Midnight Rising

Free Read Midnight Rising - by Lara Adrian Free Read Midnight Rising - by Lara Adrian - Midnight Rising, Midnight Rising In a world of shadows and consuming passions desire is the deadliest weapon Fuelled by pain and rage over a shattering betrayal the warrior Rio has pledged his life to the war against the Rogues He

  • Title: Midnight Rising
  • Author: Lara Adrian
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  • Page: 296
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Free Read Midnight Rising - by Lara Adrian - Midnight Rising, Midnight Rising In a world of shadows and consuming passions desire is the deadliest weapon Fuelled by pain and rage over a shattering betrayal the warrior Rio has pledged his life to the war against the Rogues He

Midnight Rising, Free Read Midnight Rising - by Lara Adrian, Midnight Rising, Lara Adrian, Midnight Rising In a world of shadows and consuming passions desire is the deadliest weapon Fuelled by pain and rage over a shattering betrayal the warrior Rio has pledged his life to the war against the Rogues He will let nothing stand in his way least of all a mortal woman who carries a secret power But now an ancient evil has been awakened and a new darkness is on the rise For joIn a world of. Free Read Midnight Rising - by Lara Adrian - Midnight Rising, Midnight Rising In a world of shadows and consuming passions desire is the deadliest weapon Fuelled by pain and rage over a shattering betrayal the warrior Rio has pledged his life to the war against the Rogues He

  • Free Read Midnight Rising - by Lara Adrian
    296Lara Adrian
Midnight Rising

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  1. I didn t like this book as much as Midnight Awakening The main issue I had was Dylan flat out annoyed me in some scenes Especially with her escape attempt What was that about She could have went along with Rio s plans to scrub her and then went about her life I think it was just a plot point to drag out the story, frankly My other issue was Okay, this sounds really sexist, but her potty mouth was really bugging me It seemed like the woman could not express herself without expletives and oaths I [...]

  2. Rio was no saint, that was for sure He had abducted her, imprisoned her, and she still wasn t certain what he meant to do with her, but she didn t think he was a danger to her.What a coincidence I fell in love with my husband after he kidnapped me and held me in a mansion for days too I mean, come on, how sexy is a disfigured kidnapper Oh, it s definitely you, you sexy beast So, Dylan, a girl, finds Rio, the scarred and psycho warrior, irresistible She accidentally took photos of a vampire hidde [...]

  3. Breed warrior Rio Special ability Able to kill with a touch Age Around 150 years oldBreed mate Dylan Special ability Seeing and talking with dead breedmates Occupation reporter, journalist Mark place Top of spine, by the neckSettings Czech Republic Prague, Bohemian mountainside, Jisin , Berlin, Boston, New York This was one of my favourite book of the series I really liked the chemistry between Rio and Dylan and their characters.Rio was such a heartbroken lonely person Scarred inside and ouside [...]

  4. I fell down the stairs because I was walking and reading this thing They should add HAZARD So addicting, you may never put it down Watch your step on the cover of these things Despite my fall, I was able to save the page I was on, but failed to keep my coffee from spilling all over the floor I spent precious reading time cleaning up at mess But apart from my sore knee and the ruined carpet, I loved every moment of reading Midnight Rising Rio s story reminds of a modern retelling of Beauty and th [...]

  5. MADRE DE DIOS, MUCHO CALIENTE So book 4 of the Midnight Breed series, I enjoyed it but I had my issues with the flow of the story Don t get me wrong it was really good as to be expected of Lara Adrian but there was just something about the time span between the couple that left me going hmmm.So the Breed are warriors sworn to protect humans and civilian vamps from vampires gone rogue, which means they just cant stop from killing and sucking the human population dry Things are about to spice up f [...]

  6. 3.5 stars I m giving the extra half star for Rio I kind of like that guy His name bugged me all the way up until this book for some reason I couldn t stop picturing a man dressed for Carnival until I found out that it was short for a name which was harder to pronounce Okay, I get it now Kinda I didn t think I d be coming back to this series until I realized that I was having trouble attaching to anything after finishing a BDB series re read While the Breed aren t exactly the wit laced bunch that [...]

