The Right Choice

The Right Choice Best Download || [Karen Drogin Carly Phillips] The Right Choice Best Download || [Karen Drogin Carly Phillips] - The Right Choice, The Right Choice A Love Unexpected Novel Carly Wexler makes her living as an advice columnist never realizing she needs a reality check of her own Convinced that happiness lies along the route she s carefully mapped

  • Title: The Right Choice
  • Author: Karen Drogin Carly Phillips
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  • Page: 429
  • Format: ebook

The Right Choice Best Download || [Karen Drogin Carly Phillips] - The Right Choice, The Right Choice A Love Unexpected Novel Carly Wexler makes her living as an advice columnist never realizing she needs a reality check of her own Convinced that happiness lies along the route she s carefully mapped

The Right Choice, The Right Choice Best Download || [Karen Drogin Carly Phillips], The Right Choice, Karen Drogin Carly Phillips, The Right Choice A Love Unexpected Novel Carly Wexler makes her living as an advice columnist never realizing she needs a reality check of her own Convinced that happiness lies along the route she s carefully mapped out for herself she s been missing living life to its fullest When her fiance s globe traveling photo journalist brother arrives in time for the wedding the unexpecA Love Unexpecte. The Right Choice Best Download || [Karen Drogin Carly Phillips] - The Right Choice, The Right Choice A Love Unexpected Novel Carly Wexler makes her living as an advice columnist never realizing she needs a reality check of her own Convinced that happiness lies along the route she s carefully mapped

  • The Right Choice Best Download || [Karen Drogin Carly Phillips]
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The Right Choice

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  1. Boring Not EngagingJust kind of blah Never really felt like you got the whole picture about the main characters back stories Then, with all the issues between them, never really understood how everything got resolved so quickly Boring read Definitely not her best work.

  2. I recently had the pleasure of reading The Right Choice, an oldie but goody about two souls running from life and personal attachments.Originally written as Karen Drogin, Carly Phillips puts her unique twist on the standard tale of a girl engaged to the wrong guy for security due to past hurt until she meets his brother and put Phillips unique twist on it As with most of her books, The Right Choice is told with warmth, humor and emotion.Each grapples with hurt, Carly Wexler with her dad s infide [...]

  3. Carly Phillips The Love Unexpected Series is The Right ChoiceI had the pleasure or reading The Right Choice, an oldie but goody about two souls running from life and attachments, recently released as an ebook As is often the case with Carly Phillips work this Love Unexpected book is filled with warmth, humor and emotion.Originally writting as Karen Drogin, Carly Phillips puts her unique twist on the standard tale of a girl engaged to the wrong guy for security due to past hurt until she meets hi [...]

  4. I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review For More Check out my blog at obsessedwithmyshelf I generally hate books that involve love triangles I suppose my poor heart just can t take it and I generally avoid these stories like the plague However, this story may have changed my tuneis book is one of Carly s older stories that has recently been released as an ebook and it tells a tale of Carly s journey from what she thinks she needs to love that she ll allow herself to accept [...]

  5. Originally posted at longandshortreviews.cWhat if the predetermined Right Choice isn t the right choice at all Hooray for individuality and realizing one s true desires I know when I grab any one of Carly Phillips books, I am in for a treat The Right Choice is than a treat The writing flows well and drew me in right away One sitting I literally started at page one and didn t get up until the end Why I had to know what would happen There are so many plot twists that are not at all what I expecte [...]

  6. Very enjoyable story about Carly, a woman who has set out to protect herself from the pain that can come from loving and trusting someone by choosing a safe guy to marry She chooses her friend Peter, an ambitious and single minded attorney who works hard to make partner in her father s law firm Neither feels passion for the other but both believe they will get something they want from marriage with a partner who understands their needs and isn t expecting great love in return There marriage plan [...]

  7. This was a sweetly sexy and slightly angsty romance She wanted what she d never realized she was capable of wanting What she d never allowed herself to desire She wanted passion Carly and Peter were good friends, who got engaged Neither are in love with the other but Carly is committed to the safe, drama free marriage that they re going to have She s happy in their fairly unemotional, somewhat platonic relationship, until the arrival of Peter s older brother, Mike He watched as myriad emotions s [...]

