Any Man of Mine

ê Any Man of Mine ↠ Rachel Gibson ê Any Man of Mine ↠ Rachel Gibson - Any Man of Mine, Any Man of Mine Rachel does it again A fun steamy story Carly Phillips New York Times bestselling authorWhat happens in Vegas doesn t always stay there as New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Rachel Gib

  • Title: Any Man of Mine
  • Author: Rachel Gibson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 405
  • Format: Kindle Edition

ê Any Man of Mine ↠ Rachel Gibson - Any Man of Mine, Any Man of Mine Rachel does it again A fun steamy story Carly Phillips New York Times bestselling authorWhat happens in Vegas doesn t always stay there as New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Rachel Gib

Any Man of Mine, ê Any Man of Mine ↠ Rachel Gibson, Any Man of Mine, Rachel Gibson, Any Man of Mine Rachel does it again A fun steamy story Carly Phillips New York Times bestselling authorWhat happens in Vegas doesn t always stay there as New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Rachel Gibson delightfully demonstrates in her smart and sexy romance Any Man of Mine The story of a successful wedding planner whose world is turned upside down when the man she Rachel does it. ê Any Man of Mine ↠ Rachel Gibson - Any Man of Mine, Any Man of Mine Rachel does it again A fun steamy story Carly Phillips New York Times bestselling authorWhat happens in Vegas doesn t always stay there as New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Rachel Gib

  • ê Any Man of Mine ↠ Rachel Gibson
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Any Man of Mine

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  1. HOT AS PUCK NOT SPOILER AND RANT ALERT It s not hard to guess why I chose this book 1 Hockey For a real reason, scroll to 4 2 A Las Vegas drunken wedding a clich but I love it 3 A surpise post hookup gift a clich again but I love it 4 Hockey hotties self explanatory, see below.You know, those sexy wild cavemen with out of control facial hair, broad shoulders yes, I m aware they wear shoulder caps and hot temperOkay, maybe not always sexy Hockey is a rough sport Thank God for the advancement of d [...]

  2. Originally posted at Romance Around the CornerI should start this review by saying that I m a huge fan of Rachel Gibson and I was anxiously anticipating this book I should continue this review by saying how disappointed I was after reading it This book didn t work for me at all I can honestly say that the only redeeming quality about it was the writing style.Any Man of Mine is book six in the series about the fictional hockey team the Seattle Chinooks but stands alone quite well so you can read [...]

  3. This book pisses me the hell off I don t think that Autumn should of had taken him back He s a a complete dick and I hate him His flaws are just too many, too great, and he doesn t deserve a happily ever after He is every woman s worst relationship nightmare A wild fling that makes you feel something, impregnation, and then desertion.It s complete bullshit what Sam said about falling in love with her 5 years ago, and Autumn, as a smart, well written character really broke my heart when she decid [...]

  4. Despite the horn dog, rather immature for a 35 year old man hero, Any Man of Mine is yet another winner in the Chinooks hockey seriesResponsible, pretty red head 25 year old Autumn Haven is taking a much needed weeklong vacation in Las Vegas with a list of attractions she d like to see do Not on that list is hooking up with a sinfully handsome, powerfully built blond stud like hockey player Sam LeClaire But with the way Sam looks at her, and with the sparks flying, Autumn indulges her wildest fa [...]

  5. While this is part of a series, it s apparently the last one Read the others if you will, but this one is eminently skippableA This review goes into better detail about the problems I had and without my, er, idiomatic embellishments.I m sorry, but Sam is a great big giant douche of the East Hampton douches He has a douche pedigree is what I m saying and it s both rarefied and strongly represented I wanted him to be sweet, but really, he s just a jerk I m over two thirds in before quitting and I [...]

  6. This book had me confused about how should I rate it because there were some very nice scenes, it was well written, had a nice even if he didn t seem so at first hero and a 5 year old that actually acted like one In the end however, I was left with the feeling of lost potential.Autumn and Sam met in Vegas six years ago where they spend a hot, wild weekend that ended in a hasty marriage, a pregnancy and a quick as lightning divorce Now, they are the parents of Conner, a five year old boy, but tho [...]

