Boys for Beginners

Free Read Boys for Beginners - by Lil Chase Free Read Boys for Beginners - by Lil Chase - Boys for Beginners, Boys for Beginners None

  • Title: Boys for Beginners
  • Author: Lil Chase
  • ISBN: 9780857384829
  • Page: 387
  • Format: Paperback

Free Read Boys for Beginners - by Lil Chase - Boys for Beginners, Boys for Beginners None

Boys for Beginners, Free Read Boys for Beginners - by Lil Chase, Boys for Beginners, Lil Chase, Boys for Beginners None. Free Read Boys for Beginners - by Lil Chase - Boys for Beginners, Boys for Beginners None

  • Free Read Boys for Beginners - by Lil Chase
    387Lil Chase
Boys for Beginners

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  1. I love reading books by British authors and I always enjoy trying new debut novels so Boys For Beginners ticked both boxes for me This was a book which made me laugh and smile and was a thoroughly fun and enjoyable read.The main character Gwynnie is a tomboy who loves football and playing computer games She s a die hard Spurs fan and her only interest in the opposite sex is if they re any good at sport All that changes when she meets new boy Charlie, who she develops an instant crush on Suddenly [...]

  2. Boys for the beginners is the debut novel from a new author which which be perfect reading material for younger teenage girls.The main idea for this book is to highlight the ways in which teenagers feel they need to change themselves to fit in which the popular crowd I liked how this idea was addressed as the main character who is a real tomboy finds herself wanting to become girly in order to fit in with the main crowd of popular girls I though the whole storyline was written well and will be [...]

  3. This book was really good Gwynnie is a tomboy into football, baggy t shirts, hates make up and nice clothes All the things a girl shouldn t be into Until a year 10 called Charlie starts her secondary school She madly falls in love with him and thinks that he is the hottest boy ever Until she realises that he will never fall for her so she thinks that its time to change who she is and ditches the t shirts, football boots to make him fall in love with her Love this book

  4. Originally posted at iliveforreading 2Another British book I received Boys for Beginners along with My Family and Other Freaks Carol Midgley and totally ended up loving both of them I read this one right after My Family and Other Freaks, and it might just be the format, same publisher, etc but they were actually pretty similar in some aspects, but otherwise I feel that this one was a bit different from of the other British preteen and teen books I ve read in the past On another note, isn t that [...]

  5. If you enjoyed this review check out my others on my Blog abonkersbookaholicBook name Boys for Beginners Author Lil ChasePage count 278 pagesTime spent reading 12th 13thReview This book has been sitting on my shelves since November when I purchased it for 10p in my favourite charity shop I m so glad I picked to read it this week because it has made for a smashing start to the Read a thon experience It s a humorous contemporary that s a necessity for any fun loving girl This novel details the tra [...]

  6. Gwynnie is a smart, vivacious teenage girl who is interested in football and video games than make up and boys That is, until she meets new student Charlie, who becomes her first crush The only trouble is, he thinks of her as a mate, and not a girl Gwynnie decides to go girlie in hopes that Charlie will see her as a girl, and a potential girlfriend.It s really a funny, smart, charming story, with lots of twist and turns and ultimately, an ending that feels real, and satisfactory I loved the cha [...]

  7. Funny,cute and clever I didn t give it 5 stars because I expected it be a lot better, it was very unrealistic and I knew what was going to happen throughout the whole book.

  8. Once again, Lil Chase has written a humorous book with a serious side The serious side wasn t as big but it was there alright allowing Boys For Beginners to become one of those worthy, quotable contemporaries as you can see above.I may not have been as interested in the idea of emphasis being put on a football fanatic who is friends with tons of boys, and girls To her, they re crazy Yes, her I didn t know if I d like the fact she was so obviously not girly yet but would be transform into much o [...]

  9. I thought in the blurb it sounded a bit like the english version of Catching Jordan, yet i was completely wrong the story line personally wasn t one of the best as all of a sudden she drops all of her friends that are boys and loses interest in all matters off football to become friends with these girls that will help get the attention of the boy she likes yet i personally cant see how everything can be dropped so quickly Overall it was a lot better than my expectations although I didn t find it [...]

  10. I got this book free with a magazine a few years back and only found it again while moving house I decided to try it and I read it in just 3 days It was very short and light hearted and I found it refreshing for there to be a book about a girl that isn t your stereotype teenager I did think the book was a little predictable at times and I would say it was aimed at someone younger than me but I enjoyed it and it made me laugh and that s good enough for me

  11. This book is about Gwynnie, a 14 year old, football mad girl who is at home with boys than girls That all changes when she develops her first crush It turns her world upside down and she looses her confidence She d decided becoming a girly girl is the answer Turns out it s not, queue some pretty funny hiccups before she finally finds a way to make peace with her inner Tom boy and new girly girl.

  12. I liked it as it was a good quick chick flick The book was short and easy to read I recommend this to 10 14 year olds This book is very good literature for these ages But I found it a bit predictable at some stages and unrealistic Gwynnie the main character went from tomboy to girly girl Because of the new year 10 boy Charlie Notts honestly I think this deserved at 3 3 1 2 out of 5 stars

  13. Gwynnie is a bit pathetic, i hated Jenny but all in all i really liked this book i had it free with a magazine and finished it in a day It was very apt considering i was watching my team playing at wembley today on tv D3

  14. I wouldn t normally have found my way to this book, but it was written by the niece of one of my best friends Although it s clearly aimed at young teenage girls, I thoroughly enjoyed the brisk plotting and big doses of humor Great fun.

  15. A girl s book, written by a girl Not too bad at all I m going to pass it on to my granddaughter I m sure she ll enjoy it

  16. Why are people so critical They set their expectations too high It s like expecting a mouse to accomplish a marathon.

  17. I got this book with a magazine Mizz , and it was good Short, but worth it I finsihed it in a day tho xD