Second Chances

Free Read Second Chances - by Tess St. John Free Read Second Chances - by Tess St. John - Second Chances, Second Chances Lady Emma Easton s elopement to an elderly earl shields her from an abusive father until her husband s death leaves her vulnerable once again When she learns her father is scheming to marry her off

  • Title: Second Chances
  • Author: Tess St. John
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  • Page: 245
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Free Read Second Chances - by Tess St. John - Second Chances, Second Chances Lady Emma Easton s elopement to an elderly earl shields her from an abusive father until her husband s death leaves her vulnerable once again When she learns her father is scheming to marry her off

Second Chances, Free Read Second Chances - by Tess St. John, Second Chances, Tess St. John, Second Chances Lady Emma Easton s elopement to an elderly earl shields her from an abusive father until her husband s death leaves her vulnerable once again When she learns her father is scheming to marry her off only one man can protect her the earl s trusted friend Viscount Drake After losing his wife Lord Harold Drake vowed never to marry again But his heart warms to the youngLady Emma East. Free Read Second Chances - by Tess St. John - Second Chances, Second Chances Lady Emma Easton s elopement to an elderly earl shields her from an abusive father until her husband s death leaves her vulnerable once again When she learns her father is scheming to marry her off

  • Free Read Second Chances - by Tess St. John
    245Tess St. John
Second Chances

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  1. There is a free Prequel, EMMA S CHANCE available at Smashwords and search Tess St John or direct for EMMA S CHANCE at smashwords books view and for SECOND CHANCES smashwords books view.I m currently reading SECOND CHANCES and its awesome But here s a quick review on EMMA S CHANCE since its not posted here under her books then go grab it to read EMMA S CHANCE review Wow, what a beautiful writing voice this author has Its a short story and an excerpt of the first book but so worthy to read It gave [...]

  2. I cried through the entire first chapter that s how I knew this was going to be a great book This is a lovely historical romance about two people who desperately need and DESERVE a second chance in life and in love Tess St John is a new author to me but I m going to be checking out of her stories I recommend you read the free prequel before reading this one so you ll be up to speed.

  3. Good story about second chances for love The plot moved along smoothly, and there was enough ups and downs to keep the story interesting I am looking forward to the story about Katherine and Malcome.

  4. Second Chances Chances Are Series Book 1 is by Tess St John It is a great book and one you definitely cannot put down, even in the late night or early morning hours Emma is locked in the attic room Her Father was upset when she rode out alone on her horse after meeting the aged man her Father was going to marry her to Emma did not like the man s cold eyes The opening of the door caught her attention It was her maid, Selma, who came not only to let her out but to help her get away They snuck out [...]

  5. Never once did I want to put the book down, even though it made me cry right from the start I sometimes felt like I was on a emotional roller coaster The book was well written and very descriptive The characters were either ones you loved and could relate to, or a few you loved to hate I found it suspenseful at times and I was not sure what might happen next I loved the book and would highly recommend it.

  6. A well written historical romance I like the storyline and plot The story is true to the time period and places The story is predictable but in spite of that it is captivating and believable When the story is a bit slow in the beginning it is very fast in the end Recommendable read.I received a free copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review

  7. A perfect, classical historical romance example A superb story of second chances, of love overcoming any obstacle Beautifully written, this book will keep you on your toes and not let you put it down Recommended for all the genre avid readers it s a must not miss but also readers who enjoy a suspenseful captivating romantic read.I received a copy and voluntarily reviewed.

  8. 3 starsThis romance, while somewhat predictable, is heart warming It s like a great cup of hot cocoa on a cold day soothing, warm, and just makes you feel good It s 5 years after the Earl of Easton, Harmon Winterbourne, rescued the 15 year old Emma from her abusive father and whisked her away in marriage, making her Lady Easton Harmon is now in his 80s and dying He s estranged from his children, but he s never told Emma quite what the problem was she only knows he s written to them several times [...]

  9. In Second Chances Tess St John weaves a delightful tale about second chances not only about love but redemption, as well.Emma is rescued by Lord Easton, a man old enough to be her grandfather, from an abusive father Marrying the sixteen year old he shocks English society, but he does not care He needed a companion and Emma needed a haven It was the perfect situation for both of them The story starts with five years having passed and Lord Easton is on his deathbed, with Emma by his bedside.Worrie [...]

