The Devotion Of Suspect X

Free Read The Devotion Of Suspect X - by Keigo Higashino Free Read The Devotion Of Suspect X - by Keigo Higashino - The Devotion Of Suspect X, The Devotion Of Suspect X Yasuko lives a quiet life But when her ex husband appears at her door without warning one day her comfortable world is shattered When Detective Kusanagi tries to piece together the events of that day

  • Title: The Devotion Of Suspect X
  • Author: Keigo Higashino
  • ISBN: 9781408703250
  • Page: 339
  • Format: Paperback

Free Read The Devotion Of Suspect X - by Keigo Higashino - The Devotion Of Suspect X, The Devotion Of Suspect X Yasuko lives a quiet life But when her ex husband appears at her door without warning one day her comfortable world is shattered When Detective Kusanagi tries to piece together the events of that day

The Devotion Of Suspect X, Free Read The Devotion Of Suspect X - by Keigo Higashino, The Devotion Of Suspect X, Keigo Higashino, The Devotion Of Suspect X Yasuko lives a quiet life But when her ex husband appears at her door without warning one day her comfortable world is shattered When Detective Kusanagi tries to piece together the events of that day he finds himself confronted by the most puzzling mysterious circumstances he has ever investigated. Free Read The Devotion Of Suspect X - by Keigo Higashino - The Devotion Of Suspect X, The Devotion Of Suspect X Yasuko lives a quiet life But when her ex husband appears at her door without warning one day her comfortable world is shattered When Detective Kusanagi tries to piece together the events of that day

  • Free Read The Devotion Of Suspect X - by Keigo Higashino
    339Keigo Higashino
The Devotion Of Suspect X

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  1. The classic whodunit works by misdirection, same as a magic trick As is the case with the magician, so with the mystery writer the the skill in the smoothness of execution, the mystifying the trick seems But unlike the magician who never tells , the author tells everything in the end as the clever detective reveals how the public have been duped by the villain, the reader is also equally dumbfounded The success of the mystery is in direct proportion to the amount of mystification.In this novel [...]

  2. The Devotion of Suspect X is a must read for anyone who appreciates police procedurals, mysteries, math, Japan, literature I could go on The Devotion of Suspect X is the third in the Detective Galileo series, but I didn t once have the impression that I lacked background or relationship information gleaned from the initial 2 books In fact, there were no references to prior cases or mysteries to suggest that earlier books existed If not for the publishers blurbs on the book, I d not have guessed [...]

  3. Not only is THE DEVOTION OF SUSPECT X a multi faceted cultural reading experience, but it also acutely complements the familiar psychological suspense thriller mystery genre by infusing Japanese philosophy Keigo Higashino shrewdly and subtly induces the reader to contemplate the immeasurable complexities of the human psyche by questioning what motivates one human being to judge who is worthy of life, and who is not.Tetsuya Ishigami s daily schedule is precisely what one would expect of a Japanes [...]

  4. This has been one of the top thrillers I have read this year and this story is like nothing I have ever read I will talk about this in my review.Firstly this is originally a Japanese novel and has been translated into English The translation is done pretty well and the flow of the story is really good.Basic Plot A crime is committed and then a plan is formed to cover up the crime What they needed was a perfect defense based on perfect logic What happens when the investigation is being done by a [...]

  5. I have to say this book was a delight The plot was very good I had to google some stuff, lol, but I learned a few things I didn t know before this book Thanks to my friend, LaTonya for the recommendation.

  6. Jusqu la toute fin, j ai cru que ce roman tait une simple histoire polici re tr s agr able lire L intrigue tait originale et intelligente, avec une construction rarement vue dans d autres titres du genre, et une ambiance propre la culture japonaise, mais sans motions fortes Et puis il y a eu les explications, et j ai tout vu d un autre oeil, avec la gorge toute serr e Je suis tr s touch e par le d vouement en question, qui d passe ce que l on peut imaginer au d part, et les derni res pages a me [...]

  7. Devotion indeedHaving read the second novel in this series, Salvation of a Saint, I was intrigued enough to read this one To say anything at all about the plot might spoil the book for other readers But what I can say is that Keigo Higashino shows how very ordinary, likeable people can commit murder given a particular set of circumstances Writing with subtlety and gentle humour, he creates interesting, believable characters and weaves an intricate plot Even though one knows from the start who th [...]

  8. What a fantastic book Brilliant plot narration by the author One of the best books in the thriller genre I have read so far It is about a murder and how the protagonist helps the culprit cover up the crime recreating the crime scene not disclosing the details here The climax is absolutely surprising and it definitely keeps the reader on tenterhooks.I wonder if the Hindi Malayalam movie Drishyam was inspired by this book Enjoyed this immensely

  9. The Devotion of Suspect X is the third book of the Detective Galileo series by the author Keigo Higashino The reason why I believe it has managed to attain such popularity, is because the book has broken free from the shackles of the typical whodunnit format The author presents us with a greater challenge than wondering who the murderer is he keeps us guessing about how the murder can be hidden, in order to make it a perfect crime.The premise of the story, as oft repeated, is simple Yasuko is a [...]

  10. When the crime, perpetrator s , and motive were revealed within the first few chapters, I was sure I would be in for an anticlimactic read How would an author keep a reader interested for the remainder of the book Higashino succeeded, and in a phenomenal way, in that even when I thought I understood the basics that the investigation was based on, that plot twist at the end was like a slap in the face You don t really realize that you re involved in a cat and mouse game until the end I was told t [...]

  11. Whoa I finished reading the final 220 odd pages in less than 3 hours That must be some kind of a personal best for me.All of the crime thrillers I had read before this had the same template of the classical whodunit, with a few alterations here there But it was always on me to try guess the identity of the culprit until the end when the book finally provides the revelation.But what if you re already told who done it in the first couple of chapters itself Believe me, I thought that was the end of [...]