  8. I received the e copy of the book in exchange of an honest review This book is awesome Really really liked it It is very touching and both the characters Carly and Mack, overcame over their pasts and dealt with it beautifully I really loved that about the characters They knew their fault and conquered over them even it was hard They did and got what they both wanted, being with each other.The family reunion of Carly s, just love that scene and I was in tune with Carly, so perfectly that the peac [...]

  9. The Right Choice by Carly Phillips is Book 1 in her Unexpected Love series and an updated version of one of her earliest books In this story we meet Carly Wexler, advice columnist, high school counselor, and engaged to Peter Novak, her best friend and a lawyer in her father s law firm The fact that they have no sexual attraction is the reason Carly believes this marriage will work out Well, at least until she meets Mike Novak, a photojournalist and Peter s brother, who has arrived for the weddin [...]

  10. While this is one of Carly Phillips older titles, written under the name Karen Drogin, it makes it no less amazing than her current offerings.Carly Wexler is engaged to Peter, but it really is going to be a marriage of convenience than anything She s always played it safe and this marriage will fall right into that category as well When Peter s brother, Mike, is introduced to her, she feels things that she knows she shouldn t since he will be her brother in law She does her best to push all of [...]

  11. This is a cute story of two people who should not fall In love with each other who do anyway, despite their best efforts.Carly is determined to have the perfect marriage, which in her mind means avoiding love and ensuring her parents marriage is not repeated in hers What she doesn t realize is she is on a path for that to happen.Mike believes he is not meant for permanence or long term commitment His work as a photojournalist in war torn countries is just one reason why He also happens to be the [...]

  12. Carly has her life planned out She is trying to plan her wedding to Peter even though she isn t in love him Due to her father cheating on her mother when she was younger she feels she doesn t need to love her husband She thinks this will make her happy Peter is also not in love with Carly but thinks this is wedding is a good thing for both of them He is too busy or uninterested in the details and sends his brother Mike to help her and BAM instant attraction Mike knows there is no passion between [...]

  13. The Right Choice was fun, endearing and unexpected From the first page of The Right Choice, Carly Philips totally draws you in to the story and you wonder how such a crazy love triangle could possibly end up with everyone being relatively unscathed But somehow she totally pulls it off, making this book fun to read and impossible to put down.Carly Wexler is sweet but totally misguided about love and romance and therefore totally unprepared for the effect that Mike Novack s mere presence has on he [...]

  14. I wasn t impressed with this book The protagonist is about to enter a loveless marriage with friend because she is terrified of her spouse cheating on her because her father did when she was growing up.

  15. 3.5 StarsCarly Wexler has always made the safest choices in life in order to make sure her life turns out right, including her engagement However, when her fianc s brother comes to town for the wedding, Carly experiences feelings that she never knew possible Now she must choose between her desires and her life plan This is a very fast read The ebook had several spacing issues throughout the story, but they did not detract from the flow The characters needed to be fleshed out a bit , but overall [...]

  16. Sometimes we make the wrong choice for the right reasons Sometimes, things we perceive as young children are not accurate When both of these sometimes meet, problems ensue With Carly, that is exactly what happens Thankfully her fiance s brother, Mike comes along to help her The problem with this is that Carly might be falling in love with Mike.The Right Choice by Carly Phillips is a reflective story Carly needs to find her way and needs to make her own decisions without getting weighed down by o [...]

  17. Carly Wexler thinks she has everything in her life mapped out Since her dad had cheated on her mom, Carly believed that she didn t need to love her future husband, just be good friends As Carly is getting ready to marry Peter Novack in a few weeks, she didn t expect to be completely drawn to his brother, Mike Zingant attraction It doesn t help that Mike is instantly attracted to Carly and knows that she shouldn t marry his brother.I really enjoyed these two characters They both had unresolved is [...]

  18. Carly thinks she is walking into everything she wants in life A marriage to Peter that will make her life comfortable , give her the white picket fence and the children she wants But something is missing in this relationship Passion and love Something Carly feels is ok because she s afraid she will turn out like her father Until mike, peters brother walks in to the picture Mike brings that passion and love into her life in a unexpected way But Carly runs and pulls back Afraid of commitment and p [...]

