The Wings of Merlin

The Wings of Merlin Best Read || [T.A. Barron] The Wings of Merlin Best Read || [T.A. Barron] - The Wings of Merlin, The Wings of Merlin Winter s longest night is rapidly approaching as Merlin faces the most difficult challenge of his life to unite all the people of Fincayra against an invasion by the evil Rhita Gawr But how can one ma

  • Title: The Wings of Merlin
  • Author: T.A. Barron
  • ISBN: 9780399234569
  • Page: 129
  • Format: Hardcover

The Wings of Merlin Best Read || [T.A. Barron] - The Wings of Merlin, The Wings of Merlin Winter s longest night is rapidly approaching as Merlin faces the most difficult challenge of his life to unite all the people of Fincayra against an invasion by the evil Rhita Gawr But how can one ma

The Wings of Merlin, The Wings of Merlin Best Read || [T.A. Barron], The Wings of Merlin, T.A. Barron, The Wings of Merlin Winter s longest night is rapidly approaching as Merlin faces the most difficult challenge of his life to unite all the people of Fincayra against an invasion by the evil Rhita Gawr But how can one man in two weeks time gather them all the dwarves the canyon eagles the walking trees the living stones and when none of them will listen And now comes the mys Winter s longest. The Wings of Merlin Best Read || [T.A. Barron] - The Wings of Merlin, The Wings of Merlin Winter s longest night is rapidly approaching as Merlin faces the most difficult challenge of his life to unite all the people of Fincayra against an invasion by the evil Rhita Gawr But how can one ma

  • The Wings of Merlin Best Read || [T.A. Barron]
    129T.A. Barron
The Wings of Merlin

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  1. Really great ending to this series I loved the pace and urgency of this installment, and the conclusion was definitely satisfactory That being said going into this volume, I had a general idea what was going to happen at the end, but it was still bittersweet I wish Merlin could have been a part of both worlds, instead of having to choose especially knowing what he was giving up with his choice I read this series as a young teenager I think 11 15 and didn t know that TA Barron had continued the s [...]

  2. I only read the whole series because I hoped it would redeem itself by having a good ending or the completion would make me happy Alas, not.I ve had trouble describing the issues with this series, but after five books I might be able to manage Ahem.Merlin is not clever I see answers waaaay before he does, and he never thinks outside the box for his solutions.The conflicts of the book are made to sound astronomically difficult then are resolved with little to no effort in little to no time.Too ma [...]

  3. In the series, The Lost Years of Merlin, T A Barron does a great job filling in the gaps of Merlin s youth and lost years What most people know about Merlin is that he was the mentor of King Arthur and a great wizard The thing that is not revealed is Merlin s youth and his childhood T A Barron describes this very well and it fits nicely into the gap of Merlin s youth SPOILER ALERT My favorite part of this series was when Merlin goes to seek the Seven Songs of Wizardry I liked this because it mar [...]

  4. End book of the series All the books in the series are very well written for a young audience While many books in the young adult section have an adult feel, this series maintains a youthful vibe This is a virtue not a fault I love the story Barron has woven about Merlin, just the right balance of darkness and light just like the character of Arthur legends Merlin his a boy first with all the faults that come with youth and has to learn how to be a man Fantastical creatures, friends and foes ali [...]

  5. I can t help but feel that this book is lacking in complexity For me, the characters are generally shallow and the conflicts are fairly simple While I enjoy the classic good versus evil story, I would like depth The simplicity of the conflict and strong emotional reactions of the characters cause this book to be almost melodramatic, and sometimes the courses of action Merlin takes simply don t make sense.Despite the flaws, I still enjoyed this story It has good lessons to teach, and a creative [...]

  6. This one was completely new to me After the fifth time around, Barron s slights become painfully obvious Cliffhanger after cliffhanger, moments of crisis solved by a constant stream of deus ex machina, Jar Jar Binks like characters, a slew of moralizing, and buildup is really only repetition Midway though, I was prepared to really like this book, because, for once, he had written extended scenes and clever situations, but the way the major crisis in the book was resolved was probably one of the [...]