  12. Subtle, skillful, sad quite unlike anything else I have ever read.This made me think of two intelligent people playing a game of chess Shogi is also known as Japanese Chess Impossible to review without spoilers, impossible to stop thinking about Thanks to real life friend Peter for pressing this in my hands,last time I was in the library.Read it now.

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  14. When Yasuko Hanaoka s ex husband shows up to exhort money, she and her daughter kill him Her neighbor Tetsuya Ishigami, a high school math teacher, volunteers to help dispose of the body and divert the police s attention What results is a scheme to deceive the police into solving the wrong crime Sumida River in Tokyo Photograph by Ian Muttoo A dead body whose face is smashed to hide the identity shows up near the river and Detective Kusanagi must identify the murder and find the perpetrator On r [...]

  15. Perhaps a cultural mismatch for me I found the pace of the book far too slow, the romantic element Victorian at best, and the idea of that brilliant physicists and mathematicians would be also brilliant in sleuthing unrealistic The Japanese setting is interesting The book has good twists at the end, but the plot takes way too long to get there.

  16. 3 1 2 starsI was excited that one of the mystery groups I belong to here on GR picked this as the June July group read since the audio had been hanging around in my iPod for a couple of years I had no idea of what to expect and was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this, my first outing with a Japanese murder mystery.I especially liked the cerebral nature of the story where we follow a police detective and his physicist professor friend Dr Yukawa, aka Professor Galileo, as they try to d [...]

  17. I never read any book of this writer before But after finishing Suspect X, I felt I have to read his writings often It was AWESOME, SIMPLY AWESOME If you are a lover of thriller or mystery, you have to read it The plot was sooooooooo good The twist in the last part was simply mind blowing It may seem like an ordinary murder case at the beginning But when you continue reading, you will find out different aspects of this simple looking case and you just cannot guess the whole thing of your own Yo [...]

  18. Keigo Higashino Translator You want to read this Mwahahahaha Eat mah shit Me Meh Hmmmokay Ohh it s getting interesting Ayt Who the fuck translated this Ohhh well Still pretty good Awesome Whate.fuck Ahhh Ahhhhh Whoah really Ahhhhhhh welp Whew Wow Whyyyyyy Wow You grade school review but I should probably click like for the effort _ Boring Person A totally different spin on the much covered grounds of murder mystery, this novel is sure to bring chills to fans of the genre and casual readers alike [...]

  19. Not a whodunit but rather a how to get away with it thriller By the end of the first chapter Yasuko Hanoaka and her daughter Misato have killed Yasuko s ex husband Togashi You could argue it was in self defence but that s not the point Yasuko s neighbor, the heavyset, round faced Ishigami overhears the commotion and deduces their predicament Clearly infatuated with Yasuko, he offers up his services in covering up the crime Trust me he says, Logical thinking will get us through this Ishigami, the [...]

  20. Pasti kalian pernah kan, pacaran, lalu karena suatu hal hubungan kalian putus Namun, putusnya hubungan kalian rupanya tak berbanding lurus dengan hilangnya rasa pada mantan hingga kelak kalian tahu ternyata si mantan masih suka stalking akun sosmed kalian Hahahaha Nggak, aku nggak lagi curhat kok Tapi kalau kalian pernah mengalami itu, pasti kalian paham yang dialami Yasuko Hanaoka, seorang janda beranak satu yang terus menerus diteror mantan suaminya Yasuko bekerja di sebuah kedai bento dan tin [...]

  21. The Devotion of Suspect X , by Japanese author Keigo Higashino, is an amazing police procedural puzzler of a mystery Not the crime itself the murder victim and the murderer are revealed in the first chapter It is during the investigations of the murder by two other characters after the murder that even shocking discoveries are made.This book is best if read cold, without reading the cover blurbs or reviews Either stop here, or if you must, gentle reader, I will continue.When I started this nove [...]

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  23. C tait mon premier polar japonais, et c est une bonne surprise Le roman s ouvre sur le meurtre de Togashi, ex mari violent et fain ant de Yasuko Hanaoka, qui en vient l trangler, avec l aide de sa fille, apr s une dispute Le myst re ne r side pas dans la recherche du coupable, mais comment cette femme aid par son voisin, un math maticien brillant, va tenter d chapper la police.L intrigue est tr s bien men e, et le d nouement vraiment inattendu L criture est tr s fluide, assez d tach e, presque f [...]

  24. It has been a stunning read for me I should admit, the story on occasion goes somewhat sensitive By the way, this is an absolute must read top rated thriller story which is actually rare As you begin turning the pages, you would become acquainted with Yasuko Hanoaka, a single parent who has needed to move to get away from her ex, at long last snaps when he appears at her new entryway When she and her little girl coincidentally murder him, Yasuko plans to hand herself over as the sole culprit to [...]

  25. I never expected the twist at the end and I am a seasoned mystery reader and good at guessing plots One of the Oxford dictionary s definition for devotion is love, loyalty, or enthusiasm for a person or activity , and the popular synonyms are loyalty, faithfulness, fidelity, trueness, staunchness and that is what this thriller is all about.

  26. The Devotion of Suspect X by Heigo Higashino is a brilliant thriller The story is fast paced and impressive writing.Yasuko lives a quiet life as a single mom with her daughter Misato And one day her ex husband, Tigoshi, barges into her life again And there is her neighbour, the gentle soft spoken maths teacher,Ishigami, who has a soft spot for Yasuko When Tigoshi is rumoured to be murdered, Yasuko becomes the prime suspect Until many versions of the truth, each unflawed, begin to surface.I didnt [...]