Heroes of History

Unlimited Heroes of History - by Will Durant Unlimited Heroes of History - by Will Durant - Heroes of History, Heroes of History In the tradition of his own bestselling masterpieces The Story of Civilization and The Lessons of History Pulitzer Prize winning historian Will Durant here traces the lives and ideas of those who hav

  • Title: Heroes of History
  • Author: Will Durant
  • ISBN: 9780743226127
  • Page: 120
  • Format: Hardcover

Unlimited Heroes of History - by Will Durant - Heroes of History, Heroes of History In the tradition of his own bestselling masterpieces The Story of Civilization and The Lessons of History Pulitzer Prize winning historian Will Durant here traces the lives and ideas of those who hav

Heroes of History, Unlimited Heroes of History - by Will Durant, Heroes of History, Will Durant, Heroes of History In the tradition of his own bestselling masterpieces The Story of Civilization and The Lessons of History Pulitzer Prize winning historian Will Durant here traces the lives and ideas of those who have helped to define civilization from its dawn to the beginning of the modern world Four years before his death Will Durant began work on an abbreviated version of hisIn the traditi. Unlimited Heroes of History - by Will Durant - Heroes of History, Heroes of History In the tradition of his own bestselling masterpieces The Story of Civilization and The Lessons of History Pulitzer Prize winning historian Will Durant here traces the lives and ideas of those who hav

  • Unlimited Heroes of History - by Will Durant
    120Will Durant
Heroes of History

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  1. This is pared down from he his wife s 11 volume set of The Story of Civilization He they did several other books essays along these lines, too This makes themes trends of history his view of them much accessible I was very impressed by some of his turns of phrase from the outset this edition is very well narrated by Grover Gardner, one of my favorites Decades ago, I tried to read some of the full set quickly lost interest It was just too much for a tyro like myself, especially at the time Even [...]

  2. The well known author of the last century, Will Durant, died in 1981 This manuscript was found only a year ago practically in its completed form It is a treasure of the literary world Durant s oeuvre during his lifetime was an eleven volume series entitled The Story of Civilization, where he focused on an age in each book and gave history lesson that had never really been given before with this Herculean collection.The result was a most unique series which had the unintended effect of appearing [...]

  3. Durant took up the task of summarizing his epic eleven volume summarization of history in the interests of the average reader whose attention span grew shorter with the advent, development and cultivation of mass media Despite this intense condensation to perhaps 3% of its original size, the book does not strain the reader with an uncooperative density of information.Durant has succeeded in presenting not just the facts but rather the tapestry of knowledge, untainted by his passion and emotion w [...]

  4. A book to treasure It was a wonderful experience,reading it Not too much beating around the bush,not too brief,this book describes just those things that influenced the history of mankind in a big way It is like a general reader s handbook of world history The personal touch in the writing style,rather than the dull descriptive way of writing,adds to the charm,giving one a feel of getting personally acquainted with most of the personalities described in the book But at certain places I felt tha [...]

  5. Well, to me this was a way to try something else for a while, something other than just fiction and literature So, I said why not go back to learn history, as I am also a big fan of history and I do believe that we have so much to learn from what ever happened in the past, so we can be better prepared for what may happen in the near future.This is a very, very compressed version of the history of civilization and religion, but I would stress a lot the fact it is an extremely compressed version [...]

  6. I ve been absurdly busy lately, but with little listening here and a little there, I was able to finish this audiobook I think the title in misleading Its a brief history of 1,000s of years crammed into 350 pages Durant spent most of his time writing about Rome, Greece, Jesus, church history, the renaissances, Popes, the crusades, the reformation and plenty of other tragedies.

  7. Wonderful book Its my first time reading Will Durrant and I am very impressed He walks you through history with such familiarity you d think he d lived through it all The book reads like a conversation rather than a lecture.

  8. Women likely developed agriculture while men were away hunting and domesticated animals Man is woman s last domestic animal Virtue had to be redefined as a quality that made for the survival of the group Nature and civilization are at conflict Individualistic instincts so deeply rooted in the long hunting stage of human history and the social instincts weakly developed by a recently settled life Most states are still in a state of nature a successful war is a nation s way of eating p.17 Laws lo [...]

  9. This review is entirely my fault for picking the wrong book It s just that I am not a fan of old school history I should have picked a contemporary book.

  10. Folks, my reviewing any work by historic historian Durant is like Milli Vanilli reviewing Dylan Anyway, Will Durant wrote Heroes of History late in life, after a long, illustrious career which started in the 1920s often writing with Ariel, his wife Heroes did not come out until 2001, about 20 years after his death To Durant, true heroes are philosophers because they inform how people, and therefore leaders and maybe generals and eventually popes, view the changing world around them They re what [...]