  19. What a sweet love story Can you imagine getting ready to marry someone for safety and security in a month Then you meet the man of your dreams, who happens to be your Fianc s brother To make matters worse, you are a psychologist not willing to face your own issues Talk about ironic Carly and Mike both have been running from their own troubles, can they put their feelings aside so Carly can marry Mike s brother Or are they destined to overcome become each other s right choice Read this great stor [...]

  20. Steamy and funnyCarly is preparing for her wedding with Peter when his brother comes to town Mike is a photojournalist and tries to make them see what a mistake their making by getting married Carly wants safely and security while Peter is trying to make partner at her father s law firm There is a very strong attraction between Carly and Mike but she is determined to ignore it Will Carly realize she s not happy and accept love and passion can go together I bought this without even reading the bl [...]

  21. Oh for the perfect couple on the outside anyways Carly respects and admires Peter the future partner in her father s firm is the right choice to marry Lists, agendas, everything just so, right up until Carly meets a stranger and they playfully banter while looking at rings while she waits for Peter Little does she know that stranger is Mike her future bro in law and he is about to shake up her thinking Feeling that shouldn t be, secrets that create a whole mess of other problems Who will Carly r [...]

  22. Carly and Peter are getting married, the only problem with that is they are friends and not lovers or in love with each other Carly thinks she does not need or want passion in any part of her life, especially when it comes to marriage In walks Peter s brother, Mike, and suddenly all good plans start to fall apart This was a sweet story with characters who all needed healing from past events and true love overcomes everything Definitely recommend this one and want to know how I missed this one wh [...]

  23. A bit on the touchy feely side of romance A lot of feeling and thoughts Not exactly my cup of tea but if you are a Danielle steel fan probably up your alley First half was pretty good but then i though the second was a bit quite a bit of a drag her not telling him to stay and him running away was all just all over the place Half way through had half the mind to scream Get on with it already Not very bad, but i have read better If it was just the first half of the book might have gotten stars.

  24. This book is a story about 3 people who are mentally damaged by things that happened in their past Fighting the passion that nearly destroyed her parent s marriage and affected her teen years, Carly has decided to settle for a marriage with her friend Peter, who is using her to achieve the wealth that he was lacking as an orphan Along comes Peter s older brother, who is fighting his own demons, but is attracted to Carly from their first meeting He needs to make them both realize that they are ma [...]

  25. This is one of the first books I read by Carly Phillips and I was immediately hooked.This story tells how people sacrifice in order to follow their dreams Carly just wanted to be married so she chose her best friend who is a workaholic and doesn t really pay attention to her needs Unfortunately for him His brother is willing to pick up his slack It becomes quite interesting watching the two of them dancing around each other while her fianc is still MIA.I thought this was a great story it has rom [...]

  26. tough decisions are made in this one do you marry for love or security Carly must choose between the passion Mike ignites and the chance for true love and happiness or the security his brother Pete can provide as an up and coming lawyer in her daddy s law firm Since her father s infidelity years ago and knowing the toll it took on her family, Carly thinks allowing passion to rule her life would be a huge mistake but when Peter makes a grave error in judgement, that s all it takes to give his bro [...]

  27. The Right Choice was a refreshing read I enjoyed the way the characters progressed and the revelations they came to about themselves In the beginning Carly thinks she is sure of what she wants and needs only to realize as the book progesses that she couldn t have been wrong Mike appears as everything Carly thinks is wrong for her only to prove to her that they are better together in every way He shows her everything that is wrong and is missing with Peter and gets her to face her fears of the p [...]

  28. This was a good read after my exhaustion on Thanksgiving Day Thanks to Ms Elisabeth Naughton for advertising it on her FB Carly was jaded by his father s affair She was afraid to love, and so she committed herself to Peter a lawyer for security and safety When Mike Peter s brother came about in her life, she finally realized that love is the most greatest thing in life It taught her to deal things in different approach and help her to surpass pains caused by her dad I would consider this a class [...]

  29. Carly and Peter are in a relationship of convenience While preparing for the wedding Carly finally meets her fiance s brother Mike Carly is coming to realize that maybe her marriage might be a mistake Mike is also noticing that his brother isn t even interested in future bride While helping with the wedding plans both Carly and Mike are both having feelings towards one another Well done Carly Phillips on another book that I couldn t put down.

