Someday Angeline

Ø Someday Angeline ò Louis Sachar Ø Someday Angeline ò Louis Sachar - Someday Angeline, Someday Angeline Angeline is brilliant She knows way than a child of her age ought to When she is moved up a class at school she finds that her intelligence doesn t equip her for dealing with the pressures of being wi

  • Title: Someday Angeline
  • Author: Louis Sachar
  • ISBN: 9780747587231
  • Page: 279
  • Format: Paperback

Ø Someday Angeline ò Louis Sachar - Someday Angeline, Someday Angeline Angeline is brilliant She knows way than a child of her age ought to When she is moved up a class at school she finds that her intelligence doesn t equip her for dealing with the pressures of being wi

Someday Angeline, Ø Someday Angeline ò Louis Sachar, Someday Angeline, Louis Sachar, Someday Angeline Angeline is brilliant She knows way than a child of her age ought to When she is moved up a class at school she finds that her intelligence doesn t equip her for dealing with the pressures of being with the older group Soon she is finding refuge with a teacher and her tropical fish and another unlikely student. Ø Someday Angeline ò Louis Sachar - Someday Angeline, Someday Angeline Angeline is brilliant She knows way than a child of her age ought to When she is moved up a class at school she finds that her intelligence doesn t equip her for dealing with the pressures of being wi

  • Ø Someday Angeline ò Louis Sachar
    279Louis Sachar
Someday Angeline

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  1. This was my absolute favorite book growing up I must have read it at least 60 times seriously I love it very very much and think everyone should have to read it.

  2. This story was probably one of the best stories I have ever read.I wasn t expecting such a dramatic ending though SPOILER ALERT Who knew that Angeline would go to Mitchell beach and drown Who knew that Angeline would go to the aquarium Who knew that Abel would finally be nice to Angeline and treat her like his daughter Who knew that Mrs Hardlick loved the students give the wrong answer Who knew that cool breezer would save Angeline when he was halfway across the end of the shore Who knew Angelin [...]

  3. Oh my, but SOMEDAY ANGELINE is so adorable My EL510 student who is hardest to please with the book selections for that class actually finished the whole book before our second class and declared that this book was fun, as compared to all the other books we had read before it Mary Poppins, Kenny and the Dragon I liked the themes we could discuss in this book as well, about youth vs genius, good bad parenting, etc The omniscient third person narration was strange sometimes, and I didn t like how t [...]

  4. I loved this as a kid I read it so many times I m surprised it didn t disintegrate I could almost recite it I don t know what I d rate it as an adult, but my child self would give this 5 stars I found it to be a great, funny book Angeline makes a best friend, gets along with adults than other kids I related and is goofy I loved that she liked peanut butter and lemon jello sandwiches I loved that her dad was a super sweet trash man I thought it would be fun to ride in one of those trucks too Mos [...]

  5. Thanks to my amazing SIL for telling me about this book What a great kids book Shows how she learned to make her own way in school, offers hope to all kids and the people are great characters.

  6. 2.5 stars Sachar worked in San Francisco in the early 80 s and you can see glimpses of the city in Someday Angeline The huge circular fish tank that Angeline likes to sit in the middle of was in the Steinhart Aquarium at the old California Academy of Sciences Cool Breezer, the fisherman that Angeline meets, is probably Cool Breeze, the hippie now fifteen years older from The Electric Kool Aid Acid Test I think this explains why Louis is so off the wall LSD and why I usually like his sense of hum [...]

  7. Wow, do I love Louis Sachar and yes, we say Sacker My own quirky smart 8 year old greatly enjoyed getting to know Angeline and has demanded I track down the sequel Dogs Don t Tell Jokes I appreciate that Sachar s writing is so fluid and mostly timeless, sticking to a few settings that haven t changed much over the last couple of decades Angeline s apartment, her school, the city busses, and the aquarium The story is simply about the interactions between people, which are also about the same as a [...]

  8. Eh, I liked her than the Millicent Min one I mean, she s a pretty good genius, not the oh, then the pi and the blah blah blah and stuff like that, like how Brandon talks She wasn t all that mmmmm, I m so smaaaahrt And she didn t swear like Millicent I did like Angeline because she rode in a garbage truck I didn t like how she laughed at the corny jokes, because it was like, they weren t funny but some of them were, like the one that Gus told I m not going to tell them because that would spoil i [...]

  9. Oh my god This is my childhood THIS is the book that first got me into reading Or, well, one of the first anyway And although it wasn t that mind bending, nor was the plot very interesting, the writing was so addictive While it didn t leave a impressionability mark now, it did way back then Oh the memories Sweet, sweet memories

  10. I first read this book when I was 8 and to this day I still love it It is one of the only books I can read over and over again.

