The Quantum Thief

The Quantum Thief Best Read || [Hannu Rajaniemi] The Quantum Thief Best Read || [Hannu Rajaniemi] - The Quantum Thief, The Quantum Thief Jean le Flambeur is a post human criminal mind burglar confidence artist and trickster His origins are shrouded in mystery but his exploits are known throughout the Heterarchy from breaking into t

  • Title: The Quantum Thief
  • Author: Hannu Rajaniemi
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 492
  • Format: Kindle Edition

The Quantum Thief Best Read || [Hannu Rajaniemi] - The Quantum Thief, The Quantum Thief Jean le Flambeur is a post human criminal mind burglar confidence artist and trickster His origins are shrouded in mystery but his exploits are known throughout the Heterarchy from breaking into t

The Quantum Thief, The Quantum Thief Best Read || [Hannu Rajaniemi], The Quantum Thief, Hannu Rajaniemi, The Quantum Thief Jean le Flambeur is a post human criminal mind burglar confidence artist and trickster His origins are shrouded in mystery but his exploits are known throughout the Heterarchy from breaking into the vast Zeusbrains of the Inner System to stealing rare Earth antiques from the aristocrats of Mars Now he s confined inside the Dilemma Prison where every day he has to gJean le Fl. The Quantum Thief Best Read || [Hannu Rajaniemi] - The Quantum Thief, The Quantum Thief Jean le Flambeur is a post human criminal mind burglar confidence artist and trickster His origins are shrouded in mystery but his exploits are known throughout the Heterarchy from breaking into t

  • The Quantum Thief Best Read || [Hannu Rajaniemi]
    492Hannu Rajaniemi
The Quantum Thief

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  1. There are authors who don t cotton to hand holding, and then there are authors who drop you off in the middle of Times Square on New Year s Eve, distract you with a party favor, and then run the other way as fast as they can Maybe you ll eventually find your way in the throng, even if you are tear streaked and sniffling by the time you do did I mention you are 5 Maybe at the end of it you ve learned something most likely that there are a bunch of people in Times Square who desperately want you t [...]

  2. After being busted out of the Dilemma Prison by an Oortian warrior named Mieli, legendary master thief Jean Le Flambeur is taken to the Oubliette, one of the Moving Cities of Mars, and is tasked with the ultimate heist Opposing him is a brilliant young detective named Isidore Beautrelet But there is to each man s quest than meets the eyeMy summary doesn t do the book justice There are so many ideas crammed in it s slim 331 pages Before Le Flambeur can even get started on his quest, he has to st [...]

  3. In 2014 my family went to Ireland and we had a great time While there we had the opportunity to watch some Gaelic hurling It s a field game played by a bunch of tall, weather beaten Irish guys and is a kind of mix of field hockey, lacrosse, rugby and aggravated assault and looks rough as hell It was fun to watch, had lots of action, one team won at the end of it and I really never fully understood what was going on.Reading The Quantum Thief was like that.Being a fan of sci fi fantasy, I am not u [...]

  4. I am very surprised and delighted by this novel I half expected an idea or a theme from Stephen Baxter s Flux, but was thoroughly captivated by such a deeply thought out world and a complex plot I didn t find many issues with plot discontinuity, as such There were quick scene changes that might have benefited by a overt transition or two, but that is a minor issue compared to the tapestry of worlds within worlds that this author has written Very enjoyable characters, and the twists are fully su [...]

  5. The Quantum Thief is bursting with so many ideas that it is an exhilarating read What it needs is just a little finesse, a slightly better pace for doling out information, for letting us play in this wonderful playground he s created It is so complete, but so alien, and I needed just a little bit of a guide I like to flatter myself that I m not an unperceptive reader, and I certainly don t mind it when authors don t tip their hands all at once and want me to work for it.Note The rest of this r [...]

  6. Quantum begins with a thief in prison, endlessly reliving The Prisoner s Dilemma Ah, but this one is different, mainly because he doesn t learn An enhanced woman and her sentient ship break him out for reasons unknown, but before they can get far, the chase is on In payment for freeing him, the woman and her hidden benefactor have something they want him to steal Next stop, Mars, where he has to discover his prior identity in an idealistic, privacy focused society Meanwhile, a young man working [...]

