Overheard in a Dream

Overheard in a Dream Best Download || [Torey L. Hayden] Overheard in a Dream Best Download || [Torey L. Hayden] - Overheard in a Dream, Overheard in a Dream Conor aged nine arrives in the play therapy room of child psychiatrist James Innes with the diagnosis autistic His mother Laura an aloof enigmatic novelist can t handle him His rancher father em

  • Title: Overheard in a Dream
  • Author: Torey L. Hayden
  • ISBN: 9780007260935
  • Page: 198
  • Format: Paperback

Overheard in a Dream Best Download || [Torey L. Hayden] - Overheard in a Dream, Overheard in a Dream Conor aged nine arrives in the play therapy room of child psychiatrist James Innes with the diagnosis autistic His mother Laura an aloof enigmatic novelist can t handle him His rancher father em

Overheard in a Dream, Overheard in a Dream Best Download || [Torey L. Hayden], Overheard in a Dream, Torey L. Hayden, Overheard in a Dream Conor aged nine arrives in the play therapy room of child psychiatrist James Innes with the diagnosis autistic His mother Laura an aloof enigmatic novelist can t handle him His rancher father embroiled in divorcing Laura does not feel there is anything wrong with Conor His six year old sister Morgana insists he really does see ghosts As James becomes convinced CConor a. Overheard in a Dream Best Download || [Torey L. Hayden] - Overheard in a Dream, Overheard in a Dream Conor aged nine arrives in the play therapy room of child psychiatrist James Innes with the diagnosis autistic His mother Laura an aloof enigmatic novelist can t handle him His rancher father em

  • Overheard in a Dream Best Download || [Torey L. Hayden]
    198Torey L. Hayden
Overheard in a Dream

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  1. I can t quite describe how engrossed I became in this compelling novel It is so complex It took me a few chapters to get used to the multi layered layout of the story How it flicks between the therapy sessions of Connor his sister Morgana, their parents Laura Alan James s the therapist s life, was a little confusing to me at first Once I got used to this format, I found the whole story absolutely fascinating Especially Laura s sessions with James The vividness of Laura s imagination regarding he [...]

  2. First, let me say that normally I love Torey Hayden s writings I ve read many of her nonfiction novels about her own experiences in working with disturbed children But I could not finish this book The writing was well done, as always with Hayden The synopsis leads you to believe it s mainly about an autistic child s therapy treatment But the story got way too far away from this The majority of the plot was centered around the mother s fantasy imagination as she grew up I think Hayden would do be [...]

  3. I really don t even know where to begin with this one I guess I could start with a general observation about the author Hayden is an American grew up in Montana , writing about events taking place in the United States, but moved to Wales in 1980 and I believe still lives there Although her fictional characters and the real people she writes about are all from the United States, she still peppers her books with British words I m not just talking about spelling color colour , or saying socialising [...]

  4. Nine year old Conor comes to James as an autistic child in need of help James, a psychiatrist, starts with play therapy and discovers that Conor is not autistic but is very, very troubled and emotionally disturbed Little by little Conor who feels very safe in James play therapy room starts to communicate He sees ghosts and is haunted by them.James decides to involve the whole family and starts to hear Laura s, Conor s mother, story Laura is a famous writer She weaves a story about her life from [...]

  5. Pidin kirjasta kovasti, se oli mukaansatempaava ja j nnitt v romaani jota t ytyi ahmia, jotta saisi tiet miten oikein k y oli k ynyt.V lill h iritsi se, ett n k kulma Jamesin no, Torgonin tarinaa lukuunottamatta , ja kaikki tapahtui h nen vastaanottonsa puitteissa Olisi ollut mielenkiintoista n hd Deighntonin perheen el m eik vain kuulla siit heid n kertomanaan ja Jamesin tulkitsemana Oudosti tuntui my s silt ett kirja j jotenkin kesken, sill olisin halunnut tiet mitk olivat seuraamukset lopun p [...]

  6. I can honestly say, this book was almost impossible to read The book jacket very much misrepresented the plot of the book This book could have easily been 100 pages shorter There were way too many ideas for the book, which were poorly executed and not interesting to the story The plot focused mostly on Laura and her fantasies, but was described to be a book about her son Conner There was a twist at the end, but since the rest of the book was so disappointing, I cannot give it than one star The [...]