  7. My friends and family must think I m immature They keep giving me books that would normally be classified as YA Young Adult I suppose it s my fault They know I enjoyed Harry Potter tremendously and that I read a number of Elizabeth Moon s science fiction novels about young people coming of age in difficult circumstances In fact, they know that I read the first four books in the pentalogy known as The Lost Years of Merlin back when I was publisher of Dragon magazine In fact, I converted some of h [...]

  8. All good things come to an end, and so it is for Merlin s stay in the magical land of Fincayra.And the last volume of T.A Barron s series about the Arthurian wizard Merlin, The Wizard s Wings, is a solid conclusion to his first cycle of books there are two sequel series It s a fitting if bittersweet ending to this five book trilogy, and it sets the stage for other facets of Arthurian legend.Merlin, Hallia and Rhia are having fun when the Dagda appears in a vision, and warns Merlin that the battl [...]

  9. readfantasybooks.wordpress Wings of Merlin is the final book in this series by T.A Barron I was pleased by the ending of the book and felt that all my questions were answered it had a very satisfying ending, which is good after reading through 5 books.The story moves pretty quickly and was quite interesting throughout I never felt bored during any part of this book I was always eager to find out the story behind the people loosing their wings, and I can say that I was satisfied I thought that th [...]

  10. Sur le trajet des vacances, j ai eu l occasion de terminer le tome 5 des aventures de Merlin, intitul Les ailes de l enchanteur Ce tome cl ture le cycle 1 des ann es oubli es.On y retrouve Merlin en compagnie d Hallia Ils sont devenus tr s proche au fur et mesure de leurs aventures Durant leur voyage, ils croiseront Rhia qui se joindra eux Mais tr s rapidement Merlin va faire un r ve atroce, et avoir une vision Le monde de Fincayra est menac , et risque de dispara tre sous les assauts de Rhita G [...]

  11. The Wings of Merlin is the fifth and final book in T.A Barron s Lost Years of Merlin series While I found this last of the series concentrated with cliches moments reminiscent of The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and The Chronicles of Narnia I also found it the most touching of the five parts The characters finally seemed well developed and interesting the relationships were truthful and the fight stirred in the many creatures of Fincayra, when facing it s final hour and possible extinction, [...]

  12. The fifth and final book of this section of Barron s Merlin series Overall I found this book to be written like the others detailed but not extraneous, captivating in parts and a decent story As usual Merlin still appears to stumble upon the right thing to do, which by the fifth book I guess I expected something a bit reasoned He has one reason for a choice, which turns around on him but we find it was a good choice for a different reason I feel like the only real choice, made by really thinkin [...]

  13. For me this book has a powerful ending I read this series long ago as a child, and of course I didn t remember the series nuances, but I did remember the last few chapters had an effect on me So as I began to reread this, that feeling gradually came back, and it is for that, I believe, all people who love reading, read.The mechanics are rudimentary, as all children oriented books are However I don t indignantly discriminate literary merit based on the audience, rather on the ideas This book has [...]

  14. I ve enjoyed T.A Barron s Merlin series because I value his moral stance In fact, it was while I was listening to the audio version of the first book in this series that I was inspired to try my hand at writing a fantasy book It has been several years since I read the first four books of this series, so perhaps it is just the lapse in time, but this final installment didn t sing to me like the others However, the story of Slasher struck me as an allegory of how futile it is to entertain negative [...]

  15. After the rather disappointing The Mirror of Merlin Barron gets the story back on track in a truly magical conclusion that does justice to the series and makes this an impressive addition to the world of Merlin literature.The longest night of the year threatens to bring together Fincayra and the Otherworld At this point Rhita Gawr provides a terrible threat against the land If this weren t enough, a sword armed man travles along attacking children.The story is quick paced, the writing lively and [...]

  16. When people watch a good movie or read a good book, some beg and pray for a sequel Usually, the sequel is disappointing since the story was planned to end there and a continuum is forced out to keep the money rolling in Thus, a sequel is usually much different, and often worse, than the original That s the good thing about series, especially long ones They keep the reader satisfied for a very long while until the end The Lost Years of Merlin is no exception While each book is nearly the same as [...]

  17. This is the fifth and final book of T.A Barron s THE LOST YEARS OF MERLIN cycle, one of the earliest literary explorations of the famous wizard s childhood Since then there have been a number of books and one television show about what this enigmatic sorcerer was like as a young boy, well before his mentoring of the famed King Arthur, but Barron s take on the subject matter remains one of the most popular.So popular that it s warranted a recent re publication, with new cover art and tweaked titl [...]

