Virtue Best Read || [Amanda Hocking] Virtue Best Read || [Amanda Hocking] - Virtue, Virtue In a world filled with magic love might be the final answer in the eternal battle between good and evil When Lux is tasked with retrieving the virtuous Lily for his master his entire world is put in

  • Title: Virtue
  • Author: Amanda Hocking
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 148
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Virtue Best Read || [Amanda Hocking] - Virtue, Virtue In a world filled with magic love might be the final answer in the eternal battle between good and evil When Lux is tasked with retrieving the virtuous Lily for his master his entire world is put in

Virtue, Virtue Best Read || [Amanda Hocking], Virtue, Amanda Hocking, Virtue In a world filled with magic love might be the final answer in the eternal battle between good and evil When Lux is tasked with retrieving the virtuous Lily for his master his entire world is put in jeopardy Lux must battle goblins demon dogs and sea dragons to rescue the one he loves and that s only the beginning of what he must face Virtue is a fairy tale for yIn a world filled with. Virtue Best Read || [Amanda Hocking] - Virtue, Virtue In a world filled with magic love might be the final answer in the eternal battle between good and evil When Lux is tasked with retrieving the virtuous Lily for his master his entire world is put in

  • Virtue Best Read || [Amanda Hocking]
    148Amanda Hocking

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  1. I m a huge fan of Amanda Hocking, but something about this book just left me with an overall feeling of ehhhhh While I felt the idea of the novel was a creative one and unlike other angel demon books I have read in the past, I felt the overall development of the plot was rushed and sketchy at times, for lack of a better word The connection between the two main characters lacked merit and believability as well, I mean, come on now you find out your boyfriend of two days is a minion of the devil a [...]

  2. I was beyond excited when I heard Amanda Hocking was coming out with a new book When she said that she had posted it to , I was checking my phone and my Kindle every half hour to see if the book had uploaded yet But after I began reading the book, I have to say I was a bit disappointed The idea for the plot was fantastic How she had selected people being a certain virtue, the idea of finding your opposite such as lust and purity falling in love and the classic idea of good and evil fighting for [...]

  3. I read this book in one sitting I was so engaged in the story I could not put it down I have come to believe that Amanda Hocking can do no wrong because every book I have read of hers has been very enjoyable and engrossing Virtue had a true adult fairy tale story and I can t get enough of that kind of story as I always say, getting older is mandatory, growing up is optional The characters were well developed and the story was paced awesomely no sloooow points My only complaint is that there can [...]

  4. Although the story was good I coud not connect to it I love Amanda s writing but this book to me did not hold my interest To me their love interest developed way to fast I did not find it beliveable I know it is a Fairy Tale but I guess they come off better in screen then in book I would definetly see the movie but the book was just ok.

  5. Part of me feels guilty for giving this book such a low rating, but the holder of a BA degree in writing feels differently A LOT differently While I enjoyed this story and read through it quickly, there were several things that bothered me about it The most glaring of these things is the overwhelming about of telling v showing that occurs throughout the book As one of my favorite writing professors always said Don t tell me the woman walked across the street Show it to me One of these such lines [...]

  6. What works about this book is Amanda s never failing imagination She always comes up with wonderful and creative worlds I appreciate how original the idea for this was I also liked the ancillary characters I thought the lead male character, lux worked as well I think the reason everyone keeps saying this would be good for a younger audience is because a younger audience does not need the romantic relationship to be realistic The bottom line is that it does not work The main characters fall in lo [...]

  7. nice and neat all because of this series the trylle i started readin amanda hocking booksi soon fell in love with it and bought the first book of the watersong series and it was OK soon came my blood approves and voil disappointment its wayyyyy toooooo much lke twilight virtue wont disappoint you much as i mentioned its simple nice and neat.eagerly waiting to buy kaninn chronicles

  8. I can t beleive that i m about to say this about a book written by Amanda Hocking who happens to be one of my all time favourite authors but I really didn t like Virtue at all the permise sounded so good and I really liked the start where Lily and Lux meet but something with Virtue just didn t feel at all right I made myself keep reading just to see if it got an better it didn t and I had to give up at 64% I really am so sorry that I couln t get into it.