  7. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to take a class on quantum physics from the Swedish Chef If so, this is the book for you It almost reads like English You can almost understand it There are tantalizing glimpses of incredibly creative ideas and memorable characters And then you get sentences like He set his gevulet to q bomb the sapornov Nano gogols shot through the web of the quantum lattice, setting a self replicating sequence into his assailant s exomemory Only 2 terraseconds befor [...]

  8. 5 Super big stars3 times is a real charm with this masterpiece After two rereads my love for this book is even Being about to become someone else is a thrilling feeling, a tickle of possibility in my gut There must have been times when I flicked from one identity to another, posthuman, zoku, baseline, Sobornost And that makes me want to be the god of thieves again, than anything This is an unusual case for me in that I really found that I loved and appreciated this book so much after reading [...]

  9. There Will Be Invisibility Lotion For Ugly LoversThis belongs to the post singularity sub genre of science fiction The singularity was originally a name for a conceivable point in the future beyond which science fiction writers cannot extrapolate Basically, the idea is that if we come to understand the human mind well enough to improve it through technology, and in particular our improvements make them better at the cognitive task of improving minds, then they ll be able to make even better mind [...]

  10. Sometimes in the matter of a sentence or two, a book can achieve a moment of pure beauty, which can elevate it to something beyond just a heist novel, Hard SF or any other conservative branding Example I take her hand She embraces me She beats her wings and we rise up, through the glass sky, away from guns, memories and kings.Similar sentences and passages of great beauty and wonder pepper this the narrative of this debut novel which would be a great debut novel, if the people the sentences are [...]

  11. Loved it the first time Still love it the second time around A fascinating read about a fascinating world filled to the brim with fascinating advanced technology and mind boggling concepts This book completely blew my mind the moment I finished reading and kept me dazed in a book hangover for weeks afterward I was blown away by the complex worlds and worlds within worlds the author created and I wanted to experience them over and over again But now that those effects are wearing off, so are my f [...]

  12. In a way this was like a fast tour of the post singularity world rather than a story set in it I ve been reading science and science fiction for a very long time, but I often felt the need to hold up a finger and say, Hang on Hannu, if you could explain but no, he s gone like a tour guide on speed The ideas hit you like cars in a motorway pile up giving you no time to deal with them, absorb them And, of course, while the ideas are hitting you like that you re not properly processing the plot an [...]

  13. What the hell even is this book.Like, don t be fooled by the gorgeous cover and the sassy blurb on the back cover, or even the simplicity and witty intrigue of the prose if you happen to glance at the first page This book is HELLA CONFUSING But, like, in a super interesting and entertaining way That I can t really explain This is not a book for the casual sci fi reader, first of all If you like heist stories and stories about con men, you will probably have an okay time, but so much of the story [...]

  14. The first chapter was one of the best I ve read in a long time Initially, I found it a bit of a struggle to adapt to the concepts and visuals, but the challenge was worthwhile I ignored the glossary and list of characters on because I trust a good show don t tell style of writing At times I had to re read sections that twisted and fried my mind, but I consider that fun, if and only if, the reward is gratifying And it was The elements of the story include a dense and fine mix of current science j [...]

  15. I really think that selling on the strength of only a few thousand words for a rud exorbitant amount of money is one of the worst things that can happen to a debut novel Because let s be honest here nothing is that good.Including this, a trippy and imaginative post human romp about a thief who can and does literally steal a moment of someone s life away, and the detective chasing him There is a lot of good stuff here, but it takes a while to come into play Because seriously, when the opening gam [...]

  16. GR ate my first review, but no matter, it was a bit of a mess This book is hard to explain to someone who hasn t read it.In the world of The Quantum Thief, several species have made Mars their home, most living in what is called The Oubliette Through quantum technology, people can choose what others can know, see, or remember about them The entire planet is made of architecture that is constantly moving and changing in order to escape the phoboi, which are always trying to reinfest the landscape [...]

  17. This book was hard to define I think cyberpunk may be the most apt classification At heart, the novel is a mystery, but the reader is never quite sure who committed the crime nor for that matter, who are the good guys and bad guys A thief, Jean Le Flambeur is rescued from prison, and brought to Mars to regain his memory and assist with a crime Meanwhile, there is a brilliant detective Isadore Beautrelet , who is brought on to stop Le Flambeur Isadore, of course, has problems in his personal life [...]

