Rainey Days

[PDF] Rainey Days | by ↠ R.E. Bradshaw [PDF] Rainey Days | by ↠ R.E. Bradshaw - Rainey Days, Rainey Days Special Agent Rainey Bell is on medical leave and has been for over a year after a horrific attack left her scarred both inside and out She drinks too much and hasn t had a good night s sleep in mont

  • Title: Rainey Days
  • Author: R.E. Bradshaw
  • ISBN: 9781456448905
  • Page: 131
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Rainey Days | by ↠ R.E. Bradshaw - Rainey Days, Rainey Days Special Agent Rainey Bell is on medical leave and has been for over a year after a horrific attack left her scarred both inside and out She drinks too much and hasn t had a good night s sleep in mont

Rainey Days, [PDF] Rainey Days | by ↠ R.E. Bradshaw, Rainey Days, R.E. Bradshaw, Rainey Days Special Agent Rainey Bell is on medical leave and has been for over a year after a horrific attack left her scarred both inside and out She drinks too much and hasn t had a good night s sleep in months On a hung over morning in June Rainey finds herself thrust back into the world of stalkers rapist and serial killers by a request for help from an old friend The nexSpecial Agent Ra. [PDF] Rainey Days | by ↠ R.E. Bradshaw - Rainey Days, Rainey Days Special Agent Rainey Bell is on medical leave and has been for over a year after a horrific attack left her scarred both inside and out She drinks too much and hasn t had a good night s sleep in mont

  • [PDF] Rainey Days | by ↠ R.E. Bradshaw
    131R.E. Bradshaw
Rainey Days

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  1. Even though this book gets many positive reviews, for me this was not a keeper.Even though I quite understand why others like it so much, I must judge it involving my personal taste, and what I m looking for in a book to be satisfied.So it s not the quality of the book that falls short, it s just me.My problems with this book are With the introduction of Rainey s character I was very sure that she was gay She was one of the guy s , tough as nails , former agent Her reaction to Katie and how she [...]

  2. Well, how to explain this It s not a detective book, not a horror book or a romance book, what is it I m still not sure.I m that annoying person commenting on the movie saying facts about the progress and whatever and if it was a movie I could probably skip from the first ten minutes, say what would happen and I d be right Very predictable plot, but it still got me entertained enough to finish the book Maybe it was meant to be shocking and making you read the book again and go wow, I didn t real [...]

  3. I don t usually review books that I don t finish However sometimes I do feel it s necessary to say why one book wasn t good enough to keep me interested.I read a bit than half of Rainey Days And even during that first half I was struggling not to skip chapters Here s why the story felt like something I ve read a thousand times before, with the usual elements that come with a lesbian thriller the most relevant is the broody detective traumatised by a near death experience an encounter with a cri [...]

  4. First novel I ve read of Bradshaw s Her protagonist, Rainey Bell, is an FBI Special Agent on whom Bradshaw clearly did her homework Having written mysteries police procedurals I know it s a fine line between too much professional detail and not enough to sound authentic Bradshaw gets it just right.Her writing is sound and well paced I read this on my Nook and though the formatting was sloppy enough to be a distraction, I don t know enough about e publishing to know if that s just the way it uplo [...]

  5. Mysteries and thrillers are not my kinds of books They are the elements of nightmares for me But I have read and enjoyed other books by R.E Bradshaw Decky has done it again I read it in one day I had previously read about 5% of the book before but had left it for a time when I knew it didn t have to replace my bedtime book, though parts would have been ok I had to reread it from the beginning and was tied up in the story until the end.Now I can hardly wait to read Rainey Nights

  6. This is my first Bradshaw book, and I dislike it almost as much as I liked it Pun intended I am gonna try and enjoy the ride, hopping the next books of the series are better I liked the way it s written I liked the main character mostly I liked some minor characters a lot I mean, everybody needs an Ernie in the background Still, the storyline was so obvious it hurt my teeth a lot So now I warn you BEWARE SPOILERS and I had a real hard time to connect with the school teacher wife of politician ev [...]

  7. Loved this book, cant wait to get started on the rest of the series Thought the characters of the 2 female leads where awesome especially Rainey Im a sucker for those with dark, painfull histories but still manage to survive with the qualities that matter intact and can love and be loved The whole stalker returning killer plot was really well done That plus the angst of a budding romance between the female, slighty flawed and damaged leads kept those pages well and truly turning.

