Why Read Moby-Dick?

Free Download Why Read Moby-Dick? - by Nathaniel Philbrick Free Download Why Read Moby-Dick? - by Nathaniel Philbrick - Why Read Moby-Dick?, Why Read Moby Dick Moby Dick is perhaps the greatest of the Great American Novels yet its length and esoteric subject matter create an aura of difficulty that too often keeps readers at bay Fortunately one unabashed f

  • Title: Why Read Moby-Dick?
  • Author: Nathaniel Philbrick
  • ISBN: 9780670022991
  • Page: 339
  • Format: Hardcover

Free Download Why Read Moby-Dick? - by Nathaniel Philbrick - Why Read Moby-Dick?, Why Read Moby Dick Moby Dick is perhaps the greatest of the Great American Novels yet its length and esoteric subject matter create an aura of difficulty that too often keeps readers at bay Fortunately one unabashed f

Why Read Moby-Dick?, Free Download Why Read Moby-Dick? - by Nathaniel Philbrick, Why Read Moby-Dick?, Nathaniel Philbrick, Why Read Moby Dick Moby Dick is perhaps the greatest of the Great American Novels yet its length and esoteric subject matter create an aura of difficulty that too often keeps readers at bay Fortunately one unabashed fan wants passionately to give Melville s masterpiece the broad contemporary audience it deserves In his National Book Award winning bestseller In the Heart of the Sea NatMoby Dic. Free Download Why Read Moby-Dick? - by Nathaniel Philbrick - Why Read Moby-Dick?, Why Read Moby Dick Moby Dick is perhaps the greatest of the Great American Novels yet its length and esoteric subject matter create an aura of difficulty that too often keeps readers at bay Fortunately one unabashed f

  • Free Download Why Read Moby-Dick? - by Nathaniel Philbrick
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Why Read Moby-Dick?

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  1. In these essays which attempt to recreate the mystery of the creation of Moby Dick, Philbrick recreates for us the strange magic of reading Melville as well The book s aim is to convince a reader who has not read to read I don t think anybody who has not read Moby Dick should read this too much is laid bare Instead, the book should be read a year or two after the novel Then you will see strange visions resurfacing, new meanings in the mist, and a rekindling of love for the characters you left be [...]

  2. Author I LOVE Moby Dick Me Well, why don t you marry it, then Philbrick s obvious love for this book and everything about it is overwhelming His enthusiasm glows through every sentence.2 scenarios a If you ve never read Moby Dick before, he makes it sounds like a truly awesome, larger than life book, with scenes of such high pitched excitement that it must needs be read next to the fainting couch.b If you have read Moby Dick already, the vast majority s response would be Wait, what What the HELL [...]

  3. This book is an impassioned commentary on the multiple layers of meaning found in the novel, Moby Dick The author treats the novel with the respect generally given the Bible, and he compares Herman Melville s work favorably with that of Shakespeare as shown in the following quotation.Reading Shakespeare we know what it is like in any age to be alive So it is with Moby Dick, a novel about a whaling voyage to the Pacific that is also about America racing hell bent toward the Civil War and so much [...]

  4. Here is that rare piece of criticism that not only gives you a deeper appreciation for its subject, but also compels you to revisit it In 127 pages, Philbrick makes his points succinctly, supporting them with some of the Moby Dick s best passages Among them Ishmael s emotional and philosophical center, the irreconcilability of heartless business and religion s idealized benevolence and the difference between Ahab s urgent, soul singed probing into the meaning of life and the crew s interest in l [...]

  5. I enjoyed this introduction or for me, re introduction to Moby Dick, which is one of my all time favorite novels The reason I m only rating this 3 stars, is that Philbrick only scratches the surface of the novel Philbrick populates his short book, with a lot of short chapters Many of these chapters such as Ahab, Poetry, Hawthorne, etc , which run on average about 3 5 pages, could easily be expanded into much longer discussions In fact, some of these chapters could easily be books themselves MD j [...]

  6. I am conflicted I think Why Read Moby Dick By Nathaniel Philbrick is an important book that everyone over the age of eighteen should read, but it is also a book that I wish was better than it is.In my opinion Moby Dick is the most important novel ever written, but I have always had difficulty explaining why I feel this way I am grateful to Philbrick for elegantly arguing that the novel transcends the time it was written in and has relevancy, even urgency, to those us living one hundred and sixty [...]

