The Canterbury Tales

[PDF] Read Ï The Canterbury Tales : by Seymour Chwast [PDF] Read Ï The Canterbury Tales : by Seymour Chwast - The Canterbury Tales, The Canterbury Tales Accompany a band of merry medieval pilgrims as they make their way on motorcycles of course to Canterbury Meeting at the Tabard Inn the travelers including a battle worn knight a sweetly pretentio

  • Title: The Canterbury Tales
  • Author: Seymour Chwast
  • ISBN: 9781608194872
  • Page: 327
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Read Ï The Canterbury Tales : by Seymour Chwast - The Canterbury Tales, The Canterbury Tales Accompany a band of merry medieval pilgrims as they make their way on motorcycles of course to Canterbury Meeting at the Tabard Inn the travelers including a battle worn knight a sweetly pretentio

The Canterbury Tales, [PDF] Read Ï The Canterbury Tales : by Seymour Chwast, The Canterbury Tales, Seymour Chwast, The Canterbury Tales Accompany a band of merry medieval pilgrims as they make their way on motorcycles of course to Canterbury Meeting at the Tabard Inn the travelers including a battle worn knight a sweetly pretentious prioress the bawdy Wife of Bath and an emaciated scholar clerk come up with a plan to pass time on the journey to Thomas Becket s shrine by telling stories The twentAccompan. [PDF] Read Ï The Canterbury Tales : by Seymour Chwast - The Canterbury Tales, The Canterbury Tales Accompany a band of merry medieval pilgrims as they make their way on motorcycles of course to Canterbury Meeting at the Tabard Inn the travelers including a battle worn knight a sweetly pretentio

  • [PDF] Read Ï The Canterbury Tales : by Seymour Chwast
    327Seymour Chwast
The Canterbury Tales

Comments The Canterbury Tales

  1. Mr Chaucer was a saucy fellow I think most of his tales were blatantly borrowed from The Decameron.This comic is like a cliff notes to The Canterbury Tales Highly recommended I gave it 4 stars because the illustrations were just stick figures I m eager than ever to read the actual book

  2. This is my second adaptation by Seymour ChwastI applaud his ambitious desire to make classic literature accessible, and I think this book worked better than the Dante bookHe captured the playfulness and the profane elements of the original The pilgrims are all on motorcycles, IN THEIR PERIOD CLOTHES, on their way to Canterbury What is missing is the wonderful ironic voice Now, I ll admit, lots of the irony went right over my head the firstd secondtime I read parts of this worke first time in tr [...]

  3. This showed up in the mail, an advanced reading copy from Firstreads The idea had intrigued me a graphic novel of the Tales How would that look I read plenty of classics adapted into comic book form when I was a kid, and found in nearly every case they inspired me to read the originals so I give Seymour Chwast full credit for a good idea and a great choice of book As a fan of Chaucer, though, I can t say that this adaptation gives the reader a very flavorful taste of what the Tales are all about [...]

  4. Oh boy, this one really let me down Maybe I m being too rash by giving it nothing than 2 stars, but at the same time I can t find the justification for For the record, I love the Canterbury Tales in modern or Middle English and the thought of a creative retelling or even adaptations of the story gets me a little too excited That being said, this comic book rendering basically dumped a bucket of ice water on the spark of my excitement It s disappointing in many different ways.First and Foremost [...]

  5. This hilarious graphic novel is written with a big tongue in an elastic cheek Seymour Chwast, who adapted the 15th Century classic, reminds us of Chaucer s major influence across time on various literary forms, including slapstick, satire, fable, and road trip The Canterbury Tales is the story of thirty pilgrims making their way to Canterbury Cathedral to pay homage to the martyr Saint Thomas Beckett The leader asks each pilgrim to tell a story to entertain the group, and so we get a rich banque [...]

  6. While not necessarily kid friendly, and I was sometimes confused by the choices of having de clothed ladies, for the most part I enjoyed it I though Chwast did a fabulous job summing up the stories, keeping that Chaucer wit, and inserting some social commentary into the mix I am already planning on reading his Dante and Homer renditions.

  7. Some folks praise the primitive style but I call bullshit The whole thing just seems very half assed A high school creative writing project could have done a lot better.

  8. If I remember correctly, the first time I was introduced to The Canterbury Tales was in high school I remember instantly falling in love with Chaucer s tongue in cheek humor and how he infused that humor with parables that left one with a lesson learned When I was at the bookstore and found that a graphic novel version existed, I of course needed to buy it and see how creative Seymour Chwast was in his interpretation of Chaucer s great work.For those of you not familiar with The Canterbury Tales [...]

