Spell Bound

[PDF] Spell Bound | by ↠ Rachel Hawkins [PDF] Spell Bound | by ↠ Rachel Hawkins - Spell Bound, Spell Bound Just as Sophie Mercer has come to accept her extraordinary magical powers as a demon the Prodigium Council strips them away Now Sophie is defenceless alone and at the mercy of the Brannicks a famil

  • Title: Spell Bound
  • Author: Rachel Hawkins
  • ISBN: 9781847387240
  • Page: 351
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Spell Bound | by ↠ Rachel Hawkins - Spell Bound, Spell Bound Just as Sophie Mercer has come to accept her extraordinary magical powers as a demon the Prodigium Council strips them away Now Sophie is defenceless alone and at the mercy of the Brannicks a famil

Spell Bound, [PDF] Spell Bound | by ↠ Rachel Hawkins, Spell Bound, Rachel Hawkins, Spell Bound Just as Sophie Mercer has come to accept her extraordinary magical powers as a demon the Prodigium Council strips them away Now Sophie is defenceless alone and at the mercy of the Brannicks a family of warrior women who hunt down the Prodigium. [PDF] Spell Bound | by ↠ Rachel Hawkins - Spell Bound, Spell Bound Just as Sophie Mercer has come to accept her extraordinary magical powers as a demon the Prodigium Council strips them away Now Sophie is defenceless alone and at the mercy of the Brannicks a famil

  • [PDF] Spell Bound | by ↠ Rachel Hawkins
    351Rachel Hawkins
Spell Bound

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  1. Please be aware that the spoilers in this review are real, so don t click on them unless you ve read the book There are mild spoilers in the visible text, but they re not anything that you haven t already guessed if you re already a fan of the series And since three people have done this already, please DO NOT discuss spoilers in this book without spoiler tagging your comments since you will absolutely ruin the book for people who haven t read the book yet If you don t know how to do this, pleas [...]

  2. Review, March 15 As much as it literally hurts rating this book four stars, I have to do it I will admit to anyone who wants to hear that I have pretty much been obsessively waiting for this ending since I read Hex Hall on my birthday two years ago Really I have waited so long, and as much as I want to say it was perfect it wasn t.Not to say it wasn t enjoyable In fact, I absolutly love it I love the humor, I love the twist in Part two I adore Sophie, Archer, Jenna, and Cal, and I so wish that m [...]

  3. Are you trying to make me insane, Ms Hawkins What happens if I die before this book comes out, huh I will have been left with the cliffhanger of Demonglass as an ending I hope you re happy with yourself Okay, okay, I am bordering on the melodramatic, I know I just can t believe this book s release is so far away That ending was evil Not demon evil, but evil enough.

  4. I amSpellbound.Every time I read a book by a Rachel, it seems I am instantly captivated Let me just recall some of these lovelies Rachel E Carter, Rachel Higginson and now Rachel Hawkins Maybe it also has a lot to do with my awesome big sister being Rachel too.Now, now, let s go to the review.As much as I would like to say this is the best book in the series, I could not do that because honestly, compared to the first two, this is not as great butere s a BIG BUT no pun intended seriously , I am [...]

  5. Is someone having fun conspiring against me 2012 Is this some kind of joke Should I be laughing Probably I should, but no, I will kill somebody and then I ll feel better Thinks about killing some certain author but what if that certain author has a fourth book Who would write it then, right Kills a mosquito instead No, I don t fell better.IWANTSpell Bound Starts creating a diabolic plan to, somehow time machine , drop in 2012 and come back with the book

  6. I need this book soooooo bad After that ultimate cliffhanger I was like whatwhatwoah.at couldn t have been it.I actually kept on turning the page to see if there was a secret couple of pages that I was missing WHY ,HAWKINS, WHYYY This is just cruel I think all of my favorite authors are conspiring against me to have totally awful cliffhangers and not publish their books for extended periods of time SighhhEdit Ohhh I do like the name of the book Spell Bound Woot All I m saying is Sophie had bette [...]

