Lucien's Fall

[PDF] Lucien's Fall | by Ï Barbara Samuel [PDF] Lucien's Fall | by Ï Barbara Samuel - Lucien's Fall, Lucien s Fall A SINFULLY APPEALING RAKELord Lucien Escher is a renowed London rake who believes there is not a woman in the world who cannot be seduced he is determined to prove it come what may INTELLIGENT AND DE

  • Title: Lucien's Fall
  • Author: Barbara Samuel
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 322
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Lucien's Fall | by Ï Barbara Samuel - Lucien's Fall, Lucien s Fall A SINFULLY APPEALING RAKELord Lucien Escher is a renowed London rake who believes there is not a woman in the world who cannot be seduced he is determined to prove it come what may INTELLIGENT AND DE

Lucien's Fall, [PDF] Lucien's Fall | by Ï Barbara Samuel, Lucien's Fall, Barbara Samuel, Lucien s Fall A SINFULLY APPEALING RAKELord Lucien Escher is a renowed London rake who believes there is not a woman in the world who cannot be seduced he is determined to prove it come what may INTELLIGENT AND DETERMINED WOMANMadeline is determined to save her treasured ancestral home and has no use for love or the tricks of an unredeemable scoundrel Against her better judgment A SINFULLY APPEAL. [PDF] Lucien's Fall | by Ï Barbara Samuel - Lucien's Fall, Lucien s Fall A SINFULLY APPEALING RAKELord Lucien Escher is a renowed London rake who believes there is not a woman in the world who cannot be seduced he is determined to prove it come what may INTELLIGENT AND DE

  • [PDF] Lucien's Fall | by Ï Barbara Samuel
    322Barbara Samuel
Lucien's Fall

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  1. The plot Madeline is the boring uptight step daughter of a slutty countess whose the daughter of a dressmaker So she thinks, but in fact Madeline is the boring uptight daughter of a slutty countess whose the daughter of a dressmaker For some reason the slutty dressmaker countess has never fessed up to motherhood probably because she s lying about her age so that she can have sm sex with men her daughter s age Anyway, slut countess has invited a notorious rake home who is bent on seducing the vir [...]

  2. Melodramatic was Lucien s Fall but I have not been so absorbed by a book in a very very long time The actual rating would have been 3 stars if I was in my normal state But considering how disinterested I have been in most offerings in the historical romance genre, Lucien s Fall managed to keep me entertained and propelled me to read on For that I am giving it one star I probably will not read it again though Barbara Samuel painted 2 very vivid characters, Madeline and Lucien, in this book And t [...]

  3. Really good Georgian romance I didn t consider Lucien that much of a rake, especially compared to Madeline s own mother and her boyfriend Johnathan.Best deflowring ever Boy knows his business And yes, very romantic ending I loved it.

  4. I honestly didn t find anything romantic about Lucien, I found him immature, spoiled, and manipulative I personally can t find anything romantic about literally being hauled out of a dress shop where I m getting fitted for my wedding to another man, for a freaking booty call.As for the heroine, for being supposedly worldly and mature, she couldn t seen to seperate lust and love and didnt seen to understand consequences, little alone care about the feelings of others I also hated that she always [...]

  5. I absolutely loved it Certainly not every moment of this book is perfect There are definitely moments of frustration in which the reader just wants to scream out at the main characters to do one thing or another But I finished the last 75% of this book in one day I couldn t put it down, and I loved the ending One of the most romantic conclusions for a book that I can possibly imagine I completely devoured it Another great one by Barbara Samuel.

  6. This is my least favorite of any Samuel book that I have read, not because it wasn t well written, not because the characters were flat, not because the book was boring since none of the above is true I just had a difficult time forcing myself through it because the people and circumstances of the plot really just didn t interest me I feel about it like I did Les Liaisons Dangereuse just a bunch of idle rich wastes of skin with nothing productive to do with their lives except play cruel manipula [...]

  7. I read Lucien s Fall when it first came out in paperback many moons ago and it quickly went on my list of all time favorite historical romances EVER First of all, Barbara Samuel s writing is exquisite There are those authors that I read and say things to myself like, Oh, my God I wish I had written that Many writers are great at telling a story, but Barbara s writing has something extra A lyrical, delightful way that is so unique Her voice is highly distinctive.Moreover, I loved the hero and her [...]

  8. I just couldn t get over that the fallen rake in this book had couldn t get over his demonshis demons being that he could write music Really Really And then there was the love story I hate, hate, hate books where innocent people get hurt When I realize this is the direction the wind blows I usually stop reading and I didn t this time and I should have Plus the plot was a little convolutednsumption The mother trying to seduce the love interest to prevent a marriage This one came highly recommende [...]

  9. I am a passionate about historical novels and when I hear about an author who has won several awards, immediately interested me in wanting to know his her works.This is exactly how I met Barbara Samuel.Stories where a rake is the main character are also delicious The old maxim that he would one day find someone so hard to deal with as him, will fall in love madly and change of attitude because of love.I don t bother reading about that cliche But I have to confess even a plot is nothing new, the [...]

  10. Once upon a time I would have rated this higher It is actually a good example of a historical romance first published in the mid 90 s But I think I ve moved on from flowery metaphors, angst ridden heroes and purple prose deflowering scenes3.5 stars

  11. I got this ebook when it was offered for free on over three years ago, but I didn t know who Barbara Samuel was and didn t read it until recently, after Smart Bitches blog said, I still think I m a much better romance reader for having read this story It was everything I want from a romance There was so much emotion throughout the story, and the descriptions of Lucien s freedom, spirit and music were magical I found myself highlighting so many passages because I loved the way Ms Samuel said thin [...]

