Dark Devotion

[PDF] Dark Devotion | by ✓ Gabrielle Evans [PDF] Dark Devotion | by ✓ Gabrielle Evans - Dark Devotion, Dark Devotion Siren LoveXtreme Forever ManLove Erotic Alternative Fantasy M nage Romance M M M M M M M M demons Hex and his six demon warriors escaped the depths of Tartarus under Hades s watchful eye to live amo

  • Title: Dark Devotion
  • Author: Gabrielle Evans
  • ISBN: 9781610345866
  • Page: 485
  • Format: ebook

[PDF] Dark Devotion | by ✓ Gabrielle Evans - Dark Devotion, Dark Devotion Siren LoveXtreme Forever ManLove Erotic Alternative Fantasy M nage Romance M M M M M M M M demons Hex and his six demon warriors escaped the depths of Tartarus under Hades s watchful eye to live amo

Dark Devotion, [PDF] Dark Devotion | by ✓ Gabrielle Evans, Dark Devotion, Gabrielle Evans, Dark Devotion Siren LoveXtreme Forever ManLove Erotic Alternative Fantasy M nage Romance M M M M M M M M demons Hex and his six demon warriors escaped the depths of Tartarus under Hades s watchful eye to live among the mortals in the Top World The Oracle has prophesized an epic battle to come a war between good and evil that will test the warriors as never before When Echo arrives Siren LoveXtre. [PDF] Dark Devotion | by ✓ Gabrielle Evans - Dark Devotion, Dark Devotion Siren LoveXtreme Forever ManLove Erotic Alternative Fantasy M nage Romance M M M M M M M M demons Hex and his six demon warriors escaped the depths of Tartarus under Hades s watchful eye to live amo

  • [PDF] Dark Devotion | by ✓ Gabrielle Evans
    485Gabrielle Evans
Dark Devotion

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  1. This book is somewhat of a challenge I mean 8 men in a relationship really , and will not be for everyone, but I must admit I really liked it What fascinated me was the concept of having a group of demons escape Hell and yes, the mythology behind it was somewhat abused to make the story fit , then being threatened with having to go back.The fact that they even have their own ideas, have developed the beginnings of a conscience, is interesting It is almost as if free will had suddenly beset the c [...]

  2. 3 StarsIt didn t bother me as I thought about this book that went through eight persons relationship.The seven demons escaped from Tartarus and heard about a prophecy Then they met a guy who didn t even known his name , so they named the new guy as Echo.I loved this writing style from her other books, the story didn t confuse me though From my experience with this kind of story going around the m nage, this one didn t mess up and mostly emphasize at Echo.Even though,I didn t like some Echo s beh [...]

  3. for most people its the seven lovers to one male that s an issue For me it s echo s temperment I could admit at first I wass skeptical on how this series would work out As I read I understood, I quickly liked the demons and all of the other characters which were added Heck I even like the antagonist With Echo I find him to be really bitchie, manipulative and demanding and self centered According to most paranormal books I understand the mate bond and the need to assert yourself in the relationsh [...]

  4. This piece of total fluffy nonsense was recommended to me by Cole and I have to admit I only bought it to see how well it made a m m m m m m m m menage relationship work I usually hate the fated mates storyline, but because I knew this book wasn t taking itself very seriously, I sat back and enjoyed the ride I read it in two sittings after I was falling asleep over the book in bed but thoroughly enjoyed myself, especially liking the camaraderie amongst he characters After all what s not to like [...]

  5. I have zero problem admitting that the initial appeal for me of this book and series was SEVEN warriors and ONE bratty bottom I mean, hello EIGHT men having sex I couldn t even really wrap my brain around that many body parts in a sexual situation together.But I was sure willing to try This introduction book of the series was done really well It began to explore each of the men and their mate, along with the background stories and what their future held in store for them It didn t try to answer [...]

  6. 4.5 StarsI m a fan of m m m romance, I purchased this ebook as a curiosity, to find out how the Author pull this off A relationship between 8 guys I didn t have great hopes for this book, I honestly thought this is going to be bad I was expecting lots of sex, orgies, hardly any plot don t forget, I bought it out of curiosity only I must say, I loved it what a surprise, very interesting and different story line, right amount of sex scenes, funny and charming.What do you know I m buying the rest [...]

  7. I read this book out of pure curiosity.I wanted to know could this author pull off a book with 8 guys in it Or specifically 7 kind of demons and 1 psychic humanort answerYes Long answer.Hell yes I recently read a m m where the main characters names were so similar I kept getting them mixed up I was expecting this to happen because of the amount of guys But the author somehow cleverly creates each character as a complete individual.The sex is hot but not unrealistic not all 8 at once the sharing [...]

  8. What Nothing s been resolved Not the lab Not the solstice war warning Not love relationship feelings The only thing they accomplished was a lot of lust fulfillment.Okay, okay, the story outside of the menage plus was interesting between the escape from Hades and the escape from the lab I will probably keep reading to see what happens with that stuff But, damn, I knew it was a series going in, and some plot lines need to continue throughout, but I felt like a longer story was just cut randomly to [...]

  9. A good starter read I wasn t hooked like I had hope but still enjoyed the story I m looking forward to learning about the whole group.

