Love, Come to Me

Ù Love, Come to Me ↠ Lisa Kleypas Ù Love, Come to Me ↠ Lisa Kleypas - Love, Come to Me, Love Come to Me When strong and handsome Heath Rayne pulled Lucinda Caldwell from a winter river he rescued her from an icy death But soon he was plunging her into a torrid torrent of passion that this New England b

  • Title: Love, Come to Me
  • Author: Lisa Kleypas
  • ISBN: 9780451236333
  • Page: 384
  • Format: Paperback

Ù Love, Come to Me ↠ Lisa Kleypas - Love, Come to Me, Love Come to Me When strong and handsome Heath Rayne pulled Lucinda Caldwell from a winter river he rescued her from an icy death But soon he was plunging her into a torrid torrent of passion that this New England b

Love, Come to Me, Ù Love, Come to Me ↠ Lisa Kleypas, Love, Come to Me, Lisa Kleypas, Love Come to Me When strong and handsome Heath Rayne pulled Lucinda Caldwell from a winter river he rescued her from an icy death But soon he was plunging her into a torrid torrent of passion that this New England beauty had never suspected could claim her Heath was unlike any other man Lucy had ever known a dashing mocking sensuous Southerner who came as a stranger to Lucy s town anWhen stron. Ù Love, Come to Me ↠ Lisa Kleypas - Love, Come to Me, Love Come to Me When strong and handsome Heath Rayne pulled Lucinda Caldwell from a winter river he rescued her from an icy death But soon he was plunging her into a torrid torrent of passion that this New England b

  • Ù Love, Come to Me ↠ Lisa Kleypas
    384Lisa Kleypas
Love, Come to Me

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  1. I have really loved most of Lisa Kleypas s novels I have read to date, so it truly pains me to not be able to give this book a higher rating This is one of the first four books that she wrote, and the writing style is so different from her later works that it almost seemed like it had been written by another author The story is very heavily character driven with very little plot The conflict is mainly of an internal nature, driven by secrets and love triangles, with no real villains to speak of [...]

  2. At times like this I really wish GoodReads would let us use half stars This is the perfect example of a book caught midway between three and four stars I think this is one of Lisa Kleypas s earliest books you can definitely tell it was written much earlier in her career because although it is enjoyable, it isn t as masterful as her recent work It was a good story, but fairly unremarkable My biggest issue was probably Daniel He was made only as a foil for Heath, so we could see how awesome he is [...]

  3. Ding ding ding ding ding We have a winner ladies This was a superb book Superb I read somewhere that Ms Kleypas described her first four books as a learning curve Learning curve my arse, Ms Kleypas Maybe the first two were your learning curve, but this was pure perfection I m giddy with how great this book was Synopsis Heath Rayne, a Southern man living in the cold Northeast saves Lucy Caldwell from drowning in an icy river She spends two days with him in his cabin while he takes care of her and [...]

  4. Another fabulous Lisa Kleypas story I say this every time, but it s always true even a bad Lisa Kleypas is better than some authors very best work This book was originally published back in the 80 s and is one of her first books, and it shows The writing is less polished, and the story dragged a bit about 3 4 of the way through, but nonetheless it was still very good, and had all the hallmarks that I love about her books It was very refreshing to read a story from that time period that takes pla [...]

  5. Cerita bagus buat LK yg waktu nulis nya pas umur 20 an.yan juga uhuk2nya, lumayan hot buat penulis umur 20an hihihihihihihihihi Heath berguling telentang dengan puas hahahha.n you guess Itu cerita indah nyak indahnya apa si Lucygi make love pertama, malah mikirin Daniel,mantan tunangan nya yang katanya sangat dia cintaaaaaakkk image error Langsung loyo dan ngeloyor pergi deh si Heath image error Diawal si Lucinda ini, ketemu Heath Payne waktu dia kecebur sungai dingin dan di selamatkan Heath mer [...]

  6. Terrible TERRIBLE Was this ghost written by a shitty ghostwriter because1 It s a clear rip off of Gone With The Wind I m surprised there are no characters who don t know nothing about birthing no babies.2 There s a goddamn rape scene.3 Not funny, not charming, not rollicking escapism Not at all.Did I mention there s a fucking rape scene And oh god it s one of those awful She was saying no, but she really was totally turned on, and when he ignored her protests and raped her, she climaxed immediat [...]

