Lost Wages of Sin

[PDF] Read » Lost Wages of Sin : by Rosalie Stanton [PDF] Read » Lost Wages of Sin : by Rosalie Stanton - Lost Wages of Sin, Lost Wages of Sin Working for Lucifer is the best job in the universe until the day it s not Then you re on your own with Hell at your heels Ava Sin of Greed has had a rough week The angel she planned to make a lif

  • Title: Lost Wages of Sin
  • Author: Rosalie Stanton
  • ISBN: 9781595788245
  • Page: 440
  • Format: ebook

[PDF] Read » Lost Wages of Sin : by Rosalie Stanton - Lost Wages of Sin, Lost Wages of Sin Working for Lucifer is the best job in the universe until the day it s not Then you re on your own with Hell at your heels Ava Sin of Greed has had a rough week The angel she planned to make a lif

Lost Wages of Sin, [PDF] Read » Lost Wages of Sin : by Rosalie Stanton, Lost Wages of Sin, Rosalie Stanton, Lost Wages of Sin Working for Lucifer is the best job in the universe until the day it s not Then you re on your own with Hell at your heels Ava Sin of Greed has had a rough week The angel she planned to make a life with left her with nothing but a Dear Jane letter Even worse Lucifer believes she spilled Hell s secrets to her ex and her boss s temper is notoriously apocalyptic ForWorking for. [PDF] Read » Lost Wages of Sin : by Rosalie Stanton - Lost Wages of Sin, Lost Wages of Sin Working for Lucifer is the best job in the universe until the day it s not Then you re on your own with Hell at your heels Ava Sin of Greed has had a rough week The angel she planned to make a lif

  • [PDF] Read » Lost Wages of Sin : by Rosalie Stanton
    440Rosalie Stanton
Lost Wages of Sin

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  1. This is one of those books that had me thinking, Why didn t I think of this Holy Hell Lost Wages of Sin is a fantastic read, offering everything PNR fans crave Ava is hard as nails, yet, hides a vulnerability she s too terrified to reveal As far as heroes go, Dante is lick your fingers after you touch him YUMMY There are so many facets to this book, all of which lead you to the next installment in the series I, for one, cannot wait to read Lucifer s book can I have it.I m able to review this qu [...]

  2. 4 Stars Exciting Debut of Sinners and Saints Series Lost Wages of Sin is book 1 in an exciting new series entitled Sinners and Saints that hit the stores this April Rosalie Stanton is an author who knows exactly what she wants to convey to her readers and does it with style, humor and red hot passion that leaves the reader wanting of where her stories come from Having loved two contemporary romances by the author before, I knew that Rosalie Stanton wouldn t disappoint me even if this is the ver [...]

  3. This review was originally posted at Vampire Book Club.Lost Wages of Sin has the kind of hero paranormal romance fans will want to eat up Or lick Or, hell, you ll want him.In addition to gorgeous attributes and sexual prowess, Dante is the guy that melts hearts.He s a vampire who breaks rules, laughs at his own jokes and is generally badass EXCEPT he would do anything for Ava He loves her so deeply and is willing to risk the wrath of Lucifer and any powerful demon just for the chance to be at Av [...]

  4. I stumbled upon this author while convointruding on a twitter convo about someone named Dante and him giving some good tongue loving LOL My interest piqued, I asked my girl Dren what book was she talking about and where can I find it Lost Wages of Sin was a very pleasant surprise I started reading the book with zero expectations but ended up thoroughly enjoying it Ava is a demon who works for Lucifer She had the misfortune of falling for an angel named Sebastian Her relationship with an angel do [...]

  5. Its 4 starsI hate for its rubbish whole number review system Ava has done the unthinkable by falling in love with an Angel Greed personified, she one of Lucifer s most deadly and secret weapons, one of the seven deadly Sins When a Bishop has a crisis of faith, Lucifer sends along one of his big hitters i.e Ava to try to tempt him over to the dark side Unfortunately, Big J has done the same by sending Sebastian, a hot Guardian Angel, to try to protect his faith Sebastian and Eva fall in a big way [...]

  6. Review originally posted on DrensB SpotSo last week I played convoinvader on Twitter Author, JA Sare was tweeting praise about a book she just read that was written by her critique partner, Rosalie Stanton So of course my interest was IMMEDIATELY piqued I love Author to Author love so I head on over to and read the blurb Shortly thereafter, I let my mouse do the shopping and BOOM Chessiebomb s got a new book Then the fun starts After a painful breakup with an angel, Ava is running for her life, [...]

  7. Title Lost Wages of Sin Sinners and Saints Book 1Author Rosalie StantonPublisher Liquid Silver BooksPublication Date 2011ISBN 978 1 59578 824 5Genre paranormal romanceLength 117Heat Level sensualOther oralReviewer Brecken StevensDate July 19, 2011Ava is in a pickle She shouldn t have fallen for an angel, shouldn t have shared her secret about being one of Lucifer s embodied sins, and probably just shouldn t have gotten out of bed that morning On the run from demons and her former overlord Ava tu [...]

  8. If you love demons, vampires, cosmic battles, romance, laughter and well written stories you should totally give this book a read I seriously can t praise this book enough Rosalie Stanton is my favorite up and coming paranormal romance author, but this book is a work of art from start to finish With a great romance, there needs to be good chemistry between the characters and Ava and Dante are AMAZING together I love couples that can banter back and forth and Ava and Dante certainly are good at t [...]

