Murder Passes The Buck

Free Read Murder Passes The Buck - by Deb Baker Free Read Murder Passes The Buck - by Deb Baker - Murder Passes The Buck, Murder Passes The Buck When her neighbor is shot and killed in his hunting blind sixty six year old widow Gertie Johnson seizes the opportunity to move on with her life by investigating his death Gertie is abetted and hind

  • Title: Murder Passes The Buck
  • Author: Deb Baker
  • ISBN: 9781463514549
  • Page: 329
  • Format: Paperback

Free Read Murder Passes The Buck - by Deb Baker - Murder Passes The Buck, Murder Passes The Buck When her neighbor is shot and killed in his hunting blind sixty six year old widow Gertie Johnson seizes the opportunity to move on with her life by investigating his death Gertie is abetted and hind

Murder Passes The Buck, Free Read Murder Passes The Buck - by Deb Baker, Murder Passes The Buck, Deb Baker, Murder Passes The Buck When her neighbor is shot and killed in his hunting blind sixty six year old widow Gertie Johnson seizes the opportunity to move on with her life by investigating his death Gertie is abetted and hindered by her grandson Little Donny man hungry best friend Cora Mae and word of the day challenger Kitty It doesn t help that Chester s death has been ruled an accident bWhen h. Free Read Murder Passes The Buck - by Deb Baker - Murder Passes The Buck, Murder Passes The Buck When her neighbor is shot and killed in his hunting blind sixty six year old widow Gertie Johnson seizes the opportunity to move on with her life by investigating his death Gertie is abetted and hind

  • Free Read Murder Passes The Buck - by Deb Baker
    329Deb Baker
Murder Passes The Buck

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  1. This was a laugh out loud kind of mystery that I really enjoyed 66 year old widow Gertie Johnson is my kind of heroine brash, smart in the ways of the world, troublesome to her kids, loyal to her family and friends, and the kind of neighbor you could rely on if she lived next door to you I loved Baker s take on the U.P that s Michigan s Upper Peninsula where Gertie lives It s beautiful country, but you d better be careful during dear hunting season or you could wind up dead like Gertie s neighbo [...]

  2. I got this book free awhile ago for my nook, and to be honest I wasn t expecting much, but this book surprised me and I loved it Gertie was a hilarious, one of a kind person, and Cora Mae, and Kitty were, too They all didn t really care what people thought, and, instead, listened to themselves I loved the setting, and the fact that even if you owned a lot of land, you were most likely still poor.The mystery was okay, I felt like the killer was sort of way out there, but it all tied up well in th [...]

  3. This is my first book by Deb Baker and it won t be my last one What a funny story and with a murder thrown in too Gertie Johnson reminds me of an older version of Stephanie Plum For a 66 year old widow she can sure get around and trouble follows She is out to solve the case since she thinks her son Blaze the sheriff doesn t know what he is doing The story takes place in the backwoods of Michigan s UP A hard book to put down and very enjoyable too Great cast of characters that interact so well Re [...]

  4. It s a hair raising ride when Gertie Johnson gets behind the wheel, and readers will enjoy the trip Unique characters, headed by Gertie, drive the action when her neighbor is found dead with a bullet hole in the head, fired from his own gun Gertie believes it was murder, but the local Sheriff her own son thinks Gertie is out of her mind and the tries to prove it Sometimes Gertie s her own worst enemy, but that also drives the humor as she somehow manages to wriggle out of one uncomfortable situa [...]

  5. I m used to reading Agatha Christie mysteries, so having somebody who s basically the opposite of Miss Marple took some getting used to It was a fun read It had me giggling at some parts, which is always nice no matter what you re reading Even though my first instinct on who dunnit was correct, it still had some fun twists that the characters go through that had me guessing how they were going to get out of this one.

  6. I finished this book partly because my Kobo is still quite new I m finishing everything, partly because I had previously read another book by this author partly because I thought it had to get better but it didn t What were meant to be endearing quirks of our heroine had me grinding my teeth with rage by the end of the book I no longer cared whodunnit Avoid.

  7. Gertie Johnson lives in Stonely, in the Michigan Upper Peninsula, the U.P where her son Blaze is the Sheriff and he lives on Gertie s East 40 with his wife Mary, daughter Star lives on the West 40 with Gertie residing on the middle 40 Daughter Heather lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin Her son, Little Donny, Gertie s favorite grandson, has come to visit for Deer Hunting Season as usual Gertie s husband, Barney passed away not long ago and she is working on life without him.Her friend Cora Mae, had gi [...]

  8. As a big Evanovich fan, I was really looking forward to reading this based on the reviews It didn t disappoint Laugh out loud humour, a great story, and a really fun read I ll definately be reading from Gertie

  9. This was a good mystery set in the U.P during deer hunting season A local man is found shot to death in his hunting blind Gertie, a recent widow, hears about it on her police scanner and goes to check it out Her son Blaze, the town sheriff, is already there and tells his mother to butt out of the investigation, which she promptly ignores What ensues is an irreverent investigation which touches on many facets of Yooper culture The solution to the mystery was a bit of a surprise at the very end bu [...]

  10. I really liked this book It was a bit disjointed but it made me laugh out loud I like any book that can make me laugh out loud The main character s name is Gertie, which in itself is funny to me The quirky characters remind me of Joan Hess s Maggody series or the Southern Sisters series by Anne George, or even the television show called The Red Green Show which is out of Canada The setting in the UP brings home memories of when my parents lived in Michigan and would talk of the UP as a totally d [...]