  9. I guess Virtue was okay.The love story about Lux and Lily was predictible, shallow and boring The characters seemed sketchy at best and their actions lacked logical motivation.Lux is sent to kidnap Lily, the stepdaughter of some evil witch Instead of bringing her to his master like he should have, though, Lux decides to drop Lily off in the dangerous Necrosilvam forest Then he goes off somewhere and talks to some people Meanwhile, Lily gets to know the scary things living in the Necrosilvam Only [...]

  10. I m not sure what was up with this I usually devour Amanda Hocking s books I especially love the Hollowland series but for some reason could never really fully get into this one I mentally roll my eyes when the main couple meet at the beginning of a book and the first thing they do is inexplicably kiss because they re so attracted to each other I love a good paranormal sci fi young adult book as much as the next person, but when this happens I immediately wonder what is going on I like the chara [...]

  11. I love Amanda Hocking but I did not like this book The main character was boring She had no real personality Whenever she was told something she would just believe it Never second guessing or trying to figure things out for herself I never felt any connection to any of the characters The characters fell in love to quickly, it made it unbelievable I felt like the book ended to soon with nothing really happening I loved the idea of this book, good vs evil and changing your own fate but there wasnt [...]

  12. I was a little afraid to read this book based on the reviews I love Amanda Hocking, but I didn t want a bad book to ruin it for me Know what I mean However, I really enjoyed it It was a light, refreshing read with a little suspense, which suits me just fine The romance part was a little quick to be believable, but that didn t really bother me after all, I love Twilight Other than that, I can find no flaw in this story Thank you Ms Hocking for another fabulous book I can t wait to read all of you [...]

  13. This definitely fell into the it was okay category Sometimes the writing felt very stale and very immature The story for a good part of the book was a mishmash of fairy tales from Hansel and Gretel to Snow White Maybe this was the intent but it came off as very unoriginal Eventually some of the original bits worked their way in there and I enjoyed those bits a great deal It is an easy read and definitely not horrible I just think it could have been really fun and it didn t get there.

  14. This is probably the least page turning Amanda Hocking book I have read to date It was interesting enough but the beginning felt rushed and we didn t have enough information to get into it as quickly as we normally do I struggled a lot with it but it was exciting in the end.

  15. My relationship with Amanda Hocking is complicated It s not that I don t love her ideas or stories, they are VERY, VERY good She writes good stories, but sometimes something always just ruins it Either it s the main character, sometimes it s the pacing, or lack of development of the characters in the story Virtue s this one stand alone, fantasy novel is that it s too short and has tons of grammatical errors and some sentences that won t make sense But despite all of that, some of what Virtue can [...]

  16. I had been really excited for this book to come out and bought it that day with plans to read it after I was done with what I was currently reading In the mean time I had read some reviews and it gave me mixed feelings about reading it Of course I would eventually Needing a break from all the murder and horror books I have been reading, I went ahead and gave it a chance Virtue is, as the author describes it, a fairy tale The balance of good vs evil is on the brink of being upset, with evil comin [...]

  17. What I liked Wick She was the only character in the book I really liked, and the only character I was really able to get a feeling for I understood her dedication to Lily than I did Lux s dedication, and I think that made her my favorite character Fairytale setting I liked the unique little bits added to this world The sea dragon was a nice touch, as was the river full of fish that lure their victims in by crying like babies That was super creative and it gave the setting a mystical feeling.Wh [...]

  18. Virtue A Fairy Tale, is one of Amanda Hocking s self published endeavors As I found with all her books, this is a different and interesting story It s a battle between good and evil and Lily, unaware of the part she plays in this battle, is kidnapped by Valefor the ruler of the evil side who attempts to woo her over to his side though the paths he tries to take are unconventional Throw in a bit of magic and you ve got an interesting tale It took me a very long time to read this book It wasn t th [...]

  19. I truly enjoy reading books by Amanda Hocking and Virtue is no exception Ms Hocking describes this book as a fairy tale and that is truly an accurate description.Virtue is a story about good vs evil In this world God made the earth and has agreed to a contest of sorts with the devil Each side will battle it out to determine who ultimately will obtain control of this dominion Humans and demons are the pons in this game Lily s father and stepmother are hosting an anniversary party at their kingdom [...]

