Drop By Drop

¸ Drop By Drop ✓ Keith Raffel ¸ Drop By Drop ✓ Keith Raffel - Drop By Drop, Drop By Drop Stanford professor Sam Rockman suffers the crushing loss of his wife in a bombing at San Francisco Airport Casting about to find meaning in the ruins of his life he accepts an offer to come to Washin

  • Title: Drop By Drop
  • Author: Keith Raffel
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 331
  • Format: Kindle Edition

¸ Drop By Drop ✓ Keith Raffel - Drop By Drop, Drop By Drop Stanford professor Sam Rockman suffers the crushing loss of his wife in a bombing at San Francisco Airport Casting about to find meaning in the ruins of his life he accepts an offer to come to Washin

Drop By Drop, ¸ Drop By Drop ✓ Keith Raffel, Drop By Drop, Keith Raffel, Drop By Drop Stanford professor Sam Rockman suffers the crushing loss of his wife in a bombing at San Francisco Airport Casting about to find meaning in the ruins of his life he accepts an offer to come to Washington D C to work for the Senate Intelligence Committee What Sam wants out of his stint in D C is revenge for the death of his wife What he gets is danger and betrayal Stanford professor. ¸ Drop By Drop ✓ Keith Raffel - Drop By Drop, Drop By Drop Stanford professor Sam Rockman suffers the crushing loss of his wife in a bombing at San Francisco Airport Casting about to find meaning in the ruins of his life he accepts an offer to come to Washin

  • ¸ Drop By Drop ✓ Keith Raffel
    331Keith Raffel
Drop By Drop

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  1. Drop by Drop is truly an amazing thriller that gets you were it counts your gut Mine was twisted in knots as I read through the pages with a speed like I ve never seen before Keith Raffel, the author, knows how to bait his hook to keep reeling you in until you realize you re finished with the book.The emotions of the main character, Stanford professor Sam Rockman, was dynamic and well written For some of the emotions he goes through after the death of his wife may make you cry I sniffed a few ti [...]

  2. Truly great read This is definitely a can t go to sleep until I finish it book It s got lots of thrilling plot gotchas, political intrigue, and a main character I m behind all the way If you re up for a thrill ride, this book will deliver I highly recommend it

  3. Drop by Drop is a sizzler for anyone who likes a political, thrilling and intellectual story Keith Raffel has the ability to tell a story which keeps you on the edge of your seat The story opens with a shock and never stops you wondering if you are reading headlines from a national newspaper or another great novel by this distinguished author By developing strong heroic ties between the characters, this story is a thrilling page turner The author gives us an insider look into Washington D.C move [...]

  4. What an experience Reading Drop by Drop on my iPhone with the Kindle app my first time reading an electronic book was a real screen flipper I finished it the next day I was immediately intrigued with its explosive start Early on, I had a suspicion of who done it, but I wasn t sure and certainly couldn t have anticipated the twists and turns I concur with everything the previous reviewers have said In addition, the sex scene near the end was breathtaking I wouldn t have guessed what would happen [...]

  5. A Good Title for a Good ReadI should save this rating for the perfect book For my taste this one comes close I liked the suspense, vocabulary, character development and plot albeit there were parts that were somewhat farfetched Five years from now I could read and enjoy it again.

  6. From first to last, this book is an unputdownable rollercoaster of emotion From shock to laughter to tears all in chapter one this action packed thriller has it all It s twists, turns and intrigue as one man struggles to come to terms with his wife s senseless death and find her murderers, keeps you guessing until the end.

  7. Drop by DropA lot better than I thought The intensity began and I began to be oblivious of distraction The first half was a little slow and chatty then it changed and the tension began to rise and the drama started to grip my attention The book ended with a surprise ending to me.

  8. DC based thriller ripped, as they say, from the headlines of the day With unexpected twists at the end Leaves you waiting to see what happens to the principal characters at the end Sequel

  9. I liked Drop by Drop I admire any author who can write in the first person successfully, and Keith Raffel has done just that The story starts off so sweetly, and then suddenly, BANG A crisis hits, and the rest of the novel is an intriguing journey as the main character finds his way to the one responsible for his young wife s death The story begins in Palo Alto, California, then on the Hill in Washington, DC, with a brief journey to Russia I thoroughly enjoyed the unique personality that made th [...]

