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  • Title: Evan
  • Author: Diana Palmer
  • ISBN: 9780786274857
  • Page: 314
  • Format: Hardcover

↠ Evan ↠ Diana Palmer - Evan, Evan None

Evan, ↠ Evan ↠ Diana Palmer, Evan, Diana Palmer, Evan None. ↠ Evan ↠ Diana Palmer - Evan, Evan None

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  1. 5 I HATE THAT I LOVE YOU STARS This is the book that got me hooked on Diana Palmer s book The first time I read this book was in my early teen years And I remember goingAnna was such a strong woman, who was worn down by the hero, Evan I will explain at the beginning she was obviously In love with Evan and had been for many years and was not put off by his ridicule and rejection She kept hoping he would eventually see her and beginning to care about her However, when he throws back his ex lover i [...]

  2. He moved one hand to his shirt and, holding her eyes, ripped the snaps open down the front, baring the bronze, muscular chest under its thick mat of dark, curling hair Touch me, he said curtly.Her lips parted She couldn t believe this was happening, here in the gallery, in broaddaylight It s all right, he said quietly He caught her hands and put them inside his shirt, pressingthem gently into the thickness of body hair Evan she moaned.His breath caught as he pushed her hands closer Oh, God, he m [...]

  3. Good heavens That was hysterically cheesy, but I did enjoy it in that guilty way I enjoy a box of Cheez Its I just had to exercise this Diana Palmer mania that got started up over at I didn t feel right being the only one to suffer since I d kinda suggested that it would be fun to have a Diana Palmer Lynne Graham mish mash Basically the MOST pitiful downtrodden, orphan heroine EVER and the Greek tycoon turned rancher turned secret federal agent This one didn t really have a downtrodden heroine t [...]

  4. A sweet, sexy romance served the DP way It s been a while since I read a DP I enjoyed so much and can swoon about too The 19 yrs old h is the sweetest DP h ever She s no downtrodden Mary Sue I just love the way she chases after the H, who though attracted to her blonde buxom beauty tries to fob her off as he feels she s too young.It wasn t that he minded the dinner so much What bothered Evan Tremayne was the way Anna sat and watched him I have to go She stood up Not yet, she pleaded I ve got thi [...]

  5. Fricking Evan Apply two by four vigorously.Mid chapter 5There is some betrayal here, and it s me Betrayed by fellow Goodread reviewers Here is a quote about the hero, But he is a DP H and just as butt headed as any of them, although he wasn t as mean as most others The reviewer will remain nameless yeah Preeti, it s you , but she was not alone in damning with faint praise Fricking Evan is NOT a bad DP hero I am about two minutes from channeling my Dad s WWII bootcamp Marine cussing over this guy [...]

  6. UPDATE Relido em 9 de junho de 2016UPDATE re read in October 2014 I was only teasing That kind of teasing can be dangerous Practice on Randall He s safer than I am.

  7. Evan es el m s terco y cabezotas de sus hermanos y eso que parec a el m s agradable, pero bueno las apariencias enga an, pobre Anna

  8. T pica historia de Diana Palmer, que aunque t picas y algo repetitivas entre ellas me gustan igual.Si tengo que remarcar alguna cosa ser a la actitud de la madre de ella Me parece muy bien que los padres respeten las decisiones de sus hijos, pero la actitud de ella ante la decisi n de Anna a n sabi ndola desacertada me pareci inadecuada Por mucho que un padre respete la decisi n de su hijo tambi n es su obligaci n intentarle hacerle ver que esta cometiendo un error, aunque recordando siempre que [...]

  9. This was recommended to me as a read that involved unrequited love on the hero s part and then the heroine gave up on him, so he actually missed her Boy did that hit the nail on the head.So I loved how freaking Alpha Evan was Yes, Alpha with a capital A for sure I also loved how pliable the heroine was for him Sometimes these things just work Yes, she was a door mat and yes, he was an a hole most of the time, but you know what I loved it I think these two were meant for each other, even though i [...]

  10. Wonderful Wonderfully written story Even big strong gorgeous wealthy men can have insecurities Evan had a very bad experience with a woman and now he thinks he s too big, too strong for the one woman he wants Anna sets out to prove him wrong A wonderful story.

  11. Po asn m za tku se to zvrhlo v nudn pr m r, p ece jenom, e it p es 200 str nek hrdin v komplex, e je p li vyvinut Obe la bych se

  12. Fact 1 I have read some other books by Diana Palmer and didn t like them.Fact 2 I m not really into category romance They are not enough developed.Fact 3 I don t like caveman alphasFact 4 or hairy male chests.Fact 5 I don t mind age differences but I don t care about them either Fact 6 The na ve, sweeter then honey brainless virginal heroines are making me angry.And what I really don t like are the books that have all of above piled on less than 300 pages Unfortunately, I have not only already h [...]

