The Ghost of Lily Painter

Free Read The Ghost of Lily Painter - by Caitlin Davies Free Read The Ghost of Lily Painter - by Caitlin Davies - The Ghost of Lily Painter, The Ghost of Lily Painter The first time Annie Sweet sees Stanley Road the house is so perfect she almost feels as though it has chosen her She longs to move in but with her husband seeming distant and her daughter wrapp

  • Title: The Ghost of Lily Painter
  • Author: Caitlin Davies
  • ISBN: 9780091937034
  • Page: 136
  • Format: Paperback

Free Read The Ghost of Lily Painter - by Caitlin Davies - The Ghost of Lily Painter, The Ghost of Lily Painter The first time Annie Sweet sees Stanley Road the house is so perfect she almost feels as though it has chosen her She longs to move in but with her husband seeming distant and her daughter wrapp

The Ghost of Lily Painter, Free Read The Ghost of Lily Painter - by Caitlin Davies, The Ghost of Lily Painter, Caitlin Davies, The Ghost of Lily Painter The first time Annie Sweet sees Stanley Road the house is so perfect she almost feels as though it has chosen her She longs to move in but with her husband seeming distant and her daughter wrapped up in her friends and new school Annie is left alone to mull over the past Soon she becomes consumed by the house and everyone who has lived there before her especiThe f. Free Read The Ghost of Lily Painter - by Caitlin Davies - The Ghost of Lily Painter, The Ghost of Lily Painter The first time Annie Sweet sees Stanley Road the house is so perfect she almost feels as though it has chosen her She longs to move in but with her husband seeming distant and her daughter wrapp

  • Free Read The Ghost of Lily Painter - by Caitlin Davies
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The Ghost of Lily Painter

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  1. This was so much than just a typical ghost story I loved that it touched on topics such as motherhood, love, family, separation, sexism and the difficult choices a woman has when they fall pregnant The writing style was brilliant and loved that there was a male perspective alongside all the female voices Loved it.

  2. Just finished, and thoroughly enjoyed it except and it s a big except the really ridiculous ending that really strains your credulity and leaves you with a less satisfying feeling than the book deserves Apart from that, it s a lighter read than I was expecting but a fascinating look at baby farming in the early 1900s, with very deft dual time frame story telling and an engaging cast of characters, both modern and historical.

  3. A very engaging work of fiction.Held me captive from beginning to end.The authors notes at the end of the storywere interesting as well.Narrators Annie Aldington, Julie Maisey,Mike Grady and Jilly Bond, were good.Almost clean, some foul language.

  4. From the first time Annie Sweet set foot into 43 Stanley Road, she has felt a strange connection to the house While looking into its history out of curiosity, she develops a special interest in Lily Painter, a teenaged chorus girl who lived there a century ago.Told in a number of different POVs and spanning decades and generations, the story blends fact and fiction, mixing together historical fiction and ghost story The big twist and ending were both predictable and rather farfetched and I had d [...]

  5. Reading this book makes me want to look into the history of my own house, which is about 250 years old Who lived there, what happened to them, who thought putting a wagon wheel in a wall in the front room was a good idea.Plus the ghost drew me in, though that aspect was a little dissappointing, one sighting does not make it a ghost story.

  6. Caitlin Davies blends fact and fiction in The Ghost of Lily Painter , an unusual story sparked from the author s interest in her own house in Holloway, North London In 2008, Annie Sweet moves into 43 Stanley Road with her husband and daughter The house is chilly, the dog won t stop barking, and her husband leaves her Is there a bad spirit in the house which is bringing bad luck Annie begins to explore the house s history and discovers a music hall performer, Lily Painter, lived there briefly at [...]

  7. It begins as a contemporary story.Annie and Ben are looking for a new home in London When they visit 43 Stanley Road Annie knows it is the one Their offer is accepted and they move in.But things go wrong Ben leaves Annie for his secretary Annie is determined to hang on to her home, for herself and for her daughter Molly Because the house speaks to her as no other has.And so she begins to research the history of her home The 1901 census the first since the house was built revealed the names of th [...]

  8. This was an ultimately unsatisfying book although it dealt with dark themes.Annie Sweet and her family move into 43 Stanley Road in north London She soon starts to feel that they aren t alone A cold upper room and the strange behaviour or their dog, together with the break up of her marriage, all combine to make her feel uneasy and melancholy.She is being watched by the resident ghost of Lily Painter, a past inhabitant of the house, She was a talented and successful music hall artistes who died [...]

  9. The ghost of Lily Painter is not a ghost story as such, it is not scary, but it is so much Annie Sweet lives in number 43 Stanley Road, Holloway, a house which she is instantly drawn to with her husband Ben, and daughter Molly In 1901 Lily Painter along with her sister, father and step mother had lived in the same house as lodgers of a Police Inspector and his family Annie starts to look on the 1901 census, initially for family members but with few details to go on looks to see who lived in her [...]

  10. This book works on many levels it s the story of a woman working through her own life problems, the story of a young woman in 1901 facing her own issues, and the story built up by researching the history of a house, with a touch of ghost on the side.Annie is drawn to the house, and as her marriage breaks down she finds herself researching the history of the people who previously lived there.Lily Painter was once a lodger in the house, a young woman with a promising career in showbusiness ahead o [...]

  11. I cannot remember where I saw this book originally or how it was recommended to me, but I am glad that I found it and will say I really enjoyed it Caitlin Davies has taken on the true story of two notorious baby farmers the first women to be hanged in Holloway Prison in 1902 and made a story surrounding these gripping events There is a ghost coming and going in the story, but it is not scary at all I loved the different characters from modern day all the way back to the early 1900 s and was fasc [...]

