The Shirt on His Back

ß The Shirt on His Back ☆ Barbara Hambly ß The Shirt on His Back ☆ Barbara Hambly - The Shirt on His Back, The Shirt on His Back The new Benjamin January novel from the best selling author Abishag Shaw is seeking vengeance for his brother s murder and Benjamin January is seeking money after his bank crashes Far beyond the front

  • Title: The Shirt on His Back
  • Author: Barbara Hambly
  • ISBN: 9780727880109
  • Page: 316
  • Format: Hardcover

ß The Shirt on His Back ☆ Barbara Hambly - The Shirt on His Back, The Shirt on His Back The new Benjamin January novel from the best selling author Abishag Shaw is seeking vengeance for his brother s murder and Benjamin January is seeking money after his bank crashes Far beyond the front

The Shirt on His Back, ß The Shirt on His Back ☆ Barbara Hambly, The Shirt on His Back, Barbara Hambly, The Shirt on His Back The new Benjamin January novel from the best selling author Abishag Shaw is seeking vengeance for his brother s murder and Benjamin January is seeking money after his bank crashes Far beyond the frontier in the depths of the Rocky Mountains both are to be found at the great Rendezvous of the Mountain Men a month long orgy of cheap booze shooting matches tall taThe new Ben. ß The Shirt on His Back ☆ Barbara Hambly - The Shirt on His Back, The Shirt on His Back The new Benjamin January novel from the best selling author Abishag Shaw is seeking vengeance for his brother s murder and Benjamin January is seeking money after his bank crashes Far beyond the front

  • ß The Shirt on His Back ☆ Barbara Hambly
    316Barbara Hambly
The Shirt on His Back

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  1. Wait, said I as I peered at the small text on the cover Benjamin January, surgeon and piano player and murder investigator, free black man of New Orleans in the Rocky Mountains Yep And I very much enjoyed it, even though it meant that Rose had to stay behind It s a bit of a pet peeve with me when characters get married and then for all practical purposes act as though they re still single see Miles Vorkosigan but in this case I think Hambly was careful to keep Rose a light presence in Ben s thou [...]

  2. 3.5 stars I love Hambly, and I love this series This book seemed a little rushed than most, but it was still a good read.When the Bank of Louisiana fails in 1836, Benjamin January loses his savings and is desperate for work He accepts a job traveling out west with Lieutenant Shaw, who is planning avenge his brother s murder Accompanied by a depressed but sober Hannibal, they arrive at the annual Rocky Mountain Rendezvous for fur trappers and traders, where they try to find the murderer of Shaw [...]

  3. I always have so little to say about Hambly s booksrgely because they re always such an abiding and deep pleasure to read It s easy for me to get lost in the worlds she creates and dwell inside them for their duration like a princess in a spell With her last book I talked about the pleasure of seeing old faces characters that populate the background through most of the series With Shirt on His Back, we are outside of New Orleans, outside of those comfort zones and among an entirely new cast of c [...]

  4. An interesting setting, but ultimately not as interesting as the interplay among the races in New Orleans.

  5. This book was hitting all my narrative kinks revenge quests Shaw backstory Rose is pregnant Ben refers to Shaw as his brother and then it ends with a freaking Columbo speech from Ben laying out the details of the case, and I am delighted I love these books.

  6. This gets five stars because not only is it a fine mystery adventure complete with murders, gunfights, revenge, near scalpings, boxing matches, drinking to excess, fleeing into a raging river, and being hunted by Indians , but Hambly deftly weaves in the dark grays and blacks of the historical context as well as the problem of revenge and justice and the importance of family As with any excellent writing, then, the work as a whole is much than a mystery adventure story not that there s anything [...]

  7. I like Hambly s books for their exploration of social s in a very different USA, but her plotting is mediocre, and this one, probably earns just bad Could see most of the twists coming a mile off And some of it was just silly.Having said that, as an exploration of native american and settler relations, it s fascinating Hambly builds a detailed and nuanced view of a camp where warring factions make alliances and friendships while navigating different power dynamics, prejudices and cultural differ [...]

  8. I usually love the Benjamin January stories, but this one was a stand out As always, Barbara Hambly s research has led her to build an awesomely convincing world I loved the early West setting, the fur trappers and the others out in the middle of the pristine forest, rough and tumble lives they lead, with violence and vengeance like a scarlet thread running throughout There are melancholy predictions that this breathtaking wilderness won t last forever It was especially cool to discover all thes [...]

