Tiny Homes: Simple Shelter

✓ Tiny Homes: Simple Shelter Þ Lloyd Kahn ✓ Tiny Homes: Simple Shelter Þ Lloyd Kahn - Tiny Homes: Simple Shelter, Tiny Homes Simple Shelter There s a grassroots movement in tiny homes these days The real estate collapse the economic downturn burning out on hour workdays many people are rethinking their ideas about shelter seeking an

  • Title: Tiny Homes: Simple Shelter
  • Author: Lloyd Kahn
  • ISBN: 9780936070520
  • Page: 197
  • Format: Paperback

✓ Tiny Homes: Simple Shelter Þ Lloyd Kahn - Tiny Homes: Simple Shelter, Tiny Homes Simple Shelter There s a grassroots movement in tiny homes these days The real estate collapse the economic downturn burning out on hour workdays many people are rethinking their ideas about shelter seeking an

Tiny Homes: Simple Shelter, ✓ Tiny Homes: Simple Shelter Þ Lloyd Kahn, Tiny Homes: Simple Shelter, Lloyd Kahn, Tiny Homes Simple Shelter There s a grassroots movement in tiny homes these days The real estate collapse the economic downturn burning out on hour workdays many people are rethinking their ideas about shelter seeking an alternative to high rents or a lifelong mortgage debt to a bank on an overpriced home Homes on land homes on wheels homes on the road homes on water even homes in tTher. ✓ Tiny Homes: Simple Shelter Þ Lloyd Kahn - Tiny Homes: Simple Shelter, Tiny Homes Simple Shelter There s a grassroots movement in tiny homes these days The real estate collapse the economic downturn burning out on hour workdays many people are rethinking their ideas about shelter seeking an

  • ✓ Tiny Homes: Simple Shelter Þ Lloyd Kahn
    197Lloyd Kahn
Tiny Homes: Simple Shelter

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  1. I LOVE TINY HOUSES Look snowboarder tiny house Lighthouse tiny house hobbit tiny house I don t even LIKE hobbits, but I would so live in that house if it s as cool on the inside as it looks on the outside And if it has hot running water.This book is pretty fucking cool It has a bunch of rad tiny houses and floor plans for them It has a house made out of wood pallets WHAT And instructions on how to make a house like that It has a bunch of adobe houses with hay bales for insulation So, that seems [...]

  2. More reviews and no fluff on the blog surrealtalvi.wordpress This is a comprehensive book on small spaces really than homes since it includes studios and sauna buildings.As the author notes, this book is in response to inspired by the subprime mortgage crisis begun in 2008 when so many were buying large homes beyond their means or needs Author Kahn envisioned an antidote to the overblown single family houses of recent decades The book is really written by the home owners each of whom contribute [...]

  3. I ve seen a lot of the houses in this book before online, featured in magazine articles, on youtube or in alternative builder books, but it is nice to have them all in one place I would have liked it better if there had been interior shots and a floor plan for each one, but as it is the book is full of eye candy for those interested in exploring the living small options This book covers most of them, cob, stone, prefab, modular, tree houses, bus conversions, yurts, vardos, adobe, straw bale, and [...]

  4. I ve recently become intrigued by the idea of small space living We had our own purging in our house, getting rid of truckloads of extraneous stuff that we had acquired over the years Initially a bit daunting, I came to find the process quite cathartic Since then I ve been intrigued with these small homes, wondering if I could take it to this extreme This book was so enjoyable, with all the different concepts of small space design and lots of pictures glorifying it Plus all the homeowners tales [...]

  5. Tiny Homes Simple Shelter is a highly detailed book on the construction, ideas, and fundamental concepts behind Tiny Houses Every page has a new story of the tiny house constructed by one person The book describes a wide range of tiny houses from tiny house cars to tiny house trees Although the book doesn t contain a plot, each page develops it s own short story on how each tiny house came to be I highly recommend this book for those who take an interest in living small.

  6. I originally intended to browse the wonderful photos and be done, but I ended up reading the accompanying info mostly written the builders and or owners Only quibble I d love to see actual floorplans Lots of dreaming and fantasizing This was put together by Lloyd Kahn of Whole Earth fame What a treat

  7. I love this book It really gets you thinking about what your living space means, what you need, and what you want from life.