  9. I enjoyed the quick read 140pp of all of Chaucer s tales, told in graphic format HoweverI ve actually read studied the complete Chaucer in Middle English 784pp , which leaves me wondering is this work by Chwast for those like me who are familiar with the complete tales, or for those unfamiliar In my case there s an element of awe at the artistry on display to in most cases accurately convey the gist of poems that typically run into the hundreds of lines, in 6 comic pages or less Because of the a [...]

  10. Seymour Chwast takes Chaucer s Canterbury Tales and edits them into a playful and fun graphic novel with all the raunchy humor the tales deserve The book is illustrated with mostly black and white art is loose and playful and matches well with this revision of the classic poetry Let me first say that I have only read The Canterbury Tales in part The poetry is funny and beautiful all at once, but it s also a very dense and difficult read as well So, with that said, I enjoyed Chwast s version and [...]

  11. OK so this was definitely a fun and very quick read I know a lot of people complained about this book saying that it wasn t as good as the original, it didn t retain the pretty prose of Chaucer, the art was bad, etc etc However I think it was all of these things that made it entertaining.Now, I have never read the full Canterbury Tales although it is on my TBR list but I think that this book was a pretty good introduction to the topic Because the author didn t try to retain the original language [...]

  12. The Canterbury Tales, by Geoffrey Chaucer, adapted by Seymour Chwast 2011, Bloomsbury Publishers pg 143.Junior book GraphicSummary A graphic book with many characters, each with their own tale Supposedly these are mideveile characters, but there are modern conveniences such as motorcycles incorporated into the pictures a accuracyb As I stated the motorcycles are not realistic of Chaucer s time period which was around the 1300 s The fact that everyone has their own tale is so true The framing of [...]

  13. This was a light, fun read Chwast s illustrations are humurous and charming and crude when the time is appropriate My primary interest in the book was as an educator, and in that area I was dissapointed I expected paraphrasing, but I did not expect so much of the text to be cut entirely For example, the Wife of Bath s prologue was left out While sections of the book could supplement a study of the Canterbury Tales, this truly is Chwast s own work.I realize that most people do not read books thro [...]

  14. I chose to read The Canterbury Tales in the graphic format because first of all, I was unwilling to master Middle English in high school or college and so had never read it and second, I wanted to read a graphic novel However, as I was ordering it, I realized that Maus by Art Spiegelman is indeed a graphic novel and I had read it and enjoyed it years ago The Canterbury Tales, however, was a disappointment Perhaps I would have been better satisfied if I was not married to a retired English teache [...]

  15. After a bit too much wine at one of my favorite book stores, I saw this by the register and had to buy it, thinking to myself Oh, 7 year old Clementine will LOVE a graphic version of this otherwise too difficult just yet text And of course she loves it, but this is in no way intended for children, as delightful as they may find all the farting In fact, having to describe to her what carnal knowledge is was one of the trickier parenting moments I ve had recently how much do I say , but in the end [...]

  16. A fairly straightfoward presentation of the Canterbury Tales with all of the original bawdy humor coming through intact indeed, enhanced by the fiarly simple graphics The prose and pictures condensations of the work lends a certain immediacy and abruptness to the tales, but fairly successfully brings out the meat of each teller s personality and the rivalrys between the pilgrims or their professions I don t know how well one would enjoy this if one hadn t already read the original, since it hits [...]

  17. I won a copy of this book in a First Reads giveaway.I entered the contest to win a copy of this book, thinking I d give an illustrated or what I consider a comic book version of a story a chance It s not my usual type of literature.This format just doesn t work for me I am a visual person by nature, but when I read, I don t need pictures to visualize what is happening I enjoy imagining how the characters look and the situations in my own mind, so seeing pictures integrated with a story is distra [...]

  18. I received this as a paperback ARC as a First Reads I, too, must admit that I am probably not the target audience for this book, and it is also my first adult graphic novel I must confess I have not read the original Canterbury Tales The setting of the story has been updated to the travelers traveling to Canterbury on motorcycles It helped to have the modern English, and the drawings certainly took the place of much prose I do admit this made the stories clear to me However, some of the low brow [...]

