Dark Mirror

[PDF] Download ↠ Dark Mirror : by Barry Maitland [PDF] Download ↠ Dark Mirror : by Barry Maitland - Dark Mirror, Dark Mirror Newly promoted to Detective Inspector Kathy Kolla of the Serious Crimes Unit is called in by the forensic pathologist regarding the recent sudden death of a London student from what he s determined t

  • Title: Dark Mirror
  • Author: Barry Maitland
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  • Page: 293
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Download ↠ Dark Mirror : by Barry Maitland - Dark Mirror, Dark Mirror Newly promoted to Detective Inspector Kathy Kolla of the Serious Crimes Unit is called in by the forensic pathologist regarding the recent sudden death of a London student from what he s determined t

Dark Mirror, [PDF] Download ↠ Dark Mirror : by Barry Maitland, Dark Mirror, Barry Maitland, Dark Mirror Newly promoted to Detective Inspector Kathy Kolla of the Serious Crimes Unit is called in by the forensic pathologist regarding the recent sudden death of a London student from what he s determined to be arsenic poisoning Marion Summers had no reason to be in contact with arsenic and though once common arsenic is now very hard to get hold of The Kolla investigateNewly promoted to De. [PDF] Download ↠ Dark Mirror : by Barry Maitland - Dark Mirror, Dark Mirror Newly promoted to Detective Inspector Kathy Kolla of the Serious Crimes Unit is called in by the forensic pathologist regarding the recent sudden death of a London student from what he s determined t

  • [PDF] Download ↠ Dark Mirror : by Barry Maitland
    293Barry Maitland
Dark Mirror

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  1. This book and I were meant to be together.I found it in the clearance section at one of the bookstores I frequent and thought, meh, looks interesting, the cover is neat I like having books like these on my shelves to read when I m sick or between other big reads I was waiting for some library books to come in and needed something smallish for my commute, and so I took this one off my shelf to give it a shot And that s when I realized we belonged together.London Cool Never been, but dying to go.P [...]

  2. Short, easy to read mystery in the Brock Kolla series Thank heavens the major protagonists do not suffer from personal angst as do so many of the detectives in some series and it is a straight forward look at the police work involved to solve a very unusual crime s A woman drops dead in the London Library Reading Room and it appears that the cause is arsenic poisoning Arsenic was the choice of murderers usually women in the Victorian times when it was available in all forms for everything from b [...]

  3. Dark Mirror is my first exposure to the Kolla Brock mystery series A brilliant grad student, the beautiful Marion Summers, dies in ghastly fashion in the middle of the exclusive London Library Marion was poised to present a shocking new theory about the Pre Raphaelite artists and their women, and the role that arsenic played in their entangled lives and deaths When arsenic poisoning is ID d as the cause of Marion s, DCI Brock assigns newly promoted DI Kathy Kolla to this very puzzling case There [...]

  4. It was a pleasant surprise to get back into Barry Maitland s Brock Kolla series with the Dark Mirror mystery I d read several while living in North Carolina and exhausted the supply at our local library I neglected to check out the holdings in our Chicago suburb until recently, when I discovered a treasure trove of those I haven t read Great Dark Mirror is kind of a typical police procedural A murder occurs or is it a suicide , an investigation ensues, many suspects are looked at, the focus shif [...]

  5. Fans of Barry Maitland s Brock Kolla series have had a wait on their hands The last book Spider Trap was released in 2006, with a standalone book Bright Air in 2007 Leaving aside the eagerness with which we fans wait for the next book in a favourite series, there s also the slight nagging doubt always has the wait been worth it In DARK MIRROR Kathy s been promoted and Brock seems to being forced away from front line policing, into administration They are called into the investigation of the dea [...]

  6. I always look forward to reading a Brock and Kolla mystery Barry Maitland always has a well thought out plot with many twists and turns By now, I m familiar with the two main characters DCI David Brock and DI Kathy Kolla but the new characters are always a treat to read Dark Mirror is no exception Maitland has created some great characters from the murdered Miriam, whose life we learn about after her death to the suspects in her murder, such as her university lecturer Maitland also creates a un [...]

  7. Love my mysteries with a bit of history mixed up in them This one was chock full of it, a part of literary history in Great Britain that I actually didn t pay a lot of attention to when I was in college for English Literature because I kind of thought the whole group of people were oddI still do This book is about a student who dies from arsenic poisoning She was doing in depth graduate study of Dante Gabrielle Rosetti and his group, and some of them including his wife, were believed to have die [...]

  8. I m adding this to my Campus Crime shelf even though it doesn t all take place at the university But Marion s doctoral work and the extensive scenes in London s various libraries make this wholly academic, thus, a lot of fun.Maitland again hits it out of the park with a fascinating, well researched, atmosphere rich, and well drawn mystery I d love to buy him a cup of coffee and ask him all about his research processes for these books It s so detailed and must be amazingly fun to do Kathy Kolla i [...]

  9. In Barry Maitland s Dark Mirror, the 10th installment in the Brock and Kolla mystery series, we ll be introduced to the dark side of the rich and famous in this compelling mystery For Special Crimes Unit Detective Kathy Kolla, it all started with the mysterious death of Marion Summers As Kathy and her supervisor, DCI David Brock, they look into her life and the days that lead up to her death from arsenic poisoning They talked to everyone she knew at the university, including her family life, and [...]