  8. Whatever Kahn s intended purpose was with this book, it did not mesh with what I was looking for I am just beginning to explore the idea that I may possibly one day choose to live in a tiny home I appreciated the different varieties of homes profiled in this book, but could have used much detail about them It seems that the owners of each one just sent some photographs to be published along with their letters saying they d love to be featured in the book and a couple interesting details about t [...]

  9. Lloyd Kahn is back with another collection of handcrafted, unique and special homes Each page photographs structures, interviews builders, and creates a portfolio of sorts of each builder or home Tiny homes in this book are defined as under 500 sq feet I enjoyed Lloyd s book Builders of the Pacific Coast and I love tiny houses, so checking this out was a no brainer for me The book includes chapters about tiny homes on foundations, tiny homes on wheels, tiny homes by architects, prefabs kits, ear [...]

  10. I want to take a road trip to see the wonderful, whimsical, and occasionally weird houses Lloyd Kahn profiles profiled in this fun and inspirational book Then I want to build one or two or six Although I suspect that building six tiny homes defeats Kahn s purpose, which is to show us how to live large by building small Kahn features than 150 builders who construct amazing wee spaces under 500 square feet from straw bales recycled tin, boards, and bricks, adobe, sticks and logs prefab backyard s [...]

  11. Written as a collaborative work featuring the homes and space, written by the people who built them, Tiny Homes is a great source of inspiration for smaller sustainable living Many of the homes and spaces studios, saunas, offices were built using salvaged materials, opening up the readers options, not only in size, but also in economy.Covering a great number of less than conventional but earth and pocketbook friendly construction methods, like straw bale, cobb, and palate, and including an arti [...]

  12. I m not sure why I m so fascinated by little houses but I am This book about them is a beauty This is not a how to manual You ll have to look elsewhere for blueprints this is of a dream book It shows lot of tiny houses, all under 500 sq ft It has detailed photographs of interiors and the descriptions of many of these houses are written by the builders themselves They tell how they were inspired to build, what techniques they used, how it s working for them, etc It is full of inspiration These r [...]

  13. What a delightful and interesting book This totally speaks to the inner child who loved her playhouse and tree houses and made forts What an awesome idea for a vacation property I was especially fascinated with the caravans and tree houses Some of the dwellings and owners look like there were some aging hippies who didn t sell out and many of the options are pretty green It was interesting to see the diverse creations varying between architects, pre fabs, and DIYers Several of the builder owners [...]

  14. 5 STARSThe pictures in this book make me want to build a small home Despite I already have a old home and my books alone would not fit into these homes.My twenty three old has wanted to build a tiny home for years now and loved this book too.The range of all these buildings is astonishing and creative and beautiful most bring the outside landscape right into the homes.I love the tree houses eventhough I can t climb stairs.Also like the idea of using building materials that are not being used and [...]

  15. From Shelter Publications, Inc NetGalleyThis book is so cool Very informative and inspiring in a way To think that those people can live in s simple manner and in a small space made me realize that we don t have to have big houses to be content That used to be my thinking when I was a kid because during my grade school days, me and my classmates always thought that having a big house makes you rich and that will make us happy and content but, after the years had passed and hundreds of condominiu [...]

  16. Joyful is the best word I can use to describe Kahn s new collection of tiny homes Each under 500 square feet is a gem Many are handbuilt and lived in by the builders Others are from built by companies specializing in downsizing for the 21st century The book is packed with interior and exterior photos along with loving descriptions of the homes and the building processes from the builders occupants Homes run the gamut from stylish mini homes, homes that can be transported, traditional British lon [...]

  17. I received a Review Copy of this book through NetGalley The antithesis to your garden variety HGTV glossy house porn books and magazine spreads A charming book full of beautifully photographed tiny houses, with small essays and vignettes interspersed to keep it from becoming just a bunch of captioned photos The main message of the book is that small homes can be comfortable and livable if they are thoughtfully designed A book you can happily curl up with and dream your way into a little cozy hid [...]