  7. Ok, it s been ages since I have read a Historical Romance Bodice Ripper This has been compared by some to Gone With The Wind and as having no substance I for one will say it s nowhere near GWTW Sure it s about a yankee hero and a rebel heroine but that s where the comparison ends I enjoyed reading this book It is different from the other LK books I ve read but diversity can be good.

  8. I enjoyed this book a lot than I was expecting to That s always a really pleasant surprise, although I really shouldn t be surprised since it s Lisa Kleypas and even her early novels published in 1988 are still a ton better than a lot of what I currently read I really liked a lot about this novel, including the characters I think the people who were not as fond of this book were people who couldn t connect with the characters If you don t like them by 50 pages in, I would say you re not going t [...]

  9. Love Come to Me by Lisa Kleypas3.5 starsLucinda Caldwell never meant to fall into a freezing cold ice lake and find herself drowning It was just supposed to be a shortcut home to surprise her father after visiting family When she thinks she s about to die she s rescued by a handsome Southerner named Heath Rayne Heath is completely different from the cold New England men she s grown up around and he intrigues her She knows she needs to stay away especially since she has a great fianc But Heath co [...]

  10. This was just an okay read I normally love anything by Lisa Kleypas and many of my favorite tropes were in this story self made man, love at first sight, protective hero but still, there was something missing Choosing between Heath and Lucy, I have to chose Heath But I sort of understand Lucy a young woman, without the benefit of a mother, a New Englander I married one and you d have to live it to know the stoic, hard, lack of humor personality all made up who she was and how she treated Heath T [...]

  11. This could have been a good book if the hero, the heroine s husband didn t keep his whole past life a secret between them If he didn t keep the woman he used to love and wanted to marry under the same roof as his wife and importantly if he didn t keep from his wife that his ex hadn t left the country like he told her, but that he was going to have lunch with her without the heroine s knowledge Most importantly of all, I would have found it enjoyable if the heroine wasn t a complete and utter do [...]

  12. I usually love Lisa K s older books but this one was boring I found myself skipping the long descriptions of clothing, scenery and history While I did think the actual love story was compelling at first, it also tended to drag often.I really wanted to like this book than I did.

  13. 2.5 starsI didn t feel the love between the characters I didn t like them very much if I m honest The hero is sometimes kind and gentle, but at other times is a bit too stubborn and dominant for my taste.The story is heavy on the historical descriptions, especially details of the political climate between the North and South following the Civil War and tbh I don t know the subject

  14. As one of Ms Kleypas original books now re issued I was happy to re read an old favorite Yes, her early books were much innocent back then but you could still see the promise, passion, and historically well researched work she was able to produce even then Having grown up in Massachusetts, where this was set at the end of the Civil War I thoroughly enjoyed reading of my state s history, landmarks and the attitude of the Northerners towards the Southerners at the end of that horrible time in our [...]

  15. Oy I hope this is no one s first introduction to LK Then again, I can t really recommend it to hardcore LK fans, either.What to say about it I didn t totally hate hate hate it, but it lacked the characteristic Lisa Kleypas oomph I m accustomed to It certainly wasn t concise It was irritatingly old skoolish, with the meandering story line that kind of wandered around without purpose and went where did it go again I forgot Then there was the OMGyoung heroine in her actions, that is , some punishin [...]

  16. I really liked the hero, who was a very good incarnation of the perfect husband partner smart, bright, cunning, respectful of the others intelligence even women s, decided and willing to reach his objectives or less whatever the means, careful of his loved ones feelings, though sometimes too proud to listen to his conscience And obviously sinfully sexy, sensually uninhibited A perfect example of self made man, no alpha male, but no meek man either, which could also work out fine in a contempora [...]

  17. I loved this book than most readers considering the review numbers I guess I just like the way she writes about emotions I can feel what they re going through.In this story, Heath has moved to Massachusetts after the Civil War from Virginia He s a Southerner and not only doesn t fit in, but isn t well liked either Lucinda is the daughter of a well loved storekeeper She finds Heath somewhat irresistible and is caught in a compromising embrace with him Of course, now her fiance no longer wants he [...]

  18. So this was Old Skool romance, but it was good Old Skool Spunky heroine challenging her female role in society Check Bossy but super sexy and sweet hero Check And no super rapey scenes either, so it s all good It was set just after the American Civil War in Boston, which was a bit different, and made an argument for the less than glorious reality of war, which was also different I very much enjoyed both hero and the heroine Even in her early years, Kleypas was funny and had a knack for creating [...]

