Through a Dark Mist

[PDF] Through a Dark Mist | by ☆ Marsha Canham [PDF] Through a Dark Mist | by ☆ Marsha Canham - Through a Dark Mist, Through a Dark Mist Book One of the Medieval Romance trilogy also known as the Robin Hood trilogy Award winning Best Historical Romance of the Year from Romantic Times A legend is brilliantly brought to life on the pag

  • Title: Through a Dark Mist
  • Author: Marsha Canham
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 209
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Through a Dark Mist | by ☆ Marsha Canham - Through a Dark Mist, Through a Dark Mist Book One of the Medieval Romance trilogy also known as the Robin Hood trilogy Award winning Best Historical Romance of the Year from Romantic Times A legend is brilliantly brought to life on the pag

Through a Dark Mist, [PDF] Through a Dark Mist | by ☆ Marsha Canham, Through a Dark Mist, Marsha Canham, Through a Dark Mist Book One of the Medieval Romance trilogy also known as the Robin Hood trilogy Award winning Best Historical Romance of the Year from Romantic Times A legend is brilliantly brought to life on the pages unfolds with all the adventure rollicking good humor wildly exciting escapades cliff hangers and most of all smoldering sensuality any reader could desire Book One of the. [PDF] Through a Dark Mist | by ☆ Marsha Canham - Through a Dark Mist, Through a Dark Mist Book One of the Medieval Romance trilogy also known as the Robin Hood trilogy Award winning Best Historical Romance of the Year from Romantic Times A legend is brilliantly brought to life on the pag

  • [PDF] Through a Dark Mist | by ☆ Marsha Canham
    209Marsha Canham
Through a Dark Mist

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  1. All that is left of Bolingbroke Castle in Lincolnshire If you want the ambience of the Medieval Ages, with all its swashbuckling, pageantry and brutality, as well as a historical with a good plotline, plenty of twists and a bit of a tongue in cheek nod to an oft told but great legend, then this is the book for you Ms Canham is the master at writing these scenes and her books are obviously well researched.Through a Dark Mist is her salute to Robin Hood consequently, she dubbed the series by the s [...]

  2. This was a really good old fashion read It was wrote back in the early 90s, but felt older than that It is an almost 500 page read, so this is a book where there is plenty of time for the h h to get to know one another and good character development I felt at times like I was reading Garwood or McNaught, but epicor something Servanne, a recent widow has been promised as hand in marriage to the handsome Lucien, the Dragon of Bloodmoor In the middle of her journey she is kidnapped by the Black Wo [...]

  3. Through a Dark Mist Young and recently widowed Lady Servanne de Briscourt has been sold by Prince John, regent of England, into marriage to Lucien Wardieu, Baron de Gournay Not that she s complaining too much about it Her groom to be is tall, fair, and extremely handsome though she s seen him only once and from afar and she s rather curious as to what a marriage bed might bring Her much older and ailing husband had been rather perfunctory and the rumors of the prowess of the Dragon of Bloodmoor [...]

  4. The one where the beautiful and highborn Servanne is kidnapped by a Robin Hood style outlaw on her way to a political marriage The writing is so purple that I had to read very slowly to figure out what was going on The POV shifts, while clearly done on purpose, are very distracting at one point, you re in a guard s POV until the middle of the paragraph, when you re told, He couldn t know this, for by then he was dead And when Servanne finally meets her outlaw, it turns out that this is going to [...]

  5. This book was for the medieval western group read on A good read, but about battles and revenge than romance I did enjoy it, but I found myself skimming some of the details of the battle scenes to get to the dialog.The book had a lot of intrigue in the story line, not as much romance as I usually like, but it had a good plot with tons of unique characters which I thought were wonderful I didn t like the hero at the beginning, but I did like him in the end The villains were nasty and deserved a [...]