  20. Amanda Hocking weaves a unique fairy tale that has elements of Snow White and the Princess Bride with Angels and Demons sewn into the story The story drew me in and developed a fantasical world were imaginative creatures leap off the page The story opens following Lux who is a mysterious man on a mission for an unknown creepy boss Lilly is the Lord s daughter who stumbles upon Lux in the garden and is immediately drawn to him They share a moment until Lily runs off and Lux is taken into the step [...]

  21. I was having one of those weekends where I was super busy and didn t want to get into a long book I wouldn t be able to sit and enjoy for a long period of time So, I bought Virtue by Amanda Hocking to read I had heard it was a quick little read that was very enjoyable and as I ve said before, and maybe even gotten a little preachy on the subject I love Amanda Hocking s work This book follows the story of Lux and Lily Lux must steal Lily from her castle home for his master, even though he has no [...]

  22. The concept of this book is about eternal battle of good vs evil Whoever won would ve ruled over the Earth, and the opposite would be banished for all of eternity The most cunning daemon was chosen on the side of evil, and the most valiant irin was chosen on the side of good Each of the irin and the daemon were allowed seven minions to help them on their conquests of the earth Irin s minions were called virtus and daemon s were called pecatti For every virtu there is an equal and opposite daemon [...]

  23. I m really surprised at the low rating this book has received I thought this was a nice, short fairy tale I knew since the story itself was less than 200 pages that the characters wouldn t be that fully developed, and it would be pretty fast paced, so I didn t have high expectations in that regard Nonetheless, I was pleasantly surprised with the book The story never dragged, and was nonstop action While I couldn t fully connect to Lily, I still loved reading from her perspective, and loved readi [...]

  24. Click Here to read YA reviews at READING, EATING DREAMING view spoiler The hero slaying the dragon to get to the princess in the evil fortress that would ve felt cheesy and predictable by anyone else s hand, but Amanda Hocking pulls it off view spoiler Virtue by Amanda Hocking is a stand out, stand alone fairy tale sold for only 2.99 on Kindle In Hockings make believe world, Lily Lux struggle through the ultimate battle of good v evil Following the theme of your typical fairy tale with dragons, [...]

  25. Hmmm, I don t know how to write about this book First with the positives I found the plot good the ending unexpected Of course I predicted that good will conquer evil but I thought there will be a fight not love vanquishing all evil Now with the negatives The characters were poorly developed The only character that had an inkling of a background was Lux The beginning was so stupid, it almost made me want to drop the book I mean, seriously, In the period of half an hour, the author made the hero [...]

  26. In a world filled with magic, love might be the final answer in the eternal battle between good and evil When Lux is tasked with retrieving the virtuous Lily for his master, his entire world is put in jeopardy Lux must battle goblins, demon dogs, and sea dragons to rescue the one he loves, and that s only the beginning of what he must faceVirtue is a fairy tale for young adults with action, suspense, and romance It contains mild language and some suggestive dialogue Recommended ages 14 and up.My [...]

  27. I honestly hated writing a review for this book Although, I find no major flaw with Virtue, I really didn t feel the attachment that I normally do with Amanda Hocking s books Perhaps, blame can be placed on myself Ever since I heard that Virtue was being released, I have anxiously been awaiting my opportunity to read it It is possible that my hopes were too high Also, this book, to my knowledge, is not apart of a series or trilogy like the other books I have read of Amanda Hocking s which could [...]

  28. Fun, fast read about a girl with a destiny, a boy with a secret and a world whose fate hangs in the balance as the eternal battle between good and evil rages on Virtue seems to be written for a slightly younger audience than any of Hocking s previous books and departs somewhat from her contemporary paranormal usual as this is a of a fairytale fantasy In it she has crafted an interesting mythology regarding the balance of good and evil.There was definitely some insta romance going on in this boo [...]

  29. Lily is an ordinary princess until she meets Lex She convinces her to escape with him because she is in danger, but doesn t say from what.There are 7 virtus and 7 deamons as long as each side has an equal amount the earth can not be overthrown Valefor is the ruler of the deamons and Daniel is the ruler of virtus If Valefor can get Lily to marry him and give her alligence to him he will have an 8th person on his side and rule the earth Everyone is out to get Lily for purposes she knows not This i [...]