Happy Birthday

[PDF] Happy Birthday | by ✓ Danielle Steel [PDF] Happy Birthday | by ✓ Danielle Steel - Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday Time to blow out the candles say goodbye to the past and make a wish for the futureFor April Wyatt turning thirty is not what she had expected She s single with no interest in changing that in the

  • Title: Happy Birthday
  • Author: Danielle Steel
  • ISBN: 9780593056868
  • Page: 167
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Happy Birthday | by ✓ Danielle Steel - Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday Time to blow out the candles say goodbye to the past and make a wish for the futureFor April Wyatt turning thirty is not what she had expected She s single with no interest in changing that in the

Happy Birthday, [PDF] Happy Birthday | by ✓ Danielle Steel, Happy Birthday, Danielle Steel, Happy Birthday Time to blow out the candles say goodbye to the past and make a wish for the futureFor April Wyatt turning thirty is not what she had expected She s single with no interest in changing that in the foreseeable future Her popular successful restaurant in downtown New York where she is chef and owner consumes every ounce of her passion attention and energy ReaTime to blow out the. [PDF] Happy Birthday | by ✓ Danielle Steel - Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday Time to blow out the candles say goodbye to the past and make a wish for the futureFor April Wyatt turning thirty is not what she had expected She s single with no interest in changing that in the

  • [PDF] Happy Birthday | by ✓ Danielle Steel
    167Danielle Steel
Happy Birthday

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  1. Ok, so let me start off by saying I was so embarassed to admit to people I was reading a Danielle Steel book Being a male, and having eyes on me as I read it in public made me embarassed I had heard all her books are just sappy girly romances But now, I am proud to say I am a fan so far This is the first book of Steel s that I ve read, and I love how feel good is was Because as of late I ve been reading a lot of grisly thrillers and mysteries, it was fun to switch it up with this smile filled re [...]

  2. This was the first book I have ever read from Danielle Steel, and I picked it up simply because it had cake on the cover Just kidding But yeah obviously she s pretty well known and I wanted to read something of hers I didn t really know what to expect maybe romance , but I did enjoy this book It s about 3 people who have birthdays coming up ,and how they deal with or feel about turning a certain age An issue that has been done to death on TV shows especially turning 30.I don t even fully know wh [...]

  3. If you ve read a Danielle Steel book before you know what they re all about, and this one was no exception Danielle Steel takes you on a bittersweet journey that makes me feel safe and relaxed when reading In this particular book, we follow three characters and their destinies during the better part of a year, and even though the story is quite predictable and filled with clich s, I felt an attachments to the characters and I loved reading about them This story is kind of like a fairytale with t [...]

  4. Two stars because it wasn t quite bad enough for me to put down But, I should have And, I would have never started it if I weren t in a foreign country with all the books I brought with me already read and someone handed it to me Has Danielle Steele s writing always been this bad I used to read her when I was a young adult, and loved her stories and I sincerely hope that the writing wasn t this insulting In Happy Birthday, she writes as if a new reader is jumping into the story every third page [...]

  5. Danielle Steel s newest novel, Happy Birthday, follows three individuals marking milestone birthdays Valerie Wyatt is top notch in the business of home d cor and weddings She has written numerous books and hosts her own television show and this year she is turning sixty Jack Adams is a former NFL superstar and now anchors a sports show at the same network as Valerie He is turning 50 this year and realizing his fast lane lifestyle is no longer working for him Last, April Wyatt who owns and operat [...]

  6. had plenty of fun reading this novel.I liked how April was stubborn and she was committed to her work life and no matter what she faced she got through it , I mean getting pregnant and building her precious restaurant from scratch yet she had to deal with mike who wasn t a big fan of her being pregnant with his child but what I didn t like and found a bit silly when he proposed to her at the hospital I mean they didn t have that much time together to consider taking a huge step like that I also [...]

  7. I truly enjoyed this book It brought 4 people together and changed their destinies November 1st was Valerie Wyatts 60th birthday Her daughter April Wyatt s having her 30th birthday A retired NFL player, Jack Adams is also turning 50 When Valerie and Jack meet in an elevator they could not possibly know what hand they had been dealt When Apirl goes to her accupunctris for a regular treatment she finds out she is in for then she ever thought possible April s story involves meeting Michael Steinma [...]