  7. I want this like Sophie Mercer wants Archer Cross In my bed with me now Because that s where I read books The above is my pre reading review Liked it I always need Archer though Wonder what the spin off series is going to be about view spoiler I kinda hope the little Brannick girls hide spoiler PSA Unrelated to the book but important br br br br br br

  8. Was it just me or was anyone else truly and utterly disappointed with this book I really, really, really liked the first two, but this one just didn t do it for me not because Sophie didn t choose the guy I was rooting for but becasue the whole book itself was pretty blah.First of all, I LOVED Sophie in the first two books This one, not so much She was just downright annoying Hellalicious Duck, duck, demon Brannicks, magic and hell, ohmy Really I know Hawkins was writing Sophie as a character th [...]

  9. D Epic BattlesHarry s versionAragorn s versionSophie s versionThere are lots of reasons why I gave it two stars or what we called OK stars rather than the Liked stars.The Hex Hall has been highlighted or well known for its being fluffy, charming and funny And that s why I liked this series This third book on the other hand is too darn dark to be neither these three sigh Initially I had problems with the whole book I never felt fully immersed with it I felt like a ping pong ball that constantly t [...]

  10. I need this now HOLY HELL WEASEL Look at the purple on the cover PRETTTTY Want, want, want so much ___ Holy hell weasel perfection Spell Bound is faultless and a brilliant ending to the series I could not have asked for .Spell Bound picks up where we left off in Demon Glass Well kind of Sophie s powers have been sealed off and she now finds herself with the Brannicks But they have a plan and Sophie is the key Then, suddenly, Sophie finds herself back at Hex Hall and she ll need the help of Jenna [...]

  11. Want it Need it I kept hitting next page on my kindle at the last page that s just plain old evil I should protest the next book, but I WANT IT and for some reason, I m rooting for Cal Archer I trust him as far as i can throw him.4 5 12 finished the book in one sitting I was suspious at first with the begining but all turned out beautifully besides one parte you Archer Curse you Lol team cal always

  12. Pre review Am I the only one who have grown to dislike Sophie and think she s becoming increasingly annoying during the first two books Am I the only one to think Ms Hawkins supposed humor and witty remarks are getting old Am I the only one who thinks witty remarks are nice, but if they were spoon fed to us in almost every single page of a novel, then I will have to say enough is enough In another words, I don t have much high hope for that third book of the series.Short Review 1.5 star.I have a [...]

  13. Sophie finds herself on enemy territory She doesn t know if Cal, her father and Archer made it out safely She doesn t know what happend to Jenna She doesn t know why her mother is with the Brannicks and she doesn t really know where she landed.The latter question is answered when she gets attacked by a redhead girl with green eyes.But when she finds her mother she discovers that all her life has been a lie Her mother is one of the Brannicks, which makes her one of them as well.Her family are the [...]

  14. The series has been losing steam since the second book Scenes, actions and plots in this book feel overly simplified and rushed view spoiler Sophie breaks Lara s control over her a control over three generations and two bloodlines, a main plot device done over several sentences in one paragraph The underworld scene apparently the underworld is a cavern, a small one at that, and they walk couple of hundred yards in it, then it s done.Given the amount of hardship the characters are dragged through [...]

  15. I m not sure how long has it been since I ve read Demonglass, but while reading this one, it felt like it has been too long.It s like my brain lost it s ability to remember details from previous books and at some times, I was lost.I forgot names, relationships and some pretty big events that happened before this book.However, page by page, I remebered most of it.This was an okay last book in the series It was not an epic finale and I can t even call it a conclusion since it left open door for a [...]

  16. This book was really good But it is my least favorite book in the trilogy, and it s not because it was bad, it s because everything in this book was just so fast pace I had trouble grasping onto what was going on Still a great book though

  17. I finished reading this book last night, and I needed to calm down before I write a review This contains few spoilers, so watch out I m too depressed, too sad, and too frustrated I know I should have not taken this book so personally, but I ve grown to really like Cal, and it has hurt me damn much on what has happened to him He didn t deserve it It was too much I hate Hawkins for doing it to him, she didn t even give him a chance to be happy And I also hate myself because I m so affected I know, [...]

