and fun This was a surprisingl [...]

  9. Two and a half stars.I love this cover, I think it s gorgeous, the title is perfect and Gillian Bagwell is obviously well versed in the history of this period But I have to be honest, I wanted to love Nell and see the way all of England loved her But I didn t feel England s love or anyone else s love The novel starts out strong enough when Nell, a poor oyster monger, decides to leave the home of her bitter and unloving mother for the whorehouse where her sister sells herself Nell is a clever plu [...]

  10. Full disclosure I am a huge fan of Nell Gwynn, so basically any book with her at the center is alright by me I think that Nell is such a rich and fascinating historical figure and The Darling Strumpet definitely did her justice The most important thing for me, when I read a book focusing on Nell, is if the author properly catches the sense of humor, generosity and caring personality she was famous for I think Ms Bagwell has done so in spades This book was just all around solid The characters wer [...]

  11. I kept putting off reading this book for awhile because I had heard some mixed reviews about it and I wanted to make sure I was in the right mindset to read this one as I knew it had some scandalous scenes Let me say, if you are one easily turned off by sex scenes in novels, you may not want to read this one as they are aplenty.The sex scenes are basically the first thing that you encounter in this book from about page 4 right through the first half of the book and they can be pretty descriptive [...]

  12. Well, this one was definitely different from most of the other historical english time piece fiction books I ve readThe HOW so, you ask Nell was not raised in court or raised to be a mistress, she literally grew up on the streets selling oysters.She landed in the prostitution business to get out of her home life, and the King still willingly bedded her.She was not whiney or mean, not the Anne Boelyn type.She did, in fact, become a mistress, but had no aspirations to become the Kings.She actually [...]

  13. Nell Gwynn was a poverty stricken seventeenth century Londoner who began her whirlwind of a life as first a prostitute, then as an orange girl turned comedic actress, before becoming the mistress of King Charles II of England She became well known throughout her acting career by the common people and the nobility It was her affluent contacts that led her to the king s bed She was witty, charming, and pretty Nell was well loved by the common people because she was one of them and her dislike for [...]

  14. Just a few brief thoughts The book is very well written and I think the author did an excellent job of portraying Nell s life in a very vivid and readable fashion The Restoration theatre world was fascinating and the secondary characters, particularly libertines Rochester and Buckingham were colorful and realistic.The ending chapters perhaps left me a bit cold likely I found all the death depressing I also wished for a bit character development on Charles part as I didn t feel Nell s love for t [...]

  15. I love the stories of infamous women in history, and Nell Gwynn has been one of my favorites What can I say, but courtesans had fascinating histories, especially those who used both body and brains to secure their places, and in some instances, rule the throne.This was an engrossing read, full of the panoply of Restoration England its pomp, its bawdiness, its political machinations and the tenuousness of life in the late 1600 s where plague and violence were still threats Charles II was one inte [...]

  16. I ve always loved books about Charles II, and have often wondered why that period of history is not as well thumbed as the preceding Tudor period The Stuart era was just as bloody, turbulent, passionate and packed with fascinating characters, if not so One character I always liked the sound of was Nell Gwyn, one of Charles II s mistresses, and so I was eager to read this novelisation of her life by Gillian Bagwell, an American author who has a background in acting, theatre directing, and artist [...]

  17. I would first like to say isn t that cover AMAZING I just love it Not that a cover necessarily has any bearing on a book but I know if I were in a book store that cover would call me from across the room.OK on to the book I loved it I sat down and read it in one sitting Yup That good I found myself caught up in the story and just didn t want to put it down This was not the first book I have read about Nell Gwynn but this one had detail regarding her early childhood Ms Bagwell has a way with wor [...]

  18. I have rediscovered historical novels since I have been reviewing books here, so I was delighted when a blogging friend of mine Southhams Darling offered to send me a novel she had just finished reading and thought I would enjoy.Considering this was a first novel I thought it was very ambitious of the author to not only pick Nell Gwynn as her protagonist but rather than just cover a particular period of her life she chose to tell her complete life story By her own admission in the notes at the e [...]

  19. When I first saw mention of the upcoming release of The Darling Strumpet , a novel on Nell Gwynn, I knew immediately I had to read it You see, she s my favorite royal mistress and I try to read everything I can on her Being a debut novel I wasn t sure what to expect, but I need not have worried because author Gillian Bagwell blew me away The Darling Strumpet recounts Nell s impressive rise from the streets of London to the most coveted position in the land, that of mistress to King Charles II, t [...]

  20. I won this book on , which is always a good thing I signed up to win this book because the book description attracted me after all, what could be better than a historical fiction rags to riches story When I received the book, the cover itself even made me want to delve right in.I enjoyed the book, it was well researched, and had a good plot line The events seemed very realistic for that time period, and there were lots of good characters What I found missing though was depth Some of the events j [...]

  21. This book accomplishes exactly what it sets out to do introduce Nell Gwynn and her times to people like me who know her by name only We re in the capable hands here of a writer who has studied the period, an actress who can bring her readers into the theater and backstage with the authority of someone who has spent a great deal of time there.

  22. Bagwell s facility with the language and slang of the time was quite wonderful, and the view of the theater scene was so interesting Very entertaining

  23. V eskom preklade Kurtiz na P b h eny, kter okouzlila kr le, 2012 Nell ako historick postava a jedna z prv ch priekopn ok hereckej profesie mi bola zn ma Ale liter rne spracovanie ma sklamalo Osud samotnej Nell sa ned lep ie vymyslie p san ivotom , ako etapa hist rie je 17 storo ie celkovo pramenne bohato zast pen aj inak dos seri zne spracovan , ale odborn pr ce o dejin ch divadla boli farbistvej ie ako toto sentiment lno romantizuj ce podanie V sp sobe spracovania zaniklo, pre o bola Nell takou [...]

  24. I don t recall doing such a thing before But I am not going to finish this I CAN T It s too graphical It doesn t even feel like historical fiction to me.There is no doubt in my mind that the author is a talented writer But this book may not be her best work yet.Such a shame the first novel I hope to read about a figure so fascinating and so intriguing such as Nell Gwynn turns out to be this flat and boring work of fiction.

  25. Gillian Bagwell I knew her when When she was a student at Berkeley High where I taught English and drama Effervescent, talented Lost track of her, reconnected via Facebook where else discovered she d spent her years successfully writing, directing, performing and has now become an international author of some note with her debut novel, The Darling Strumpet.Even before opening it, I gave her book a couple of nominations for Writer Working 2011 awards Cover can t imagine anyone s going to do bette [...]

  26. In historical fiction everyone has their top favorites favorite heroines, favorite time periods, and especially favorite locations Hands down my favorite rag to riches heroine naturally goes hand in hand with my favorite king of England the legendary Charles II and witty Nell Gwynn Nelly always has held a special place in my heart and she will stay there indefinitely You can only imagine how elated I was when I got wind that The Darling Strumpet A Novel of Nell Gwynn, Who Captured the Heart of E [...]

  27. I found this book both informative and entertaining The glimpse of life for girls and women in the 1600 s was frightening Makes you realised just how far we have progressed.I loved Nell, she is bright, saucy and so intelligent.

  28. I had been eagerly waiting for this novel to come to the UK and I was not disappointed.The story begins with young Nell, a vulnerable young girl who wants to escape her drunken and violent mother and be like her sister Rose She is taken in by Madam Ross and soon becomes aware that she can change her own luck entertaining the men of London Nell admires the actors on stage at The King s Playhouse and takes a job as an orange seller, and quickly rising to star of the stage She captures the attentio [...]