  11. Durant s heroes of history are far from perfect In most cases, their flaws exceed their virtues But there is no doubt they were all influential What I find most interesting is that in times of crisis, someone invariably arises who provides a pivot point that shifts the flow of history one way or another Someone who has been pushed too far and who has the necessary combination of ideas, personality, and circumstances, ends up being a catalyst for change, sometimes good, sometimes not so good The [...]

  12. Hard not to compare this audiobook to Neil McGregor s A History of the World in 100 Objects, which I recently listened to My main problem is the narrator s voice I barely got through listening to the first several chapters before I finally had to give up The narrator s voice is simply too monotone I don t know if it s Durant s writing or if the narrator chose to read the script in a boring matter, but I found myself struggling to stay interested Not really sure why Durant picked certain historic [...]

  13. I always have the compulsion to reconcile a book with its title I am chagrined when I am unable to do that It is like those covers of books that suck you in and leave you knowing in the end what they mean by the expression artistic license Someone reviewed this book and thought a appropriate title would be a View of History From 30,000 feet I agree It is a distillation of thousands of years of human history down to 12 hrs and 10 min than about heroes However, if you have ever thought of taking [...]

  14. A great summary of the panorama of world history, much concise than his great multi volume master work Durant was working on this when he died, which I imagine explains why it concludes with Shakespeare, Francis Bacon, and the dawn of the Age of Reason.An interesting journey through early history, Greece, Rome, and quite a long stay in the realm of Church history, the Renaissance, Reformation, and Catholic Counter Reformation Durant s beautiful prose often makes history read like a compelling n [...]

  15. Historian Will Durant and his wife Ariel were working on a shorter version of one of their mammoth collections, intended as a television project Both died before they finished, within days of each other, and this book is what was left, two or three chapters short of the end What is here makes for a fine summary of Western civilization, with a chapter devoted each to China and India in the beginning The final chapter discusses Francis Bacon and almost ends on a long quote of his on the art of wri [...]

  16. I have discovered late in life the magic of Will Durant his grasp on history His book is a prose that is easily digestible yet profound with deductions from past events his knowledge in the ancient folklore to the medieval world till recent times is unparalleled I now rate him amongst the top history writers of all times I will be indulging myself with a lot of Will Durant books I totally recommend this book.

  17. An interesting survey of mostly European history, with its greatest focus on the typical topics of Greece, Rome and the Renaissance There are also early chapters on China and India This is not written as the one single book to provide a top level summary It works well for someone who has some grasp of the history and enjoys the way the book pauses on one character after another and provides the reader with some information and integration that fills out the picture.

  18. This is an absolutely tremendous timeline of history The timeline incorporates various civilizations and discusses notable figures throughout history I learned about world history from this book than I did from all my years in history class This book also gives you a platform to study different key figures in history I began to gain interest in several historical figures after reading this book This is a must read for those who enjoy the history of the world.

  19. I have an eleven volume set of Durant s Story of Civilization on my bookshelf So far I have read skimmed through only one of the volumes It is a massive work and daunting What I love aboutHeroes of Historyis that Durant summarizes the key points of those 11 volumes and condenses them into this little gem.In 350 pages, Durant summarizes the lessons he learned in a lifetime study of civilization His writing style is engaging A very worthwhile read

  20. Interesting, but simply too much all together to really enjoy It s likely better to be used as a superficial reference than a cover to cover read I kept approaching it and then losing interest I will say I m glad I finally got through it Fact is the last quarter was probably the most interesting to me.

  21. I didn t read this cover to cover but I picked out the chapters I was most interested in and really enjoyed it The author has to be succinct to cover so much in a book this short but it s very readable and has gotten me interested in reading in depth on a few people and topics btw, the title is a bit misleading.

  22. I ve read history all my life, and this was a refresher course on European history, art and philosophy by Will Durant who studied it for his lifetime Some of it was new to me, some not But Durant breathed life into ideas that were once new.

  23. Published posthumously I need to go back and finish this sometime only got to page 114 Good summaries of people important to the civilization of the world, not just the West Quick read, but wrong time of year.

  24. Pretty interesting general overview of world history, but strangely taking a very long detour with the history of Catholicism I d have liked of a focus on scientists, politicians and the rest of the world events that were going on while the Catholics were doing their stuff in Europe.

  25. This was great to listen to while I was working in the yard I wish it had gone further than Francis Bacon, but am not complaining I learned a great deal about the Catholic Church while listening to this.