  11. I read this book a million times when I was a kid I forget what I was looking for recently I think I just remembered it and was googling it and found out there was a sequel, so I had to immediately re read this and now I m off to read the sequel, 35 years after I read the first one SUCH a great book Louis Sacher is such an unusual, vivid writer I love how he incorporates a bit of magical realism I love Angeline s poor dad And Gus And Gary And Mister Bone and oh my god, Cool Breezer I had COMPLET [...]

  12. Short and sweet This had all the essentials of an effective children s novel I loved all the major characters except the teacher I really enjoy Sachar s ability to bring a child to triumph, no matter how difficult the situation.

  13. This book was an easy read and it was a fascinating story about a little girl that knew everything This is a book you should read if you want a fast read and a book about what a girl as smart as like Angeline goes through.

  14. Absolute all time favourite book I hated reading but still loved this bookLouis Sachar s amazing

  15. This is a thoroughly charming and heart warming book Angeline is a gifted child who struggles with bullying in school from both students and her inept teacher Her father is a kind man but he doesn t really know how to communicate with her, and worries that she won t achieve everything that she s capable of But things begin to change when Angeline makes friends with Gary, a boy who loves terrible jokes, and his friendly class teacher Miss Turbone also known as Mr Bone.I found the characters in th [...]

  16. Louis Sachar is possibly best known in the UK at least for the amazing Holes, but he has also written for younger readers Someday Angeline has the aspects of Holes that I really enjoyed the fantastical elements, well drawn but not over described characters and a fast moving plot told in short chapters.Angeline Perspolis is 8 A gifted child, she s placed in 6th grade rather than with children of her own age, to challenge her However, despite Angeline s intelligence, she struggles socially and emo [...]

  17. In a lot of ways, this book could be seen as Sachar s version of Matilda Both have broadly similar plots and I think the main characters of both are even the same age However, Sachar s and Dahl s styles could hardly be different While Dahl relied heavily upon didactic and caricature, Sachar employs non sequitur and wordplay The characters in Sachar s book I also think are generally complex and realistic than those in Matilda And one additional thing too I think that Sachar got the experience [...]

  18. I want to say that this book is like Roald Dahl s Matilda, but I feel like that would be misleading because Someday Angeline is quite different from Matilda lacks the bite fantasy of Dahl s book Perhaps I should say that this is a book best appreciated by the type of reader that felt some sort of connection to Matilda, the protagonist Angeline, the title character in Sachar s book, is a girl genius, but she is not at all annoying or precocious as fictional kid geniuses tend to be Though she can [...]

  19. It turns out, I really like Louis Sachar, and if I hadn t become a parent, I may never have known it I really liked Wayside School as a kid our librarian read it to us, but I never borrowed the book or read it myself, so I never knew who the author was He has a talent for making the absurd commonplace That doesn t sound like a compliment, but I sure mean it as one I m not sure I would call any of the circumstances of this book absurd, but they ought not to be commonplace I guess, to clarify, I m [...]

  20. The book Someday Angeline by Louis Sachar is a sweet story of a 8 year old girl named Angeline who is a so called genius even though she despises the name From the time she was three, she s been living with her dad and aunt, Angeline lives with them due to the death of her mother Angeline wants to be a garbage collector just like her father, although he wants her to become famous, she is afraid of her intelligence at times Angeline is in 6 grade and problems are faced at school, bullies misunder [...]

  21. Un livre sensible sur la diff rence une fillette qui connait tout sur tout litt ralement, pas par suffisance , un gar on solitaire qui aime faire des jeux de mots, un homme le p re de la fillette bless par la disparition de son pouse, qui a du mal communiquer avec sa fille trop brillante pour lui croit il.Malgr un contexte tire larme une orpheline de m re, un v nement dramatique vers la fin , ce n est pas un livre sinistre, au contraire l auteur place des jeux de mots et des plaisanteries niveau [...]

  22. someday angeline was a weird book but at the same time interesting its about a girl that is as smart as einstein but school treats her really bad in school they advanced her 2 grades so know she is with a really mean teacher, she knows everything but the teacher hates her so she never calls on her when she does, she tell her she is right but is mad with her that is like unfair than the lottery calling out numbers and that ticket not existinge has always had these connection with the ocean when [...]

  23. This book was about a girl called Angeline and she was only eight years old She is above normal, well smarter than anyone her age Her father does not want to embrass her and does not want to ruin her future But Angeline likes her dad the way he is even without her mother, he can manage everything nicely I think that Angeline is so special to be smart and have a very loving dad She is smart in ways that things does not get complicated for her, i always have this little question for how people bec [...]

  24. Angeline is so smart that at 8 years old she is in the 6th grade Her teacher and classmates indulge in bullying her she tries not to know all the answers, but she can t help it she was born bright Her father drives a garbage truck, a fact which makes Angeline proud, but her father feels shamed and wants much for his only child Their relationship has been hard since the death of Angeline s mother five years before her father does not know how to talk to Angeline, because he is intimidated by her [...]