Free Read Airel - by Aaron M. Patterson ChrisWhite Free Read Airel - by Aaron M. Patterson ChrisWhite - Airel, Airel All Airel ever wanted was to be normal to disappear into the crowd But bloodlines can produce surprises like an incredible ability to heal Then there s Michael Alexander the new guy in school who

  • Title: Airel
  • Author: Aaron M. Patterson ChrisWhite
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  • Page: 117
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Free Read Airel - by Aaron M. Patterson ChrisWhite - Airel, Airel All Airel ever wanted was to be normal to disappear into the crowd But bloodlines can produce surprises like an incredible ability to heal Then there s Michael Alexander the new guy in school who

Airel, Free Read Airel - by Aaron M. Patterson ChrisWhite, Airel, Aaron M. Patterson ChrisWhite, Airel All Airel ever wanted was to be normal to disappear into the crowd But bloodlines can produce surprises like an incredible ability to heal Then there s Michael Alexander the new guy in school who is impossibly gorgeous and captivated by her Somewhere in the back of her mind she can hear the sound of pages turning and another older story being written It is the sAll Airel ever wanted w. Free Read Airel - by Aaron M. Patterson ChrisWhite - Airel, Airel All Airel ever wanted was to be normal to disappear into the crowd But bloodlines can produce surprises like an incredible ability to heal Then there s Michael Alexander the new guy in school who

  • Free Read Airel - by Aaron M. Patterson ChrisWhite
    117Aaron M. Patterson ChrisWhite

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  1. Airel, with its beautiful cover and promising synopsis had me swooning over it It sounds original, mysterious and full of action This is all, in actuality, what we get The angel lore is unique I especially enjoyed how it s told in dual, past and present, point of views These become two very different, interesting plot lines that merge together for an exciting spin My main problem, and what made this fall flat for me, were the characters.Airel leads a normal, average life when she meets Michael S [...]

  2. I got this book to read and review from Paranormal Romance Urban Fantasy Fanatics It took me almost a month to finish the book and these are the reasons why Airel is the most annoying, self absorbed and brainless teenager you ll ever see but then teenagers are supposed to be that way.She kept spouting things like Men they do this and that It just made me want to ask her how many men had she been with How she could not see something was wrong with Micheal s beyond me that she wasn t herself aroun [...]

  3. I received this book as a part of Read 2 Review.I really wanted to love this book In fact, when I started I really thought I did I glossed over a few minor plot holes along the way I really connected with the author s writing style and found myself caught up his world Only to hit a major stumbling block, one that really killed the book for me view spoiler It s a little thing I call believability When Airel decided that she would lie to her best friend One who is so close to her and her family th [...]

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  5. Airel The Airel Saga, 1 by Aaron Author , Chris WhiteThis is the first book I ve read by Aaron Patterson and or Chris White, the book is written well considering there were two authors and two plots running at the same time The writing skills of both of the authors are quite good and the descriptions of both plots flowed well together Having said that I was at first a bit thrown that there were two stories running at the same time, but it worked out and it never became a problem for me to keep u [...]

  6. Originally published toBookish Fallen angels sure seem poised to become the new vampires with a similarly perfect blend of delicious mystery and sexy rebellion Airel by Aaron Patterson and Chris White is a really good read, based on a well thought out and skillfully executed plot With its great atmosphere, beautiful characters, intriguing setting and some truly bone chilling moments, Airel is a promising beginning to a new series.The story follows two separate plot lines, alternating between Boi [...]

  7. some spoilersI am so annoyed with this book that I simply have to let out a few curses Bloodyhellgoddamnfuckingshit.I had high hopes for this book after a trend of reading several shitty YA paranormal books lately Too bad it s now in that shitty pile.There was something really off about the narration It felt like a report I did this and then I did that kind of speech rather than a narration I would have felt a part of, or at least an emotional journey or whatever I d have been welcomed into.Seco [...]

  8. This book was I m sorry utter trash Seriously All through the book, i was not touched by the story nor did i feel connected, in any way, to the characters.So its about this girl called Airel beautiful name, by the way who was average and wanted to stay average and normal Not that it s bad or anything Anyway, she met this guy on her way to school and acted the part of the drooling weak kneed girl that she was in perfect sequence Really, she gawked and then spilled her coffee on another guy After [...]

  9. Ok I have read a lot of fallen angel stories, butne like this So where to start Well first I just have to say the cover is breathtaking, absolutely amazing I know that you shouldn t judge a book by it s cover, and all that blah blah blah.but I mean come on You have to admit it calls to you lolzBut whats waiting behind that cover Well lets continue on shall we Airel is just an average highschool girl Living an average life Trying to stay out of the limelight of popularity at school At times feeli [...]

  10. This book is first and foremost about Airel, your typical teenage girl She has a pretty good life, a good family, friends, and is a little shy Overall, her life is pretty good In walks the cliche Michael New boy in school, dreamy, and you cannot deny the attraction felt between the him and Airel Even though I ve seen this played out time and time again, the author keeps enough mystery surrounding Michael that we are not quite sure where he stands or what is coming With their first meeting, Airel [...]

  11. Airel would technically be classified as a YA book because one of the main characters is seventeen years old But, there is another story going on unfolding in the pages of this book about Kreios This is of an adult story I would say that this is a book that can be enjoyed by all ages.Airel is a young woman who s life begins to change when a really cute boy moves into the school and her body begins to undergo changes that are abnormal Then to top off everything she witnesses a murder and then sh [...]

  12. This book was very hard for me to review I found the Arabia sections to be very boring and not necessary I read about the first three sections and then proceeded to skip them all together there after It was back story that I didn t think we really needed The characters I felt stood well on their own and didn t really need all this extra story added Personally I would of cut out all of that and worked on building Airel and Micheal s relationship And then I would of taken and made the Arabia stuff [...]