  7. To review this is weird for a couple of reasons, several of them I ll try to point out Some are just personal crap While I truly liked how Gibson was able to make the reader feel what the heroine, Autumn, felt, this is precisely the point that makes it hard to actually like the story Five or six years ago, after her mother died Autumn spends a week in Las Vegas where she meets Sam, has sex, falls in love and marries him And he s a jerk, gone before she s up without any note or reason Now she s a [...]

  8. Review posted at happilyeverafter reads2.5 5 stars This series has a few things going for it that I really enjoy 1 Hockey players Yummy2 Seattle Maybe it s just me, but when a story is set in my city, I love reading about a character walking down the street and thinking, hey I was walking down that same street during lunch Yeah, it s probably just me.3 Hockey IN Seattle which we don t have Go Vancouver So all that said, this series setting is one for me I ve enjoyed the past books in the Chinook [...]

  9. This is such a horrendous end to my most favourite contemporary book series ever.Georgeanne and John had a similar story line, their story is my second favourite chinooks book first being Mark and Chelsea story but this This s not Rachel Gibson at all Even the writing style didn t charm me like it usually does.Why 3 stars 1 star for Sam s story and other 2 for Mark and Chelsea The only thing I loved about this book was their scene It was hilarious and amazing Marsea is bae and I ll forever love [...]

  10. I do love reading about second chances and redemption And boy did Sam have to redeem himself When he finally got his head out of his ass, Sam was a lovable guy Good thing Autumn thought so too And Conner Such a cute little guy.

  11. 4 stars.Any Man of Mine was a great little read and perfect to help me get over the trauma that Jet inflicted in Rock Chick Rescue.It was quick and engaging and the H h had great chemistry but if you re looking for something that will change your life, this isn t it It was light and entertaining and gave me an all over happy feeling.When I read the blurb I wondered if this would start from the beginning when Autumn and Sam first met and then zip to current day but it didn t which I thought was r [...]

  12. I can t tell you why I have liked this series so much There are so many reason that I shouldn t All of the heroines are either in a dry spell or didn t really care for sex until the hero comes into their life They all have a secondary character friend mother sister assistant who has a sex life encouraging them to date They all have a stereotypical gay friend None of the heroines know anything about hockey or either don t like it because God forbid a woman should like hockey and be able to speak [...]

  13. First things first I absolutely LOVED this book Not for the characters but rather the lessons learnt from the mistakes made by the charactersOT Sam Leclaire is a shallow and superficial hockey star He drinks and dates a new model every week On a trip to Vegas, he is enad by a redhead named Autumn Haven, spends a few nights of passion with her and on the spur marries her Only to leave her the next day all alone pregnant divorced and confused.Sam LeClaire was a good looking son of a bitch Everyone [...]

  14. O kadar devrik c mleyi bir kitaba toplamak i in zellikle aba sarf etmi ler galiba O kadar k t yd ki anlatamam Sam i sevmesem 1 y ld z basm t m s rf bu y zden.

  15. Let me just start by saying I have loved all of the Chinooks Hockey Team series and this one is just as good I just couldn t give it the love of 5 stars, for a couple of reasons One, I think it was a little short, under 200 pages My second complaint was with Sam LeClaire, the supposed hero in our story Now, let me just preface this by saying there is a lot of things I loved about this book, but I just couldn t wrap my brain around why Sam should be forgiven, now I understand forgive and forget o [...]

  16. I wasn t a hockey fan I am not always a fan of second chance story lines I don t like it when children are affected by their parents acrimony So how come when I find myself sitting here to write this review, a number of weeks after I finished reading this book, I want to dive back into it, the images strong and clear, the emotions compelling I find I have to rate this book a five star DIK because I will read this again If you are amongst the group of people who do not read books which the couple [...]