  13. A sweet read.Once again Diana Palmer creates some magic.Sweet, innocent, young Anna has been hopelessly in love with Evan for years She has tried some outrageous things to get his attention from manning a desk in her mom s office to snakes in her desk but he doesn t bite.Evan is an older experienced man who considers her just too young and innocent for him He does find her desirable but a bad experience in love years ago has made him afraid to take a chance on her His desire for her is becoming [...]

  14. Anna has always been in love with Evan but he has never taken her seriously because of her young age He keeps pushing her away, even if he feels attracted to her, until he pushes her to far, to the arms of another man, until he realises it might me too late It s a beautiful story One that shows that not all scars are apparent, some are skin deep.

  15. Caminhos da Sedu oDiana Palmer Homens do Texas 08Irm os Tremayne 03Harlequin 2014Sinceramente n o consegui ficar muito brava com Evan Sei que ele foi at cruel com Anna, mas ele t o traumatizado que compreendo seus medos Apesar de aparentar ter dio por Anna, na realidade ele quer proteg la, a ama tanto que tem medo de machuc la com sua for a e falta de controle.O que Evan n o compreende a for a que Anna tem, n o s fisicamente, mas principalmente de car ter e esp rito t o apaixonada que faria qual [...]

  16. Diana Palmer is my guilty secret, I love all her books However, there are some details that make me cringe, like when the guy calls the girl little one , jeez In this case, Evan is in love with a 19 y o woman, while he is 15 years older She pursues him very aggresively until she realizes he ll do anything to be rid of her Then when she turns form him, is when he can t resist her I thought he was too cruel sometimes, but he got his comeuppance, so it was sweet revenge, until the HEA Very nice boo [...]

  17. Since this is a book from the early 1990 s I have to give it some slack.I liked that Anna tried to be strong and gave up Evan after chasing him for two years She realized that she was making a fool of herself.Evan was too confusing He wanted her but he had so many reasons not to have her She s 19 and he s 34 He had a bad experience with his first love and she was a virgin too He was so traumatized by that experience.I hated the fact that he was so cruel to Anna She gave him up and he just kept h [...]

  18. aneh,, masa Evan takut berhubungan dengan Anna gara2 tnggi badannya Evan 195cm ditambah Anna yg umurnya ,muda bgt baru 19 tahun ,,khas Diana Palmer, awal2 qta baca pasti langsung benci sm heronyana gak, heronya memperlakukan si heroine dengan sangat menyebalkan ,,alurnya ceritanya hampir sama kaya Lionhearted,, tp setidaknya Leo Hart gak sekurangajar Evan Tremayneill enjoyable read

  19. i loved this book It was hot and sexy and sweet and kind with lots of romance Evan was a great hero, just a bit mean in the middle but sweet and caring when he woke up to himself.Anna was sweet and a realistic 19 year old not sure herself if it was love or a crush She wasn t afraid of what she wanted even though she was a virgin.I love how these books let us know how previous Long Tall Texans are going with their wives and children.

  20. Main Characters Evan Tremayne and Ana CochrinNote 1 Tremayne BrothersNote 2 Long, Tall, TexansNote 3 Jacobsville ResidentEvan spends his time avoiding Ana s flirtations but when push comes to shove is he ready to send her packing Especially when he finds out she is ready to marry another Own a paperback copy and on pdf.

  21. amo estas historias, faciles, adorables y rapidas llenas de ese amor salvaje que muy pocas personas llegan a tener en sus vidas y que nos dicen sigue buscando, no te rindas y no te conformes con menos de lo que te mereces.

  22. I liked this one a lot But do find it hard to believe in any of her books that the ladies would be so easy to get back after the way the men treat them If I were the women I d make it a little harder on them

  23. One of my favorite, like seriously I always love this kind of story where the Hero ended up having a hard time, regretting about how his treatment towards heroine Argh, Diana Palmer always know which button to push

  24. A happy ending romance story Evan Tremayne s hangups were a little over exagerated Anna Cochran loved him and chased him for many years She stopped suddenly, and that s what it took to bring Evan to his senses I ve over simplified but I enjoy these quick little romance tales.

  25. Evan didn t know what he had until Anna gave up on him A girl can only take so much, and Anna finally had her limit Evan doesn t want to want Anna, she s too young for him Things happen that makes Evan admit his feelings for Anna, it was so sweet.