  13. I have had the chance to interview C.P White before and was looking forward to interviewing him today He did not disappoint the interview was fresh, fun and a blast as I had hoped Here is the link to today s show blogtalkradio gelatiss Okay let s get to the novel we discussed shall we All Airel ever wanted to be was normal, to disappear into the crowd But bloodlines can produce surprises, like sudden mysterious illness Then there s Michael Alexander, the new guy in school, who is impossibly gorg [...]

  14. This book was a bit slow to start off with but then it did gradually pick up pace It was a good book but some of the time I got a bit sidetracked because some parts didn t fully have my attention Because of this I was not as shocked about everything as I should have been and the only thing that happened was that my eyes went wide and I continued reading but from saying that there was no real shock for me Yes it was a good book overall but it did at times drag on a bit I do still want to read the [...]

  15. This book felt like it was two different stories within one book I kept hoping we would find out how they connect but we never do Personally I didn t feel anything for the characters so I will not waste my time continuing this series.

  16. An amazing story that will captivate audiences ranging from young adult to the young at heart Airel crosses boundaries in a fascinating and unforgettable way to engage readers within a story that will not soon be forgotten First of all, I have to say I LOVE THIS COVER Is it not gorgeous Remarkably, this simple, yet complex, portrait does an amazing job encapsulating the story held within With that being said, I throughly have to commend the authors, Aaron Patterson and Chris White The ability to [...]

  17. I have had this fascination with fallen angel stories lately and I just love them I expected Airel to be similar to most of the fallen angel stories I ve read but it is nothing like those except that it is about a fallen angel This was such a unique twist to the common way angels are portrayed There are two stories going on through most of the book that are woven together at the end First you have the story set in present day Boise, ID where an average high school girl Airel is just living her n [...]

  18. First off, I want to thank Aaron Patterson for allowing R2R the opportunity to read and review his book Secondly, I want to apologize for how long it took me to finish the book had a rough month cars becoming FUBAR, getting sickAirel is a YA story about your average brunette teenager She s refreshing because she s not a blonde, bimbo cheerleader but rather an easy to identify with character regardless of reader s age She has a random encounter with an embarrassing latte spill on her part with th [...]

  19. Far be it from me to be the only one in the publishing universe not to mention how gorgeous the cover of Ariel is So dense and mysterious, the consummate lonely and emotionally injured, beautiful young girl, dressed in black, yet holding a pure, white feather A lot of symbolism and telling on the cover of a novel, once again So, we actually can tell a book by its coverThis book is one that marks a ribbon cutting moment for me I traditionally find books written by two authors to be a conscienciou [...]

  20. I wasn t going to start my review of Airel by mentioning the cover I always seem to to start a review gushing about how awesome the cover is But seriously Look at it Who wouldn t want to read a book with a cover that looked as good as that Absolutely stunning I was very interested to read a book written by two males telling the story from the perspective of a teenage girl And to be honest whilst reading it, that aspect didn t even enter my mind I think they did a fantastic job portraying Airel S [...]

  21. Airel is an incredible story A seemingly regular teenaged girl, Airel, has always blended in She has parents that she adores and a best friend who is the sister she never had, her life is pretty good One faithful morning she stops for a cup of coffee on her way to school, encounters a dreamy guy, and life as she knows it begins to change These changes are subtle at first, but the entire fabric of her existence has been altered forever Airel is about to discover things about herself and a past th [...]

  22. I find it difficult to review this story I think the story itself was great, but when you don t like the main love interest of the lead character, you are in trouble Airel is a funny and shy girl, with a best friend named Kim and a lovely family Then she meets Michael and everything changes They have what you call, instant love I am not a big fan of instant love, I think the writer should ve put time in building their relationship and could ve made the Arabia parts shorter They were interesting [...]

  23. This was probably the worst book I have read so far this year I couldn t even bring myself to continue reading it past the first 6 or so chapters There was a lot of My life revolves around him and Oh, the simmering heat of his molten hot gaze burned my heart into a fiery inferno to summarize I had NO clue what was going on None The first two chapters are filled with this limp little teenage romance that literally started out of NOTHING The rest I don t know because after we switched into somethi [...]

  24. This was a completely different book for angels It does take you between 3 point of views which at first can be distracting but it blends very well once you get use to it I love Kreios s character There is a love at first site with Airel Michael which to me was pretty quick, they didn t really have the time to get to know one another Overall it was a good book, one that I would recommend Like I said it s definitely not like other angel demon books out there I purchased this on my Nook Color.

  25. I really liked this book I liked Kreios story added in with the current I gave you the background you needed Just enough to keep things rolling and not too much that you got frustrated and wanted to get back to the main character There were some interesting twists in the book that some didn t exactly see coming The ending was also left hanging in a good way, that makes sure you pick up the next book, as soon as possible, to see what surprises are in store for you.

  26. I just finished reading the newly released Airel by Aaron Patterson and Chris White It was amazing Great story line that pulled me through to the end now impatiently waiting for Book 2 Michael I love that this story hasn t been done before It s new, it s refreshing, and it s a fun ride I will definitely read the rest of the series.

  27. Review written by Morgan WylieAirel is a YA fantasy of epic proportions Not to mention it has a fantastic cover It s not your typical fallen angel storyIt is well written and the imagery is fantastic vivid and alive Read the entire review at ParaYourNormal

  28. Well, it s a little sad how it all ends So very tragic But it s well written, really interesting, and I think it s different how it goes between present day and past to give a back story in the middle of the present story I really like this one, I ll be reading the next installment.