  6. DNFThis is no Pride of the Lions.Got about 30% in and just had to stop I m not usually tolerant if the hero is a rake, but I was somehow able to put that aside, what stopped me is the discovery of a bastard and the whole past thing the wolf had with Nicolaa Yes she is evil, yes I m sure the hero doesnn t care about her any, but she was his first and he loved her and was going to marry her I was even ok with this, but to have his past thrown up all the time was too much I also didn t like all the [...]

  7. Swashbuckling good fun A bit of a bodice ripper, but the plot moves, the secondary characters are wonderful, a perfectly EVIL villain and villainess The author has her tongue planted firmly in her cheek All in all an enjoyable read, a nice piece of fluff to spend the weekend with.

  8. Robin Hood themed adaptation Bodice ripper era Purple prose Quite interesting and plentiful historical details yes, Lisa Kay, I had to look up a lot of words Other woman drama Widowed heroine Great cast of secondary characters I plan to read the sequels.Book source Borrowed.

  9. In my Marsha Canham rampage, I got to Through a Dark Mist where, even if characters do not have Robin Hood names, it s pretty clearly a Robin Hood story we have Friar instead of Friar Tuck, Gil Golden instead of Will Scarlet who is a woman in this story etc Also noble outlaws in Lincoln forest, evil Sheriff, Prince John blahblah It s a hybrid of a period novel and romance one too little romance and too much history and plot for a proper romance novel As someone who prefers the romance plot ratio [...]

  10. OK, so I m outing myself to you peeps I totally read the ROMANCE NOVEL It s true And the fact that I do is probably the leading contributor to the fact that I am not married Still, I have to give Marsha Canham big ole snaps because this book and all of her books, really , moves far beyond mere tawdry bits of female escapist fantasy and actually tells a story that is fun to read Though, come on, who doesn t like a little tawdriness now and then

  11. Oh my goodness, I never thought I d finish this book It is an epic chunkster, that s for sure Two months, two different groups and a buddy read is what it took for me to finish, but ultimately I m glad I did There were a lot of things I didn t like about this book but I think there was to like, once I got past a few things.First, I think I ve decided to take Ms Canham out of the historical romance category and put her in the dramatic saga with a HEA category I would liken her book to Gone With [...]

  12. This was not at all what I expected I finished it because I thought she was clever and somewhat inventive with her plot twists It was very adventurous and I love all things about that time period and all these twists on the Robin Hood Legend What I didn t like the author switches POV in the middle of paragraphs It s sometimes hard to follow who you re in and feels a little like a movie where the director is just spinning the camera around the room willy nilly It makes you mad and than a little [...]

  13. In my binge of romance novels featuring characters called Randulf I went with a variation to spice things up, and ended up with Randwulf instead Yes This novel features a case of mistaken identities, or taken by force identities, and one of them is a Randwulf.Normally, I find Marsha Canham in the pirate or highwayman swashbuckling adventure romance genre, which regardless of prejudice is rather hard to resist I also quite rated her The Dragon Tree historical medieval romance which insists on ren [...]

  14. What a Ride This book would make an excellent movie It has the perfect mix of romance, danger, betrayal, secrets, revenge, and friendship It has the storyline of Robin Hood mixed with the jealousy and betrayals we saw in the movie Gladiator The characters are bigger than life, and the plot moves along swiftly and entertainingly I don t want to give too much away, but I ll say this Not all is what it seems, and not everyone is who they say they are I loved the Wolf He was tough but tender at the [...]

  15. Very disappointing I was set for an adventure While there were many adventures in the story, I just couldn t bring myself to care The writer jumped back and forth from viewpoint to viewpoint that it was hard to tell which person you were reading about Then in between all of this she threw in pages and pages of description that stopped the story cold And if this wasn t enough, the lewdness and disgusting sex scenes and thirst for blood turned me off completely It was drudgery just finishing the b [...]

  16. The book starts off with one of my romance pet peeves The hero is a complete jerk and the heroine, after he abuses her, falls panting into his arms, overcome by the attraction between them Worse, he dumps her afterward and deliberately exposes her to shame But before they meet again she has persuaded herself that she loves him By then, she s learned a few things that justify SOME of his actions, and he does offer an apology of sorts, but it is the additional twist, the secret mission she learns [...]