  7. Casi todas las sagas terminan aburriendome porque van decayendo, casi siempre el primer libro es el mejor, pero est no, todo lo contrario, aunque sabes que va a pasar me encanta leer la historia de cada uno, son todas distintas aunque los protagonistas sean ellos vampiros y ellas humanas, cada lobQuier leer el siguiente, ya

  8. Madre de Dios Yes, that gets thought a lot by our hero Sadly, after a really good installment with Midnight Awakening, Lara Adrian slipped up a bit with Rio s story I did like the leads, but there were some major, unnecessary logic blips that bugged me throughout view spoiler Mainly how could Dylan not tell Rio immediately that her mom had told Gordon Fasso about the crypt Bizarre And she even thought about Fasso in the context of hearing about other people getting their memories scrubbed It was [...]

  9. This review was originally posted on Addicted To RomanceSummary Rio, is still shattered from grief and pain and the loss of betrayal from his mate He has fought long and hard against fighting evil, and will do anything to protect the men he fights with An ancient evil has been released, and Rio is in the process of destroying the chamber and the evidence, and also to bury himself in the rubble Journalist, Dylan Alexander, is traveling in Europe with friends, and working on a story Dylan has psyc [...]

  10. In the first book of Adrian s Midnight Breed series, Kiss of Midnight, the seemingly happily mated couple, Rio Eva, meet a tragic ending Eva betrays Rio and the rest of his brothers in arms, bringing about her own death and leaving Rio severely scarred emotionally and physically.A short time later, where Midnight Rising picks up, Rio is tired of his miserable existence At the end of a dangerous mission in the mountains of Prague, the Warriors discover an ancient, empty crypt which once hibernate [...]

  11. WHOA Another great read for my keeper shelf from Lara Adrian I just finished this book and my heart is still racing.Dylan Alexander is on vacation in Europe Her mother is dying and it was her wish for Dylan to take her place on this fabulous trip Dylan s always been a little differente can see ghosts But they re always young and always female She sees one while hiking on her trip and it guides her to a dark cave while whispering, Save him Rio is ready to die no, he wants to die He s tired of exi [...]

  12. Rio ha superado a Lucan, el primer vampiro de la saga Esta historia quiz tenga m s romanticismo que acci n Pero es necesario, Rio es un vampiro destrozado por fuera y por dentro y sin embargo est lleno de amor para dar y eso es lo que Dylan,a pesar de su escepticismo, es capaz de comprender Como tambi n es capaz de ver el maravilloso interior de Rio a pesar de las cicatrices externas que lo afean y le hacen temible.

  13. After a bitter betrayal by his Breedmate, Rio isn t the same Suffering from mood swings and blackouts, he knows he s a danger to others So when he s tasked with destroying an Ancient s hibernating chamber, he sees a perfect opportunity to end it all Seven months later, he s still trying to seal the chamber and end his life, when a woman stumbles into the cave She s a journalist, and her taking pictures of the glyphs on the cave walls, and Rio, spurs him into action, finally rousing him from his [...]

  14. 5 stars Vampire RomanceThis is perhaps the best love story in the Midnight Breed series I really loved the Breed warrior Rio He is an anguished, tortured soul, but also sweet and loving The relationship between Rio and Dylan is believable and well developed, and I found myself very anxious for them to find their HEA Another great read in this awesome series

  15. I really like this series and the world building and characters is really great.After the tragedy that Rio experienced, I was overjoyed when he found someone to love and trust again Dylan was just the right person for him, in my opinion.As the world of the Breeds grows, the excited I become in getting to know about it.