  7. DisappointingI desperately wanted to like this novel by one of my favourite writers I have read and loved her real life renditions of children she has taught But sadly this book does not compare at all I was either bored to tears or embarrassed for Ms Hayden It s so amateurish I ended up speed reading and then skipping huge sections those in italics because the whole thing was too far fetched The only reason I gave 2 s is because I liked Conor and his cats.

  8. Delusa da questo romanzo, che era partito benissimo, ma che franato miseramente La trama sull autismo si svolge in parallelo con una storia fantastica di pura invenzione della madre del bambino protagonista Noiosa al punto da saltarla del tutto Comunque l autrice si conferma fantastica, ma la preferisco quando racconta dei suoi casi reali che in un romanzo di fantasia.

  9. Je ne m attendais pas une telle lecture, si travaill e, si romanc e et avec trois histoires s par es mais en m me temps si imbriqu es.J ai beaucoup aim

  10. Initial impressions I started out with reasonably high hopes for this book, the premise sounded great, right up my street and it read well albeit it perhaps a little slow if anything for the first couple of chapters Anyway it soon became apparent aside from having very little in the way of actual plot, that it was going to take a weird turn The book soon turned from a psychological case study regarding an autistic kid to becoming centred around a weird fantasy life of the kids mother when she wa [...]

  11. Erilainen, ehk liiankinMielest ni t m kirja oli kiinnostavalla tavalla erilainen, leikitellen tarinankerronnan rajoilla En ollut viel lukenut kirjaa joka olisi kerrottu osissa Kokonaisuus kuitenkin t kki Kirjan alussa saa kuvan, ett tarina perustuisi juuri t m n s hk kissan omistajaan, Conoriin Poikaan jota kaikki luulevat autistikseksi H net tuodaan James nimiselle terapeutille,sill h n ei usko diagnoosia T m kuvaus kirjasta sai minut valitsemaan sen Pian kuitenkin otetaankin odottamaton k nn s [...]

  12. Gemengde gevoelens heb ik over dit boek De verwachting van het boek is deels zeer goed uitgekomen, maar deels ook helemaal niet.Dit boek gaat over de negenjarige Conor die de diagnose autisme heeft en in therapie komt bij kinderpsychiater James James werkt vanuit een methodiek waarbij het hele gezin betrokken wordt bij de therapie en niet alleen het kind in kwestie.Laura, de moeder van Conor, lijkt in een net zo grote fantasiewereld te leven als Conor Ook zij komt voor gesprekken bij James Aanva [...]

  13. Torey Hayden Overheard in a Dream The Mechanical Cat Victoria Lynn Hayden, known as Torey L Hayden, is a child psychologist, special education teacher, university lecturer and writer of non fiction books based on her real life experiences with teaching and counseling children with special needs Conor is nine and autistic, or at least this is what his mother, Laura, an aloof, self absorbed novelist, thinks when she entrusts his care to child psychiatrist James Innes as a stop gap while the family [...]

  14. Perhaps the best book yet from the always very entertaining Torey Hayden.The original title is The Mechanical Cat fiction, 1999 , but it was not published in English I read it in Swedish And is seems also to be published in Italian, Finnish, Japanese, and Indonesian.This book is, unlike Torey Hayden s usual work, not from her own life, but pure fiction.It is set both in our real world and in a fantasy world belonging to one of the main characters There are many differences from the usual Hayden [...]

  15. For the full review please check out read2review This book was very gripping I felt it very hard to put it down From the start it gets you thinking of many different scenarios Towards the end I found that my mind had figured out what had happened to Conor but I needed it confirmed.The fantasy world that was created was very realistic and drew you in It gave a lot of ideas for where the story was going to go Like the way that Torgon was behind the medical training When she killed her lover I had [...]

  16. This is not like her other books but still well worth a read I tended to read things into the story which weren t there.This book starts off with a psychiatrist James meeting a strange young fellow named Connor, who purrs like a cat and attaches foil wires to himself to keep him safe James mantra is that kids in his room can do whatever they like and so slowly with no pressure Connor starts to come out of himself and by the end of the book he is having conversations of a fashion with people He i [...]

  17. 3.5, I think this book could be described as being part fantasy, even though all the elements of fantasy apparently occur in dreams, part thriller, part drama I found it well written and enjoyable and it is clear the author has drawn on her extensive knowledge of child psychology to create this book However, I don t know if it s my ignorance showing but there are parts of the book that seem to defy belief for me For example, would a child of two really be so damaged by what he witnessed that he [...]