  9. Another fine entry in the Benjamin January series After the loss of the family money in a bank crash that is sweeping the nation, Benjamin joins with Abishag Shaw and Hannibal to journey to the wild West to track down the killer of Shaw s youngest brother at a mountain man rendezvous Unusual setting and characters along with a very curious murder all add to this being a great entry in the series Very much recommended for fans of historical mysteries and of Barbara Hambly For the longer review, p [...]

  10. January is taken from his hometown of New Orleans and travels to the wilds of Oregan to assist his friend Lt Shaw and to earn some money to support his growing family Here we find a tale of vengence, trappers, Indians, and callous violence Again, I love the series, the characters, and her fine attention to details of s even the LoC agrees social manners and customs is one of the set categories.This is one of my go to series for amazing historical mysteries and they never cease to excite my brain [...]

  11. Funny that my friend and companion in voracious mystery reading Alison just read this too I agree that the New Orleans setting is compelling to me as a reader, although this segment of US history is interesting This story was bursting with characters but I felt like I needed a spreadsheet to keep track of them allI kept getting jumbled.Still think this is an amazing series which introduced me to the concept of a free man of color in the fascinating person of Benjamin January.I will keep reading [...]

  12. I do like this series, but this wasn t my favorite book It was a whole leaving the South thing, which was fine and historically interesting I guess I hadn t realized quite how quickly American settlers denuded the country But overall there were too many people and too many factions for me to keep track of who was who Or, for the most part, care, honestly Still three stars for being totally readable despite its faults no Rose Seriously.

  13. Originally published at Reading RealityThere s a banking crisis Too many people lose everything they have invested when the banks fail, and their investments are suddenly worthless Major banks close Jobs are hard to come by People who were doing mostly okay start to think they might lose their homes to foreclosure.Sounds familiar, doesn t it But in The Shirt On His Back, the tenth of Barbara Hambly s Benjamin January historical mysteries, the banking crisis is the Panic of 1837, under the new Pr [...]

  14. I am working my way through this entire series they really are marvelous.In this book, free man of color Benjamin January is asked by his unlikely compatriot, white American City Sheriff Abishag Shaw, to leave New Orleans with him and attend a fur trappers rendezvous There, Shaw hopes to catch up with the man who killed his youngest brother and exact vengeance.Meanwhile, January s wife is expecting their first child but the trip to the rendezvous includes a payment of 300, which is desperately n [...]

  15. This is the latest in the series featuring Benjamin January, born a slave, became a free man through his mother being purchased by a person who wished to be her protector along with her children New Orleans was another world in the ante bellum south and the series focuses on this and life how it was then and there It s very interesting and well done by the author who chose to be a part of that city for many years She is particularly adept at her characterizations and how they interweave with oth [...]

  16. This installment in the ongoing tale of a black man in the early years of the United States is a diversion from the norm, in that the tale begins and end in New Orleans, but for the most part takes place in the West Midwest Although the story does not state the actual location, most of the trapper rendezvous were held in what is now Wyoming, and, based on that, I could understand the reaction of January when he fell in the river and was shocked that it was so cold in June Although this was diffe [...]

  17. Finally it s Abishag Shaw s starring turn although truthfully, he s no a main character in this book than in others But some light is cast on his past, and a few revelations made It s a very different book from the others in the series, with a very different cast of characters instead of New Orleans, where the rough and ready Americans are considered intrusive, we re on their home turf, keeping company with rough and dangerous and strangely honorable men Oddly, or not so oddly, Ben is accorded [...]

  18. Fanatastic Book Barbara Hambly is one of my favourite authors and with good reason Her Benjamin January novels are wonderful This book is different than the previous in this series Up to now all the books have been set in early 1800 New Orleans For those that don t know Benjamin January is a free black man living in New Orleans Always looking over his shoulder as he tries to live his life because there are so many that don t believe he s a free black man and think instead that he is an escaped s [...]

  19. This is the 10th book in the Benjamin January series He is a free man of color, living in New Orleans He is a medical doctor, trained in Paris, and an accomplished piano player All the previous novels have taken place in and around New Orleans, but this one departs and follows January, Shaw and Hannibal into the far northwest to a month long trading rendezvous where trappers, hunters, Indians and trading companies all come together to exchange merchandise, plot political and personal alignments, [...]

