Memos from the Chairman

Ü Memos from the Chairman ï Alan C. Greenberg Ü Memos from the Chairman ï Alan C. Greenberg - Memos from the Chairman, Memos from the Chairman Memos from the Chairman

  • Title: Memos from the Chairman
  • Author: Alan C. Greenberg
  • ISBN: 9780761103462
  • Page: 265
  • Format: Paperback

Ü Memos from the Chairman ï Alan C. Greenberg - Memos from the Chairman, Memos from the Chairman Memos from the Chairman

Memos from the Chairman, Ü Memos from the Chairman ï Alan C. Greenberg, Memos from the Chairman, Alan C. Greenberg, Memos from the Chairman Memos from the Chairman. Ü Memos from the Chairman ï Alan C. Greenberg - Memos from the Chairman, Memos from the Chairman Memos from the Chairman

  • Ü Memos from the Chairman ï Alan C. Greenberg
    265Alan C. Greenberg
Memos from the Chairman

Comments Memos from the Chairman

  1. I had high hopes for Ace Greenberg s compendium of memos from his time as chairman of Bear Stearns, which coincided with massive growth and success for the company While there was some cuteness in here along with a few things to reflect on, I was disappointed in how dull the majority of the book was Maybe it was awesome in 1996 when it came out, but it felt slow and dated in 2015.

  2. Saved memos from the former Chairman and CEO of Bear Stearns to his employees ideas for workplace Read as intern for Bear and was priviledged to get to know Mr Greenberg as i worked on same floor as him have my autographed copy

  3. This guy is hilarious Bear Stearns is making 110M in a quarter and he s sending out memos reminding people that broken rubber bands can still be used if you tie the ends together I can see why Buffett liked Ace so much.

  4. This book is a collection of memos sent from Alan C Greenberg while he was chairman of Bear Stearns Communicating memos is a common practice throughout the business world but Greenberg set himself apart in the way he did it.The following quote from a memo by Greenberg is one of the best examples of this I was just shown the results for our first quarter They were excellent When mortals go through a prosperous period, it seems to be human nature for expenses to balloon We are going to be the exce [...]

  5. Control expenses Use common sense Return calls.Interesting memos, filled with irony and sarcasm, from a time when there was no internet, no mobile phones, no e mails, but leading successful businesses was tough nonetheless.Really cherished the PSB definition.

  6. Funny view on a chairman s perspective on cutting costs improve market share Thought it was a good read

  7. A book of practical truths, and entertaining at the same time Key insights include 1 Be prepared during the good times Times will turn, and it could be very soon 2 Thou will do well in commerce as long as thou does not believe thine own odour is perfume 3 Use common sense Do not force fit frameworks into problems for a solution 4 Avoid the herd mentality 5 Customer first 6 A great poker player leaves nothing on the table Cap costs at all times, and leave no waste 7 Start hiring when times turn b [...]

  8. A collection of memos sent by Bear and Stearns CEO, Alan Greenberg, impart a philosophy of common sense management on the rest of his organisation Several times fads in management are dismissed as such BPR, VM Although arrogance is mentioned as a negative on several occasions, the memos in themselves come across as arrogant at times some clever laplacian truths though Be polite to customers Be responsive Control your expenses If you don t have something good to say about somebody, don t say anyt [...]

  9. Superficially, the memos appear repetitive and overly simplistic Then you realize that is the beauty and the brilliance of Greenbergover a period of 18 years he consistently displays wit, discipline and a set of values that make Bear Sterns focus on the right things customers, cost, honesty despite the great distractions of Wall Street ups and downs Really good one for leaders of any company or group.

  10. The size of the book makes it a fun read It could however do with of an explanantion reg circumstances of said time periods, and an end note The chairman of a now failed organisation kept sticking to the basics common sense, frugality, accountability, respect for customers, honing a culture, and lastly, being contrarian in times of extreme situations.It s a nice short fun read, but gives away little information other than the verbatim memos.

  11. Interesting focus on the fundamentals At first, it sounded sarcastic but I think a better term for describing the memos is that they are straightforward.He talks a lot about austerity, and I think it s an important topic to take care of as a chairman but I don t think that s what made the company great, as some people see it At some points, I think insisting some much on that, and taking it to an extreme, made the associates feel like they were working on a cheap company.

  12. The final memo should read that hoarding paper clips rubber bands is neither panacea nor consolation when your balance sheet is levered 50 times and loaded with worthless MBS just as a global financial crisis erupts.

  13. Quick fun read that gives the reader a good luck at Ace Greenberg s management style During the heyday of Bear Stearns, Ace made the firm a great place to work and managed their PL like a hawk.

  14. The only good thing about this book, is that it s available online Definitely not worth buying.

  15. Some jewels of wisdom, and interesting what themes are repeated over the years This would be a good book to have handy for quoting from at key moments.

  16. Simple, quick, easy to grasp.Alan Greenberg distills how to run a company in a few simple steps