  10. Drop by Drop is a thriller Not a Silicon Valley thriller like his previous dotad and Smasher but a Washington DC thriller I discovered Keith Raffel while looking for books about Silicon Valley and he is probably the only author who has created his mysteries at least two around the high tech start up world I already reviewed his dotad and Smasher.Drop by Drop is unfortunately not about Silicon Valley and start ups, even if it begins there The hero is a History professor at Stanford University tho [...]

  11. I had this book on my Kindle for quite a while but finally got around to reading it The jacket info sounded interesting and I was looking forward to it Now one thing I need to point out is that the book is written by Keith Raffel, an American who has worked for the U.S Senate Intelligence Committee IT was read by me, a bog standard British woman The reason I point this out is that if you struggle with American Politics, you may struggle with the initial concept of the book However, don t let it [...]

  12. Hate to rate it less than three stars, just because it wasn t my type of book The first chapter is good and the writing is good, just not my style, and didn t care for so much politics.

  13. This novel begins with Professor Sam Rockman taking his newly pregnant wife to the San Francisco Airport where she is leaving for a business trip As Sam is inside the terminal, his wife outside, a car approaches and there is a massive bomb explosion that takes her life That was the exciting promise of thrilling scenes to come But, the promise was not fulfilled From there the author swings into too much meaningless, mundane dialog that encumbers Washington DC politics and daily affairs Too often [...]

  14. The right amount of insider s view of Washington mixed with well drawn characters, smart dialogue without being cute, and a believable national security terrorism story line made this a very readable book, and one which kept me guessing until very near the end Only a couple of real negatives mar the praise I d give the book One was a jarringly sexual scene that felt like something added on just for titillation value The author writes well and could have wrapped up the character action in a far b [...]

  15. I kind of don t want to rate this book because it took me forever to read I just kept putting it off, or reading a little and then leaving it for a while not my usual MO I was sucked in at the beginning, and read about half of it before life kept getting in the way of getting back to it, I kept losing track of who the characters were and how they fit into the story With that said, I did enjoy reading it I was impressed with the author s vocabulary Yay for kindle so that I could touch the word an [...]

  16. I found Drop by Drop by Keith Raffel to be an exciting political thriller as well as a fascinating philosophical political treatise While the political thriller part offered the reader an excellent whodunit, the philosophical discussion is what makes it a powerful book to read The author handles the philosophical discussion so deftly and evenly, that you can see your beliefs articulated well in the story regardless of what your beliefs may be Drop by Drop opens with Sam Rockman, a Stanford Histo [...]

  17. I downloaded this book for free on based on the 4.09 rating overall on I was hoping to find a new author to read I feel it was worth 3 stars or a little less price does not matter in my ratings The storyline was somewhat weak, but the writing style was easy to follow and enjoyed it I will not go into the story line, many other reviews have already done this so I will just rate the book on its elements 0 to 5 being highest Protagonist Development 3 Antagonist Development 2 Minor Character Develop [...]

  18. Maybe 3.5 A great start to the novel, liked the characters, however, somewhere before the middle of the book, storyline became predictable and I would definitely not consider this novel a thriller I was not on the edge of my seat anxious for the next situation Good enough storyline, but needed punch Too much dialogue.

  19. Again I wish GoodReads would make a1 2 star as I would give this book 3 1 2 stars not 3 The first chapter got me in a heartbeat but then then the book teetered off for me It did have its exciting moments though I would not put this book into the category of Thriller by any means, barely suspense However, it did keep my interest and at the end I enjoyed it

  20. Worth the readSome slow spots, but very interesting learning how Washington works Lots of characters to keep straight but it all comes together It picked up midway to a great ending.

  21. This is by me so it s hard to write a disinterested review OTOH, I thought I d let my friends know that it is free to download at till Saturday, May 4 at midnight Currently, 7 on the most downloaded list Why not give it a try Or suggest it to someone else Thanks.

  22. Another thriller by Keith Raffel I did not find either of his subsequent books to be as thrilling as his first, Dot Dead And I read Dot Dead out of sequence That said, the books are thrilling, interesting, and with some fairly good character development I do not regret reading them.

  23. Great story Not only is this a captivating story, it is also a warning of what could happen when making rushed decisions prompted by emotions like fear or revenge I loved it.

  24. Pretty good storynd of skims over everything, nothing deep to this novel at all would make a decent hour long procedural on tv.

  25. This was an awesome book, reminiscent of my fav TV show 24 Popcorn was everywhere by the time I finished If you like suspense, check this one out.