  20. This book is the tenth, in the Ben January series, and Hambly shows the extent of her historical knowledge, by taking him out of his home element, New Orleans in the mid 1830 s, and out to the Oregon Territory His friend Abishag Shaw, a lieutenant with the N.O guard, is called upon to avenge his younger brother s death Since most of the country s banks have collapsed, January, who is desperate for money, agrees to go with Shaw, and another friend, opiate alcohol addict Hannibal Sefton, to work f [...]

  21. Finally, finally, finally, a new Benjamin January novel This time, our old friend travels west to an annual trappers camp with Shaw and Hannibal to track a murderer.I liked this mainly because I ve always been fond of January, Shaw, and Hannibal I ve also been starved for a January novel and can t for the life of me get my hands on a copy of 9, so I broke down and read this one out of order.After all this time, though, I was a little disappointed that the story takes us out of New Orleans, a pla [...]

  22. Another wonderful story by Barbara Hambly from her Benjamin January series January, a freed slave, European trained surgeon and music teacher, lives with his second wife, Rose, in New Orleans In this story, however, the banks are failing and to make a living, January ends up leaving New Orleans and Rose, who just learns she is pregnant He travels to the Rocky Mountains with his friend, Abishag Shaw of the City Guards, to hunt down the murderer of Shaw s youngest brother.In the midst of mountain [...]

  23. The latest in the Benjamin January series is best summed up as True Grit as narrated by the Crying Indian from the 1970 s environmental commercials with Doktor Frankenstein and monster added in, directed by Quentin Tarantino to raise the stakes to the level of Kill Them All.It s also a microscopic examination of Manifest Destiny It all very well to make sweeping statements about political, cultural, economic and social themes of a general time period, but seeing it up close and personal It makes [...]

  24. In this Benjamin January mystery, Ben joins Abishag Shaw, local law enforcement, on a trip out west in the Rocky Mountains region Shaw is looking for his brother s killer and Ben is hoping to make some much needed money As with many January novels,characters are introduced at a fast pace and Hambly sometimes doesn t give them enough time or traits to distinguish themselves However, if you relax and just let the story go where it s headed you will be rewarded with some good action scenes, a compe [...]

  25. i have loved Almost all of her books This one, not placed in New Orleans, but with Benjamin and 2 of his buddies out west wranglin some others has lost the most interesting character the City i just found myself gazing ahead a few pages to see if i could pul eeze avoid yet another car chase equivalent some hostile so and so chasing them for some unclear reason Well, i think i ll consider this read Skip it DO read the delicious early ones with Marie Laveau, her compatriots, New Orleans our French [...]

  26. Once again, Hambly gives us another good read This time Benjamin joins his friend, Abishag Shaw to the western frontier to investigate the death of Shaw s youngest brother,John Benjamin s friend, Hannibal goes with them, hpoing the fresh air will help with overcoming his addiction s The find themselves at the rendavous of trappers who have come to sell their furs They know John s killer is present, but they don t know what he looks like Not long after they arrive, the one person they know that c [...]

  27. The book managed 3 stars because of the quality of Hambly s writing I didn t enjoy it nearly as much as the other Benjamin January books I found it hard to keep track of the characters who was who and didn t enjoy the mid west setting and the First Nations Indian and trapper culture What was good about the book was that it highlighted the personalities of the trappers and the First Nations people It also was sympathetic towards the situation of the First Nations and brought those injustices to l [...]

  28. January and company stray from the familiar surroundings of New Orleans to pursue the man who murdered Abishag Shaw s brother The search takes them first to a frontier fort and then onto a rendezvous in the Rockies I particularly enjoyed the setting as a sometime student of the history of the fur trade in the West It was fun to run see what happens when the men run into trappers like Kit Carson.I ve liked Barbara Hambly s for years and I especially appreciate her keen eye for historical detail. [...]

  29. Love the series, love Ben, Hannibal, Rose, Abe particularly love New Orleans, so less interested in the books not situated there and about the city is fascinating, if I wanted to read about riverboats, Mexico or the frontier, would choose other authors characters This time, Ben, Hannibal and Lt Shaw travel to the frontier to avenge the death of Shaw s brother, end up interacting with a number of interesting traders, entrepreneurs and native Americans, all with friendly and unfriendly contingents [...]

  30. I was very excited for this one, I ve long wanted to get into the backstory of Abishag Shaw, and the last book had awesome juicy reveals for Hannibal But we still don t know that much , and Shaw was off camera for what felt like most of the book, even though it was his brother s murder they were solving Lots of fascinating detail about trappers and settlers pre Civil War , though, and the mystery was quite twisty