½ Metroland ☆ Julian Barnes ½ Metroland ☆ Julian Barnes - Metroland, Metroland Only the author of Flaubert s Parrot could give us a novel that is at once a note perfect rendition of the angsts and attitudes of English adolescence a giddy comedy of sexual awakening in the s

  • Title: Metroland
  • Author: Julian Barnes
  • ISBN: 9780679736080
  • Page: 499
  • Format: Paperback

½ Metroland ☆ Julian Barnes - Metroland, Metroland Only the author of Flaubert s Parrot could give us a novel that is at once a note perfect rendition of the angsts and attitudes of English adolescence a giddy comedy of sexual awakening in the s

Metroland, ½ Metroland ☆ Julian Barnes, Metroland, Julian Barnes, Metroland Only the author of Flaubert s Parrot could give us a novel that is at once a note perfect rendition of the angsts and attitudes of English adolescence a giddy comedy of sexual awakening in the s and a portrait of the accommodations that some of us call growing up and others selling out. ½ Metroland ☆ Julian Barnes - Metroland, Metroland Only the author of Flaubert s Parrot could give us a novel that is at once a note perfect rendition of the angsts and attitudes of English adolescence a giddy comedy of sexual awakening in the s

  • ½ Metroland ☆ Julian Barnes
    499Julian Barnes

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  1. I first discovered Julian Barnes early last year and, yup, he s pretty MAJOR Thunderbolts radiate from his novellas, for they read masterfully, all angles are explored in radical ways even small or hypothetical tales carry with them the intensity of a Faulkner, Waugh or Woolf In this one, we get another adolescent angst filled portrait Sentences in anything by Barnes take a while to simmer not until you finish an entire paragraph does the discerning reader stop, look at the uppermost edge of the [...]

  2. Metroland is Julian Barnes first published novel I ve never heard of it, but then again, I hadn t heard of Julian Barnes himself until two years ago.I ve picked this up without reading the blurb, solely based on the fact that it was written by Barnes The only other book of his I read was Levels of Life which blew me away.Metroland is a coming of age novel of sorts Christopher Lloyd is the main protagonist and also the narrator Most of his ruminations are about his high school years, alongside hi [...]

  3. I ve recently read, and posted reviews of two other Julian Barnes novels, The Sense of an Ending and A History of the World in 10 Chapters, both of which I thoroughly enjoyed Metroland reflects some of the same themes obnoxiousness of young schoolboys who have read a few important books but not nearly enough, growing up, love, and memory This being my third book by Barnes, I m starting to get a feel for his authorial panache, and I can t help being charmed by it You get the sense that he s alway [...]

  4. Metroland is the first hand account of Christopher Lloyd, from growing up in the suburbs of London to the brief period after graduation in Paris and then the early years of marriage As a child Christopher was obsessed with the idea of bourgeois lifestyle with his friend Toni In Paris he remembers his French girlfriend Annick and now he has a mundane marriage.While this is a novel, it s also a reflection of Christopher Lloyd s life As a child he has big plans as well as being obsessed with the id [...]

  5. I have been hooked on Julian Barnes writing for years he has an extraordinarily accomplished style that is unmistakable even when he is at his most experimental This is his d but novel, and in some ways it is conventional than his later work it has none of the manipulation of form found in A History of the World in 10 Chapters, for instance, or the surreal plot twists of England, England But in its own way it is quite an unusual novel one in which nothing really happens events which you think w [...]

  6. I think there are two types of teenagers The first kind see the world as signifying nothing The second kind see the world as signifying too much Both are full of angst, convinced that they can see clearly what the rest of the world particularly grown ups, society, the establishment, etc is too dull and superficial to notice Teenagers of the first type are enthralled byJ.D Salinger sCatcher in the Rye, and find in Holden Caulfield a eloquent expression of their own ill formed views Teenagers of [...]