  8. Great read Really love this writer The first book of hers I read was house on fire, it was great, so I read this one I ve just bought the rest of the series

  9. Requires a dose of suspended reality for the catalyst to work, otherwise I really liked it I m assuming Criminal Minds fans would like it Heavy topic for some readers.

  10. Special Agent and Behavioral Analyst Rainey Bell is surprised to see JW Wilson, a high school friend that became a State Representative, walk into her bail bondsman s office Rainey is on medical leave after suffering a horrifying attack while on duty During her leave, Rainey has taken up her father s bail bondsman business along with her father s business partner Mackie Rainey s father, who was also her best friend, was gunned down while apprehending a fugitive This happened not too long before [...]

  11. When I picked up the first book in this series Rainey Days I had absolutely no idea that I would be transported into the world of an exceptional storyteller.Rainey Days introduces us to the aloof FBI agent Rainey Blue Bell On medical leave after a life changing encounter with a serial killer the previous year, we step into her world as she continues her fight to forget the nightmares and move on with her life Her struggle to cope often has her looking for answers at the bottom of a tequila bottl [...]

  12. The physically and psychologically damaged former FBI agent is not really all that new, but this book was a serviceable enough entry in that category Rainey Bell, having survived an attack by a serial killer and on leave from the FBI, is hired by an old friend to track down who is stalking his wife and leaving creepy notes and photos about her The old friend and his wife are on the outs and Rainey and the wife have one of those love at first site situations pop up that inevitably in these sorts [...]

  13. Rainey Bell is hiding from her past, the serial killer that got away, drowning her memories in alcohol.A favour for a childhood friend brings the killer back into her life and she has to confront her past to save the ones she loves.What I loved about this book was the characters and the way the way their relationships developed Bradshaw bases her story on two straight women who fall in love, which defies conventional lesbian wisdom about being born gay but highlights the magic of love at first s [...]

  14. I didn t like it very much 1 It s nice the way the author describe all details But just it s not my thing.2 I knew the killer since the beginning all right that I did the same assumption in another book and ended up being someone that I didn t thought about it, that was what I was hopping for in this one, but not happen 3 The romance part It s not developed quite,well maybe because is just the first.

  15. Short review This was another foray into the forest of lesbian genre fiction And it s a weird entry In a twist from some of the other series I ve tried, this one actually have a than capable mystery plot But the characterizations weren t worth the price of admission, and the literal insta love romance plot was not appreciated view spoiler Also, was it just me, or did the author keep talking about people peeing, like, all the time It got kind of weird hide spoiler

  16. It took me less than three days to read the book The first pages I wasn t convinced it was a page turner, after twenty pages I was hooked Great action, nerve racking scenes and a little bit of love, just perfect for a long weekend on the couch I m going to read the next books as well.The only downside I knew quite soon who the killer was, bit then again, I write crime and mystery books too, so maybe I knew because I would have written it the same way

  17. Really good book I love Rainey and Katie s characters I thought the story was outstanding Rainey is a bit paranoid and that is certainly understandable, but I thought at times, her paranoia came across as filler.Still, I immediately bought all the books in the series after finishing this one soHighly recommended.

  18. A 2011 Lambda Literary Award Finalist Special Agent Rainey Bell is on medical leave and has been for over a year The death of her father and an attack from a serial killer has left her scared She drinks too much and can t sleep as she tries to get her grounding and her life back A request from an old friend tests her skills, her endurance and gives her a reason for living.

  19. I really enjoy Ms Bradshaw s style of writing This book would have easily been a 5 star if not for the see through plot It could have just as easily been a 3 star if not for some stellar writing So I give props to the author and look forward to reading of her books.

  20. Thoroughly enjoyed this, was very well written My only criticism is that almost immediately it became obvious who the bad guy was Other than that it was a very enjoyable read and looking forward the the next one.

  21. Extremely compelling characters, excellent prose and terrifying story line Couldn t wait to finish in order to read the next in the series The romance was hot and the suspense was kept me checking my doors and windows.

  22. I really really enjoyed this book and am looking for the next one in the series.It was well written and full of tension, although I had worked out the killer before the end

  23. It was ok but a little predicable with regards the story that draws the two women together I also found the attraction a little fast.Overall though a good read.

  24. This was the first Rainey Bell book that I have read cant wait to read the rest Without giving the game away who saw that coming a masterful mystery which had me guessing till the last few pages