In the Meantime

In the Meantime Best Read || [Robin Lippincott] In the Meantime Best Read || [Robin Lippincott] - In the Meantime, In the Meantime And so there they were Kathryn Luke and Starling in the same neighbourhood in that small Midwestern town in the early s ages five and or six each alone yet in and among their disparate fam

  • Title: In the Meantime
  • Author: Robin Lippincott
  • ISBN: 9781592642007
  • Page: 203
  • Format: Hardcover

In the Meantime Best Read || [Robin Lippincott] - In the Meantime, In the Meantime And so there they were Kathryn Luke and Starling in the same neighbourhood in that small Midwestern town in the early s ages five and or six each alone yet in and among their disparate fam

In the Meantime, In the Meantime Best Read || [Robin Lippincott], In the Meantime, Robin Lippincott, In the Meantime And so there they were Kathryn Luke and Starling in the same neighbourhood in that small Midwestern town in the early s ages five and or six each alone yet in and among their disparate families and then they met and became somehow bigger an inseparable threesome it was a meeting that would transform their lives And yet none of them could have known then thAnd so there. In the Meantime Best Read || [Robin Lippincott] - In the Meantime, In the Meantime And so there they were Kathryn Luke and Starling in the same neighbourhood in that small Midwestern town in the early s ages five and or six each alone yet in and among their disparate fam

  • In the Meantime Best Read || [Robin Lippincott]
    203Robin Lippincott
In the Meantime

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  1. Summary Kathryn, Luke, and Starling met at the ages of 5 and 6 in the early 1930s and became inseparable from that moment on From elementary to early high school they attend the same schools and are constantly at one of their houses, usually Starling s But as they get older, so do the cruelties and insults from people that don t understand them or their friendship, and so Starling and his family move across town, away from the hostility expressed by some of the aggressive high school bullies Th [...]

  2. Terrible, trite, undeveloped, meandering, not worthy of a review I felt like I was viewing the characters, Kathryn, Starling, and Luke three childhood friends who grow up to be adult friends from afar There is little dialogue and few descriptions of actual individual events Lippincott describes summers and school days and parties and meetings, and skips entire years and decades Big topics, including homosexuality, race relations, WWII, the atom bomb, etc are touched upon, but do nothing to unify [...]

  3. Not bad for 99p of , a short engrossing read There was a lot of plot and issues packed in which left things feeling a bit unresolved and yet somehow there was still ample oppoutinity to make page and page of seemingly pointless waffling or copying whole tracts of some other books A bit heavy handed with the symbolism too The prose just kind of lulled you though, and the main characters were fairly likeable and interesting I m still not entirely sure what was supposed to have been accomplished by [...]

  4. IN THE MEANTIME is the finest book I ve read this year Robin Lippincott has managed, in a mere 170 pages, to tell the life stories of three compelling characters and friends Kathryn, Luke, and Starling Lippincott s tale begins with midwestern children who dream of escaping to New York City an American ideal to chase dreams and reinvent their lives The friends come of age against the backdrop of WWII, details of which Lippincott creatively intertwines with his narrative He paints vividly the bomb [...]

  5. A direct quote from the book in writing a book should really begin as early as possible in the life of that character, so as to seemingly lengthen or extend the life portrayed to cover ground and then, too, to go over that life those minutes, hours and days slowly, and in the greatest of detail, as if with a fine toothed comb.That is exactly what happened in this book I love getting to know a character gradually throughout a book, finding little pieces of information at different times I have r [...]

  6. I am not sure what the author was trying to accomplish with this book First of all, it was extremely short Secondly, nothing happened Absolutely nothing There were three main characters Kathryn, Luke and Starling Friends since they were children, the book skips at random to different points in their life for no apparent reason At one bizarre point, the book jumps to a Japanese person names Seichi during the bombing of Hiroshima There is no explanation for this non sequitor and it just makes the [...]

  7. This is a slim novel which satisfies the reading palette in a way many large ones cannot It s a small story about three friends and their very different perspectives on life, New York, literature, art, music, and the world from WWII to contemporary moments.Lippincott s writing is exquisite His sentences are crafted as well as Virginia Woolf s, and when he dips into a scene, the brushstrokes he uses to paint it for his readers are both detailed and broad There s a scene where the friends see Bill [...]