  7. This is the first book by one of my favourite authors and I had always wanted to check out the beginnings of what is an exemplary literary career Metroland showcases shades of the brilliance of Barnes and is a gateway into understanding what to expect from his other books for readers new to the author.The book is divided into parts which follow the phases of the protagonist s life as he matures and transforms into an adult The first part comes across as a coming of age novel wherein the circumst [...]

  8. An enjoyable and entertaining modern classic I liked the middle and final part , understandably I couldn t handle the pretentiousness of the first part well.

  9. This was originally posted at my blog ifnotread.wordpress I have to admit two things 1 I read The sense of an ending by Julian Barnes only because he won the Man Booker Prize There was so much talk about it being too short a book to win and lots of other nonsense My ears twitched, so I read it.2 I had never heard of Julian Barnes prior to The sense of an ending Yep, I know Let s talk about that book another day After I finished reading this short book I had to go back to the beginning and read B [...]

  10. Relectura febrero 2016 Me gust , pero no me atrap Destaco la variedad de perspectivas que la novela o los personajes, mejor dicho ofrece sobre temas cotidianos y no tan cotidianos Algo negativo Mi edici n no tiene una traducci n de las frases en franc s Es una novela de iniciaci n, b sicamente El protagonista, Christopher Lloyd, es un hombre de clase media que va rememorando las distintas etapas de su vida, que se reparten entre los suburbios de Londres y Par s Tiene algunas ideas estereotipadas [...]

  11. 3.5A somewhat enjoyable novel It was too short in my opinion It ended just when it got interesting.How fitting it was that this was my 14th and final Barnes novel, although it was his first But don t worry, I still plan on reading two of his short story collections before the New Year s Eve.I m glad to see that this was still the same Barnes as we know him In 1980 he was already a huge admirer of Flaubert s as well as the French culture Metroland deals with the rebellious youth versus the adults [...]

  12. I am yet to find a Barnes novel that I dislike This is a complete opposite of Flaubert s Parrot or History of the World in 10 and 1 2 chapters, but you can see the beginnings of Barnes love for art, France and making you think about stuff, like growing up, and what happiness is, etc Some say that they don t see a happy ending in Chris story, I think I do, or a least that he s getting there There s nothing wrong with being happy in marriage, with kids and well payed job that you DO like.

  13. Read in English, if you can, much enjoyable reading and gives you real perspective into Barnes talent.

  14. Contains spoilers Probably the best account of school boyhood I ve ever read it s self consciously intelligent obviously , written in a frank, witty voice that transitions neatly from teenage boy to grown man, and deftly analyses the ideas and experiences which lead to its satisfying conclusion The novel s protagonist, Christopher, and best friend Toni navigate their adolescence in suburban London together as intellectual confidants, constructively loafing , which equates to hanging around in va [...]

  15. Ah a new definition of adult the time during which one has sold out , remarks Toni caustically But then it s certainly not the majority of us who maintain an adolescent s sneering contempt of the bourgeoisie as they might term it in London, at least and of such traditional life choices as marriage, children, mortgages, and steady jobs on into what can solidly be considered the adult years The debut novel of Julian Barnes is a coming of age story that extends into the solid rungs of adulthood and [...]

  16. After reading several books from Julian Barnes, I decided to read all of his books I plan to go in order from the beginning exception being his upcoming book The Noise of Time this year So I started with Metroland, his debut.Barnes language has been always challenging to me He makes English sound so intelligent and complicated, hence I like to read his writings It s interesting to see how his writing style has been exclusive starting from this book Even though it evolved in time, this prelude to [...]

  17. Okay, I admit, I picked this book up largely because of its cover The edition I found for supercheap at a local bookstore has an illustration of two young men in the Underground, the lights of a train coming towards them I have a thing for subways and the image just sort of spoke to me I m glad I picked it up, though the first 72 pages of this slim novel were a bit of a slog for me Those pages are concerned for the most part with the friendship between Chris, who narrates, and Toni The two sixte [...]