  7. Manages to not only inspire the reader to take on Moby Dick without being preachy or taking a lecturing tone, but genuinely conveys the love and enthusiasm of the author Philbrick is a lifelong student of the book and as such his insights, collected esoterica concerning Moby Dick and Melville combine to produce not just a fanboy gushing over his favorite book, but a reading that shows how we are never far away from this book in our national and social concerns as Americans From the mechanisms an [...]

  8. An Engaging ShipmateI have had my Norton Critical Edition of Melville s Moby Dick on my shelves for four years now I meant to start the day I bought it, but its 425 pages of small print text, plus another 300 of supplementary materials, just proved too daunting Until I came upon this beautifully produced slim volume that, like an attentive tour guide, welcomed me aboard and promised to keep me company the entire voyage The result, embarking on Melville with Philbrick by my side, turned into one [...]

  9. I came to Why Read Moby Dick excitedly because I have the yen to reread Melville s novel and hope to next year I thought Philbrick might provide me with new interpretive keys to inform my reread I don t think he did He downplays interpretation, in fact, encouraging the reader to consider it in naturalistic terms He plainly states that the white whale isn t a symbol It s what it seems to be an aggressive sperm whale who happens to be an albino Any meaning assigned to him beyond that, any blame at [...]

  10. This review is based on an Advanced Reader s Copy thank you Penguin Books I recently finished reading Moby Dick which I enjoyed, but found occasionally off topic and meandering So many people have described MB as the ultimate American novel Although it was good, I wasn t positive that it deserved that accolade Unlike Moby Dick, Nathaniel Philbrick s book Why Read Moby Dick is short it s really a set of essays about various characters and features of the book But in spite of its length, it packs [...]

  11. Should be titled Why Re read Moby Dick, since, as an introduction, I can t see this being all that helpful before one dives in and lingers over Melville s masterpiece Really, you need to have immersed yourself in the breadth, depth and ambition of Melville s mind, and to luxuriate in the allusive poetry of his prose to really appreciate what Phibrick s book has to offer, which is for this reader at least akin to a breathless tourist s photo album It is a forgetful reader s aide memoire, as each [...]

  12. I hated Moby Dick in high school Absolutely loathed it I liked Melville s Billy Budd, Sailor and Bartleby, the Scrivener but the one about the whale drove me absolutely freaking nuts and, although I was a huge bookworm, and had a really excellent English teacher that year, I barely got through it.Well, Nathaniel Philbrick has changed my mind I m rethinking Moby, now that I know a little of what writing his masterpiece did to Melville, how much of his soul he poured into this book, how strongly a [...]

  13. Fast, but insightful little analyzation of Moby Dick or, The Whale As much as I hated reading Moby Dick itself, this was enjoyable because there were a lot of great connections in here that I had never heard of before This makes me want to revisit the novel, which is good, I suppose Taylor, you d like this Read this

  14. This hi lights the great passages found in the novel by Hermann Melville And what a unique novel it is there is no other story quite like it As Mr Philbrick suggests there are several stories or themes or myths interwoven within it all told with an inspiring realism All at the same time, the book is intense, tangible and magic Melville has an uncanny ability to flip the coin dwell on something from one perspective and examine it from an entirely different viewpoint If there is any book to paraph [...]

  15. 1 i wish people authors thinkers were given permission to engage with texts like this this is just a fun, honest book about why philbrick loves moby dick it s basically entirely subjective and full of conjecture and a pieced together narrative that isn t particularly well supported, and i love it, because this is how i interact with my favorite textual objects too, before i have to wrench myself around and translate that personal, emotional interaction into something that s considered suitable [...]

  16. I am working up to the desire to read Moby Dick, daring myself to join the ranks of those who have I am leery because I have heard of the tedious writing, I am not a fan of endless details I am thinking about listening to the audio narrated by Anthony Heald and I hope that this will be the catalyst to get me read a well known classic of all time.

  17. This is somewhat of a good parts Cliff Notes version, that worries less about recounting the plot point by point so a student can pass a test and worries about Philbrick recounting some of his favorite jokes, scenes, and themes, and supports those summaries with some really great quotes Philbrick is basically hoping his enthusiasm is contagious.Despite the title, I think a better audience for this book might be those who are reading Moby Dick and are struggling or have already given up This mig [...]