  17. Any Man of Mine was a delight Sam and Autumn are exes who were together over a weekend in Vegas, and ended up with a son to remember it by I m not traditionally into stories having a child or pregnancy in the storyline, but I think that this story could only have been told with a child forcing Sam to re evaluate his life.Sam and Autumn reconnect several years later at a wedding that Autumn has planned, with much acrimony between them over a bitter start to their joint custody I loved the continu [...]

  18. Like any other RG s book, a fast paced story This one is better thanbut isn t as fulfilling as From the start, for the life of me I just couldn t make myself to like Sam I only see him as a pretty face on a hot body, no in depth feelings or thoughts And don t get me started on Autumn I just hate a wavering heroine who can t take a stand for what she wanted First she fell in love with Sam, then she got over him, then she was at peace with him for rejecting her, then she felt lonely and jumped him [...]

  19. Rachel Gibson is one of those authors I like to read from time to time I ve enjoyed most of her books This was no exception, although, I found the story just so so This lovers reunited story was just ok Really, I wasn t a big fan of Sam s in the beginning but he did get better He was horrible to Autumn after Vegas At least he changed in his behavior as a father after Autumn blew up at him However, the way they got back together just seemed too quick for me and it was before Sam even apologized f [...]

  20. Besides the H being the biggest slut in three countries, which is his prerogative My biggest complaint in this book is that he just never really comprehends that he is a HORRIBLE father.He blows off his planned outings with his son to go bang a babe, not once, but over and over again.Ironically, his biggest memory is his father abandoning him But he really doesn t reform all that much The book is very unbalanced, we get over 340 pages of him with other women and disappointing his son and we get [...]

  21. Originally Shared at Cloudy with a Chance of Books chanceofbooks3.5 stars Is it possible for a romance hero to be too realistic Rachel Gibson s latest, Any Man of Mine, is another entry in her hockey series See Jane Score is one of my favorite Gibson titles as is The Trouble with Valentine s Day which featured an ex hockey player from the same team , so I had high hopes for this addition to her line up And it was everything that makes Gibson so much fun witty, lots of physical humor, great bante [...]

  22. I m a huge fan of this series I love how Rachel Gibson makes me fall in love with all of these hockey players But, with every book, there has always been a scene stealer Sam LeClaire Like most of the hockey players, Sam was a womanizer and spent time in the penalty box than anyone else I ve been hoping for his story for years and was so excited when it was finally announced a few years ago They say Whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, but that isn t true when a wild and crazy weekend in V [...]

  23. Autumn Haven is a wedding planner She is also the single mother of a 5 year old son, Conner, who was the result of a 3 day alcohol and sex induced marriage in Vegas Sam is the ex husband of that scenario and a great professional hockey player He is also a terrible father who now at the age of 35 decides to make some changes in his life less partying, time with his son, and finally getting to know his ex wife My criticisms of this book have nothing to do with the writing It is well written and w [...]

  24. How come Jane and Luc never visit his former teammates Just wondering.Anyway, Going in I know exactly what I m going to get when I read a Rachel Gibson It s why she s an auto buy for me I know I ll get a great story, solid writing and fun chemistry I got all that and in this book Autumn and Sam are both well written yet flawed characters I enjoyed them a lot I really liked watching them circle and get to know each other There s a lot of push and pull and it was great to be a part of.Yes, Sam is [...]

  25. DNF I really thought I was going to love this story even with the child in the mix , but the hero is a jerk One minute the author makes the hero appear that he is going to appear as this great dad to 5 year old son he teaches him about eating healthy, asks him about his friends at school , but the next minute the little boy asks if his dad could take him fishing and the hero s reply was maybe next summer page 72 75 Then the little boy talks about dads that bring their kids to school and the hero [...]

  26. Oh So good So so so good This hit the spot like a bowl of delicious soup on a cold and rainy day Yeah That good.There is something I have to say about Rachel Gibson I do not like her heroes Ohhhh Sam would flirt and I would cringe Me and Sam, we wouldn t have worked out No sir ee I wouldn t have been able to stay through a conversation But I liked Sam with our heroine, Autumn and I liked their predicament I liked how the characters change during the book and there are big changes , I liked the f [...]