  19. This was the most fustrating book i have ever readi read this book on my new ereader and it took every ounce of control in me not to throw it against the wall in complete anger I love Lisa Kleypas but thank god her other books are not like this one I could not decide who to hate,Heath who rapes his wife or the heroine who fights him and then loves that he s raping her One minute she s all innocent the next she s a fight catgood god make up your mind woman He was no better as a character.Readers [...]

  20. DNF One star Sorry The rape scene turned me off I know that Heath and Lucy are husband and wife, but forcing your wife for sex Really Eventhough Lucy found it pleasurable in the end, but it was still like a rape for me The whole thing was a major turn off.I also think Heath is a bigger a hole than Daniel.Clearly I didn t enjoy this My second historical romance My second 1 star to his rom book.

  21. I tried to be objective when reading this book because Lisa Kleypas had stated on her website that her first four books were part of a learning curve I really enjoyed it and I think it helped that I did not compare it with the books she is writing now My only criticism is that the editor should have done a better job because, at times, I felt there was too much emphasis on the historical aspects which tended to overshadow the romance.

  22. One of Kleypas s very first books I was planning to read this for sometime Interesting premise For one of her very first books and early works the writing quality was still impressive and pretty strong I just wasn t as enthralled with the story as I was with some of her other books okay pretty much everything else lol Still, it definitely had that Kleypas edge and dark tone which I loved Plus it s filled with facts and descriptive detail to the historical economic time setting I adore Kleypas fo [...]

  23. Yikes guys Full disclosure, I m a pretty woke feminist, so there hasn t been a historical romance read to date that hasn t got a red flag from me at some point while reading That being said, I like reading these stories I generally go into them expecting a certain amount of misogyny, roll my eyes at the problematic elements and enjoy them for what the are anyway This story though, is by far the most toxic I ve come across, and it sucks because he was built into an interesting character, and one [...]

  24. Love, Come to Me is the story of Heath and Lucy.When Southerner Heath rescues Northerner Lucy from drowning in a frozen river, he never expects to be blasted with attraction, or find himself drawn to an betrothed woman Soon heated kisses lead to scandal and breaking of engagement, and a hasty marriage exposes past insecurities.I love Lisa Kleypas and she is one of my all time favorite authors but this is one of her earliest works and it shows We have the burning slow hidden obsession in a hero b [...]

  25. Love, Come to Me was originally published in 1988 and was one of Lisa Kleypas s first books Lisa s earlier books such as Forever My Love, Where Passion Leads and Give Me Tonight are not her best work Lisa doesn t hit her stride until the mid 90 s where she really began to shine.Love, Come to Me has been re released from Signet and has undertones of how great of an author Lisa will become This story takes place a few years after the Civil Wars ends and is set in Concord, Massachusetts Our heroine [...]

  26. I can tell Lisa Kleypas was still trying to find her style when writing this novel The writing is not as polished as some of her most recent works, and the story pacing was slow in some parts, fast in others.That being said, I really enjoyed this novel s interplay between Heath and Lucy, both incredibly flawed characters who are unlike in many of Lisa Kleypas s other books not the perfect match from the get go Their romance felt genuine as they tried to bridge the wide gulf brought on by differe [...]

  27. I bought this book thinking it was a new release It isn t, it s a rerelease of one of her first books Her lack of experience at that point shows in this novel Kind of sorry I spent 7.99 on it Anyway, the ONLY reason I give this book two stars is because it is by Lisa Kleypas and I ve always enjoyed her books The herione and hero in this book are a couple of absolute ninnies who cannot seem to be constant in their attitudes or behavior toward each other Some moments the characters are very mature [...]

  28. This is one of LK s earlier works and I wasn t that impressed with the story It was set in New England and Boston When it comes to her first few works, my favorite is still Forever My Love.Lucy Caldwell s character didn t really appeal to me, there was little character development, unlike Heath Rayne s It was a story of love at first sight for Heath and I liked how determined he was to claim Lucy He has a colorful history too.Other supporting characters were well written in terms of how I reacte [...]

  29. Clearly an early version of Lisa Kleypas writing ability And you know what, it was still so very good and compared to other novels out there I would say there s nothing to be ashamed of in this case Okay, maybe I m biased because LK is my favourite Romance author, but I will try to be objective The story we get here is typical Lisa Kleypas stuff The characters, too, there s LK written all over them You shouldn t expect her at her best, because concerning the pace of the storyline, the storyline [...]