  30. I so love the way Carly Phillips writes a story It s full of so much heart, love, laughter and sexiness The Right Choice was chalk full of all those things I will say, falling for the brother of the ex has never been my favorite troupe, but I enjoyed this one Mike was so good for Carly and vice versa They had amazing chemistry from the moment they met and that s the part that really sucked me in Good, quick, sexy read Happy reading

  31. Carly is engaged to Peter She doesn t love him but she respects him and craves the security of a marriage Then she meets Mike, who challenges her engagement The bad thing He s Peters brother He doesn t want to get married but he also doesn t want Carly to make a mistake and marry Peter without being in love Will Mike convince her to take a chance on him I received this book in exchange for an honest review

  32. From the start, I didn t like Peter He was pretentious, selfish and just didn t rub me right I liked Carly She was sweet but too forgiving, too easy to push around I loved watching her grow her backbone Mike was my favorite I loved the fact that he saw through their sham and wasn t afraid to say something This was a very romantic sweet love story I d read this again and again It was heart melting and enjoyable.

  33. I have been a big fan of Carly for a long time I read this book quite a while ago it is well worth than one read Mike met all my needs and I could understand Carly s pain I even liked Peter in the end If you haven t read this yet please doif you read it years it again I m looking forward to reading of her classics This is an honest review is now on my kindle but my hard copy is still on my bookshelf.

  34. I really liked this book because it loosely reminded me of one of my favorite movies While You Were Sleeping Heck the wrong brother is even named Peter Carly and Mike make a great couple and their issues and fears they each have to overcome to achieve their HEA make a great story The epilogue and last line had me laughing out loud Great read

  35. Great ReadThis story hasn t any shocking surprises there is one surprise that I enjoyed but is well written with no typos or poor grammar that I recall which so often exist in ebooks and which break up the joy of reading The personalities are well developed and act in character I look forward to books from this author.

  36. This was a cute story Carly and Mike made a great couple once they got over their issues One thing j really enjoyed about this book was how similar their issues with commitment were, but how different the reasons for those issues were The way each character resolved their troubled past was realistic and really added depth to the story.

  37. Disclaimer I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.These characters are smart yet filled with issues We see that the characters are a little broken and hope they can work their way to fixing themselves I really like the set up and the twists and turns the characters take, as in real life.Ms Phillips has another winner in this novel and I look forward to her next release.

  38. I liked this story and the characters and I m glad they got their happy ending The way the characters had to work through their issues really slowed the pace, but I d still recommend it I look forward to finding out what happens to Peter The ending was sweet I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

  39. While I flew through CP s Dare series so far , I had a tough time getting through this one I think it was because I felt that this couple lacked chemistry, and I m not talking about Carly and Peter Carly and Mike didn t have much in my opinion either It wasn t a bad book, but it wasn t 5 star quality either.

  40. Another bookbub book I enjoy reading Carly Phillips and I liked the psychological problems of the characters I have slight problems with the running from problems kind of books, and wish characters would talk a little about their problems instead of keeping them inside But then there might not be a book

  41. This was okay book At the beginning I was really into it but as the story developed it seemed the build up wasn t what I was expecting It was a bit of let down Romance was great, it was just their issues that didn t seem plausible Kept me rolling my eyes the whole time.

  42. GoodThis is a good book and was a good read I only gave it 4 stars because the book didn t really keep my attention That might partly be on me no reflection of the author or the actually story But this review is only based on my opinion what I think, not anyone else s.

  43. Loved it For career and family.Wanting security, why not marry a friend Never getting over her father cheating on her mother, Carly decides to marry her friend But then his brother shows up and sparks fly Can she ignore the attraction

  44. I received the e copy of the book in exchange of an honest review I have to say I loved this book I am a newly devoted fan to reading Carly Phillips and I am glad I was given the opportunity to review her book I give this book five stars

  45. Excellent, a Must Read I love the story, the passion and mystery of where theirs life would end up A wedding, forbidden love, family issues too WOW, Great Read Highly recommended

  46. I liked Mike s character from his first character intro Carly and Peter were a bit harder to insta like but together they all had their moments The stand out read in this series.

  47. I really enjoyed this book, which I wasn t sure I would Carly seemed to be a little wishy washy and Peter acted spoiled But I LOVED Mike and his relationship with Carly and how it progressed It was a happy ending with out being cheesy.