  10. A young woman dies of violent seizures in a private library When her autopsy is done, it s discovered she died of arsenic poisoning Brock and Kolla investigate this puzzling death and slowly uncover some shocking secrets Good writing A few places with rough language, but overall very readable and enjoyable.

  11. Quite interesting actually Very English type crime book, like midsomer murders ect A little da Vinci code and a little over explaining in some parts, but well worth the read imo.

  12. haven t read this series before,really good,well plotted with surprises and tension.good police procedural

  13. This is the 10th adventure of British police inspector Kathy Kolla and her mentor David Brock On the whole this is a very good mystery police procedural series with one caveat particularly prevalent in the early books and which unfortunately returns front and center here in Dark Mirror That fault, portraying Ms Kolla as an idiot, or at the very least, a 1950 s B movie actress.The case here is an interesting one A young female graduate student collapses in a library and soon after dies the cause [...]

  14. Dark, foreboding definitely mysterious.Marion Summers is a graduate student writing a thesis on the Pre Raphaelites their use of arsenic While doing research after lunch in the London Library Marion succumbs to poisoning Thus begins a dark twisted tale of professional deceit, thuggery, smarmy business dealings, adultery, and family pride Before the poisoner can be caught, Marion s friend Tina Flowers who is piecing together clues of what might have been the impetus for Marion s murder is also de [...]

  15. I haven t kept up with this series but I plan to remedy this I like Brock and Kolla and I like Maitland s style His evocations of London s neighborhoods and architecture really establish the setting and make the series come to life and the characters have grown on me over the years The relationship between Chief Inspector Brock and CI Kolla as his prot g is well drawn Kolla likes and respects Brock but doesn t idolize him and is frustrated when he doesn t see things her way, and Brock on his par [...]

  16. When beautiful graduate student Marion Summers collapses at the London Library, only the pathologist suspects foul play When his tests show arsenic, newly promoted Detective Inspector Kathy Kolla cannot, at first, even find Marion s home she moved from student quarters several months ago, and neither her academic adviser, her best friend, nor her grasping mother knows where she is living The Kolla looks into Marion s life, the peculiar it appears Then another student dies, and the police must [...]

  17. Another dependably good mystery featuring the British team of Brock and Kolla Kolla has been promoted and gets her first murder investigation to head but it s a rather odd one Marion Summers, a twenty something graduate student, dies of arsenic poisoning while doing research at a London library It s not entirely clear whether this is murder or suicide, and as Kolla looks deeper into Marion s life, she finds all sorts of secrets I did like the way Marion s research topic concerning the pre Raphae [...]

  18. I hadn t read a Barry Maitland novel before and I was pleasantly surprised This is a detective novel set in London and has 2 main characters who apparently have featured in a number of other tales You do not have to have read the other novels though as this one stands quite well alone there are some references to past cases but nothing that made me feel like I was missing an integral piece.If you enjoy a good police procedural then give this one a go good to see an Aussie crime writer doing well [...]

  19. Not as good as all his others The plot is a little far fetched and the history part is very long winded and not that interesting I once again did not guess the murderer and found that a surprise and was disappointed at the way in which Kathy was portrayed in this one, as not being all that smart and making some rather large mistakes Hopefully, the next one I read will be up to his usual best.

  20. This is the first book by this author that I have read of this series but it was not a problem in following the story I loved the whole story and found the theme of arsenic poisoning fascinating I didnt care for the character who was murdered, Marion but that didnt keep me from thoroughly enjoying this well written murder mystery I did really like DI Kathy Kolla and her superior DCI David Brock though and their characters were strong and carried the whole story to its completion

  21. Creepy Poison kind of freaks me out a little Lots of stuff about libraries I m wondering if it really is this easy to look at the borrowing records of people in UK libraries Cuz and this is key this book would NEVER work in the US because we don t keep a list of what people use, nor will librarians voluntarily i.e without a warrant subpoena give up to the police any requests made by patrons.

  22. Of course I d be the one who would start a series at the last book, but I truly loved the book I didnt feel like the characters were so hard to follow because I hadnt read any other ones first Kathy is independant even though Brock was her boss He respected her and actually helped in the investigation I cant wait to read the other ones.

  23. Okay, I had to keep reading to find out the detective s conclusion so it was engaging in that respect I enjoyed a setting in the British academic world The writing is clean but lacking a descriptive nature Everything pulls together at the end for everyone but the reader Though I was looking for another series, this one won t be it.

  24. The theme of this book is the Pre Raphaelite Brotherhood which was a group of English painters, poets, and critics, founded in 1848, I had never heard of them although two of the people connected to this group John Everett Millais and the critic John Ruskin are mentioned in the Martin Edwards Lake District Mysteries Good but probably not one of the best in this series.

  25. This book is a perfect mystery, suicide case turns into a murder and people keep getting charge but most of them are innocent but then BAM At the end it took me by surprise of who actually murder the poor girl which is why it was a great novel.

  26. A lot of characters to keep the reader engaged Lately it s been important to me that characters are well developed, and this book did a decent job of that given the small page count and details of the story that also had to be packed in.

  27. I just love these Brock and Kolla mysteries They twist and turn and give you just enough so that I can figure out the who a couple of pages before the reveal Thanks again Maitland Keep it upr

  28. I have read several in this series A lot of this action concerns library research and a reconstruction of a student s pursuits and relationships The two main detectives are interesting people and the suspects are plentiful.

  29. This was a real thriller I really enjoyed it I am glad to see the Barry Maitland series is being reprinted They are all well worth it.