Blackwood Farm

[PDF] Blackwood Farm | by ☆ Anne Rice [PDF] Blackwood Farm | by ☆ Anne Rice - Blackwood Farm, Blackwood Farm In her new novel perennial bestseller Anne Rice fuses her two uniquely seductive strains of narrative her Vampire legend and her lore of the Mayfair witches to give us a world of classic deep south l

  • Title: Blackwood Farm
  • Author: Anne Rice
  • ISBN: 9780375411991
  • Page: 426
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Blackwood Farm | by ☆ Anne Rice - Blackwood Farm, Blackwood Farm In her new novel perennial bestseller Anne Rice fuses her two uniquely seductive strains of narrative her Vampire legend and her lore of the Mayfair witches to give us a world of classic deep south l

Blackwood Farm, [PDF] Blackwood Farm | by ☆ Anne Rice, Blackwood Farm, Anne Rice, Blackwood Farm In her new novel perennial bestseller Anne Rice fuses her two uniquely seductive strains of narrative her Vampire legend and her lore of the Mayfair witches to give us a world of classic deep south luxury and ancestral secrets Welcome to Blackwood Farm soaring white columns spacious drawing rooms bright sun drenched gardens and a dark strip of the dense Sugar DIn her new novel. [PDF] Blackwood Farm | by ☆ Anne Rice - Blackwood Farm, Blackwood Farm In her new novel perennial bestseller Anne Rice fuses her two uniquely seductive strains of narrative her Vampire legend and her lore of the Mayfair witches to give us a world of classic deep south l

  • [PDF] Blackwood Farm | by ☆ Anne Rice
    426Anne Rice
Blackwood Farm

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  1. This was the last straw in my decade long relationship with Anne Rice We had some good times but mutually decided to end our relationship I loved her three witch books but the vampire stuff had been going downhill since Body Thief.I hate this book After years of okay to disappointing novels, this one was all I could stand I didn t care about Quin and I hated that Rice felt the need to shoehorn Mona Mayfair into the vampire mythos I found this book so uninteresting I actually stopped halfway thro [...]

  2. So far I ve been a really lazy Goodreader I ve been rating the books I ve read, but never written a proper review But this 3 star score I m giving to Blackwood Farm is by far the hardest rating I ve ever given, and I d be uncomfortable to just spend half a second to click the star without explaining my thoughts Hopefully, this might break my lazy habit, and I ll start writing reviews This is a 9th book in a series, so the review is mainly targeted at people at least somewhat familiar with the V [...]

  3. This book sigh I have to say broke Anne Rice s spell over me Before this book I found all of her normal plot devices strange bedfellows, supernatural creatures, really long flashbacks, narcissism beguiling and entertaining But usually she chooses one or two of these things and shapes a really awesome story around it In Blackwood Farm she just decided to take everything she had EVER written about, mix it up together, and then multiply it by 1000 I mean, really Vampires, witches, AND ghosts And th [...]

  4. Quinn can see ghosts and has been haunted his whole life by a particular tenacious spirit Now he has become a vampire, that spirit has turned violent and he turns to Lestat for guidance, after telling Lestat his life history At length and in great great detail.This book is labelled as a Vampire Chronicles novel It has also been faintly labelled as a Mayfair Witches novel I ve heard it discussed as something of a cross over novel Personally I d call it a Mayfair Witches novel into which Lestat an [...]

  5. Anne Rice is as brilliant and clever as ever,proving why she is the reigning Queen of vampire novels As an avid lover of all things vampire,I am extremely critical of stories of them Blackwood Farm is a wonderful addition to the Vampire Chronicles,which I felt suffered with Memnock the Devil.The story flows along with a dialogue that is both picturesque and poignant in its telling,reminiscent of Interview with The Vampire.Quinn s villainous maker is highly impressive as a character,managing to b [...]

  6. I did it wrong, all wrong This was the first Anne Rice book I read, not long after it came out But part of the wonder that is Anne Rice, is that you can almost jump in on this series at any point and still be in for a rip roaring and intense ride There were some things I didn t quite get until I read the rest, like some of the smaller details, especially regarding Lestat But after reading the rest of the series, I think this is one of the best It s fresh and current and brings forht a whole new [...]

