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Princess Super Kitty Best Download || [Antoinette Portis] Princess Super Kitty Best Download || [Antoinette Portis] - Princess Super Kitty, Princess Super Kitty Maggie likes being a kitty But sometimes that s not enough Sometimes a girl has to be super One little girl transforms herself over and over in this inventive picture book from the bestselling author

  • Title: Princess Super Kitty
  • Author: Antoinette Portis
  • ISBN: 9780061827259
  • Page: 203
  • Format: Hardcover

Princess Super Kitty Best Download || [Antoinette Portis] - Princess Super Kitty, Princess Super Kitty Maggie likes being a kitty But sometimes that s not enough Sometimes a girl has to be super One little girl transforms herself over and over in this inventive picture book from the bestselling author

Princess Super Kitty, Princess Super Kitty Best Download || [Antoinette Portis], Princess Super Kitty, Antoinette Portis, Princess Super Kitty Maggie likes being a kitty But sometimes that s not enough Sometimes a girl has to be super One little girl transforms herself over and over in this inventive picture book from the bestselling author and illustrator of Not a Box Antoinette Portis Once again Portis shows us that children make ordinary life fun using their imaginations. Princess Super Kitty Best Download || [Antoinette Portis] - Princess Super Kitty, Princess Super Kitty Maggie likes being a kitty But sometimes that s not enough Sometimes a girl has to be super One little girl transforms herself over and over in this inventive picture book from the bestselling author

  • Princess Super Kitty Best Download || [Antoinette Portis]
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Princess Super Kitty

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  1. I cannot be absolutely certain, but I have a strong feeling that Antoinette Portis must have followed me around secretly as a child, took notes and now published this book The subtitle of this excellent picture book should be The biography of OfiliaP She changed a few details to hide her tracks and then added a superb ending that would have never even occurred to me in my youth Adorable, fun, clever and absolutely true All of it Seriously.

  2. I give Princess Super Kitty 100 stars I like Princess Super Kitty I like it when she saves people Actual statements from Emily Meow Meow Meow meow Meow meow meow.Meow meow Meow.Meow meow meow meow This continued until she went to bed.

  3. What I most appreciate is Portis accurate capture of how a child s imagination works, layer by layer Her writing also transitions neatly from one persona to the next, and manages a fun reveal for the end Other things I appreciated The kitten pretend play was really age appropriate, meaning, a little limited and very repetitive being on all fours, saying Meow, and eating like a kitten And the Mom although she had to be a bit of a stereotype and be shown washing dishes which I GET, OK, I know when [...]

  4. First sentence There are girls who are regular girls But not me I have ears and a tail Because today I am a kitty When Mom says, Maggie, I say Meow That means I am a kitty, not a Maggie Kitties are cuter than regular people.Premise plot Maggie is an oh so lovable heroine On this day, she is a kitty, a super hero, a princess, and a mermaid We also catch glimpses of her family in this one Cover to cover this one is adorable.My thoughts I think I know a Maggie No, I know I KNOW a Maggie I really lo [...]

  5. Antoinette Portis writes some of the most delightful contemporary picture books around She specializes in very simple drawings, and simple text, which really pack a punch In this story, she turns princess tales on their heads with her tale of a very imaginative little girl who from her dress up box becomes a kitty, a kitty superhero, and a princess superhero kitty Like another one of my favorites, Mo Willems, she uses very minimalistic drawings to great effect in her storytelling I would expect [...]

  6. Our youngest played Super Kitty with her friends pretty much every day of preschool She loved being a kitty and of course, she had to have super powers Plus, she wore a dress, tights and tiara pretty much every single day of school that year, too So I thought she would absolutely die for this book Sadly, I think she found it to be only slightly amusing and a bit too baby ish for her tastes If only this book had been written two or three years ago Oh, well Still, with a simple, engaging narrative [...]

  7. I admit I m not one to looooove all the girly girl books out there But this one did strike my funny bone at times while the little girl plays dress up, constantly elaborating on her costume and identity Ms Portis illustrations are spot on charming and funny without losing the simplicity that makes them pop for younger readers I suspect this may make a great read aloud for the preK kids This will likely appeal to any youngster who enjoys exercising their imagination through dress up.

  8. A clever picture book about imagination, told in a way that makes sense in kid logic, as she changes from one character to another by adding ideas to her game, beginning as a simple kitty, wearing her tail, and gruadually becoming other things throughout her imaginative game Her ability to weave her family and pet into her fantasy world is just how a bright child would handle this game.

  9. Well, I just read I m Me and I still remember Amazing Grace, and I don t have a daughter nor was I like this as a child, so this just doesn t do anything for me At least, those are reasons I think I wasn t impressed But I wouldn t be at all surprised to learn that it is beloved by others You ll have to decide for yourself.

  10. We all know this child and or we have been this child play pretending as a kitty is fun But a superhero kitty is better And a PRINCESS superhero kitty is better still These sorts of combinations are the bread and butter of a child s imaginative world and Portis brings that idea to life beautifully.