  10. May have slight spoilers I really enjoyed this first book in the Fatefully Yours series I won it and the second novel Upon Crimson Waters in a contest from the author at Redz World.In this novel we meet Hex, and his six lovers and warriors that escaped from Tartarus a thousand years ago Now the Oracle has prophesized a great war that is coming to them, and if they should fail they will be sent back to Hades, the god from which they escaped.Then we get the entrance of their Heart as the blurb say [...]

  11. Two thousand years ago, Hex and his lovers escaped Tartarus they have no intentions of ever going back The oracle predicts the gates of Tartarus will open and release evil on the world Hex and his lovers must stand together and fight the evil The oracle tells them their gifts must be united and sealed The heart which beats between them will bring their salvation, and bring them together Hex has no clue who their heart is Echo, a man with no memory, comes to Hex and his mates bruised and naked in [...]

  12. I ve read this book, because I was curious about how the author is writing about a m nage huit eight men have sex and a relationship with each other After the read I think the author did really well The sex scenes are very appealing and I enjoyed the book She described the sex graphic, very hot, passionate I love the demons and look forward to read about them in the following books Therefore I must say that I would have liked to see of them in their demon form There is a little bit of growling [...]

  13. typical gabrielle evans serial romance nothing fantastic, nothing so bad it can t be finished what is typical gabrielle evans imagine a shorter harlequin romance but with no ta see, i was going to write no surprise pregnancies, but yeah out of sheer laziness, i will be using this as my template for all books by sunny daylynn hagenstormy glennscarlett hyacinthcarol lynnegabrielle evansunless otherwise noted i d apologize, but i m not sorry i figure it s about as much time as they put into their b [...]

  14. This was a solid 2.5 stars for me.The polyamorous relationship is well done and the sex scenes were very well done By that, I mean that they were hot and weren t overly crowded or confusing The demons were great They had different personalities and I wanted to see of them Really, the whole thing was good except for one thing I couldn t stand Echo He went from being loving to manipulative, then he would be nice and then bitchy, then he was sweet and then selfish His emotions and reactions didn t [...]

  15. This was surprising good for having 8 men together in it You think it would be a sex free for all, but really wasn t so far The only problem I really had was towards the end.I guess Echo is the only one who deserves a second chance, view spoiler they should have helped One seventeen, he was only doing what Echo himself has done to survive, he was beaten and had to walk in the winter naked and Echo didn t want to help And Echo is suppose to be the Heart yea right he sure had a lot of heart toward [...]

  16. I was in no hurry to read this, because I was doubtful that eight men could love each other, and frankly, it seemed perverted However, I read it because Gabrielle Evans is one of my favorite authors I am so glad I did Dark Devotion has great characters and even though they re not very developed, they really get better further into the series The Greek mythology in this series is well researched and very informative, however if you know nothing about Greek mythology, you may want to make a link t [...]

  17. This is not something I would ever really try8 men all together But I love this author, and have really loved reading as her writing continues to grow and develop, so I was interested at how this would be I just finished it, and I have to say that I really enjoyed it I loved all the characters, they were all quirky, funny, and different, and it was all sorts of hot I think Fiero was my favoriteI feel like there is definitely of his story to tell, and I also really liked Vapre Definitely looking [...]

  18. The beginning kind of felt like snow white and the seven dwarfs, only in this case seven demons the beginning was just reminded me of smth that I ve already read and i didn t like that The sex was good and even though I don t like polygamous relationships, this was actually handled quite nicely.

  19. Ive put off reading this series for a while because I m not real eager on the large group of men which sounds silly when I reread this lol so hopefully this book will hold my interestWas actually pretty good Wasn t expecting echo to have a power of his own Now I have to read the rest of the series lol

  20. No it s not the best writing in the world BUT the plot was well developed to make a full series Also this author made an 8 way m nage workTHAT is really impressive I ve had authors that can t make a 3 way work, but she pulled off a 8 way Pure awesome and I m reading all the others as well YOU GO

  21. Review for the whole series I totally LOVE this series You get really hot 8 way man on man loving in each book and one on one as well, and it is creative The story line is interesting, and I like how each book is dedicated to a different demon Gave it 4 instead of 5 since the last few books started to get a little tedious.

  22. I enjoyed this series than I was expecting to With so many characters in the relationship, I was fully expecting to be confused at times I liked how each book was mostly based on Echo and his relationship with one of the men at a time They are all together, but it made things a little easier to keep straight in my mind.

  23. I m not really a fan of polyamorous relationships but this was actually a pretty good book There was a lot less bedroom scenes than I thought there would be but what was there was pretty tame The characters are all likable which helps in a big way The story wasn t as exciting as I hoped it to be but seeing as this is a 9 part series, the pacing is fine.

  24. I have no idea why I actually love those books Seven big warriors and one little guy Sounds like enormous gangbang, right But I appreciate the idea of this story, each book focuses on one of Hades warrior and his issues Usually I m a bit sceptical with Gabrielle Evans books but that one was really good.

  25. I actually really enjoyed this book I was sure how it would all play out with 8 men I mean really, talk about a train , but it didn t turn out to be anything like that I was pleasantly surprised I look forward to the rest of the series.

  26. I enjoyed this book, but found the main character bit off putting, to be honest The demons were all much interesting and fleshed out.