  12. I really liked this book It took me a long time to pick it up , but I m glad I did Based on in part the crimes, trial and execution of the notorious baby killers Amelia Sachs and Annie Walters the first women to be hanged in Holloway Prison in 1902 , this book contains 3 focus points the baby farmer killers, and the residents of a house in London At one point , I thought I d guessed the ending, when at a particular point, the next chapter blew me away I did not see the change in plot coming.I wa [...]

  13. Overall I thought this was a good book It s the story of Annie Sweet, who becomes obsessed with researching the history of a house she has recently bought in London, while going through a marriage breakdown, and the story of an Inspector who lives in the house at the start of the 1900s, and the true story of baby farmers in Edwardian London It s a mix of fact and fiction, and a combination of ghost story, social history and detective story, and I really appreciated the amount of research that mu [...]

  14. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.I love a good old mystery that comes with a past, and The Ghost of Lily Painter kept me up in the night as I couldn t put it down There s a lot going on in the story Annie s personal life, the mystery of the past, the baby farmer twist It was like reading a history lesson as well as a good book I learned a lot about a topic I didn t know much about, but the storyline on all fronts was really strong Great ending, though I thought it [...]

  15. If you are looking for a horror ghost story then don t expect it to be because it is a very well written story about Baby Farming in early 1900 s I didn t read anything on this topic before so I really enjoyed reading this one and discovering a lot about baby farming The Ghost of Lily Painter is based on true facts and if anyone is interested in Historical Fiction then it is a great book.I really like the main character Annie Sweet Ending was good too but I already have seen that coming A very g [...]

  16. I was totally engrossed by this book I love anything Victorian Edwardian and this did not disappoint I loved Annie, Lily and William I couldn t wait to finish it to find out what happens, but on the other hand didn t want it to end The reason I am giving 4 stars is I felt the story became a little rushed regarding Mo and Louis and, as I don t want to spoil the story, desperately wanted to know , especially about him I would highly recommend this book simply because of the wonderful writing and t [...]

  17. The Ghost of Lily Painter kept me engrossed until the end which admittedly tied everything up in a very neat and convenient bundle but nevetheless didn t detract from an enjoyable read Especially interesting were the chapters narrated by the inhabitants of 43 Stanley Road in the period 1901 1902 which gave us a glimpse of life in Edwardian London and the fate of unmarried and pregnant girls and the very limited choices they had and of the unscrupulous baby farmers that profited from their predic [...]

  18. This was okay Straight away this reminds me of The Help because of the chapters being narrated by different characters The author has obviously done a great deal of research I was not convinced with the storyline that the author devises Linking the family line back round to the new owner of the house was a little weak and too obvious and it completely lost my interest in the last quarter of the story I think could have been made of Danny as he started off as mysterious and almost too good to be [...]

  19. I enjoyed reading this book and found it absorbing It was quite sentimental and the conclusion was rather obviousbut a nice easy read The historical portions were what made this book, on their own the modern day bits were a little weak I think the author could have made an interesting story about the turn of the century and the fascinating issues she explored without resorting to the usual rather tired device Is it possible to write a historical novel without it being about a modern day woman wh [...]

  20. As an obsessive amateur genealogist and a lover of historical fiction I really enjoyed this book It was a good story with a unique plot although a bit predictable I found the scenes of early 1900s very interesting especially the awful baby farming However it was a feel good novel by the end I was hooked towards the end and ended up having a long bath to finish the book It was an enjoyable easy read but I have given this three because of the predictability.

  21. I enjoyed the book, I liked the mixture of fact and fiction and the story line kept me interested It all tied up to neatly for me One thing I did like was that in the 1901 census one of the characters was a feather curler I had previously found one of my own relatives with the same line of work which pleased me It was a page turner but did not stretch the readers mind.

  22. This book and it s stories got better as they progressed It wasn t as spine chilling as I thought but the history of the edwardian baby farmers was very interesting I had to look into this further There was a twist in the tale which ended to book This was a bit contrived, but overall it was a good read.

  23. Easy gripping read really wanted to find out what happened a neatly too tied up ending House history from Victorian times to present day Woolies turning into Icelands and cupcakes Part of the story told by the ghost Police inspector investigates baby farmers based on true stories Wish my genealogy was as easy

  24. The Ghost of Lily Painter is a thoroughly enjoying novel, based on fact Not a scary ghost story, but still interesting I d never heard of baby farmers before and spent quite a lot of time online reading about them I agree with some of the critiques about the weak ending, but it s still worth 4 stars for the excellent writing and sympathetic characters.

  25. I read this in a day What a great book Entranced by the story and impressed by the webweaving of all the threads of the storyline and how it linked together at the end in a satisfying way The protagonists were very likeable The timeshifting was really very interesting, as was the information about the baby farmers and Victorian policing Would recommend.

  26. I loved this book to the very end and could hardly put it down I loved the mystery and intrigue and the factual history that the book was based on Great characters and interesting perspectives Fantastic

  27. Started off quite well with an interesting concept Some of the characters were well written and formidable, others were wholly forgettable The end was so far fetched it beggared belief Disappointing.

  28. So pleased with this book I loved reading it, wanted to read it all the time and was pleased with the whole thing I always seem to be disappointed with books by the end, I m so happy to say I wasn t with this one.

  29. An addicitve read that has you not wanting to put it down just so you can see what happens.Family history is not always what it seems.