  18. A concise survey of the tiny homes movement current and past, _Tiny Homes_ provides an excellent introduction for those unfamiliar with the topic while providing enough comprehensive coverage on the topic for those interested in building primary or secondary tiny homes In addition to providing an impressive number of resources for a book of its size, Lloyd Kahn provides readers with an extensive array of photos and a wealth of personal accounts from tiny home dwellers While the books layout and [...]

  19. Such a great book.Not only are there tiny homes but also tiny homes on wheels and tiny homes on boats One thing I was surprised about was all the homes looked so clean and well organized I know living in a small space, organizing is a must in order to keep the abode looking clean but I was surprised since most of the homes were built with recycled parts, straw bales and even clay Even the tiny homes built on cars and buses looked well organized and clean.My only concern with living or even spend [...]

  20. I received a free digital copy from the publisher Amazing photographs and information Open this book and start daydreaming I like these kind of books because I believe simplicity is a gift it s so easy to clutter our lives.Other similar books I ve read and recommend Treehouses of the World and America at HomeI found a paperback copy at the library in 2014 and re read this In 2013, I was able to become a first time homeowner My home is under 500 sq feet, very cozy and colorful in Colorado I love [...]

  21. Tiny houses are like porn to me I feel slightly ashamed and embarrassed to be going down the rabbit hole again, but it s SO GOOD and I can t stop.This book did not disappoint With than 250 tiny houses, each home featured includes narrative and photos of the house Some are written by the owners builders themselves, and some are written up after interviews The result is an eclectic collection, with some owners focusing on the sustainability aspect and others focusing on the minimalist living side [...]

  22. Everyone nest builds, and the trend towards a simpler life is compelling often it starts with a simpler home Tiny Homes Simple Shelter shows in great variety and detail that simple can be beautiful, creative, elegant, rustic, unique, practical anything you want it to be Whether you are looking for inspiration, resources, or practical solutions, this book is for you A beautiful collection of photos and stories about living smaller and sustainably with sketches, floor plans some anyway and an inc [...]

  23. I have learned to live in small spaces Most of the books that I pick up on small interiors start at around 1700 square feet That s not what I call small This book shows homes that are indeed tiny under 500 square feet The text consists of short illustrated essays about different people, there circumstances, and the solution they found in a tiny home I skimmed a lot of it I was interested in floorplans than anything else The book contained some, but not as many as I was hoping for I enjoyed the [...]

  24. If you looking for inspiration to build a tiny house yourself, look no further.It s not a how to book on tiny house construction techniques It s like photographic glimpse into the tiny way of life and the people that are living it Most of the stories and photos in the book were written by the constructors inhabitants themselves.Lloyd collected and edited all the info into book form From small cribs on wheels, to tiny adobe perfection From dreamlike tree houses to wagons Boat houses to pallets d [...]

  25. Fantastic book for those hoping to venture into designing their own small simple home My version is a 2012 edition, although you can tell that it has been updated from an earlier version, as some of the older photos are dated but still a fantastic resource to be able to compare the old and the new It is full of colour photographs, which help to see the full designs and layouts I like how the book itself is a larger size, in order to properly display the pictures etc I also love how there are a l [...]

  26. Colour photographs some double page of tiny dwellings and rooms on foundations, on wheels, designed by architects, prefabs and kits, treehouses, mobile and water based.Just how tiny is tiny No larger than 500 square feet the largest are not tiny by dense European or Japanese urban standards but tiny by comparison with the bubble years of ever grosser American mansions.Not just tiny cribs, this isn t tourism there is an ethic of thrift and do it yourself did you know that paying for a mortgage on [...]

  27. Inspirational seems so tame a word It gets used all the time, but it s really the best description for this book Lots of things I want to try but can t yet, but one thing I got from this book that I can start applying is the philosophy of one of the builders who was featured instead of thinking do I need this think Can I live without this Vast difference and absolutely the way I want to live my life.

  28. This book started out alright, but as I progressed through I felt the author spent too much time on his clever punchlines than the actual content Further into the book, there are layouts of tiny home interiors with full frontal nude women, which the cover or the description should indicate would happen I certainly would have liked to have been warned I was actually reading this book with my 11 year old son.