  17. I love Marsha Canham s books, but this one just didn t keep my attention It starts out with a prologue of the last scene of the book that leaves you hanging I wasn t to happy with that, since I had to read the rest of the book before I could find out what happened The last 20% was amazing, but I found myself sitting the book down and taking several days to finish it I am the type to finish a book in one sitting even if I have to stay up all night to do it.

  18. I really loved the plot of this story It was solid and compelling I thought Servanne could have a bit of a backbone but I could deal with that The action was nonstop and I really couldn t put the book down, I had to find out what happened next I m looking forward to reading the rest of the series Marsha Canham is my idol after all and I think I ve loved everything she s ever written.

  19. Really loved this Robin Hood retelling, mixed with the lost heir plot Servanne wasn t the strongest medieval heroine I ve read, but at least she stood up to Lucien and Etienne And historically, the story seems very accurate Totally looking forwards to Eduard s story 4.5

  20. I read this when I first starting reading romances, and I don t remember much, but I do remember what a wonderful romance it wastely on my list to read again Definitely want to read this author again.

  21. Finally finished it It s not bad at all, I like it but I m sooooooo busy and tired and have so little time to read It would have been a better read if I have time.

  22. Historical Fiction Romance I found this book hard to stomach, in fact, I set it aside often over the last few days, a rare thing for me With the brilliant prologue and many accolades to Ms Canham s books by reviewers I respect, I was sorely disappointed view spoiler I realize this was written over twenty years past, but even in that context, I cannot drum up an ounce of respect for the hero and his minions Not after they so callously discuss the political expediencies of rape I have read older n [...]

  23. Urght of a slog, this one I hadn t realised it was 1000 pages The thing is, when it s good, it s very very good and I suspect the good bits I liked the battles are not what most people liked but I m a bit of a geek for that , and when it s bad it s either slow or completely purple There are three major torrid sex scenes They re just so long and tbh I don t feel they fit with either of the characters too well Servanne doesn t seem that sex positive and Mr Wolf doesn t get chance to show his sensi [...]

  24. I liked this book very much I have yet to read a Marsha Canham book I haven t thoroughly enjoyed, but I did not find myself unable to put it down She has a masterful writing style and creates such wonderfully rich places and characters, but I didn t feel the love grow between these two characters as strongly as I have in her other books I do love her use of vocabulary The jousting scenes were practically tangible, it read so crisply I could see it, the plot was compelling and once again she has [...]

  25. This was a really enjoyable romp through history Based on the Robin Hood legend but using different characters although some were the same, such as Prince John, Richard the Lionheart Sir Guy of Gisbourne At it s heart was a story of revenge between two brothers with the thread of a story running through it.This was so much fun It started off fairly slowly but soon picked up pace The back story of the rivalry between The Black Wolf of Lincoln and The Dragon of Bloodmoor was supenseful and action [...]

  26. This was recommended as historical fiction and a nice version of the Robin Hood story so, not history, but, you know what I mean I was disappointed to find it s really just a romance novel, one of the purple prose variety I gave up hope when Canham introduced a character whose thighs became slick as she ogled somebody s well muscled back or some other body part I appreciate a well muscled back myself, but this was a bit much Come to think of it, there s probably a cream for that embarrassing dis [...]

  27. WOW.gosh, I was on the EDGE OF MY SEAT for the last fifth of this book.Such battlesch tension much BLOODoh my That really gives nothing away hereally This book, free from , sucked me in and I have already bought the next twoIt was a romance, but it was a rolicking good adventure talewith twists on the tale of Robin Hood that caused my heart to clench.Well done, Marsha Canham

  28. Set during the reign of King Henry and Queen Eleanor this book is based loosely on the legends of Robin Hood It focuses on a man known as The Black Wolf and his merry band of thieves It also spends a pretty good amount of time on the main female character and her love life I was surprised by this but pleasantly It was excellent and I plan on reading the whole series.