Purpose: An Immigrant's Story

☆ Purpose: An Immigrant's Story õ Wyclef Jean Anthony Bozza ☆ Purpose: An Immigrant's Story õ Wyclef Jean Anthony Bozza - Purpose: An Immigrant's Story, Purpose An Immigrant s Story Purpose is Wyclef Jean s powerful story of a life rooted in struggle soul searching art and survival In his own voice the multi platinum musician and producer shares everything from his childhood

  • Title: Purpose: An Immigrant's Story
  • Author: Wyclef Jean Anthony Bozza
  • ISBN: 9780061966866
  • Page: 497
  • Format: Hardcover

☆ Purpose: An Immigrant's Story õ Wyclef Jean Anthony Bozza - Purpose: An Immigrant's Story, Purpose An Immigrant s Story Purpose is Wyclef Jean s powerful story of a life rooted in struggle soul searching art and survival In his own voice the multi platinum musician and producer shares everything from his childhood

Purpose: An Immigrant's Story, ☆ Purpose: An Immigrant's Story õ Wyclef Jean Anthony Bozza, Purpose: An Immigrant's Story, Wyclef Jean Anthony Bozza, Purpose An Immigrant s Story Purpose is Wyclef Jean s powerful story of a life rooted in struggle soul searching art and survival In his own voice the multi platinum musician and producer shares everything from his childhood in Haiti to his rise to the top of the American music scene For the first time ever Wyclef reveals the behind the scenes story of the Fugees including his partnership w. ☆ Purpose: An Immigrant's Story õ Wyclef Jean Anthony Bozza - Purpose: An Immigrant's Story, Purpose An Immigrant s Story Purpose is Wyclef Jean s powerful story of a life rooted in struggle soul searching art and survival In his own voice the multi platinum musician and producer shares everything from his childhood

  • ☆ Purpose: An Immigrant's Story õ Wyclef Jean Anthony Bozza
    497Wyclef Jean Anthony Bozza
Purpose: An Immigrant's Story

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  1. Wyclef shakes head from side to side Your god complex is showing he even compares himself to Jesus several times A bunch of stories from Wyclef s life including stories from his childhood in Haiti, his youth in the US, his introduction to music, his time with the Fugees, his work for his humanitarian organization and the alleged scandals, his relationship with Lauryn Hill, his repeated justifications for his infidelity during his marriage and his relationship with Reverend daddy Oh and let s not [...]

  2. I really like Wyclef Jean, but he can really be a fink His story is almost fascinating, and at one point, I was turned off by the 20 pages trying to justify and explain his affair with Lauryn Hill during the early years of his relationship and marriage with his wife But he redeems himself with his honesty and passion.

  3. I only had the barest idea who Wyclef Jean was when I picked this book up, and this book definitely have me a glimpse of how he sees himself I m not certain if it was the ebook I read or if other editions had the same number of typos and errors, but it was occasionally difficult to follow the meaning without rereading.

  4. I was surprised to enjoy this book as much as I did What I found was a nuanced multi layered account of various aspects of the life and coming of age of this Haitian immigrant in the United States who throughout the book insists on designating himself as Haitian, without hyphenation.First, there s Wyclef s childhood in quasi rural Haiti while waiting for his parents to send for him and his younger brother Much of his personality was forged then and it is heart wrenching to hear him talk about hi [...]

  5. This book sucked me in I love memoirs because it allows people to relate to those who are in the spotlight and have gained celebrity status Wyclef is a very well known rapper and producer in the United States He is most well known for his time in the group the Fugees alongside Lauryn Hill and Pras In his memoir he recounts his childhood in Haiti, his move to the States up through the excitement, celebrity and eventual downfall of the Fugees He also talks about his work with Haiti and his group Y [...]

  6. uhmetimes it is good to not know so much about an artist.if i read how much he loved Lauryn Hill one time i was going to puke he kept going on, and on, and on and then on some dude, we know you loved her in my mind still does you can love two people but how he handled it was errrr WRONGen he d throw a dash of Pras in there just to not forget him the part that really made my blood boil is his comparison of all the artists of the Fugees and who had the most hit records Blow smoke much I by no me [...]

  7. I will always respect Wyclef Jean for his musical legacy, but as I learned about him as a person, I grew disgusted His affair with Lauryn Hill, as a married man, and his justification for all of his affairs were despicable To me, he never seems to take full responsibility, he just always pins the reasoning for his actions on someone else I think I would have been better off just enjoying his music and not desiring to know about him as a person It makes me wonder how Lauryn Hill s career would [...]

  8. Wyclef is a great artist but an awful person I was really put off by his extended explanation of his affair with Lauryn Hill take some responsibility for being a cheater, as well as the times you ve failed in life He came off completely pompous, especially when claiming he was the greatest artist with the most success after the Fugee demise Lauryn was the first hiphop artist to win the Grammy for Album of the year, and she deserved it His explanation of the Yele scandal after the earthquake was [...]

  9. Really nice read by Mr Jean I caught myself laughing out loud from his childhood stories He gave a lot than I expected I was impressed.

  10. I know Clef is gonna think I should have given this mics, errrrr stars, but this was no carnival and not a very fair depiction of circumstances Also, if I was his wife I wouldn t be.

  11. Pretty good I enjoyed the book Seems he was very honest and open about his life Hope he s successful with restoring and helping Haiti.

  12. It was a real treat to read this book I did not want it to end I got a behind the scenes look at one of the most influential bands in the world and a band that reminded me of growing up in Nigeria Who knew that while they were experiencing their biggest success, they were also going through a lot of turmoil Oh Wyclef, why did you have to go there with Lauryn Hill While reading this book, I found myself going to play Fugees records Now that I knew what was going on behind the scenes, I wanted to [...]