  18. It is Just amazing that how the randomness of a certain event leads us to experience another event in relation to it I somehow recall first the month of Jan this year where I coincidentally happen to go to a book store due to a power failure So had the power not failed or had a british reader not recommended the book The Sense of an ending or had I did not see the entire work by Julian Barnes the probability of me reading this book would have been minimal.Julian Barnes in this book tells us the [...]

  19. Una novela que es cortita y se lee r pido El libro es mucho m s que esa sinopsis lamentable Yo cre que todo el libro se la pasar a hablando de la adolescencia y de c mo observaban a la gente Pues no, se divide en tres partes de la vida del protagonista, pero a n as creo que no hay pierde La personalidad de los adolescentes s es algo particular pero no tan disparatada como la ponen Ahora, cuando le a los personajes femeninos me deten a un momento para pensar y decir rale, qu loco Incre ble la car [...]

  20. Ik moest even inkomen bij dit boek De Nederlandse vertaling is nogal slecht, wat het lezen niet prettiger maakte, en het verhaal is ook gewoon niet opvallend origineel Julian Barnes lijkt wel originaliteit na te streven, maar zeker in het eerste deel van het boek komen de personages daardoo vooral een beetje onnatuurlijk over Er zullen ongetwijfeld tieners zijn die zijn als Tony en Christopher in Metroland, maar zoals vaak in boeken en films het geval is met kinderen en jongeren, komen ze iets t [...]

  21. My first thought is, I can t believe that this book isn t well known It has the feel of a classic coming of age novel to me It details the way in which an irreverent, anti anything conventional teenager ends up becoming a married suburbanite The 1963 section of the book so perfectly captured adolescence that it was startling I wanted to copy something down off pretty much every page.

  22. One of the things I ve learned is that one sign of adulthood is learning that it is okay to be normal and okay to not be Our narrator learns this but his friend fails to.Anyone who has been an overly intellectual adolescence can appreciate Barnes wry and affectionate humor in his portrayal of the narrator and his friend in their contempt of the bourgeoisie.

  23. I think this was the second Barnes novel I read It was tremendously funny, and I actually did laugh out loud on a couple of occasions I ve tagged it as biography on my shelves because it s loosely based on his childhood experiences I know that not everyone was a pretentious and precocious schoolboy, but it resonated with me.

  24. Just couldn t get into this oneI read reviews about how clever it was and subtleat all went right over my head I just found the characters as school children annoyingd a little bland after.The highlight for me in this book was the uncle.

  25. I ll remember most the chapter of Part II in Paris when he sheds in immaturity with his virginity, and finds his own voice in writing exercises Like Sense of and Ending, 31 years later, the obvious similarities seems to explore male identity, youthful cynicism, and blossom into happiness, and intellectual argument to be excited about happiness, why can t I be happy at 3o with wife kids and good job Split with best friend Toni, beautifully written, if awkward, vulgar, it s sharp and pulsating Ton [...]

  26. Objectively this book has little to offer beyond the aesthetic of the writing, but when you have experienced living in the bourgeois dormitory of Metroland first hand, the depiction of cynicism and, later, numbing gratitude for the dullness is acute We describe this as an area of too much money and terrible taste , and for me the most profound revelation of the book is that you can quote Mallarm while cutting the grass An incredibly privileged education and upbringing doesn t necessarily afford [...]

  27. 4.5 stars A very enjoyable read that is in three parts In suburban London in 1963, Christopher Lloyd, as a 16 year old, comments on his life and his friend Toni Part two is about Christopher s time in Paris in 1968 where he is studying He has a relationship with a French girl and meets three English people around his age that he hangs out with In the third part Christopher is back in London in 1977 and meets up with Toni Christopher is a one woman relationship man whereas Toni has a number of af [...]

  28. Who d have thought I d really enjoy a novel about the reminiscences of a white, English, middle class school boy Actually, that does Barnes novel a disservice this is a smart, clever and funny read Barnes called this a novel of defeat, and in a way, it is Don t we all capitulate to Metroland somehow Still, this was a good palliative on that journey Barnes is a quiet, clear writer, and funny too The scene of Christopher s first date with Anneke is just brilliant This was the audible version read [...]