  8. I don t read Danielle Steel for a thought provoking read, it is of a quick, easy read Although Steel s books are formulaic, I still enjoy reading them This one was good, although there didn t seem to be a lot of true substance to the storyline I feel like Steel has lost a step in the last few yearscrificing quality for quantity.

  9. I guess I shouldn t really count this as a book that I read because I stopped reading it after a few chapters because it was just typical Steel garbage I thought I was in the mood for a sappy romance novel, but when you ve got the whole thing figured out at the end of the first chapter, the thrill is gone.

  10. This was amazing , the story line was beautifully crafted and you would never put the book down Highly suggested

  11. I listened to this on my way to NYC last week, and finished it Thursday It was pretty good I ve never read any Danielle Steel, but it s your basic fun, simple story line I really liked the story, especially how it was set in NYC which was a total coincidence I felt myself rooting for April the whole time, as well as Jack and Valerie The ending was so happy and I m glad I finished it after I came back from NY The very only thing that kept it from 5 stars was the physical writing style The wording [...]

  12. In typical Danielle Steel fashion, the lifestyles of the rich and famous are portrayed in a neat package that is tied up with a pretty little bow And the obligatory happy ending is once again arrived at I guess it s time for me to move on to adventurous reading as I think I m past enjoying reading the same thing over and over from Ms Steel It was a good story, just very expected The one highlight for me, which actually caused me to laugh out loud, was the line you ve got balls than a Christmas [...]

  13. As always, Danielle Steel delivers a well written novel that is easily absorbed and entertains through to the end of the novel Happy Birthday is a novel that revolves around a few characters who share the same birthday, and how quickly their lives intertwine and change in the course of one year Steel is a master at writing about the feminine desires and hearts of most women, and this book is no exception I only gave it 3 stars because it isn t a deep or life changing novel It s perfect for someo [...]

  14. I read the book in no time It was the third book of Danielle steel I read Happy birthday was not like the others but also not extremely different The book was like I love it quick, relaxing and compelling The story is light and a bit predictable It is about the birthday of Valerie, April, Jack and ,the son of April, Sam It s a typical Danielle Steel story but it didn t bothered me I liked the book and I will read some books of this author.It s worth the read

  15. Still love Danielle Steel s books Shows that people no matter how hard their past were, do actually come around especially when met with the right person Sometime, life doesn t give us what we want but what we need which is good for us though many a times we don t see it at that time.

  16. It was ok I have read every book Danielle Steel has written I don t enjoy them quite as much as I used to She seems to repeat herself too much She will say the same thing over and over I just skip over the repeats and still enjoy the book.

  17. Reviewed By AprilReview Copy Provided By Publisher I have read several works by Danielle Steel over the years For the most part, I can t really think of one that I truly disliked I know that many people feel that much of Ms Steel s work follows the same formula and are or less similar stories with different names and locations, etc Personally, however, I find myself enjoying the stories of real life types of people working through real life issues and the complexities of family dynamics that ar [...]

  18. Valerie Wyatt woke up November 1st to the realization it was her 60th birthday Valerie started out writing for a decorating magazine and her career escalated to where her name was synonymous with Martha Stewart Valerie was once married but in actuality she was interested in her up and coming career than she was in her marriage She has been divorced for years and her last relationship with a man was over 3 years ago Her daughter, April, also shares her birth date and she will be 30 on this day A [...]

  19. Se um anivers rio bom, tr s ent o bom demais Os trinta, os cinquenta e os sessenta anos juntam se num romance de Danielle Steel, uma das autoras de maior sucesso mundial Ser que conseguirei apontar falhas nesta obra de Steel, cujo o trabalho me tem conquistado romance ap s romance Escrito e idealizado como todos os restantes trabalhos da autora para n o enfadar o leitor, em Feliz Anivers rio somos transportados pela vida de duas estrelas televisivas e onde a fam lia tem uma grande import ncia pa [...]