  8. I m not really sure what the point was There was no real story It is a glimpse into the lives of 3 friends, but you never really get to know anyone but Kat I kept waiting for the big reveal, the climax but it never came What happened to Starling What went on in Liam s head or in his life The only part that kept my attention was Peter and the Germany story I felt like I knew him better than anyone and yet he was not a main character Not the most interesting or well written book I have come across [...]

  9. Kind of a bizarre book Not entirely sure what I thought 3 kids meet as children and grow up together Super close As they get older it turns into complicated love triangles and weird directions in life They get close and grow apart it s just about their lives from children through death Kathryn the only girl, fairly controlling, not very happy Starling his life is a mess, turns out he s gay, falls in love with his best friend Luke loner, has a falling out with Starling, doesn t want to pursue the [...]

  10. This book really should have been so much better than it was It was an interesting idea and endearing characters but the writer just never seemed to figure out what he was trying to say For example, I have no idea why there was a sudden excerpt from a character in Hiroshima, who we then don t hear from again Nor do I know why he kept referring to sets of three friends, to mirror the central three I also thought his style was completely overblown some of the sentences went on for pagesAll in all, [...]

  11. So I got a kindle and just wanted to test it out so I got this book in the bargain kindle books section It was clearly there for a reason.t of all, the description was interesting than the actual book I thought it was going to be some awesome, spindly, time traveling tale of friends with historical events sprinkled in, but it was really just a sort of half told bunch of nonsense that sounded like something a middle schooler wrote for their creative writing class Not worth the time or 2.99 Don t [...]

  12. I had a review and it disappeared Hopefully this one will stick.There is so much that I found compelling about this book It follows the lifetime of three friends, but does so much and does it so subtely that by the end I was left thinking about these characters and the whole structure of the novel It s one of those you don t realize what s happening to you until long after the last word novels I was fascinated with the use of time and the language all wrapped up in the shifting points of view I [...]

  13. A very sweet, nostalgic story of three friends and how they live their lives it was a quick read, and the author is obviously a very talented writer The only criticism I have is the lack of variation in terms of structure the majority of the sentences were overly long and complex and there would be whole paragraphs that turned out to be a single sentence The book was perfectly fine, but perfectly forgettable at the same time.

  14. I liked this book even after I finished it and thought about it I think it is one I might read again to see new things I liked the mundaneness of this book The ebb and flow of life events and of friendship The way life goes by without a lot of fanfare I appreciated the stream of consciousness sentences And I loved the juxtaposition of the main three characters with other groups of 3 that Kathryn met along the way.

  15. An interesting idea, though I felt that it left much to be desired It was a short story that I think could have gone so much deeper I can appreciate the friendship the three characters had, but it left me wanting In all, the story felt like the outline of a much better, complex story waiting to be written.

  16. Poignant story about 3 childhood friends who grow up a 1930 smidwestern town and stay very close throughout their adolescent years They fulfill their dream of moving to New York City together as young adults The book chronicles their friendship as they move into middle age and on It was very good.

  17. Can t say it better than Nina Sankovitch my favorite reviewer In The Meantime is a beautifully written novel about what we are given in life, and what we do with all that we have what we squander, what we hold dear, and what we cannot hold onto, no matter how hard we try.

  18. This is just out in paperback which quotes my OutSmart review outsmartmagazine this_is is spare, subtle writing Expect no car crashes, just quiet conversation between friends that conceals as much as it reveals.

  19. A book of never ending sentences I barely made it 10% into the book for its poor writing with the use of excessively long sentences.

  20. I loved that the three were friends for so many years, coming and going in each others lives, but always knowing they were there for each other.

  21. Sound premise but it just didn t developI kept waiting for the characters to become adults with interesting lives and they just didn t.

  22. Predictable, with few insights The Luke character is a complete mystery and not in a good way It stays superficial throughout A disappointment.

  23. Wonderful book Charactes are well drawn The book is traditional in its narrative, but Robin made it lyrical and compelling.

  24. I thought I would really enjoy this book, but ended up finding it frustrating The characters were interesting, but I felt like I didn t have enough time to get to know them as well as I wanted to.

  25. I ve read all of Robin s work OUR ARCADIA is still my favorite, but I liked this one, too Kind of unraveled in the end for me, but I think that was his intention.

  26. I m biased he was a former teacher and mentor of mine but no matter This is a finely conceived and executed piece of literature Wonderful and true.