  18. I really don t remember last time when I was excited in such way by a book The story is set in a post human future, where the humankind had achieved digital immortality and god like powers, and splitted into fractions, each with a different vision of its future A thief, Jean le Flambeur, escapes a prison of one of the fractions and tries to find his memories on Mars, in a moving city of Oubliette, where he had hidden them from himself The story is stuffed thanks to the author s physics backgroun [...]

  19. Tare ciudat a mai fost cartea asta, de multe ori nici nu eram sigur c n eleg ce se nt mpl De fapt, nici acum nu cred c am n eles tot ce s a nt mplat.

  20. I ve been struggling with how to begin this review Let me put it this way, This book is not for the faint of heart And, just what do I mean by that It s fast paced, it s very imaginative, it has strong characters, and it immerses the reader in itself Enough with being cryptic.As usual, I try to avoid giving too many details that could be spoilers even though such information is readily available In this review I veer towards a little detail just to illustrate a point or two They re not marked a [...]

  21. O_oI used Google to find out the meanings of some words and names because they are non English Plus, I read the first 100 pages, then I went back and started reading from the beginning once Speaking for myself, if I hadn t studied programming and database concepts in college, and currently maintain a subscription toNew Scientistmagazine, I would not have understood most of this book Not only does it throw you bodily and without apology or explanation into a future world of digital life akin to [...]

  22. The Quantum Thief is a brilliant novel, but I m only giving it three stars My rating is slightly unfair, so let me explain.I generally rate books according to how good I thought they were inasmuch as good can be objectively evaluated , and how much I enjoyed them these two factors are usually closely related, but not always The Quantum Thief, as many other reviews make clear, is an idea dense novel Right from the first chapter, you get terms flung at you without explanation oubliette, Gevulot, g [...]

  23. The ultimate in nerd boiled, maybe.Protagonists are an Arsene Lupin and an Auguste Dupin, plus a Finnish soldier with a sentient ship soldier and ship are great Villains appear to be the Sobornost, which is an ancient orthodox Christian concept associated with slavophilia in the Russian Empire, a concept of the Old Right proper nasty stuff, similar to Dostoevsky s pocvennicestvo ideology No surprise that the old Russian Empire is the model of the villain here, considering author is Finnish Locus [...]

  24. My enjoyment of this book was damaged by the publisher s blurb Why make such a big deal about how he s the Next Big Thing in Hard SF I was continually distracted by the fact that this really doesn t qualify as Hard SF, which imo shouldn t be subject to Clarke s Law any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.Anyway, I don t know that Rajaniemi makes any such claim for himself, and the story was novel and exciting Unfortunately I also had a rather hard time keeping track [...]

  25. This book was just way too confusing, even at the end, I still wasn t really sure what was going on I m not stranger to weird books that throw you into the deep end I have read all the Malazan books, the Book of the New Sun, Hyperion and others, but this one just annoyed me I really wanted to love it, but in addition to the confusing story line there were many current culture references that were really jarring For a book that is taking place in the very distant future it makes no sense for peop [...]

  26. An amazing book I am so glad this was the monthly pick for the SFF group because I don t know that I would have come across it otherwise The story is fast paced and well written with so much imagination, and filled with characters who are colourful and full of life and personality including the ship The final scenes reminded me of something out of a well written Dr Who episode with lots of twists and turns and all kinds of interesting tech involved A wonderfully stylish SF novel.

  27. Da, cinci stele pentru inova ie i pentru sutele de idei noi cu care Rajaniemi ne bombardeaz de a lungul celor peste 300 de pagini P cat c n a luat niciun premiu major, ar fi meritat din plin O recenzie mai extins , zilele astea pe fansf.wordpress.

  28. Siteeraan v h n itse ni, mutta t s on kivasti fysiikkaa ja juttuja Hieno kirja, mukava lukea Vois hankkia jatkon hyllyyn, n iss on nii hienot kannet ja sel t.

  29. Entertaining, taut sci fi mystery with loads of inventive elements Enjoyed the characters, world building plot This book wrapped up its main story but leaves you ready for the next instalment.

  30. 3.5 Cool and weird hard SF I was really enjoying it up until the 3 4 mark only with some limited questions and re reads of chapters It was initially 2 separate stories for majority of the novel The last 1 4 alot happened and was crammed This is where it got a little confusing It might be better with a re read at a later date Doesnt contain alot of info dumps like some hard SF has.