  18. A truly clever, horrifying and quite beautiful book.This is a very psychological book, you get to follow mainly 2 characters, but lot s of different stories within these First there s James the psychatrist, who get s a new patient, 9 year old Connor He purrs like a cat and makes mechanical noices and won t speak Then there is Laura, his mother, who when she was young, fled to a different world in her mind after being raped, she fled to a small society in the woods, with a different system in all [...]

  19. Este o 4 ou 5 livro que li desta autora e o nico at agora que n o correspondeu s espectativas.Foi o nico em que a autora n o faz parte da hist ria, o que sinceramente n o estava espera A hist ria cansou me, detestei a personagem de Laura, n o gostei de ter de ler toda aquela fantasia criada por ela, quando chegava a parte das hist rias criadas pela m e de Conor s me apeteceu mudar de p gina para ler fantasia agarrava num Senhor dos An is ou algo parecido.Toda a personagem de Conor foi pouco apro [...]

  20. Torey Hayden is one of my all time favourite writers She is wise and tells the story so that it s almost impossible to put the book down This one was exceptional in that it wasn t told as her own experience, but as a novel about a therapist called James and his client family of four people The one who seemed to need help most is a boy of nine Conor He has a diagnosis of being autistic It soon becomes clear to James that Conor is not autistic, allthough he behaves a lot like it at home When James [...]

  21. I read this book 5years ago and perhaps I was a little bit young I couldn t really get into it But now I am older I have a different perspective to this book It is cleverly written, with reality and imagination entwined, and it definitely left the reader guessing right until the end Even after finishing the book, I would still think about the parallel storylines and find further links that I didn t realise at the time of reading it The only let down, which initially annoyed me at the beginning b [...]

  22. Unfortunately Torey Hayden was a disappointment this time I found this book mostly boring I usually enjoy her stuff, but not this one Maybe after reading her best work all the others are a bit of a let down She should stick to true stories, her novels are just not that good I felt like I was reading The Mists of Avalon when I felt like reading about the autistic or not boy argh Reread it in Jan, 2015 I guess it didn t make an impact since I didn t realize I had already read it but in Finnish un [...]

  23. Taken from the back of the book Nine year Old Conor, haunted by the ghost man is labeled autistic His mother Laura, an aloof, enigmatic novelist, can t handle him, His rancher father Alan, is fighting desperately to keep him from institutionalization Psychiatrist James is called in to help with Conor and over time pulled into Conor s family dynamics This is a hard book to review, so much is going on in the book I can t pinpoint what I want to talk about It is just over the top drama and I could [...]

  24. Depois de ter lido 3 livros da autora que gostei bastante estava a espera de outro livro dentro do mesmo g nero, ou seja, relatos baseados em factos reais resultantes da sua experi ncia profissional com crian as problem ticas, mas este livro um romance que eu adorei ler do principio ao fim Um dos melhores livros que li nos ltimos tempos Um daqueles livros em que n o conseguimos parar de ler querendo devorar p gina atr s de p gina, e com um final brilhante Para mim, livro recomendado sem d vida n [...]

  25. In fact the book is not bad or poorly written The story is kind of funny and catch our attention.However, its not the style of Torey Not at all Taking into account that I m used to her, since I read all of her books, this one left so much to be desired No doubt that I liked much her books portraying real scenes instead of fictitious ones.For me, it was too much history, too much fiction, too empty It could earn three stars, but given what Torey accustomed us, I think two stars is ok

  26. This is the first fiction book I ve read from Torey Hayden and it was just as good as her non fiction stories, the clinical case made believable by my knowledge of her extensive experience through reading her other books Being fiction, this story had closure which some of her others lack There was a bit of a magic realism element which I usually wouldn t go in for in this case I think Hayden pulls off the is it real or isn t it factor.

  27. Oh dear Me I thought this book had promise I love love love all Torey Hayden s other books but this one was such a let down Maybe authors really should stick to what they know It started off so well, good characters and what sounded like a good plot However I think the plot was taken over by one characters fantasy writing which quite frankley added nothing to the story and it would of been possible to read the remaining text without it and the reader still to get the full story.

  28. I really liked this book There was not a moment while reading that I got bored or wished the story would hurry up already It was well paced and the characters were all interesting Best of all, I had no idea what was coming up, not even an inkling of how the book would end This is a fairly common problem with many of the books I read, I m usually able to perceive how the book will end which ruins it slightly for me.