Winter Garden

Winter Garden Best Download || [Adele Ashworth] Winter Garden Best Download || [Adele Ashworth] - Winter Garden, Winter Garden A celebrated beauty Madeleine DuMais cleverness is her greatest asset one she puts to good use as a spy for the British Assigned to help break up a smuggling ring in the south of England she arrives

  • Title: Winter Garden
  • Author: Adele Ashworth
  • ISBN: 9780061905896
  • Page: 457
  • Format: Book

Winter Garden Best Download || [Adele Ashworth] - Winter Garden, Winter Garden A celebrated beauty Madeleine DuMais cleverness is her greatest asset one she puts to good use as a spy for the British Assigned to help break up a smuggling ring in the south of England she arrives

Winter Garden, Winter Garden Best Download || [Adele Ashworth], Winter Garden, Adele Ashworth, Winter Garden A celebrated beauty Madeleine DuMais cleverness is her greatest asset one she puts to good use as a spy for the British Assigned to help break up a smuggling ring in the south of England she arrives at the quaint resort town of Winter Garden and meets her partner in subterfuge Thomas Blackwood Unlike any man she has ever met Blackwood s quiet confidence and mysteriouA celebrated b. Winter Garden Best Download || [Adele Ashworth] - Winter Garden, Winter Garden A celebrated beauty Madeleine DuMais cleverness is her greatest asset one she puts to good use as a spy for the British Assigned to help break up a smuggling ring in the south of England she arrives

  • Winter Garden Best Download || [Adele Ashworth]
    457Adele Ashworth
Winter Garden

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  1. This book was hard to find Finally ordered from ebay from GB It is very very good Hot love scenes Madeleine DeMais is a spy for the crown Thomas Blackwood is also a spy but alot than that He is at Winter Garden and hires her undercover to be his french translator for the supossed memoirs he s writing They are a mission to find out who is stealing opium and then reselling it and suspect the owner of the the largest estate with it s underground tunnels Love the end where he tells her how long he [...]

  2. 2.5 stars Now I know why the investigation made no sense whatsoever If only the reader would have been in on it from the beginning, that whole part of the story wouldn t have been so pointless Switched from audio to print at about 35%.RTC

  3. This was a wonderful book It was very emotional, and had such a fantastic hero His love for the heroine was so very sweet and touching The hero, Thomas Blackwood, and the heroine, Madeleine DuMais, both work for the British government They are sent to Winter Garden, where they investigate opium smuggling As they work together and get to know each other, they slowly begin a relationship together I enjoyed reading about the progressing relationship of the hero and heroine, and I thought they were [...]

  4. DNF The social s of the time period are pretty much disregarded from the get go Handsome scholar living alone with a gorgeous female secretary Noooooo, of COURSE polite society won t think anything scurrilous is going on THERE, and of COURSE she ll be accepted to tea with the good ladies of the town I could ve dealt with it if the whole set up of the H h as covert spies was even remotely believable see above setup, when they re suppose to be blending in , but nope For that matter mission what mi [...]

  5. Now this is what defines the word keeper So often romance novels get so redundant that you can t tell one from the next Not so with this one Ashworth weaves together a love story of epic proportions with characters so real, likeable, and wounded that they will haunt you long after you finish reading it Thomas is a wounded, disfigured spy who is living in Winter Garden, England trying to find a opium smuggling thief Madeleine is also a spy sent to help Thomas in his pursuit of the criminal The st [...]

  6. Oh How I adore this book I finished this one in matter of hours and absolutely in love with it The story is a bit different than tipical historical romance It s not just about romance and aristocracy life In fact, it almost has no scene that contain a real aristocracy lifestyle Both the hero and heroine work as British Spy that were working together on a smugging stealing opium case The heroine was also a illegimate child of an addict French actrees with common English man While the hero was a c [...]

  7. Love expands your soul with something inexplicably fulfilling If you die without ever having experienced it, you will miss life s only true joy.Good advice This statement pretty much sums up this book Learning to let go and love was the hardest thing Madeline has ever donebut once she did, the experience was fulfilling and rewarding Thomas and Madeline had great chemistry They outright set the pages on fire at times during this book There were many intense scenes and a one so emotional that I go [...]

  8. I m leaving my 5 star rating in place for this wonderful book Narrator Heather Wilds is one who employs oddly timed pauses I m not sure if this is deliberate or the result of inadequate preparation I just know that I notice it and it distracts me 3.5 stars for the narration.

  9. Loved this book in print when I read it ten years ago I was totally swept up in the audio as well It s definitely on my relisten shelf now.

  10. Another review in Polish This was written long time ago, when I was reading F M books My opinion could be slightly or maybe very different right now view spoiler O pozorach,l ku,po daniu,t sknotach,mi o ci.Po udniowa Anglia, zima, a w a ciwie koniec listopada, rok 1849.Angielski szpieg, Madeleine DuMais, dot d mieszkaj ca we Francji, a konkretnie w Marsylii, przybywa do ma ej miejscowo ci o wdzi czniej nazwie Winter Garden, czyli Zimowy Ogr d Jej zadaniem jest znalezienie osoby odpowiedzialnej z [...]