  7. Si no leyeron libros anteriores, no conviene que lean la rese a De todas formas, no me extender demasiado.Coincido con muchas rese as de este libro fue mi ltimo viaje a las s rdidas aventuras de Lestat y sus amigos colmilludos Se evidencia demasiado la agon a de la saga que extra amente decidi resucitar y de las ideas que la alimentan Se vampiriz a s misma y qued esto,es decir, un texto que tiene m s fantasmas que vampiros, m s autobiograf a de un ni o consentido que una cr nica, m s mortalidad [...]

  8. Refreshingly, a new story set almost entirely in the recent past, a new well, slightly related family with paranormal secrets to explore, and a new lovable vampire hero Tarquin Blackwood seeks out Lestat to tell his story and ask for help in banishing his lifelong companion, the spirit Goblin Tarquin s narrative meanders with Rice s usual rapt attention to the details of architecture, clothing, and decor, which stretches the book to than six hundred pages Truthfully, my hand hurt from holding t [...]

  9. I am normally a big fan of Anne Rice s Vampire Chronicles There, I said it But this one was terrible You know, staid plot, boring writing, and real awkward sexual encounters with ghosts But if you like that sort of thing, go for it.

  10. Tarquin Blackwood, young vampire and heir to the impossibly rich Blackwood estate in Louisiana, recounts his life story to the vampire Lestat He has spent his life haunted by a spirit named Goblin a spirit who looks remarkably like himself and would now be rid of it.This book is primarily told in flashback style, with the only current action at the beginning and end of the book I felt that it detracted from the intensity of the novel Telling a story in the past tense gives a different mood to th [...]

  11. This book broke my heart It is my least favorite of all the novels from the Vampire series The character of Quinn was just too whiny and self indulgent for me to connect with and care for And non of the other characters stepped up either Even the presence of fictional character icon Lestat de Lioncourt couldn t save this story.

  12. Trying to squeeze the last possible drop of blood from what has been an extraordinary series of books, Anne Rice comes up with Blackwood Farm Halfway through the book, I still can t bring myself to care for any of the characters Big letdown in my not so humble opinion.

  13. I don t know a book is written marvelous, all the adventures, story of Quinn, action, not a single boring sentencebut I simply didn t like how Quinn s life turned on And Lestat s but I don t like Quinn with Mona and Lestat with Rowan which will happen in last book I will never accept these relationships Besides Lestat TWICE said HE LOVES QUINN And Quinn like a puppy runs to that Mona Who needs mortal family when you are a vampire Just go, hunt, visit countries, have money, do whatever you wish, [...]

  14. It s hard to put into words what I feel about this book It was fun It was interesting It certainly wasn t a bad book, I m just not really sure it was exactly good.There was too much going on, for one thing You ve got a vengeful spirit, a poltergeist doppleganger, the return of the Mayfair witches, and a fantastically wealthy Louisiana family, with all the dark family secrets and Anne Rice s constant daydreams about renovating houses and showering money on poorer relations There are vampires, of [...]

  15. I loved this book Once again i am completely hooked by Anne Rice The history on armand and marius was great but i felt almost too much i appreciate the history of the character s I usually love this for a series In this circumstance, i love the brisk and in depth story.Blackwood Farm introduced Tarquin Blackwood, the prodigy son Tarquin can see spirits and has a doppelganger himself The story advances as Quinn life grows and grows He feels the typical guilt of who do i love and why do i love the [...]

  16. I liked the language but the story seemed slow to me Pages and pages of nothing going on I still feel like the places and people really exist somewhere, so that s a testament to the descriptive, detailed quality to Anne Rice s writing Overall, I came away thinking that the entire book was just sort of boring And the big reveal at the end was a bit lame Or maybe it wasn t telegraphed as much as it seemed to be and the reason I saw through it so easily was because a very similar theme was explored [...]

  17. I couldn t even finish this one It was the last Anne Rice book I read, and probably will remain so She seemed to write this one like I used to write my silly little stories when I was young they were only vehicles for my girlish ambitions to have everything I wanted wealth, power and this book seemed to have little to do with a real plot It bothered me immensely.