  18. Philbrick so loves Moby Dick that he had to tell others in a mass produced book Good for me I read Moby Dick in April because a group I am part of decoded to read this book and as it was on my really need to read list, I read it I enjoyed it than I thought I would I gave the novel 3 Then I read this book I had to re review Moby Dick I will likely be reading the whole thing All due to this little book of small essays.

  19. Philbrick s book is an ode to both Moby Dick and to genius To the burning intensity that is Melville Philbrick s love for Moby is similar enough to my own that this little book gave me a lot of pleasure I know very few people who ve read let alone love Moby Dick so reading this appreciative book was like finding a friend who could validate my own feelings No writer can mine Melville s depth in 100 or so pages, and that s not the purpose Philbrick merely attempts to tell you why you should read o [...]

  20. Whether or not you have read Moby Dick, this brief but thorough examination is filled with facts, opinions, and background material that can provide a compelling introduction to those who have not read it or a satisfying supplement to those who have I ve read Moby Dick, I ve listened to the audio book, I ve seen the movies, and I ve argued with people who find it tedious and over wrought I, personally, love Moby Dick This book, like its inspiration, is one I ll read again just to absorb the wide [...]

  21. highly recommended for anyone who is, has, or is thinking about reading moby dick philbrick has thought very deeply about the novel and melville and has done lots of research into his life and life in 1850 s usa and his friendship with nathaniel Hawthorne so incorporates letters they wrote each other with history and Melville s personal circumstances to take the reader though the book quickly though, just takes a few hours to read this and 131 pages and relate some very good insight maybe not ne [...]

  22. Those who find the idea of reading a 19th century tome about whaling, homoeroticism and self aware symbolism concerning the nature of evil off putting still probably will so having read Nathaniel Philbrick s Why Read Moby Dick Those who have already read and enjoyed Moby Dick will get a few pleasant hours out of this collection of brief essays by a Melville fanantic and historian of oceans and shipwrecks If you ve ever argued with someone over which chapter of MD is the best clearly The Mast Hea [...]

  23. A quick read that appears to touch on some of the important points of Moby Dick The connection of the books themes to American politics of the 1850s was especially interesting The book also does a good job of describing Melville s personal relation to the story as well as his state of mind before, during and after authoring the work.The book is by no means a replacement for actually reading Moby Dick but does offer, as the title suggest, reasons why you should read it.

  24. I was made aware of this book by a friend It s written with passionate enthusiasm by a skilled popularizer who says he has read Moby Dick at least a dozen times He certainly opened my eyes but then I read the novel many years ago as an assignment, in complete ignorance about the author I had no idea it is a young man s book Melville wrote it at age 31 He had almost completed a version of it when he met the much older and successful Nathaniel Hawthorne, who had such a tremendous influence on him [...]

  25. I read Moby Dick last year for the third time, the first not under the pressure of school required reading And I was blown away Reading Philbrick s little book was like having someone much insightful than I point out the good parts But if you ve never read M D, or even never intend to read M D, this one is just as worthy Short chapters, easily digested.Me, the book led me to decide I m going in for another round with Melville s original.N.B I m also a big fan of the podcast The Moby Dick Big Re [...]

  26. First of all, those who know me know that Moby Dick or, The Whale is my favorite book, and that I also was very impressed by In the Heart of the Sea The Tragedy of the Whaleship Essex by Nathaniel Philbrick.What I wasn t expecting was to be so taken by this very slim volume, enough that I ve purchased my own copy after reading the one from my library Philbrick has a way of making non fiction sing in my mind, something usually reserved for fiction by my brain As the inside front cover says Philbr [...]

  27. I don t know if this would convince the uninitiated to read Moby Dick, but for someone like me who already loves the book to pieces, this is a nice little confirmation of everything that s awesome about Melville s magnificent cluster fuck of a book I would have liked a little commentary on Queequeg, particularly his relationship with Ishmael which is 100% romantic, 100% gay, and nobody can convince me otherwise Still, this slender volume is not meant to be comprehensive As Ishmael would say, Th [...]

  28. Philbrick s passion for Melville, Moby, and the times that spawned them will carry you through this slim volume, no matter how you feel about the famous novel Each chapter is a reflection on one aspect of the book Melville s friendship with Hawthorne, for example, which was crucial in helping Melville maintain his sanity while birthing the most famous whale in literature Light hearted, yet full of interesting triviad lots of Melville worship.