  11. Ahwhat should I say about this book, 5 star is not enough, it should be PERFECTION I love love this beyond many books I adored, I savor every words to come I love the Hero, I love the pretty gorgeous Heroine Seldom I read book where the Heroine took charges in many part ofhehe the love making which I adore, adore so muchVERY SEXY INDEEDI remember after I read Untouched of Anna Campbell which I love so much, I stumble to Honour Splendour of Julie Garwood which I can t even finishd I found this ma [...]

  12. This may have been the first perfect historical romance I ve ever read It s THAT good The hero feels alpha, strong and sexy, then turns beta in the bestofways the moment the physicality gets going Smart, self possessed but far from cold heroine, and a hero you re rooting for from the time you meet him he s damaged, but not in the usual stupid, dissolute, or self indulgent ways British French intrigue keeps the story moving nicely, and a goodly dose of judgy small town English social s gooses the [...]

  13. Another great, emotional and sizzling romance by Adele Ashworth The sexual tension that builds from the moment the h h meet is intense A twist on the beauty and the beast plotline, Madeline, a great beauty working as a spy for the British Crown is half French and is sent to England to work with Thomas to solve a smuggling case Thomas has a few secrets Somehow he knows Madeleine from years before how And what is the extent of his injuries from the war to his legs Living together undercover, Thoma [...]

  14. Winter Garden had such a beautiful ending it would have been a winner with me as long as I got that far Since the rest of the book was also really good it gained one of my rare 5 5 The only negative thing I found with the book was the small mystery plot line included where the main characters used their spy skills there were two mysteries in the book The mystery was so predictable I figured it out within the first few chapters Since it s a romance novel I don t expect these types of side plots t [...]

  15. I bought this book because it was a daily selection from Book BudS e books, thinking it was another book titled WInter Garden I jumped at it so fast, I didn t notice that it was not from the author that I so enjoy So it automatically went onto my Nook, and when I opened it, I soon discovered it was not at all what I thought it was I read it anyway and discovered it was a very sexy romance novel I used to like these years ago, but had not read one in quite so time Now I remember why I don t read [...]

  16. This book has been out of print and unavailable for a while, so I was delighted when I saw this has been reprinted I have, of course, read the subsequent two books in the series so it was great to finally read where it all began Very passionate book, with some really love depth of feeling Well paced and while there was a background plot with smuggling, it was centred around the development of the romance and emotion between the two characters which is what I feel a romance should be Wonderful re [...]

  17. I loved this audiobook, Heather Wilds is great with the french accent for Madeleine and engligsh accent voice for Thomas I was completely taken by the story, Thomas and Madeleine are spies for the british government and have the task to find out who is the opium smuggler within the aristocratic town of Winter Garden Madeleine and Thomas have a terrible attraction for each other, and although Thomas is taken with her from the beginning, Madeleine doesn t believe in love but little by little falls [...]

  18. I loved this book I am reading them out of order, but I believe we met Madeline in the first book in the series, Stolen Charms I read the last one first, found this at the library and am waiting for 3 from This was such a wonderful love story with a really happy ending I am now on the lookout for all her books, but I am trying to read through all the A s on my bookshelf, so after I read the 3rd book, I will go on to Victoria Alexander.

  19. Me ha gustafo mucho Thomas es un personaje masculino que te atrapa tiene el punto justo de misterio, encanto y pasi n y Madeleine tambi n me ha gustado mucho, independiente y decidida La historia del misterio es tan solo una excusa para juntar a estos dos personajes, porque el libro realmente te hace disfrutar de su relaci n La descripci n y la forma en que la autora te va desvelando a los personajes me ha parecido muy buena y sin olvidar el alto contenido er tico.

  20. Not overly engaging and terribly overwritten It has so many nonsensical moments, and not in a whimsical sense, and the characters actions don t suit their personalities as described on than one occasion not to mention the side plot from the Baron s perspective that doesn t go anywhere Plus after the long, ridiculously slow buildup the resolution happens almost instantaneously within a single chapter Meh.

  21. Throwing in the towel on this one Not what I expected Had hoped for some interesting cultural background and history, but there s none Too bad, as it sounded interesting The characters are blah, plot lacks interest.

  22. EL protagonista es muyyy tierno Se dejan las cosas claras practicamente desde el principio, asique no son los tipicos con el tira y afloja Es una novela bastante romantica aunque con poco movimiento, quiz s un pelin sosa incluso, pero se lee bien.

  23. Me gust mucho esta pareja y esta historia, que se sale bastante de lo habitual dentro del romance hist rico.

  24. 5 stars for the hero s confession and 3 stars for everything else balances this out to a 4 star book that confession is definitely in my top 5.I feel so gooey inside now

  25. Too slow moving and didn t draw my emotions enough.There is a lot of description going on For example within conversations, one person says something Then there are one or sentences describing body language, internal thoughts and or emotions Then the next person says something It s an interesting style of writing Sometimes this was good but other times it slowed things down too much I wanted the story to move forward quickly This book is about uncovering some mysteries It was like slowly unpee [...]

  26. Despite the story revolving around arresting an opiate smuggler, the book spends little time actually doing that I found the book to drag on and on It wasn t until later in the book did the pace pick up The book can be summed up very easily in two people falling for each other One is disfigured and the other is absurdly beautiful There isn t much to the story really It was actually really boring It had some good parts but not enough to justify a great rating, hence, the middle ground It was actu [...]