  11. I just could not put this book down It is the first in the Gertie Johnson series And what a beginning Gertie is the best character I have come across in a while She is tough, independent and her own woman Her sidekick Cora Mae is much the same but a bet of a man s woman Give this one a try and you will laugh and want .

  12. Although I had never heard of Yoopers before, I have grown to love them since reading this fine book Besides having me laugh out Loud and forcing me to read aloud sections to my husbandI learned words of the day and fell in love with the main character, Gertie.I am off to the next in the series and expect good fun.

  13. Another adventure with Gertie and her girls This gun toting, fiesty, and snarky grandma makes for festive adventures in the UP.

  14. There appears to be a subgenre of murder mysteries, possibly inspired by Christie s Miss Marple, in which elderly ladies take it upon themselves to investigate suspicious deaths This is the third I have come across, this one set in the Upper Peninsula UP of Michigan where the residents are known as Yoopers.If nothing else, it is an interesting and affectionate portrait of the area, settled in the main by Swedes and Finns who no doubt found the somewhat wintry climate much like home Gertie Johnso [...]

  15. Great fun I will definitely read the next book in the series I love the colorful characters the fun story line which has enough twists turns to keep you guessing enough humor to keep you giggling.

  16. Strange peopleThese folk from the Upper Peninsula are a quirky bunch Gertie seems normal than most, except for thinking that she can solve crimes I see a future for her with George.

  17. A funny family mystery that will have you laughing until your side hurt Follow Gertie Johnson as she try s to solve a murder that was ruled a suicide by her son who s the Sheriff and trying to keep out of range of her son who thinks she needs looking after.

  18. Love her humorI really enjoy this Character and her friends Funny, drama, Murder, suspense, crazy etc it s all there A great read

  19. This book is a joke Gertie Johnson is a 66 year old widow who talks like a hick she drops her gs on all her words although no one else around her talks like that True redneck woman living in the UP I ve lived in the UP and never heard anyone talk like her.She decides to solve a murder because her son, who is the police chief, says it s an accident According to her, her son doesn t do anything but collect a paycheck while he s waiting to retire I guess in small towns it s okay to let murders go u [...]

  20. This book was a hoot I have never before come across a character like Gertie Johnson She is 66, a kind of a hillbilly, and proud of it too She knows how to shoot a gun, loves spending time alone in her deer blind, but will never shoot an animal Not even when her grandson Littly Donny keeps missing, and she really could use some venison for her freezer Her son Blaze, whom she named after Clint Eastwood s horse, is the local sheriff But he is already looking towards his retirement and not really d [...]

  21. this was a really great and funny book this is almost like a Stephanie plum book, but with an older lady like that grandma lolthis book is about a lady named Gertie she is old and a widow She lives on a farm and her son is the sheriff of the town Nothing really happens in this little town so when a fellow neighbor gets shot in the head Gertie gets suspicious everyone said it was a hunting accident Gertie knew it was a murder her son told her to stay out of the way and to go home Gertie told ever [...]

  22. Very enjoyable book Very well written and well edited and proofed Gertie s writer sure knows Michigan s Upper Peninsula Further, just talking about pasties makes my mouth water.The U.P grows strong women, whether a transplant by marriage or native born And Gertie is a good example The women are used to their men going off to hunting blinds or hunting camps So they are accustomed to making their own lives The ties between women are probably tighter here than in the land of the Trolls those who li [...]

  23. I think this may have been a free book I got without thinking about it I found it lurking on my kindle and absolutely loved it Gertie is exactly who I want to be when I am big And I had better have friends like Cora Mae and Kitty, Gertie s sidekicks.The story is about Gertie, 60 something mother of the local sheriff in a small hunting community in Michigan s Upper Peninsula As a non American I don t really know what that means, specifically, but small towns and remote communities are the same wh [...]

  24. You re never too old to take up something new This could be the phrase to live by for sixty something, widow, Gertie Johnson Everything from her new word for everyday, to taking up driving for the first time When her neighbor, Chester, in found shot between the eyes in his hunting blind, Gertie s son, Sheriff Blaze, calls it an accidental shooting Gertie decides that it is actually a murder, so she takes up investigating She s aided by her sixty something friends flirty Cora Mae, and Kitty, who [...]

  25. I enjoyed this book, the first in Deb Baker s Yooper mystery series Gertie is certainly an amusing character, and I laughed out loud as she got into one little scrape after another, usually from her desire to help.The format of this book was cute, with a word of the day theme that made for quite a few laughs And I enjoyed the three recipes at the end The only thing I did not like were the author s fat jokes, as Gertie s thoughts about her friend Kitty s appearance are revealed Mind you, I ve got [...]

  26. After her neighbor is shot in his hunting blind 66 year old Gertie Johnson, a widow living in the U.P Upper Peninsula in Michigan forms an ad hoc investigation agency consisting of her man hungry best friend, Cora Mae think Blanch Devereaux and larger than life, pin curled friend Kitty to find the killer.Gertie is a hoot she s feisty, snarky, and wholly independent despite her son s petition to get her a guardianship While I didn t laugh out loud per se, it did bring lots of grins and knowing sm [...]