  10. Second Chances by Tess St John is a beautiful story of the healing power of love, with just enough danger and suspense to keep you on the edge of your seat Emma, Lady Easton, is kind, proud, and strong She s been nursemaid to her elderly husband, Harmon, for five years He d rescued her from marriage to a cruel man, a man her father had chosen Emma is joined at Harmon s death bed by Lord Drake, a man who has been like a son to Harmon To further protect Emma from her heartless father who will agai [...]

  11. I have to say that not very often does a book make me cry, especially right at the beginning This one made me cry twice and that was just at 40% of the sample in Right from the get go it hit me with the emotional hammer I really liked it Slowly watching 2 people fall in love that didn t think they had any space left in their hearts was wonderful There was a quite understated beauty about the hero and the heroine that was just so well felt Lovely I am so bad at explaining things, which is why I l [...]

  12. What a good book Especially for the author s first I enjoyed Second Chancesimmensely The story had good emotional conflict The characters were warm and real The only thing I didn t like was the evil father subplot It never seems very realistic to me to have these evil characters Life just isn t usually like that BUT it was still a really, really good book I m looking forward to other books in the series.

  13. Tess St John s debut novel, SECOND CHANCES is definitely worth a first and second chance A beautifully crafted historical, the hero and heroine have loved and lost and vowed never to love again.His wife died in childbirth Her husband was elderly and frail, but the love they shared was the only one she d ever known When she is in danger and he protects her, they both realize that their friendship has grown into something neither expected.While they enjoy their second chance, we will have to wait [...]

  14. A sweet, moving historical romance with Emma, a heroine who grows stronger in each chapter, and, Lord Drake, a passonate hero who s her perfect equal Drake s relationship with his young daughter is particulary touching He s definitely hero material The secondary characters also come to life and deepen the plotline, especially Emma s father, Kerr, the antagonist Ms St John kept me guessing up until the end as to whether Drake could out manipulate him and rescue Emma.This story was a wonderful rea [...]

  15. Enjoyable well written readWell written historical romance Repetitive in a few areas hero s refusal to let go of his dead wife, heroine s belief she was unworthy of her first husband s devotion, etc Characters were wonderfully entertaining the banter between them enjoyable The villain was despicable and you were glad to see him get his comeuppance I especially enjoyed the intrigue caused by the mysterious nighttime visitor.

  16. NOT a Clean ReadReally, I should have known from the cover that this wouldn t be a clean read, but I ignored my good judgment and instincts anyway because this book came up as a suggestion because of another clean read I ve learned my lesson Aside from the pages I skipped, there was also some language I could have done without If you re looking for a good, clean getaway, look elsewhere.

  17. Drake and Emma two people who think that love is out of their reach One has known a kind and gentle love, and the other a passionate love both lost Now, they just need to let down their defenses and take what is right in front of their faces It is a lovely story of second chances I have already bought the rest of the series

  18. Loved this story Lots of great emotion and a storyline that keeps you turning the pages as you wonder if her father is going to win this one Thank goodness Emma s dying husband s wish is for Lord Drake to protect her Such wonderful characters, I wanted their story to continue and hated for the book to end Can t wait for her next book I highly recommend this one

  19. Chances areThis story is about God s divine intervention and hope that there s a brighter day ahead Because love and support was given when it was needed the most, a greater love and happiness was found between two people who had lost life partners A truly heartwarming story

  20. Second Chances is a touching, sensual romance that perfectly captures the Regency era I loved the interactions between Emma and Lord Drake as she breaks down the barriers he s built around his heart without manipulation or wiles, simply with her genuine love for him I highly recommend it

  21. Enjoyable romanceEnjoyable romanceThis was a very enjoyable second chance romance It had everything that a good story requires, a heroine in need of rescuing, a dastardly villain and a stubborn hero not to mention some interesting secondary characters.

  22. This book is a sweet love story which starts off with tugging at your heart strings Emma is a teenager who is being held captive by an evil father so she can be wed by a much older man She is rescued by one of her servants and then her life changes I highly recommend this book

  23. I found this book ok it was sweet, but the plot was pretty predictable and a little boring in some parts of the book However I have read other books by this author that I have throughly enjoyed.

  24. Good story can t wait to read the next.I loved this story it was hard to put down Read the next one in the series I would recommend this book

  25. Not a bad read The kindnesses of the family were kind of unexpected And, really, who wouldn t be able to kick that dood and his hired goons out of the house 3 stars.