  18. And the plunge downhill begins in earnest Lestat is empty the writing is horrible Only a waning sense of loyalty to Ms Rice kept me reading.

  19. A great story that keeps you guessing unless you ve read The Dark Half written over a decade before by Stephen King in which case it simply seems familiar.

  20. Blackwood Farm is the ninth book in The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice Interview with the Vampire introduced me to Anne Rice many years ago now, and I have been a fan of her work ever since I think I have now read everything she has ever written, some several times over Every so often I work my way through this series again and I found myself reading the Vampire Chronicles for about the fifth time, as a friend of mine who had never read any of Ms Rice s work asked me to buddy read them with her [...]

  21. So, I know rating an Anne Rice book with five stars hardly surprises anyone who knows me, since I love her stuff she s my favorite author But to celebrate Halloween, I re read this one, which has long been one of my favorites Because it came later, it does not get talked about as often or recognized Lestat is here, and still it is relatively unknown But I find it to be one of the most haunting and enchanting of all her stories It leaves me spent, invigorated, and longing to know about Quinn In [...]

  22. Ever since Memnoch the Devil, I ve become disenchanted with Anne Rice, and I stopped reading her books after the dull Vampire Armand But rave reviews of this one persuaded me to give it a try.Rice has regained the page turning pace of her earlier novels I was mesmerized by the main protagonist, Tarquinn Blackwood, and his story, and I had to restrain myself from finishing the book in one night Unfortunately, the ending was a disappointment The tense relationships that were cultivated during most [...]

  23. This was so impossibly bad it makes my idea of Harlequin romance seem good.Sophomoric dialogue that was often repetitive word count anyone If I never see the word egregious again The premise had promise but two wonderful and artfully rendered series were stapled and glued together with zero finesse If her name wasn t on the cover, I d think this was some awful fan fiction I finished it by sheer force of will, finding no redeeming qualities in any of the characters who were fatuous, immature, stu [...]

  24. I have been trying to gradually eek out reading the vampire chronicles as Anne Rice is my favourite author and the Vampire Chronicles is where it all began for me so every book closer to the end I get the mixed my emotions areAnd so it was with great consideration I began to read the second to last book, Blackwood Farm.What a great story teller Anne Rice is I was gripped from the moment I picked the book up and was able to envisage each scene as it developed.An interesting story which conjoins [...]

  25. Anne Rice writes sex gasp who d believe it There once was a boy with a perfect family who has a spirit haunting him everywhere, but he becomes a vampire so everything s OK in the giant rich house the boy lives in, his trips to Europe, and his wonderful family Crap Rice.

  26. For the first quarter of this book, I couldn t understand where all of the negative reviews came from for this book The only thing I could think was maybe because it s not really a vampire story But then everything started to become a little clearer Don t get me wrong, I really enjoyed this book much than I thought I would and I did give it 4 stars after all But I have to askwhat is it with Anne Rice having her characters in this series instantly fall in love It seems like that has been a const [...]

  27. This is much longer than the rest of the book, but with good reason It was amazing all throughout, and impossible to put down After reading the last one, I thought we would meet the character Thorne again, cause he seemed interesting, and while I d still would like to hear of him again, THIS was WAY interesting.Quinn is young, dramatic and has lived a sheltered life But his story is just so remarkable Not a single part of it was boring, and it always keeps you on your toes.Simply amazing I ve a [...]

  28. Gawdawful, everything wrong with the Lestat franchise fit into one very long novel Lestat simply listening to a long bildungsroman of a character who s uninteresting and without any real obstacles the pained wuthering heights vibe mixed with strained creole takes 500pages to become vampire and the plot is resolved in one page with no adversity attached all symptomatic of a successful writer, who s publisher won t step in and demand she stop and edit, edit, edit her self satisfying prose and find [...]

  29. P.S I love that book EXPECTATIONS So here I am freely saying I don t like Anne Rice as a writer and boom I come upon Blackwood Farm It is like Anne hired a Ghostwriter to write it, I mean really It is so different in such a good way I think I will never be truly convinced Anne really wrote this one THE WORLD Okay so we are still in Vampire Chronicles typical setting but instead of going back in history to old time we actually stay in pretty modern ones And modern I mean the times when computers [...]