  18. RATING 2 Out Of 5Major Let Down.How un surprising that the last novel in the Hex Hall series would be a major let down and be utterly disappointing Eghh its infuriating some of the events that transpired in the novel and readers you ll know exactly what I m talking about when you read it The novel is un funny though it does try very hard to be so, but I m afraid it falls short in the funny department Looks like Hawkins used up all her cans of funny in the previous two books, and these books cann [...]

  19. Wow This series really is enchanting No wonder,I was also bewitched in Rachel Hawkins School Spirits which is clearly btw not a sequel to Hex Hall,nor Hex Hall is a sequel to School Spirits.But both have a different kind of entertaining stories where in the other series,you ll find the story of Izzy Isolde while the other is about Sophie.I can t believe that the newly introduced characters here were actually the characters I was missing in School Spirits, though they were already mentioned in He [...]

  20. Esta serie definitivamente y NO S POR QU se transform en un guilty pleasure impresionante S que es mala, s que es clich y s que es olvidable, pero algo me enganch y me encant Este tomo, el desenlace de la saga, fue m s interesante y din mico que el segundo y las escenas finales fueron muy emocionantes Se la super recomiendo a chixs que est n comenzando a meterse en la lectura.

  21. First thing first I love the ending view spoiler Though, happy endings are too mainstream, it seems to me that the ending of the third installment of this book, this whole trilogy was heart warming and pure happiness I can picture Sophie smiling, holding the hands of Jenna and Archer, also smiling too hide spoiler The story has started when Sophie enter the Itineris and came up in the Brannicks homestead and in just that particular beginning, a revelation has shocked Sophie Me too I really have [...]

  22. It wasn t terrible beyond belief, but I didn t connect with it I enjoyed the interaction between Sophie Elodie, Torrin was a decent side character I didn t even mind Cal s resolution, per se.But guys, the forced humor The inappropriately timed snark The constant barrage of lame ass jokes ENOUGH STFU Sophie barely opens her mouth unless it s to say something humorous or the author s version thereof True, Sophie has always been a smartass, but in the past she knew when to shut up be serious I didn [...]

  23. This book was a crazy ride, and I loved it It was a great end to the trilogy, but I m going to miss the series Check out my video review youtube watch v uMbHME

  24. Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars I don t want to write this review Instead, I want to hide in the corner with a blanket and some tissues so I can read this book all over again because It Was AMAZING Taking place right where Demonglass left off, Spell Bound starts off running and doesn t slow down at all Every time you think that something is going right and the cast will finally get a break, something else goes wrong that leaves you flipping pages faster than before Hawkins knows how to write a one sit [...]

  25. Popcorn If I had to pick a mood food to go with these books it would have to be a big buttery bowl of popcorn It just goes so nicely with the theme of entertaining and fun as hell I m gonna keep this brief since really all I have to say is that I freaken love this series It s fun and funny, it s exciting and completely consuming It doesn t have one dry moment I love the writing and the zingy dialog The characters are incredibly easy to love, the romance is giggly swoon worthy and the story line [...]

  26. Carino Fresco e simpatico, questo libro mi ci voleva proprio in questo periodo Sophie una protagonista che sa prendersi in giro, che trasforma, grazie a delle battute mirate, le situazioni pi difficili in qualcosa di molto pi simpatico Certo, mi aspettavo un pochino di pi da questo ultimo volume, e si, sono acida, ma lo pseudo triangolo tra Cal, la stessa Sophie e Archer mi sembrato, lasciatemelo dire, INUTILE, cos come il sacrificio di Cal alla fine Cio no, non ci sto E si, c era di mezzo una g [...]

  27. Left me mostly bored, the author really fell into some of the pitfalls for what not to do in a sequel Introduce forgettable, almost pointless characters that appear infrequently and leave little impression Check Resolve the cliffhangers from the last book in the most passive way possible Check Less action character development plot than the previous ones Check I m just glad this one ends rather cleanly so I don t have to keep reading this series.