  20. Estava eu h cerca de uma semana numa casa sem televis o ou computador, e o meu kindle fica sem bateria Olho volta e n o tenho mesmo nada para fazer Acabo por remexer nos livros da minha m e e seleciono uma autora, que confesso ter alguns preconceitos Come o a ler o Feliz Anivers rio de Danielle Steel O resumo do livro pareceu me interessante e sempre bom experimentar um autor novo.O que dizer deste livro Bom, creio que ideia base uma cr tica a uma sociedade muito focada na componente laboral, ac [...]

  21. i was eager to read another danielle steel novels after finishing friends forever.This book is about 3 people s birthdays Valerie, her daughter April, and sportscaster Jeff Valerie is turning 60 and she is a famous home decor and wedding speaker April is turning 30 and is owner of April restaurant Jeff is turning 50 and is into young ladies and having one night stands April on a labor day weekends drinks and have a one night stand with this guy she hardly knows She ends up being pregnant and Apr [...]

  22. Danielle Steel s books are always light and entertaining reading, and I ve read every one of them This book centers around three people who share a birthday a mother and daughter, and a sportscaster, and the angst that each of them feels about hitting a milestone The mother is turning 60, the daughter 30, and the sportscaster 50 Events take place that forever cement the three of them, and make them realize that life shouldn t be lived in accordance with a pre determined clock While Danielle Stee [...]

  23. What the heck I ve never read a book by Danielle Steele, but I ve wanted to for a while and Happy Birthday seemed like a good shot I did not enjoy it The storyline was so completely implausible, it made the whole story just seem like some kid s fantasy Everything worked out perfectly in the end, the hiccups although major at times seemed too easily overcome The characters seemed to live in a world that was a little too perfect, and the emotions they experienced just seemed very book and not very [...]

  24. This was a little bit of a disappointment I m sad to say that, because I ve read so many wonderful Danielle Steel novels, but this one wasn t one of her better books The storyline itself was good and there were parts that I really enjoyed and that made me smile I like that there are different types of relationships being handled and explained and found that interesting.It is such a shame that there was SO MUCH repetition in this book If that had been cut out, the book would have only been about [...]

  25. I ve never read Danielle Steel before, but I ve been drawn to both this and Hotel Vendome by their covers for the longest timeI finally took the time to give it a try.What I expected was smut What I got was a lighthearted romance with sweet quirky humorous characters In that sense, I was pleasantly surprised.The writing was terrible, with sentences repeated multiple time, and the plot could have been fleshed out much The terrorist hostage situation was completely out of left field, and irritate [...]

  26. Absolutely boring I ve been reading Danielle Steel since I was a little girl and I m still trying to figure out why I m still reading her books She comes out with a good book every once in a while once every 10 years but lately her books have been bland and beyond dull Happy Birthday is one of the dull ones I didn t even finish reading it It got so bad I just starting skipping pages and reading a sentence here and there Danielle Steel is like an old lover that you can t seem to let go of Perhaps [...]

  27. Valerie is a Martha Stewart type character, turning 60, who thinks she needs to act look like she s decades younger Jack is a sportscaster who is turning 50 has the same problem with the milestone birthday Throw in Valerie s daughter, April, who turned 30 on the same day as the other two Of course Valerie Jack end up together, along with April and the guy Mike she had a one night stand with I thought Ms Steel placed way too much fault on April being pregnant, when Mike had something to do with i [...]

  28. Ugh I never liked this book very much, and almost abandoned it, but then it was there, and I picked it back up again, and finished it It DID get a bit better, but not by much Characters not believable and somewhat annoying Really, if you are severely opposed to EVER having kids, have a F ing vasectomy, don t talk your GF into multiple f ing abortions, then freak out at the woman when you HAD SEX WHILE DRUNK WITHOUT PROTECTION and wow, she got preggers Stupidhead Feh.

  29. I ve read everything Danielle Steel has written and find they ve become very repetitive and predictable This was a quick, light read about three people re evaluating their lives when they reach significant birthdays.