  12. when i first started this i really didnt think it would be all that but somehow the writer drags u in by bringing Lucien and Madeleine to life yes its about a rake trying to seduce a virgin girl that needs to marry into a rich family but its got so much pacted in one novel, the writer makes u feel this deep passion between the 2 and lets u understand both their side, not just them but the mother and luciens best friends got all the naughtiness that goes on during that time, widows that has free [...]

  13. Extraordinary Historical RomanceThis book was so refreshingly different from other historical romances I ve read I m grateful to smartbitchestrashybooks for recommending it As a side note, I wouldn t have read it based on the original cover art I ll admit I m shallow like that I highly prefer the new cover with Madeline in her green dress Oh I d love to get lost in the maze with Lucien

  14. Wow, a LOT of slut shaming in these reviews It was the Georgian era, people Beautiful writing, really interesting and well developed characters, typical rake deflowers virgin trope, but so well done I didn t mind Not quite as funny or fun as I usually like my Romance novels, but still an enjoyable read.

  15. This was a great read At first I thought I would not like it but that changed pretty soon and I don t want to spoil the story The end of the story surprised me with like and unlike at the same time but I thought it came out great I really liked the 2 main characters, both very likeable, and I had a hard time putting the book down I mean shutting the Kindle off

  16. Could be a SPOLIER I had to stop reading this one It was too much of a turn off that the heroine s mother was trying to seduce the hero so he would leave her daughter alone yuck The sexual innuendoes between them was also disturbing Having mom involved in the love triangle was not cool

  17. Book Review Lucien s Fall by Barbara SamuelMadeline just returned from the continent Her step mother is throwing a house party so Madeline can meet the Marquis that she wants her to marry Unfortunately Lord Esher has also set his sights on Madeline Madeline refuses to let the known rake try and seduce her The battle of wills has begun.Lucien is determined to get Madeline into his bed Lady Juliette, Madeline s step mother, is determined to stop him Both women need Madeline s marriage to the Marqu [...]

  18. Um No I did not find this book comfortable at all Everything was very forced Literary view spoiler Lucien pins Madeline to the floor, chases her into a maze to rip off her cloths, climbs a wall at night to get into her bedroom uninvited hide spoiler What the hell I was worried than entertained by this story In the end I would have been happier if Lucien had died in the gutter after all, the book was titled Lucien s Fall Just because you were groomed by an older woman does not give you the right [...]

  19. I quit at 20% nothing was happening Also, the hero was Lord Lucien Esher but the author referred to him sometimes as Lord Esher and sometimes as Lucien I guess I m slow on the uptake, but it took me awhile to realize that they were one in the same person, by which time I had lost interest in the story.

  20. Mediocre I don t understand the stepmother mother plot detail as it was unnecessary for the story Lucian is a tortured soul but we read about gardening than his background other than his dad was a jerk I finished it barely and only by skipping much of it.

  21. A good readLucien wasn t the only one to fall Johnathan fell Juliette fell Charles knew he could fall And, our heroine, Madeleine fell too Love and a little hate abound, but music is the key.

  22. I believe this is one of the best HR books I have read in a while The story is captivating and keeps you interested to the end.

  23. It was okay The writer gets bonus points for innovative title no Earl or Duke in the title, kudos and subverting the trope in some interesting ways The story is about the star crossed romance between a tortured musician and a botanist Okay, maybe not so much a botanist as a wannabe botanist The tortured musician is also the heir to an earldom and a ruthless rake intent on deflowering the botanist, partly to kick his father, and partly to kick her stepmother, and because she s a challenge The poo [...]

  24. Review taken from my Blog Post 372 in July 2010 I wouldn t for one moment say that I didn t like this book, but it failed to engage me at any deep level it may be that I d had higher hopes from the description than the actual writing delivered.By no stretch of the imagination was this ever going to be a Did Not Finish DNF though.Having tried to analyse why it missed the mark a bit, I think it might have been that the characters were one dimensional, Lucien than Madeline actually.Also, Charles D [...]

  25. Totally outlandish and over the top and wildly melodramatic Also kind of a good time Heroine is the lovely step daughter of an aging 36 countess now that the father is dead, they re running out of money and the daughter must marry well The step mother has found a good match for her a pleasant and wealthy, but not handsome marquess A surprisingly good character, by the way Alas, the heroine just spotted the hero galloping around with his hair loose and is instantly smitten Most of the rest of the [...]

  26. What an exceptional book I picked it up on sale and then forgot about it Thumbing through my kindle for something to read while waiting for a plane, I opened it on a whim Plane delayed, no big deal Sitting on the tarmack due to weather in Chicago, no big deal Turbulence, no big deal I was totally immersed in first class story telling And the language, gorgeous.Yes, Madeline plans to marry for money She s been groomed for it, and certainly needs it to restore the family property, but she doesn t [...]

  27. Gym reading aka free or super cheap on I like a historical romance But this one annoyed the hell out of me Okay, Lucien s so tortured He s a rake and he s got such demons in his past What demons He can write music Yes, really Madeline loves her estate and needs to marry to get the money to keep it up Her step mother invites people to see them in the country, including 2 rakes The reason is that the rakes bring people to their house, so if they have people at their house, the cost of housing and [...]