  16. Dylan is fabulous She s bored with job, hates her boss and can see ghosts The woman just can t get a break When she finds Rio and escapes with her life she considers that some luck until he tracks her down Full review thetbrpile.weebly reviews

  17. WOW This series just gets better and better I loved this book Midnight Rising tells the story of Rio, the most scarred and tormented member of the Breed A year after a brutal betrayal which left him physically traumatised and emotionally wrecked, Rio is on the verge of suicide when Dylan Alexander literally stumbles across him When Dylan sees something she shouldn t and then takes off, it s up to Rio to track her down and fix the problem Oh, and what do you know, she bears the mark of a breedmat [...]

  18. I was not sure how this book was going to go for me, because I felt like it might have been too soon to tell Rio s story However, this was totally not the case as Adrian was able to bring Rio back from the brink and make things right for him in this book.In this fourth book in the Breed series, the book opens by reminding us that Rio had stayed behind to deal with some unfinished business of the Order However, it also reminds us how damaged Rio was due to a previous incident with his Breedmate, [...]

  19. Sigh To me, there is nothing worse than potential squandered And that is, unfortunately, where I see the Midnight Breed series headed Rio s story was a big disappointment for me.Let me sum it up Rio is a Breed warrior whose Breedmate, Eva, betrayed him then committed suicide Her betrayal was to try to get him away from the Order and so she could have him all to herself, but when his life was jeopardized, she outed herself and that cost her his love altogether In response, she killed herself Now, [...]

  20. I Loved Rio s story it was so emotional Him and Dyllan are perfect for eachother

  21. 5 Rio the awesome stars This one I was actually wanting to read and now that I have, I m ecstatic I loved Rio a couple of books back after that terrible incident that happened to him I never thought that he d recover, but there you go With the right amount of love and passion, I m guessing anything can be accomplished.Off to read awesomeness

  22. 4 stars, though admittedly this one took me a little longer to get into I have loved Rio since the first one and really felt for him throughout the series and I was super excited to get to his story, but it honestly took me until about the 30% mark before I was like Yes I can t put it down CharactersRioRio is one of the heartbreaking characters, his mate betrayed him in a horribly selfish attempt to keep him all to herself and he almost died, and he genuinely wishes he had He s not the same, on [...]

  23. Riooh Rio I loved him from the beginning and when tragedy struck for him and he was harmed in a way that would have killed a normal human then to have his heart ripped out of his chest with betrayal along with feeling as though he is losing his mind My heart hurt for him I was so excited that he was going to get his happily ever after.Dylan comes across the hibernation chamber where Rio is at, where he has been for a while He stayed back after the guys all went back to Boston because he told the [...]

  24. yazar kitaplar nda sadece o kitab n konusu karakterlere e ilmekte Ben a k as di er karakterlerin hallerinde neler oldu u,neler ya ad klar n da okumay severim her kitapta Nalini singh bu dengeyi ok iyi kuran harika bir yazard r mesela o kitaptan sadece ana karakterleri a z ndan de il di er karakterin a z ndadan birka ey okursunuz ho unuza gider kiss of snow da sacha n n do um sahnesi m kemmeldir mesela o iftin bebi lerinin do umunu ba ka nas l renirdik, hoppidik bebek geliverirdi olurmuydu ya ,ol [...]

  25. I ve been looking forward to this one since book 1 This is Rio s story, and for a girl who loves a tortured hero, Rio s story did not disappoint Rio was almost killed in an explosion that left him badly scarred emotionally and physically He has sequestered himself inside a cave and is contemplating suicide when Dylan happens upon the cave After being betrayed by his former breedmate now deceased , he is leary of females and especially of love.Dylan was a tough character, and to be honest, I stru [...]

  26. NOTE TO SELF Do NOT continue this series No matter how much you are tempted when you want to listen to some PNR in audio, please learn your lesson After 4 books, it s the same bland plot over and over It will NOT improve so please get it in your head.Like the previous book, this one was bland, with a couple that fell in love out of nowhere Worse, Rio got over the betrayal of his previous mate too easily I would have thought that it would take him years for him to trust another woman again.The he [...]