  18. Like the rest of the series, I really liked this fifth installment Although I can see how this book was originally intended to be the final volume Now I m quite curious to see what adventures lie in store for Merlin on the isle of Britannia.The ending was bittersweet and though it worked and I certainly saw the necessity of the path Barron had to take with his characters I suppose if things had to work out in that sense for a particular reason, his choices were the best way to go about that.Ther [...]

  19. 3.5 rating Has some intense dark moments some good moments overall and while not all threads need to come to closure, there were story threads in this novel that I felt should have seen closure or presented backstory view spoiler , i.e why Dinatius kills orphans I personally don t care for the concept of the Fincayran s having wings, and how they lost those wings The buildup to the battle was good, but the defeat of Rita Gawr was a weak point in the defeat Also felt it was a bit too easy for Me [...]

  20. unbrindelecture 2014 0Un cinqui me opus qui termine un cycle dans la jeunesse de Merlin Ce dernier particuli rement rythm termine bien ce cycle qui aura t assez in gal dans la qualit des 5 tomes qui le composent Merlin volue dans le bon sens , il est bien loin le personnage capricieux et go ste du d part Ma curiosit me pousse d couvrir le prochain cycle consacr ce personnage l gendaire qui devrait nous arriver d but 2015 Le dragon d Avalon.

  21. This ended up being my favorite book in this series It ended up going a completely different direction than I thought it was going to at first, I kept thinking but wait, aren t you supposed to be doing this instead I loved the way the story unfolded though and as corny as this sounds, at the peak of the story as good and evil finally met for the battle I actually teared up a bit The ending is so painfully bittersweet and yet beautiful A wonderful read, I am so glad that my mom introduced me to t [...]

  22. A really good conclusion to the series It moved at just the right speed slow enough to really get you into the relationships and such, but fast paced enough to keep you from getting bored I m only slightly embarrassed to say that I was tearing up at the end I have other books I need to finish up with first, but I fully intend to read the rest of the Merlin series I would definitely suggest this book author but read the rest of the series first.

  23. The conclusion of the series The Lost Years of Merlin I felt it was a satisfying conclusion, all things considered It had a fair share of sorrow and grief, as well as hope and triumph I thought the final battle could have been done a little better it wasn t as engaging as I would have liked but overall I am happy with the whole series and I am definitely glad I read it and would recommend it in a heartbeat to my students Well done

  24. I felt quite bored reading this tome and I definitely think that the fourth and the fifth tome should have been one book it took too long 2 books when there was not much action The end of the fourth tome became interesting, so is also the end of the fifth one In this tome, Merlin prepares for the final battle with Rhita Gawr, knowing that it will be the end of his world Now, waiting for the beginning of a new cycle.

  25. So The Lost Years of Merlin series has finally come to an end wipes tear from eye In all honesty, this had a ton of clichesns But I ll forgive it, because it s about Merlin And because I really did like the story The wings finally appear and a certain awesome bird come back Happiness Me wonders if T.A Barron plans on writing a second series.

  26. This book series lumps many religious worldviews into one, so it seemed a spiritually potentially confusing read for a young audience It was average as far as how well it was written, and I didn t think the character development of Merlin was very well done But mostly I didn t care for the one religion from all religions presentation.

  27. I know I ve read this and I know I was super addicted to reading this I can t remember everything about it, but I do remember that battle near the end and Man was that amazing The ending is enough to stir up memories that confirm my belief in reading this and thus I must say, I highly suggest reading this series

  28. Okay, the people of Fincayra used to have wings And now Merlin found a way to get them back, but only for a short while Right Fincayra is an amazing island alright, but wings is stretching it a bit, I thought As though Barron needed a reason to keep his series going and wings was the best he could come up with All the other books are better than this one

  29. 17 20En bref, un cinqui me tome qui mon gout est le meilleur de ce premier cycle, on ne s ennuie pas et Merlin prend ses responsabilit s c ur J ai appr ci de le voir voluer et je me demande pr sent ce que la suite va nous r server leslecturesdemylene 20