  13. The title of my memoir is Purpose An Immigrants Story by Wyclef Jean The genre of this book is autobiography as it is about Wyclef Jean s life, written by Wyclef himself This book is about his time growing up and his journey to the top of the music industry In this book he talks about moving from Haiti and how he overcame a lack of funds to become a music great The time period of this book is pre to mid 1990s, when he had just started to make music and before he came to fame with the Fugees, and [...]

  14. How do you rank a biography Based on writing style 3 stars it was a bit disjointed and hard to piece together the chronologyBased on entertainment 4 stars it was an easy read and interesting, kept me engaged and pages turningBased on accuracy unknown I would guess the other Fugees might contest some of the information, but who knows Based on likability of the subject 2 starsI have Haitian sons I wanted to love this book, to find a role model for my boys To show them someone who came from the sam [...]

  15. Pretty good I like to get insight on musicians lives I think they re one of the extraordinary breed of people on this Earth I can vividly recall when I first saw my first Fugees music video, Vocab from their first album I was like Who are these rappers They re so fun, but they re speaking to me They re the future And I can recall being very excited for them when the rest of the world catch on with their multi platinum second album, The Score It s a damn shame those are the only albums this grou [...]

  16. Via Black n Write ReviewMy final thoughts By the last few chapters the book is narrated back to a current situation, the hurricane The relief initiative Wyclef organized to help his people The scandals and the news and rumours that revolved around it.Wyclef has a young daughter and to paraphrase he wrote it because eventually she ll be able to read everything that s on the internet about her father, and he figured he should lay it all out before this happened.I wouldn t blame him No father shou [...]

  17. I adore The Score, yes, but the real reason I wanted to read Wyclef Jean s life story was because of what he said about libraries and reading in Dave Chapelle s movie It was a disappointment, therefore, to find no evidence of the earnest, autodidactic, bootstrapper I had expected to learn about This account makes his education appear to have been shrugged off Still, it was interesting to learn about the childhood, adolescence, and early career of such a successful figure in the music industry I [...]

  18. Very disappointed Somehow after this book I dislike Wyclef Jean than before It was such a dread to read this book The first 100 pages are only about his childhood and how he grew up Surely, some people find that also interesting but I would have liked to read about his musical career For that, he only wrote about the Fugees and how much he loved Lauryn Yes, we get it now It was almost annoying how much he only wrote about the relationship with her What about all his other musical highlights No [...]

  19. I m a big musical fan of Wyclef and have most of his songs on iTunes But even with a co writer it is obvious his talent does not extend to writing The first part of the book is much better written and as a former ED of the Lambi Fund of Haiti, I knew much of the situation in Haiti and enjoyed reading the details But the last half of the book was poorly written did his co author quit before the book was complete and said the same stuff over and over and over Ok already We heard enough about your [...]

  20. This album is a 3 but I think just barely There are some good things in this book like Wyclef describing his childhood and influences But the chapter where he starts about the Score drags as he can t seem to really articulate about his relationship with Lauryn Hill In one sense it does illuminate the difficulty and confusion they shared but it doesn t help with the process of understanding a lot of what went on He also neglects to give us many stories about working with people outside of The Fug [...]

  21. This is a great book written by wyclef jean and all about his life as he grew up He grew up without his parents in Haiti till he was 10 He started off on a bad foot in his life but then he found music Music saved him from all the criminal things he was getting into I would recommend this book to anyone who likes to read about how someone goes through a bad time and then finds something that turns their life around.

  22. Great story of Wyclef s life from Haiti, to stardom and back Overall an enjoyable read, though I struggled at times with his ego in the book and affairs not a good example to set for young women that it s ok for men to cheat but he admits to his wrongs in the end I would have enjoyed hearing about his early life in Haiti The writing is light and easy to read and at time comical Enjoyed

  23. At first, I was giving this book the side eye Wyclef is basically telling his point of view on the Fugees, Yele and his affairs yes plural At times, he comes across as conceited and very egotistical but I guess that is to be expected when you work in show biz However, he doesn t shy away from stating when he was wrong and made mistakes, which is why this book got three stars, instead of one

  24. Even through the filter of his own eyes, Jean is kind of a self centered jerk However, he s led an interesting life, so it was an enjoyable listen.I was surprised at his storytelling abilities, but I just discovered he had help from Anthony Bozza, who is one of my favorite ghost writers after Neil Strauss.

  25. I really liked this book, as the Fugees were one of the best hip hop groups of my generation It was an easy read, and I like how Wyclef told of his beginnings in Haiti Too bad he kissed and told, but it did make for an interesting read and answered all of the questions from long ago as to why the Fugees broke up If you like hip hop, highly recommend.

  26. I mean, it s four stars for a ghostwritten celeb bio.I like Wyclef, and liked learning about him I also appreciated his willingness to admit to various mistakes and the conversational, fan friendly tone he and his ghostwriter achieved.There were only two small issues with repetition which I d call editing mistakes The rest was an interesting bio of an interesting individual.

  27. a very good read, i have listened to wyclef for years i m glad a book finally came out because i only knew a little about his charity work n was curious he comes off as a bit conceited in parts but i can live with that lol.

  28. Very candid book regarding career and personal life through it he realized what was important aracter.rityfamily and home.

  29. Great very personal look into Clef s life I appreciated his relationship with his father And yet didn t quite understand his relationship with his very patient and loving wife.