  11. Awesome for a superhero story time a cute story about a little girl with a very active imagination.

  12. For anyone who has a kid who weirdly adores these roles, well, this is eerily accurate And a favourite.

  13. A Story that is Both Super Cool and Super Cute This book was reviewed as part of s Vine program which included a free advance copy of the book.This is an adorable story about a little girl Maggie who puts on a kitty outfit and initially dons the persona of a cat only to expand her character as she adapts to various encounters and eventually becomes Princess Super Kitty Well illustrated, entertaining and a great book for early readers, Antoinette Portis delivers an appealing story for little girl [...]

  14. Where is your imagination going to take you today Much like My Name is Not Isabella Maggie is adventurous and finds herself in many different persona, but hers are all stacked upon each other and work in the most magnificent ways to her benefit If you re a meowing kitty, a super being of powers and a princess of royal jewels why not also be even Each page is full of fun and humor This is a winner for little girls to love an mama s to enjoy too A new favorite children s author for me that I will [...]

  15. This book was full of whimsy and fun I especially enjoyed the quirky illustrations The bold black outlines combined with the bright colors were stylish and playful The little girl was also hilarious I could see her reasoning behind all of her costumes and I loved how easily she adapted while still being helpful She didn t abuse her powers too much It was amusing to see the different roles she took and I liked her actions antics for each role The last page made me smile Definitely a book I d reco [...]

  16. My 4 year old picked this up at the library today It s not surprising that it appealed to her, as the main character is dressed like a princess cat superhero on the cover Maggie is a girl who pretends to be a cat, who evolves into a superhero cat, who becomes a princess superhero catd leads the way around the house with her mom and brothers playing along The illustrations are good the language is simple and pretty funny My daughter laughed aloud several times, at one point saying, My eyes are we [...]

  17. It was an amazing book with a message that is absolutely positive and empowering The illustrations are not spectacular with lots of white space However, the illustrations are endearing and conveys the story well It is the story itself that is the most exceptional and funny The one part where she is wearing her undies and flies around as Super Kitty not sure if I would be comfortable to read aloud at storytime If I could change the story a little, I might cover up her undies and put her in shorts [...]

  18. Maggie is not a regular girl today She is a kitty and a princess, a super hero, and at bath time a Water Lily Hula Porpoise Simple, appealing illustrations make this a child friendly accessible tribute to the idea that any day is better with a little imagination and the color pink This is a must have for the Pre K kindergarten princess and kitty loving, I must always wear pink little girl.

  19. Princess Super Kittyby Antoinette Portis is a simple, inventive story about a girl playing dress up She starts as a cat, then becomes Super Cat, and finally Princess Super Kitty The evolution of her persona speaks to the creativity and imagination of young children Additionally, anyone with children will relate to the thoroughness of dialogue.With great illustrations, this is a book that will appeal to many audiences and is a great read aloud.

  20. Big hit at Victoria Story Time Very girly, but silly and fun Oct 16, 2014Read at Superhero Story Time 7 18 15Simple book about a girl playing pretend More girly than I typically prefer, and has a weird section about people having to obey her, but it is mostly adorable I love how she uses her super powers to help her family And her cat and final identify no spoilers are really fun.

  21. In the vast world of princess related picture books, this one doesn t make me want to scratch my eyes out It s realistic the kiddo is pretending, so any haughty special snowflakeness is either clearly imagined or deserved for being ingenious The character s amping up of her costume is awesome smart and satisfying She s no damsel in distress, and yet is a traditional princess not a soccer playing princess trapped in a non sports castle, if that describes the trope at all.

  22. Maggie is a little girl with an active imagination She enjoys dressing up as the characters she is pretending to be And because of her active imagination, the characters she chooses to inhabit are unique to say the least, as the title implies.Another great book from the author of Not a Box which once again, celebrates the power of imagination and imaginative play.

  23. Antoinette Portis of NOT A BOX fame shows proclivity in accurately and entertainingly recreating the imaginative play of young children This new picture book is no exception Her talents shine in this story of a young girl s daily adventure in becoming a super kid of her own design Recommended for ages 2 6 and as an alternative princess story for girls of that inclination Delightful.

  24. Picture Book 9 This book was great It really reminds me of my little sister So imaginative and indecisive She always changed her mind from kitty, to super kitty, to princess super kitty, to the aqua girl at the end of the book It was a nice little read and would recommend it to little girls in elementary school because they would enjoy and relate to the character.

  25. Princess Super Kitty is my new favorite picture book The story follows a little girl named Maggie through one day as she pretends to be many things I love Maggie s imagination and creativity I read this for Preschool storytime, and the kids girls and boys loved it too, right down to the last meow

  26. Enough with the technology Imaginative play never goes out of style and needs no electricity to make it work Provide the clothing costume options and watch children go to their hearts content This little girl has plenty to work with.

  27. Pros adorable artwork, fun dress up pretending storyline, oldest sister bosses around little brotherCons her x ray vision spots her brother s tighty whities, last costume change involves a bikini top on this young girl

  28. A day long adventure of imagination beginning with a girl playing being a kitty which evolves into other fun characters She has a great box of props Every child should be so fortunate to live this fun day.