  19. A graphic novel translation of the Canterbury Tales by Chaucer To pass the time pilgrims on their way to Canterbury, England decide to tell each other tales as they travel along on their motorcycles The visual joke of people in Middle English dress on motorcycles instead of horseback and on foot maybe the best laugh for those who are already familiar with the stories But it is a good updated retelling and a whimsical way to introduce new readers to the famous tales Includes adult content and dra [...]

  20. I won this book through First Reads I was a bit apprehensive at first because I didn t think that an author could portray the humor intended in Chaucer s works in a graphic version But oh how I was wrong Definitely a fun way to read the Canterbury Tales If you are a fan of Chaucer s versoin you may not find it humorous Wasn t quite up to par for actually portraying what Chaucer s book was about, but it did bring out the humor that I think Chaucer had originally intended I think it would be bette [...]

  21. I received the advance reading copy of this book thanks to the First Reads giveaway I was excited for two main reasons First, I have never read The Canterbuey Tales in school Second, I am just curious about what the comic graphic version is all about It is an interesting read for me The use of modern English and the visual presentations definitely help in understanding the tales, but somehow, it seems to simplify the depth of the original work too much Maybe I am not the targeted audience for th [...]

  22. Chwast s fascinating retelling of Chaucer s Canterbury Tales is one that I randomly picked up at the library I ve always been fascinated with adaptation of any kind, and Chwast s way of over simplifying the tales is quite interesting There s something about breaking something so complex and longwinded, some editions of Canterbury Tales clock in at over 900 pages down into one or two page stories, relying on visual as a further aide, that I enjoyed I wouldn t say I was blown away by it, but it di [...]

  23. I received an advanced reading copy of Chwast s adaption of The Canterbury Tales while working on a paper about The Knights Tale, the timing was impeccable which while that has nothing to do with how wonderful the book actually is and it is wonderful I think it s kind of funny This book is so much fun It really pulls forward Chaucer s intended humor of The Canterbury Tale that s lost on a great number of it s audience It s mostly accurate though I noticed some understandable discrepancies, such [...]

  24. Seymour Chwast is a noted illustrator, and he simplifies the Canterbury Tales into a graphic novel I don t remember making it through all these tales in high school, just a few of them but still remember having memorized the opening lines When that Aprille with his shoures soote, the droghte of Marche had perced to the roote but this version was a breeze Chwast s talent lies in getting to the crux of the stories piety vs venality, lots of greed, fornication and betrayal in a simple and charming [...]

  25. Picked this book up to get a sense of what The Canterbury Tales, which I had never read, was about Let me tell you, I can only assume that missing the language of the original is what led to the downfall of what might have been a better telling Felt like Cliff Notes would have given me a better sense of what I was missing Instead, I got quick summaries of some bawdy and some moralistic stories Other stories I had no idea what the point was Clearly lost on me and did not inspire me to read the or [...]

  26. I won this graphic novel through GoodReads First Reads Unfortunately, I am not the target audience for this book I guess I was one of the few people in high school to actually enjoy The Canterbury Tales in its prose form The stories were a bit risque for required reading, but when they re abbreviated down to around two pages storie, as is the case here, it left me feeling flat The humor doesn t translate over well in abbreviated form The entire thing is just tawdry I just didn t get it, so clear [...]

  27. I give this book 3 stars because it made Chaucer and the Canterbury Tales accessible to me The drawings are amateurish and the lettering, which I assume was hand done, was awful That said, I actually appreciated the rendering of the stories, which must have been very, very abridged They were much bawdier than I expected And sometimes a little gory Usually depressing And sometimes really stupid A mixed bag, which I expected, but not the way they are All in all, a good alternative to reading the f [...]

  28. I like the concept of the canterbury tales and reading the graphic novel was my shortcut than actually tackling the real book I can tell that the Wife of Bath tale seems to be the most entertaining and interesting and that a lot of fart jokes were popular in medieval times The graphic novel though didn t inspire me to read the actual full text though, but I m glad I get an idea of what it s about now I did the same thing with the graphic novel of the bible Who won the tale telling contest though [...]

  29. I did not think much of this book I felt that the author reduced the stories to their bare bone plots and in that a lot was lost It felt like a whirlwind sum up of the Canterbury Tales that was a quick but basically boring and pointless read There was nothing really intriguing about the stories or the characters I also didn t care much for the drawings I especially didn t like that there were so many naked women Do we honestly need to see bare cartoon breasts in every single tale I won a copy of [...]