  9. Summarizing this book in a paragraph is a daunting challenge The story is so rich, so vibrant, that it defies explanation to read this one is to walk the streets of Natchez, to feel Ava s fear and heightened emotions It s to look in the eyes of Dante and see every wicked inclination, every desire, every unbelievably sexy, torrid thought, and beg for His love for Ava is so profound it will make your own chest tighten, the sex so hot your pulse will race You can t help but experience every breath [...]

  10. So far this book is da bomb I was so impressed right from the first page I ve only gotten through a chapter and a half so far but I m already looking for from this author

  11. Very entertaining read I enjoyed the sarcasm between Ava and Dante That Ava is one of the Seven Deadly sins was a very interesting twist Review is going up at the Erotic Blog D

  12. Ava and her siblings are Lucifer s secret weapons It s their job to spy for the Prince of Lies Ava is good at following orders, until she falls in love with an angel She finally realizes that trusting him was a mistake when he leaves her high and dry after learning what consequences could await.Ava only found out about her angel s flight of shame as in back upstairs with his wings between his legs after she had already quit her job Now she needs to hide and her only ally is the too hot to handle [...]

  13. This book was almost a DNF for me Almost It had everything I normally go for in a book Paranormal eck Female who can stand on her own check Ava was definitely what I would classify as a kick ass chick Being Lucifer s right hand man woman with a unimaginable amount of power Unimaginable because no one is supposed to know she and her brothers and sisters even exist Hot smokin hot vampire, pain in females ass check Dante Wow I did love him from the moment he sauntered onto the scene All cocky backt [...]

  14. For everyone that s fallen in love hard and fast, only to discover the object of your affection is not who you thought they were, you re not alone.Ava, one of Lucifer s seven deadly sins, has committed the gravest faux pas an agent of hell can she falls in love with, quits her job over, and then gets dumped by an angel Who saw that coming, right Ava s mistake has cost her dearly Turning an angel would have been a coup in hell, but getting dumped by one after sharing her identity and job puts her [...]

  15. Ava is one of the Seven Deadly Sins her and her six siblings report directly to Lucifer Ava likes who she is but then she met an Angel, Sebastian and fell in love Or so she thought Ready to give up everything for him, her Angel finds out who she really is and flees back up to Big J Now Lucifer thinks she is a traitor and Ava runs, afraid of what the consequences will be.Not sure where to go or what to do, she runs into long time friend, and vampire, Dante Dante has always been there to listen to [...]

  16. Ava is a solder for Lucifer, one of his favorites So when she fell for an angel he was proud, but that quickly faded Once word got out her angel tucked tail and ran back to the pearly gates Ava knew that there would be roomers, but what she didn t expect was the death sentence that would come as the result of them.Dante had known Ava for century s and had loved her from the moment they first met and she saved him Dante played the role of friend for centuries hoping she would notice him, but when [...]

  17. My review provided by Carlyn McKechnie Book Monster Reviewer This is a paranormal romance Ava is one of Lucifer s top employees and when she falls in love with an angel and hands in her resignation she makes a world of trouble for herself What she doesn t know is that while she has been busy quitting her job so they could live happily ever after, Sebastian, the angel she fell for is writing her a letter telling her it s over Now Ava has to deal with a broken heart and a boss chasing her because [...]

  18. Having a hell of a time, my dear Glad you were here.This book was a stew of supernatural goodness Hell, the Seven Deadly Sins incarnate, a hot, smarmy and endearing vampire, demons, and an angel for not so good measure Dante, the vampire hero, is a combination of Hook from Once Upon A Time and Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer Seriously, you can t read his dialogue without hearing THAT accent Loved it And Ava, the Sin of Greed, is the kickass heroine who s about to be punished by Lucifer for a [...]

  19. Ava is one of the super secret seven sins that no one is supposed to know about, so when her one time lover Sebastian leaks the news to the world in a Dear John letter, Ava is in big trouble with her dad, Lucifer Forced to run for her life, there is only one person Ava can trust, her vampire friend, Dante Hot and sexy Dante The same Dante she nearly lost her virginity to all those years ago What follows is a dark and sexy story as Ava and Dante fight to clear Ava s name, and to fight their attra [...]

  20. An interesting story from an interesting perspective Ava, one of the Seven Deadly Sins falls for an angel and gets a dear John letter and the fear of being eliminated by her father, Lucifer While in hiding in Natchez she runs into her one true love, Dante Dante is a vampire that is handsome and will do anything for Ava Hopefully, before her father kills her Read the book to find out if they have a happy ever after.

  21. A quick read that was fast paced and enjoyable I loved the premise of the Deadly Sins and their world and also the interesting interpretation between Lucifer and Big J.Ava is a kick ass heroine and Dante sounds delicious If you are offended by language or seriously sexy scenes, this book is not for you.

  22. This is a great book with an excellent concept executed beautifully well developed characters, wonderful world building, hot romance, and pitch perfect dialogue The chemistry between the leads is palpable and leaps off the page Lost Wages of Sin has a satisfying conclusion, but the epilogue sets up a broader arc, and I m definitely looking forward to the next installment.

  23. I really enjoyed the ideas in this book and for me it s a solid 3.5, I loved the characters However, the reason I can t give it a 4 or 5 is that it took so long for not much to happen No real action, just waiting around That said I will definitely read the next one.